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While I still prefer Tom Tierney and Ming-Ju Sun for authentic, well-researched fashion coloring books, this one by Marty Noble is really quite nice. The dresses date from 1841 to 1886, and include clothing appropriate for different activities, and a few for children. However, page 11 contains a typical Noble perplexity (carelessness?): WHAT IS HOLDING UP THAT VASE?? Is it painted on the wallpaper? Is there a tiny shelf that we can't see? Is it floating in the air by magic? There are no legs for a stand or table to be seen.
I have included here: Walking attire from about 1871, done in crayon. (p.2)
Ball gowns from 1882, in marker. (p.6)
A ball gown done in acrylic, from around 1886. (p.11) Please note—this is the one with the "magical vase" suspended in mid air!
Attire for the races (left) and seaside fashion (right) from 1866 in Crayola watercolor. (p.16)

Walking Attire

Ball Gowns

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Ball Gown

Attire for the Races and Seaside


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