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I have quite a bit of material concerning Samurai, including fiction, art books and several coloring books, of which this is the first I have posted. John Green covers Samurai from the 10th to the 18th centuries here, including archers, warriors and all types of soldiers, plus one of Ninja and one warrior monk. Some are on horses, and other on foot; some are pictured alone, and others are in a group. There are four historical figures included and one Samurai castle.

My one frustration is that I could really not tell much of a difference in their clothing and armor from one century to the next, and there was not a very clear differentiation in the images that I Googled. The four famous people, however, I was able to find. In all, quite a fun book that I enjoyed coloring in a wide variety of mediums. I hope you enjoy these colorful images, too.

In the first row are:
Page 15: Ninjas (versatile fighters trained especially for the most dangerous missions) 17th/18th c.; Crayola Watercolors
Page 14: Samurai and Ashigaru (foot soldier) 17th c.; Watercolor Pencils
Page 13 Miyamoto Musashi (famous Samurai Swordsman) 17th c.; Acrylics

Samurai and Ashigaru

Miyamoto Musashi


Page 8: Samurai Castle; Crayola Watercolors
Page 7: Commander Kusunoki Masashige, 14th c.; Markers
Page 4: Warrior Monk. 12th c.; Crayola Watercolors

Commander Kusunoki Masashige

Warrior Monk

Samurai Castle

Page 2: Samurai, 11th c.; Crayon



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