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    This is the book I mentioned in my article, Spiritual Transformation and Shitty Weather, which I said I would make into a book review/article combo, because there were so many points of interest that I found would be useful for my readers. As I also mentioned, I got rid of many of my "New Age" books when I became disillusioned because there was so much fraud connected with that movement, just as fraud has worked its way into just about everything these days. There are those who are sincere and want to be of service to humanity, and there are those who want to get rich by preying on the public. I really couldn't remember anything about this book, which I first read in September, 1996. (It was published in 1995.) So it didn't end up in the Goodwill box. And somehow it also made its way into my "To Read Soon" bin, and from there onto my little pile of "Read Now," so I figured it contained material that was urgent here in 2024. And indeed it did.
    One of the big issues I have with the New Age books of the 1980 and 1990s is that my whole perception of "spiritual transformation and transfiguration" has changed immensely in these last—OMG! 34-44 years! Was it that long ago? Even those books that were written in sincerity seem redundant and outdated with our current knowledge of the probability we are living in a simulated reality and are being controlled by an Alien race, and certainly by AI. And yet, this one still had truths that mean something more now than they did then, due to the fact that many of them have been proven. Therefore, on that thought, let me just quickly run through the beginning of the book, then go into greater detail. The really relevant material begins in the fifth chapter entitled "Creativity." But first, a bit more introductory information.
    I really was not able to find much of anything on the husband/wife team that co-authored this book, but, lucky for my readers. I did discover that you can download it for free at Internet Archive. With them, I always recommend the PDF version because their digital formats aren't always readable. You can read PDFs on your computer, or load them onto a reader with a Kindle app. which is free from Amazon. I'm glad I discovered this because now, I can copy and paste quotes without typing them out. Therefore, let me begin with Tracy's Story, about her transformational experience while being mugged in a nasty part of NYC at night when going to visit a friend. She suddenly found herself surrounded, then a strong arm grasped her throat, nearly choking her while demanding money. It is at this point that she realized she had shot out of her head in a dazzling light and was looking down on her situation. I want to quote a big section of this because we all have experiences like this, and though maybe not life-threatening, they are life-transforming—when you realize that you are being guided and protected by a force that isn't outside yourself, but is you.

   I'd encountered moments of this attention before, in meditation, but this attention had force and direction. It grew brighter until a stream of dazzling white light shot out of the top of my head, soaring up until it was thirty or forty feet above me and about ten feet in front of me, where it merged with a greater light that seemed to come down to meet it.
   My body relaxed and the steel arm clamped around my throat loosened its grip a bit.
   I realized that I could see myself and my attacker from above. Yet I was still in my body, still rasping and gasping. I could see the top and back of my own head as well as his head, and I could see the two wraiths standing on the pavement. I was dangling from a mugger s arm, knees buckling, looking up at the light, and at the same time I was aware of being part of that light.
   As I looked up at this light, this presence, it seemed to gaze down upon me, embracing me in loving attention. I felt buoyed up, completely supported by a sea of love and light, yet I was aware that I was part of that sea. I felt searched, and I was certain that what was being searched for was some feeling that was unknown to me, buried under all the attributes that made me "Tracy." After a time, the light seemed to stop and then pour through a particular spot in the center of my chest. I sensed that the deepest, most hidden corner of my nature was being seen at last. This brought with it an extraordinary sensation of being connected to the cosmos, as if I had been delivered from the prison of my isolation and welcomed to take my place in the living world.
   I sank to my knees on the sidewalk. This felt right somehow, as if my body was assuming an archetypal posture of supplication.
   An internal voice gave me the message that I would not be harmed, that in a few moments all danger would pass. I trusted that message, and I sensed that the divine presence that looked down upon me with such grave and compassionate concern could read my whole life, past, present, and future, as if it were spread out around me on the sidewalk.
   This strange and beautiful communion felt timeless, though it couldn't have lasted for more than a few moments. All the while, I had been slowly, painfully, inching my arm toward my front pocket and the ten-dollar bill I knew was inside. Finally I reached the money and threw it on the ground. My attacker instantly jerked his arm off my throat, scooped up the bill, and ran off with the others.

    It wasn't immediately that Tracy grasped the significance of the experience. In fact, she still felt that her spiritual searching remained unfulfilled. Until one day, fifteen years later, she sat at her kitchen table in Brooklyn.

   That day in Brooklyn, it struck me that the most significant aspect of my experience was the knowledge that part of the divine light that had embraced me had come out of me. I had seen that in addition to my ordinary self I was connected in some mysterious way to an unknown luminous Self that was an aspect of the divine, or God, or Ultimate Reality. This other Self, it had seemed, was awake and aware in me all the time, even though I was usually completely cut off from it. But I had seen that I could be aware of it, and that awareness hinged on experiencing myself with total openness. I now realized that transformation was an organic potential, a birthright.
   The light had shown me that in my essence, I am already linked with the divine. It had reached down and sought out the deepest aspect of my feeling, conveying an immense protective care about my life at the most personal level. I had seen that spiritual transformation isn't a reaching outward, a seeking to add something to ourselves, but an opening up or awakening to a relationship with the sacred that already exists within.

    That is very similar to what I've experienced especially over the past ten years or so. As I wrote in my article linked above, the spiritually transformative event I encountered when I risked my life digging out my two kerosene heaters from the extremely unstable rubble of my fallen house, catapulted me into an even higher level of soul-connection. (It never stops, you know—we just continue to grow and awaken unless we purposely choose a different path.) And though my situation was nothing compared to Tracy's experience, it was a life and death experience just the same. You had to be there to observe the circumstances under which I operated to fully grasp the meaning of it. In any case, Tracy and Jeff then began searching out others who had a transformative/life-changing event, and that's what this book is about. We must be aware that even a tiny and seemingly insignificant experience can alter one's life. The more we notice, the faster we will ascend.
    As mentioned above, my whole attitude toward spiritual evolution has changed so much since the New Age frenzy. I really don't think people back then realized we are in the midst of spiritual warfare—an epic spiritual battle that will end life on earth as we know it. Many of us are also involved as activists, certainly concerning the takeover by AI and Aliens; weather warfare; the poisoning of our food, water, air, soil; toxic pharmaceuticals meant to kill, not heal; and digital tyranny which is aimed to completely control our lives.
    The only book I am familiar with that told the brutal truth about our situation was Bringers of the Dawn, written in 1992 to usher in the ending of the Mayan calendar in 2012. Some people expected the world to end that year, and when it didn't, pooh-poohed the whole thing as hogwash. It wasn't. Looking back here in 2024, we can see that everything has changed since then. I read Bringers of the Dawn in 2018, and was able to look back and be amazed at how accurate were the predictions. Not that it didn't have its faults. Because of the vast number of book reviews I write, I have become very sensitive of writing styles and about two-thirds of the way through the book, the voice changed from genuine channeling from an off-planet race—the Pleiadians—to the more mundane voice of a human being. You can read my critical review of the book at the link above, and also download it as a PDF file to read yourself. My goodness—if you have not read it yet, it is required of anyone who really wants to know the truth about the Reptilian Invasion and Alien control. And the warfare that is now taking place. It also answers the question as to why many of us who are not native Earthlings have chosen this particular time to incarnate on Planet Earth. After reading this book, the veracity of old spiritual beliefs will be challenged, and that's a good thing. People who do not update their spiritual beliefs on a regular basis will find themselves way out of touch with the urgency of our situation. I once knew a woman in her 50s that declared that when she was a child, she was taught that there were only two places you could go after you died—heaven or hell. I asked her if she ever questioned that, and her answer was "no." How can anyone possibly be a whole being, much less, even hope to evolve beyond that automaton state where you shut up and do as you're told? And yet, that's where the vast majority of the population still is, spiritually. And that's also why the awakening of humanity has taken way longer than it should have. But time has run out, and the bifurcation of the awake and the asleep—actually it is much more than bifurcation—it is a shattering, like glass, of the world's population according to the attention they have paid to their spiritual transformation. Those who are still deeply entrenched in the physical world will soon find themselves in a reality far worse than this one. Here are a couple articles. The first one I linked in my previous article, Big Changes, by Bernard Guenther, called mRNA Vaccines, Transhumanism, And The Battle For Our Souls (Part 2).
    Lisa Renee has a more recent one entitled, Awakening Beyond Humanity as Sinners. It is very much in tune with what I've been writing for years. She makes a comment on the manipulation of religious texts, and for those of you who have read my Bible articles, you will note that I constantly point out that the "god" of the Old Testament is anything but a legitimate, "loving god." How could anyone worship such a horrible creature? This is especially true for my series on the Minor Prophets (of which, at this writing, I still have one more to finish). She writes:

   Most all of the religious texts available to the masses have been heavily manipulated as fictionalized vehicles used to promote propaganda-based mind control for the purpose of consciousness subjugation and spiritual oppression of human beings. To control the belief systems in the religiously minded, there has been a mass promotion that traditional holy doctrines represent the absolute word of God and that nothing in them can be questioned. Sadly, this is a cruel deception designed to fully confuse individuals about the nature of reality and the nature of their direct relationship with God, the Inner Christos spirit. The Living Eternal God Spirit is not contained within the confines of words written within a book, but is found within the flow of loving kindness that exists in the sacred heart of each living person, as well as the organic consciousness of a place or thing. The perpetrated manipulation of human consciousness into mind-controlled religion has been a long-term agenda that has been active since the Atlantian Flood, and is another aspect of comprehending the aggressive coverup of any evidence of the Atlantian Conspiracy. All human history before the Sumerian-Egypt Invasion has been obliterated from the history books, and we are given a false narrative about human origins and fed ongoing coverups and lies about ancient civilizations.

    Now, back to this present book. It is written from two perspectives. Zaleski's writing reflects Buddhist philosophy, while Cochran appears to come from a Christian/Catholic background, although neither are closed-minded about other religions. But religion, nonetheless, played a big role in this book, as opposed to spirituality without religion, the direction many or most of us have taken.
    The seeds to the whole New Age movement were perhaps planted back in the '60s—the Beatles' retreat into the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi's cult turned it into a trend, and the belief that "All You Need is Love" and "Make Love, Not War" implied an innocence that embraced the idea that all people were basically good, and if we would all just "Come Together," our problems would be solved. There are still way too many people that believe in the inherent goodness of humanity, but when I witness people just turning a blind eye to all the evil atrocities happening now, and going about their merry lives, not to mention all the people who have been disconnected from their souls through these bioweapon vaccines, cellphones and toxic materials being sprayed on us, I wonder how anyone can still operate under the delusion that if we just show people enough love, they will be transformed. Hell, NO! They have been turned into weapons, like the human tractors mentioned in the novel, We. And so the chapter on "Love" didn't interest me much, nor did the one on death.
    That one was written by Zaleski, and includes the death of his own father. The points made in the chapter were drawn from the perspective of "death is inevitable" for all of us, without even a mention that perhaps that is not an absolute truth. But I'm not so sure, and many others of my mindset agree. Here in 2024, as we find or lives more and more permeated with the AI agenda, a sense of "normal" reality, for those who are aware, is fading away, leaving us trapped in a surreal landscape that can only be a computer simulation. How many grasp this? Every day, I find that the things that happen to me that I constantly have to deal with, from the weather to every logistic and technical issue imaginable, I wonder how anyone could believe our reality is "real." If it ever was. I cannot help but wonder if we have always been in this predicament, but as we awaken, our "unreal" reality just becomes more evident. I have written numerous times that one of the main reasons Jesus came to Earth was to show us, very plainly and blatantly that death is an illusion. He "died" on the cross, but really wasn't dead at all. It had nothing to do with "dying for our sins," as the controllers would have us believe, but to keep us in a state of shame and helplessness. I have believed for decades that death is nothing but a return to the recycling bin, so that we have to do it all over again. True awakening will break the cycle. And until we really learn the truth about the nature of our reality, how can we possibly state that either life of death are real?
    The fourth chapter is entitled "Nature," and one would have thought that I, of all people, would have related to such a subject. But, again, I make the same comments. What if it's all just an experiment? What if none of this is real, but a simulated reality to enable some technologically advanced superintelligence to "study" us? Or perhaps our pain is their only means of feeling emotion. What has been done to the natural world on this planet is so extremely painful to me that I can hardly bear it. But at the same time, something in the back of my mind keeps telling me that all my beloved creatures and everything I hold with reverence is alive and well, just not here in this dimension where we are stuck. And in that I find solace. Questions like these, I don't believe, really came up much in New Age jargon, but back then, I doubt if many people really were capable of perceiving the "unreality" of this reality. Many who were in touch with Eastern philosophy understood that our physical world is an illusion, but few probably could imagine living in a computer-simulated reality, simply because computers were not really part of most people's lives. I would guess that the movie, The Matrix opened some minds to that possibility. And so I say again, until the entire truth about the hijacking of this planet is disclosed, we all need to keep an open mind about what is truly possible, rather than trying to live in harmony with what appears to be real.
    In the next chapter, "Creativity," I began to find more material that interested me. Here Tracy speaks of creativity, not just in the artistic sense, but as a way of life. Those of you who read my regular articles know that I have firmly embraced the creed, the conviction that we create our reality with our minds. I have spent the last 44 years putting that principle into practice. Here we are at this crucial crossroad now, as the world we have always known crumbles and collapses. Despite all the horrendous physical atrocities taking place, they are but a reflection of what is going on in the non-physical realm. We are in the midst of a spiritual battle, mostly unknown and unmentioned when this book was first written, but quite bluntly explained in Bringers of the Dawn. As I witness more and more people, literally becoming disconnected from their souls, it becomes obvious that the majority of Earth's population is nowhere near ready to evolve into self-creating beings. What will happen to them next, I don't know, but I do know that I will continue to focus my mind in strengthening my connection to my own soul, and creating the reality that I plan to inhabit when this one is gone. Here is a quote from Tracy.

   These moments of creative insight or intuition are very close to experiences of awakening because they show us that what we usually identify as the self is just a fraction of who we really are. These moments reveal that there is a submerged part in us that is attuned to reality with mysterious subtlety and intelligence. When it sends us a valentine—a solution or a vision—it reminds us that we are an unknown waiting to be explored and that we are connected to the world in ways we do not understand.

    She also quotes William James, from his book, The Varieties of Religious Experience: A Study in Human Nature, which I was delighted to find as a free eBook at Project Gutenberg, as it was one I had wanted to read. William James, by the way, is the brother of Henry James, who, after many years of struggling to understand his novels, is now one of my favorite authors. Here is the quote, and I am sure most of us have had this experience.

   You know how it is when you try to recollect a forgotten name. Usually you help the recall by working for it, by mentally running over the places, persons, and things with which the word was connected. But sometimes this effort fails: you feel then as if the harder you tried the less hope there would be, as though the name were jammed, and pressure in its direction only kept it all the more from rising. And then the opposite expedient often succeeds. Give up the effort entirely; think of something altogether different, and in half an hour the lost name comes sauntering into your mind, as Emerson says, as carelessly as if it had never been invited. Some hidden process was started in you by the effort, which went on after the effort ceased, and made the result come as if it came spontaneously.

    For those of you who pooh-pooh the idea of us creating our own reality, and that the physical world is but an illusion (another firm tenet of mine), please keep in mind that it has proven to be true in quantum physics. Here's a quote from Tracy's interview with William Segal.

   "The human organism is capable of all kinds of receptivities. We know from quantum physics that the objects we see are illusory. The world is full of invisible realities, but if people do not see or hear them these realities do not exist."

    Here's another quote from Segal, that describes the experience I had when I was (dangerously) digging out my kerosene heaters with part of what was left of my broken house dangling over me, as I wrote in the article linked above, Spiritual Transformation and Shitty Weather. That voice that guided me safely through the process, left me in amazement when I finally realized both of my heaters were now safely sitting on the porch. It has changed my whole life and continues to work on me.

   "I had a studio on 14th Street in New York and I would work over the weekend, and I was a hard worker. I had been painting for two or three or four hours, just painting and then suddenly [it was] as if the brush was painting by itself. And I stepped back in surprise . . . and there was a beautiful piece of painting within a bad large painting. And I suddenly said to myself, 'My God, there's something here that goes beyond applying paint on a canvas,' and it indicated to me that through continuing to paint, persisting, there will come a moment when there is an opening which will teach you what I cannot speak about or tell you. [It is] as if you suddenly know something. It may not be much, but it's something that you didn't know before. And at that moment I said, 'Well, I have to keep going. Maybe I'm not so talented but if I keep looking and looking, trying to be here. . . .' One [can have] a breakthrough moment."

    And here is one last quote from this chapter. With me, it is my coloring books, and since I now, as I shelter in my greenhouse, have absolutely the best environment for coloring I have ever had—a place where everything is safe and the light is ideal—I have been catching up on all the years I've lost, completing four books in less than three months! And I've noticed that my artistic abilities have greatly improved, and creating the effect I want is so much easier. Plus, I also use this time to say my mantras, so my mental/spiritual energy is always focused on what is positive and beneficial.

   An experiment that I have tried several times is to pick a small activity to perform with all of my attention, each day for a week. If this interests you, I suggest you spend ten to thirty minutes each day doing the activity, staying present and quietly attentive to this simple task. Don't worry if your mind wanders; just notice the wandering and then bring your attention back to the activity at hand.

    The next chapter, written by Zaleski (they alternate), is what really spoke to me. No, make that screamed out, because it is so relevant and confirms what I've been writing for years. Plus, I guess I hadn't realized that my first website was really cutting-edge on the emerging technology. I registered my domain (cosmicdream.com) in 1997. Otherwise I never would have been able to secure that name because everybody wants it now. This site was actually created by one of my students as a practice project. He went on to major in computer science. I created my second site, and this current one I wrote from scratch—thousands of pages.
    Entitled "Cyberspace," it is a walk down memory lane for those of us who were around back then. Remember this book was written in 1995. Zaleski talks about communicating with others through his computer, but it is not email as we know it. In NYC, it was through ECHO, or East Coast Hang Out. It was founded by Zaleski's ex-wife, Stacy Horn. Jeff and Tracy were using it to form a community where people could share their spiritually transformative experiences. Some were major, and others, like mine discussed above were quietly compelling. He also talks about computer online services such as America Online. Oh, my goodness! Do you remember dial-up internet? I didn't even have a computer back then, but at Ben's house, when he would be showing me the progress of my website, getting online would tie up the phone, so unless you had two lines in your house, keeping connected to the internet 24/7 was definitely not possible! I had forgotten all about that! From this chapter, I will share a bit of "nina's" contribution to Jeff's community.

   One of the most precious experiences of my life was two years ago. I have had a teacher for the past ten years, and two summers ago I had the good fortune to photographically document a particularly large event in her attendance. I had been awake for about seventy-two hours and my tripod was holding me up. Although I was very into being there, it seemed like everything was taking soooo long. At last, it was time for her to speak . . . and I started to experience the most excruciating pains in my head. I thought I was going to pass out and I was really mad, as this was what I really wanted to be shooting. I looked down the barrel of my lens to see her looking right back—a very unusual occurrence. She was in the middle of a sentence and she stopped, not moving her eyes. She said, "Some people have headaches . . . so much to get rid of," and then returned to the sentence she had not completed before, readdressing the crowd. My mind went into complete and total time warp. There, hanging in the midst of all time happening at once, I stood, saturated with a moment of clarity. There was no sound, no feeling, no pressure—yet a totally full void. I knew everything in that second—and damn if I didn't forget it twenty minutes later when I didn't find the roll of film I was looking for. The point is, at that moment, I knew how she knew, even though I was fifty feet away from her in a crowd of three thousand. And I was her, and the crowd, and me/she/they were simply that. No difference, no separation, simple, sweet ecstasy. Infinite compassion, and knowledge. I have been hungrier than ever to attain that permanently.

    Yes, I agree—once you have an experience like this, you yearn for more and more.
    Next, comes the interesting part—the negative side of cyberspace, wondering if it impedes our spiritual development. Here we are, thirty years later, being mind-controlled by an Alien Artificial Intelligence of which the vast majority of the population is blissfully unaware. And also the vast majority of the population who apparently perceive their cellphones as the most important element in their lives, which is a symptom not only of spiritual breakdown and disconnection with one's soul, but the inability to get rid of what is killing them. We know for a fact that every single move you make is being tagged, tracked and traced if you own a cellphone, not to mention the lethal radio frequencies that are making people sick and killing all life on the planet. What is WRONG with people? I cannot understand how any of this is even REMOTELY OK, but people will not give up their cellphones to save their lives or the lives of their loved ones. And all the information being gathered is for the purpose of creating a profile of the human population that will reveal their weak spots and provide an opening for TOTAL CONTROL. I'm not making this up. I have tons of links on my articles that verify these facts. I don't know of any other way to describe "insanity" so completely. Like the people of Easter Island who went insane and self-destructed, the global population is doing the same thing now. So here is a quote, as Jeff wonders what the ramifications of cyberspace would be to spiritual transformation.

   As fascinating as these ECHO postings and messages were, as they grew in number I looked in vain for any that mentioned an awakening or transformation that had occurred to someone because they were online or while they were online—possibilities that I had asked about in my query. I wondered whether the silence indicated that something about cyberspace and the way we travel through it impedes our ability to awaken.

    Jeff discusses his experiences with Virtual Reality: "There, standing on a small circular platform, wearing a helmet with built-in goggles and headphones and sheathing one hand in an electronic glove, I played the game Dactyl Nightmare on the Virtuality system, one of the first mass-marketed applications of VR." He speaks about become super-aware of his body movements and aware of his consciousness, but also points out that after spending a great deal of time on a computer now, he loses contact with his body quickly. Indeed, that is definitely true.
    I've never played computer games, but writing code has educated me to the fact that we enter a virtual reality every time we sit down at our computers. What we see on the screen is simply the browser's interpretation of the code or program that produced the page. I was aghast the first time it struck me. Anyone who views my website (or any website) can also view it in its "real" form by simply right-clicking on any part of the page that is not an image, and clicking "View Source," or something similar. That is the true web page, nothing like what appears on your browser. The real webpage is nothing but letters, numbers and symbols." So in that respect, yes, we have definitely created a simulated reality. But it has now gone too far, and has encroached upon our lives away from our computers—the fear many have had since the beginning. Here is another quote.

   Ironically, a number of the pioneers and shapers of cyberspace are concerned about its power to sunder us from the natural world. Thomas Zimmerman, who as a young MIT graduate invented the DataGlove—the prototypical virtual-reality glove—told Tracy in an interview that VR "drives you up into your head. There's a heavy emphasis on external stimuli, on visuals and sound. What it's doing is enhancing the dukkha [the Buddhist term for the suffering that is said to pervade all existence], even though it is interactive. It appeals to the excited mind rather than to the contemplative mind." Mitch Kapor, designer of the popular software application Lotus 1-2-3 and cofounder with John Perry Barlow of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, has expressed similar concerns, while in a recent issue of Utne Reader, Barlow asks about virtual communities, "What is missing? Well, to quote Ranjit Makkuni of Xerox Corporation's Palo Alto Research Center, "The prana is missing," prana being the Hindu term for both the breath and spirit. I think he is right about this and that perhaps the central question of the virtual age is whether or not prana can somehow be made to fit through any disembodied medium."

    It is painfully obvious that these concerns have proven to be true, as most people now are completely unaware of the natural world, in addition to having become disconnected from their souls—an extremely dangerous position now, leaving them floating in limbo—fodder for every malevolent entity looking for food. This is why all the horrendous things being done to nature have not be stopped. Instead, just the opposite has happened. Here's another quote.

   But what about the addictive nature of online communication? Did Stacy believe, as some have warned, that we are heading for an era in which more and more of us are going to be sequestered in our rooms, avoiding firsthand contact with others as we communicate or fantasize through our computers? Her answer surprised me.

    Well, her answer, as it turned out, was just the opposite—that people would want to get out and meet someone they met online. That perhaps was true at the beginning, but certainly is not now. People do their grocery shopping with their heads stuck in their cellphones. Or worse, more and more people order their food online and let someone else shop for it. I would NEVER allow someone else to shop for my groceries!! I examine every item that goes into my basket. Or families that eat at restaurants, each person absorbed in their own hand-held device, speaking barely a word to each other. I have observed this way too frequently." And here is one last quote from this chapter. Oh, my, talk about a trip down memory lane! HA!! And this was a mere thirty years ago.

   Linking many of these sites is the World Wide Web, a navigational shell placed over the Internet that allows you to move from one site to another through hypertext, a web of key words that link one site to another. Not every site on the Internet has a Web site, or "home page," and as of this writing, Web access remains the least common of all forms of Internet access, although each of the three major online services, CompuServe, Prodigy, and America Online, now offer it. Spidering along the Web is the easiest way to move through cyberspace, as long as you're doing it with a graphical Web "browser" such as Mosaic, and many Internet sites, particularly commercial ones, are readily available only through the Web.

    In any case, the direction we have gone since smart phones, and any "smart" technology is certainly not in the best interest of spiritual evolution. Everything has gone into hyper-mode since the Plandemic. Digital tyranny, along with the dangerous level of control AI now has over our lives will soon bring an end to life on this planet. Again, people are becoming disconnected from their souls at a frightening speed now, and thus, their spiritual guidance system has disappeared. I see it everywhere I go, with nearly everyone I meet and it is chilling. As more and more people lose their ability to discern and make wise and intelligent choices, we will go the way of Easter Island.
    The next chapter is on "Science," and for anyone paying attention, it is obvious that not just scientists, but universities that turn out people with doctorates in science, have totally, not only disconnected from their souls, but everything in the natural world. And it is also obvious that these people are the minions of the controllers, that keep the false narratives displayed before the public eye, no matter whether it is the toxic Covid "vaccines," (and the entire medical profession), weather warfare, bioengineered "food," and of course, all this extremely toxic technology. Here's a quote within a quote.

   Clearly science has established a connection between mind and body—but to my surprise, I found that it has little to say about how we open to higher realms of experience. I also learned that many scientists seem to scoff at the spiritual, at least in their professional lives. As scientists, they view the soul as a mirage and believe that the mind, whether of a bird or a human, arises from the body and is melded to it like skin. When the body dies, the mind dies with it; nothing remains but a corpse, food for maggots.
   "You, your joys and your sorrows, your memories and your ambitions, your sense of personal identity and free will, are in fact no more than the behavior of a vast assembly of nerve cells and their associated molecules."
   These opening words to Francis Crick's The Astonishing Hypothesis: The Scientific Search for the Soul state the position of mainstream science about as baldly as possible. Crick, who won a Nobel Prize in 1953 for his discovery of the molecular structure of DNA, means his book, published in 1994, to be a rallying cry for the scientific study of consciousness. "The aim of science," he writes, "is to explain all of the behavior of our brains, including those of musicians, mystics, and mathematicians"—and including attention, thought, reason, emotion, creative response, the sense of free will, and mystical experience.

    I found that some of the material in this chapter really dismayed me. And here in 2024 the chasm between the entire science (and medical) community has done an about-face from anything truly beneficial and benevolent for humanity. Here's another.

   "We are survival machines," wrote Oxford University sociobiologist Richard Dawkins in his influential book, The Selfish Gene, "—robot vehicles blindly programmed to preserve the selfish molecules known as genes. . . . Much as we might wish to believe otherwise, universal love and the welfare of the species as a whole are concepts which simply do not make evolutionary sense."

    This next one reminds me of the "operation" everyone was required to have done to remove "fancy," (or imagination) from their brains at the conclusion of the dystopian novel, We. Again, Crick is quoted.

   We are all familiar with how a stroke can impair speech, sight, even the ability to reason. Crick devotes many pages to brain damage cases, even using them to pinpoint the site of free will in the brain: "Free will," he writes, "is located in or near the anterior cingulate sulcus." Perhaps; but a problem arises when, extrapolating from evidence that injury to the brain causes injury to the mind, scientists conclude, as many do, that brain gives rise to mind. This conclusion is refuted in Recovering the Soul: A Scientific and Spiritual Search, by physician Larry Dossey, cochair of the Panel on Mind/Body Interventions at the National Institutes of Health. Likening the brain to a TV set, Dossey points out that a "naive person" might reasonably assume that what he sees on the screen of the TV originates from inside the set. This person might believe this assumption proven, moreover, when, as he investigates the inside of the set, pulling out wires and transistors, the picture deteriorates, then disappears. "His 'proof,'" says Dossey, "parallels the logic of the brain mechanist who firmly believes that damage to the brain proves that that's where the mind originates."

    The teachings of every major religion dispute the idea that consciousness, or mind, originates from matter. Fortunately, one of the trends brought about during the heyday of New Age thought was the incorporation of Eastern philosophy into not only the West, but science as well." Concerning the intersection of mind and matter, physicists, such as David Bohm and Fritjof Capra, are attempting to reconcile the insights of quantum physics and relativity to the insights of Eastern religion.

   Bohm has reinterpreted the ancient idea of the interdependency of all that exists in his conception of the universe as a hologram, the smallest fraction of which contains all the information embedded in the whole. In biology, pioneering research into the spiritual dimensions of consciousness has been conducted by medical researchers like Dossey, whose most recent book, Healing Words: The Power of Prayer and the Practice of Medicine, explores the effects of prayer on healing. Connections have even been made between the brains chemistry and mystical experience.

    Of course, I find all of this interesting and relevant, since I have been writing/teaching about the non-physical, energetic reality for decades, and most of the time cannot imagine how people are not aware of all that is going on beyond our very eyes. Though I work with energies, consciousness can perceived as an energy. (This book disagrees with that.) Actually everything is energy, and people that think they are so evolved, yet cannot see beyond the physical, material world, are not "evolved" at all. I have done all I can to drum this actuality into my readers for years, yet it seems it is not being taken seriously. I hope this review/article awakens at least a few more of you. I will end with one last quote from this chapter. There are five more chapters in the book, but again, they do not contain material relevant to this page.

   Everything that counts cannot be counted. Science is great at quantifying, the quantifiable. But it's very difficult to quantify what feels like consciousness. I think that most people who are working in the field of artificial intelligence, in neural networks, in the intermediary metabolism of the brain, in psychoneuroimmunology, don't get it. They don't understand, or seem to be aware of, what in the West has always been called the "mind/body problem"—that is, the chasm that apparently separates what we call "matter" from what we experience as consciousness. They ride roughshod over this problem, behaving as if there isn't any separation between what we call "mind" and what we call "matter." They equate the two, and when they say they're investigating "mind/body" relationships, they're really talking about brain/body relationships.

    And on that, I will end. Please read and re-read this carefully and take what I say seriously. We are in deep trouble here on Planet Earth from so many perspectives. I shudder to think what will happen when the vast majority loses their soul connection. That is one of Their goals you know. Creepy little Yuval Noah Harari has stated it point blank.


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