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    This is the book review/article combo I promised my readers last year, but decided the time was not right. Everyone, including myself, was too caught up in the Covid bioweapons (vaccines), weather warfare, and all the other unfolding catastrophes that are accelerating at the speed of light.
    There is no way we can stop any of it. As Dane says over and over, we are already through the guardrail. This paradigm is done and over. There is nothing that will stop massive numbers of people from leaving the planet. Genocide? That is one way of looking at it, but from the spiritual/energetic standpoint, it is a clearing away of all the souls who need to be somewhere else to continue their spiritual growth. Ultimately, we will probably all end up somewhere else, because there is not much life support left here. This is especially true if it is a simulated reality, as I believe it is, in which case, it all needs to be destroyed and never allowed to happen again.
    But I am not going to dwell on that any more. As I've been mentioning, my articles now, for the most part, will concern ways that we can break free from this Matrix. There is no other way; we have no other options. For those of us that have no intentions of ever having to do this again, we must make our spiritual transformation in this lifetime. That is certainly my goal, and that means we must evolve ourselves out of the reach of the force that has held us captive for so many millions of years. I do not foresee a "planetary awakening," because we do not have enough time before the entire planet collapses, unless we can regain our original creator abilities and initiate a restoration. But again, that will only happen after those who have not worked toward spiritual evolution have left the planet, because their energy is a massive drag for those who want to move forward. This is not being judgmental, it is simply expressing the way energy works.
    I first read this book in November, 2000, the year it was published. After I grew disgusted with the whole New Age sham, many of the volumes of books I had read got dropped off at Goodwill. This and many others, however, were keepers. I read it again in June, 2022. I am glad I decided to not present it to my readers then, as stated above, but also because it has had a chance to work some magic within me. Indeed it has! I am not even close to being the person I was a year ago. So I am reading it yet again. And this time around, it is even more relevant. I find I am nodding my head in affirmation nearly every few paragraphs. There is so much here for me to cover, so for the purpose of this review/article, I will just provide mostly an overview, then incorporate other material gradually in my upcoming articles. There is enough for me to write an article in just the introductory message! In other words, I cannot stress enough what an essential book this is for anyone on a serious path to spiritual transformation. I highly recommend buying it, which will be very helpful to go along with my writings.
    What the most wonderful aspect of this book was to me is that I am so much in the same place as Elia Wise is, or was then. The fact that she knew she was not from this planet, and had a connection to her multidimensional self certainly struck a chord, and so many sentences she wrote could have been written my me, at least in their essence. And so, just to get you inspired to take these final steps we need to take to break away, here is a bit we will be discussing. And I am amazed how little of it was dated. So much of what was written by the spiritual "gurus," or those who pretended to be, in the last three decades of the twentieth century, is useless now. But this book is even more relevant NOW than when it was written.
    However, there is much that has happened that perhaps was not anticipated at the time. 9/11 was a game-changer in so many ways, shifting people who perhaps were on the road to transformation, back to embracing the Old Paradigm. And she may not have anticipated the violent proliferation of mind control and surveillance that has exploded since 9/11. And these past three years! Oh, my!! What we know about Fauci and the pharmaceutical industry, and how the premise of healing has become killer to so many. But she does clearly state that there are energies working against those of us bringing in the New Paradigm, which happens every time there is a massive shift on the planet, and I will state, as I did in my last Bible article, Restoration, that we cannot comprehend the totality of the way energy works. Still, this is the most massive shift ever, and we all must unite to assure its success before the psychopaths running the planet destroy it all together.
    She begins with a letter to her three-year-old daughter (she was fifty at the time), then a letter to the People of Earth. She addresses the "people" as though she were "somewhere else" throughout the book. Each chapter is titled in the form of a question that an "earth person" might ask a Being who is not "of the earth." Much of it, as I said, I wholeheartedly agreed with, but there were other things I did not. What I liked best about her and her, well, what shall I call it? Philosophy? Belief system? The way she perceives reality? Was her sense of being unlimited, and as my readers know, that is a quality I stress all the time. In fact, the page facing the typical copyright and publishing information contains only one sentence: We must expand our imaginations to include the truth.
    Most people's imaginations, if they still possess them with all the mind-control taking place, are way too confined, so someone like myself would seem to be a bit on the looney side, In fact, most people have such a tunnel-vision perception of reality that it is like living in a tiny box and not realizing there is an entire universe out there that is infinite. So mind-expansion is a big part of this book, as is being fully aligned with our souls. Our souls are our connection to our multidimensional selves, and once we realize that we do not exist in this tiny body on this tiny planet, but are manifested in many forms in many dimensions, then we can no longer see ourselves as limited.
    But the main subject of the book is energy—what it is, how it works, and how we need to be aware of that in order to become conscious, or perhaps, why we need to become conscious in order to be aware of how the energy works. In any case, all of this is right up my alley, and this is perhaps the only book I have ever read that harmonizes with me to such an extent concerning the working of energy. Was that so in 2000? I dunno. Perhaps it was the reading of this book back then that opened my mind and consciousness to the energetic world, and has worked on me all these years.
    She discusses subjects such as that, and how every thought, every action, every creation, every, everything, ultimately interacts with the whole Universe. It is a way of explaining why the "Hundredth Monkey" phenomenon is real and accurate. It also helps us to understand how AI has taken such a hold, which has been able to mimic the way natural energy works, at least that is the thought that came to my mind as I read, and again, I wonder, if Wise was to update this book, if she would include material on the interference of technology that is screwing up the minds of so many people. When creeps like Yuval Noah Harari can state in a video that "We can now hack your minds" and "We are done with the soul," it tells me they are certainly feeling threatened, and determined to not allow us to be free. They are indeed using energy, not to liberate, as it should be doing, but to keep us under tighter control. However, as stated in the book, this transformation/transmutation is Universal and cannot be stopped. I wholeheartedly agree.
    And of course, energy would have little meaning if not connected to creativity, in fact, that is what it is ALL about. For those of you who have pooh-poohed my volumes of writing on creating our own reality with our minds without limitations, I certainly have an ally here. For most of you reading this now, it should be blatantly, painfully obvious that we will soon NOT be able to acquire what we need to survive in the old way. The entire planet—our water, air, soil, and food supply has been poisoned. Period. And if that doesn't collapse soon, we will not be in control of our money, if anyone HAS any money. Necessity is the mother of invention, therefore, one more time, we must be able to create what we need and want, an entirely different way. Going to the grocery store will no longer be an option to purchase a food supply, and with everything poisoned, soon all means of even growing food will be gone.
    For those who may be new at the whole world of energy, which essentially is the whole world, the whole Universe in fact, the language she uses may be confusing. It actually is a bit for me, too. Fortunately, she provides clear explanations of all her terms, and the more acclimated one becomes, just with the terminology, the more everything makes perfect sense. She also provides a helpful glossary in the back of the book. Again, I highly recommend that all who are on the path toward spiritual transformation buy this book and study it, along with my articles.
    One other point I want to make is that the disclosure concerning UFOs is inevitable at this point, and it seems to me that is related to everything here. Remember, just as here on Planet Earth, there are those who work against us, and those who are working to help us, We DO have Alien allies as much as we have Alien adversaries.
    The last thing I want to include in this writing is some of those terms, which I will be using, so it is a good thing to become familiar with them. I will be referring back to this book review/article for probably the next several months, as I incorporate all this wisdom into my writings. After you purchase the book, you will have them right there to look up when needed. First, I will share the words that concern energy, which are all related, but each covers a different aspect.

Axial Value: An axial value is the core or central value within a constellation of values. Its magnetism organizes all other frequencies relative to itself. It is your axial value that determines your creative priorities and the stream of consciousness from which your ideas, choices and actions come.
Energy: Energy is the stuff of which everything in the Universe is made. It is also referred to as life force or chi. It is the seminal force of all. [Seminal means original. I had to look that one up.]
Frequency Amplitude: The frequency amplitude of a value reflects the extent to which a value is realized in any instance, relative to its potential. Frequency amplitudes within an individual reflect the extent to which the individual includes in his or her consciousness and integrates into his or her life the values that comprise All That Is. It is the frequency amplitude of a value that determines the broadcast intensity and magnetism of that value. The vibrations of a frequency are its local broadcast signal. Consciousness is their medium.
Frequency/Value: Every thing, feeling, thought, idea, Being or condition that has ever been or will be, has an essential frequency as its organizing principle. Each frequency IS its own unique value.
Sympathetic Vibrational Magnetism: Sympathetic Vibrational Magnetism is fundamental to the nature of all. It is the inherent capacity of a unit of energy to attract unto itself what it requires for its transformation or its realization. This is not magnetism as the term is used specific to electromagnetism. Electromagnetism is just one discerned aspect of Universal magnetism.
Universal Value: A Universal value is an aspect of Source that is individuated within the integral whole and empowered for autonomous self-expression. A Universal value expresses as both a frequency and a thought form.
Vibrations: In three-dimensional realities the stimuli a frequency communicates are experienced as vibrations. Vibrations are the local broadcast signals of a frequency/value. Even a minute alteration of state produces a change in the vibrations that are communicated by you or any other embodiment of frequency/value.

    That's just for starters. The other terms I will explain as I use them.
     For all my regular article readers, please note: Since I am going to focus my articles mostly on spiritual transformation, I will stay away from environmental/weather warfare issues unless there is something that pertains especially to the contents of a particular article. Therefore, my environmental info will now be found in my Farm Articles, of which I suspect will be more frequent than last year, so please be sure to keep up with them. The link is at the top of the right and left columns of my Home Page, and also on my Farm Page. When a new one is posted, the date on the right column of my Home Page will change. I have also returned to my blinker to capture attention. The next article I write will be a Farm Article, and will come along sometime next week.

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