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I have always been interested in fashion. I would never call myself personally fashionable, as in dressing in the latest trends. I was always much too individual for that, and being a seamstress for most of my life, I was fortunate to be able to make clothes that were distinctly "me." But when I was a child, I would spend hours looking at the Sears or J. C. Penney catalogues, and they didn't necessarily need to be up to date! As a young adult, I subscribed to dressmaker pattern magazines, such as Butterick, and sewed costumes for the theater when I was in college. I am particularly interested in historic or period costume, and own numerous books, coloring books, and paper dolls from all different historic eras and ethnic dress. So here is the page where I get to share with you all the books reviewed on this site pertaining to costume or clothing. This page will grow! I hope you enjoy all these fascinating materials.

1977 Kenzo “Big Look” Shirt and Skirt

1939 Mainbocher Brocade Gown

1906 Drécoll Summer Town Dress

Coloring Books

Standard Coloring Books

Ancient Egyptian Fashions
Antique Dolls
Cavalier and Puritan Fashions
Celtic Fashions
Empire Fashions
Fashions of the Old South
Godey's Fashions
Knights and Armor
Late Victorian and Edwardian Fashions
Medieval Fashions
Renaissance Fashions
Spanish and Moorish Fashions
Wedding Traditions from Around the World

Stained Glass Coloring Books

Victorian Fashions

1917 Worth Suit

1982 Marc Bohan for House of Dior Suit

1958 Madame Grès Evening Dress

Picture Books

Fashion Art/Illustration

80 Godey's Full-Color Fashion Plates: 1838-1880
Bound & Determined: A Visual History of Corsets, 1850-1960
Medieval and Renaissance Fashion: 90 Full-Color Plates
Meyrick's Medieval Knights and Armour
Pictorial Encyclopedia of Historic Costume: 1200 Full-Color Plates
Renaissance & Medieval Costume
Women's Costume of the Ancient World: 700 Full-Color Illustrations

1960 Yves Saint Laurent Transparent Chiffon Dress

1944 Omar Kiam Dress

1926 Chanel Coat and Dress Ensemble

Books with CD-ROM

120 Great Fashion Designs: 1900-1950
140 Great Fashion Designs: 1950-2000
Kimonos & Obis
Repeatable Backgrounds: Fabric Weaves and Textures

1908 New Straight Corset

1972 Mary Quant Two-Piece Dress

1993 Bill Blass Knit Tube Dress

Other Books Concerning Fashion

Japanese Silk Designs in Full Color
Shorter Prose Pieces by Oscar Wilde

1980 Claude Montana Cotton Dress

1948 Fath Evening Ensemble

1927 Rochas Morning Dress

Drama and Theatre Costume

Japanese Nō Masks

The Fashion Art of Tom Tierney

Tom Tierney

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