Bram Stoker

Bram Stoker

It's not just Dracula, you know. Unfortunately, many people don't know, but thanks to non-profit organizations like Project Gutenberg and their affiliates, Stoker's many other fine works are becoming more available and familiar to the public.

Stoker was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1847. He was bedridden as a child with an unknown illness, but by age seven, when he started school, he made a complete recovery, in fact becoming a quite healthy and athletic young man. Though his college major was mathematics, he grew more interested in theatre, and became the theatre critic for the Dublin Evening Mail, co-owned by Sheridan Le Fanu. When Stoker gave Henry Irving a positive review for his Hamlet, the two became friends. Stoker was to spend most of the rest of his life as the manager of Irving's Lyceum Theatre in London. Meanwhile, he had already had some short stories and a non-fiction book published. In addition, Stoker married Florence Balcombe in 1878. Through his relationship with Irving, Stoker was able to travel around the world and meet important people of many professions.

Though Stoker wrote and published many novels and short stories, he was still best known throughout his lifetime as Irving's manager. Stoker died in London, 1912 at age 64 after a series of strokes.

Here on this page you will find all the Stoker works I can get my hands on, mostly free eBooks from Project Gutenberg. I believe that nearly all of his novels and stories are now available, and they will eventually all show up on this page. Enjoy these really fine novels and stories!

First Edition of The Mystery of the Sea

First Edition of The Lady of the Shroud

First Edition of Dracula

Novels by Bram Stoker

The Jewel of Seven Stars
The Lady of the Shroud
The Lair of the White Worm, original version
The Man
Miss Betty
The Mystery of the Sea
The Primrose Path
The Watter's Mou'

The Lair of the White Worm

The Lair of the White Worm

Short Stories by Bram Stoker


Best Ghost and Horror Stories (Bram Stoker)

Multiple-Author Collections

Dracula's Guest, found in
Great Horror Stories: Tales by Stoker, Poe, Lovecraft and Others

Other Stoker Stuff

Coloring Books

Color Your Own Graphic Novel: Dracula

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