1900 Paquin Dinner Gown

Tom Tierney ( Fashion Artist )

While Tom Tierney might not be a household name to everyone, he is certainly well known among the fans of Dover Publications, especially their paper dolls and coloring books, plus the two great CD-ROM collections included here and a few postcards. I personally own over fifty of his various collections and they are all superb.

Unfortunately, there is little on the web about him as a person. Sadly, he passed away in July, 2014 at age 85. Dover had done a great interview with him a few years previous, and you may read that interesting article here.

Not only was Tierney a wonderful fashion artist, but he really did his research for authenticity. Whether it was designer trends for this century, or the clothing of Napoleon or the Pope or ancient Celtic barbarians, Tierney's figures are accurate and his text supplies further information. I will deeply miss the anticpation of enjoying his latest collection. And so it is here that I pay homage to this unique and talented artist and his creations.

1912 Lanvin At-Home Dress

1922 Poiret Evening Gown

Countess Wernberg Loden Coat with Skirt

1947 Balmain Casual Ensemble

The Fashion Art of Tom Tierney

Coloring Books

Ancient Egyptian Fashions
Cavalier and Puritan Fashions
Celtic Fashions
Empire Fashions
Fashions of the Old South
Late Victorian and Edwardian Fashions
Medieval Fashions
Renaissance Fashions
Spanish and Moorish Fashions

1957 Givenchy Sack Dress

1969 Yves Saint Laurent Evening Dress

1975 Laura Ashley Pinafore, Skirt, Blouse, and Apron

1987 Geoffrey Beene Lace Confection

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Books with CD-ROM

120 Great Fashion Designs: 1900-1950
140 Great Fashion Designs: 1950-2000

And here are a couple more articles just discovered about Tom Tierney!

One from People online, (see photo below), and here is a brief bio (although not up to date).

Tom Tierney: October 8, 1928-July 12, 2014

Tom Tierney

1999 Ralph Lauren Cashmere Sweater with Satin Ball Skirt

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