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    Yeah, it's an old book—1957 in fact. I've had it since I was a little tot—someone gave it to me used and other than the cover being worn and discolored and a few markings inside, it is still in perfect condition. I spent hours with it as a child, but never really read it through. With all the human-manipulated weather catastrophes hitting us in the face nearly every day now, I realized I did not know how "real weather" was created—weather as nature intended. It's been a long time since weather is what nature intended—about 60 years, in fact since the evil controllers in our own government and military decided they had the right to not only manipulate the weather—actually they have been experimenting with the environment for six decades or more with total disregard to the consequences, and even worse, developing ways to use weather as a weapon, which they now can and do do. The spraying of chemtrails as a means to control the weather is the most heinous mass crime ever committed against humanity and all living things on the planet and to the planet herself. If you are a regular reader on this site, you know that's one of the main subjects in my articles and farm articles. I won't dwell on that specifically here, but certainly will make a comparison between what weather is now and what it used to be under "natural" conditions.
    I found the information here extremely interesting and will focus mostly on that. It also confirmed what I have known to be true about the weather patterns when I was growing up. Even though the geoengineering projects had begun in the forties, when I was a kid in the fifties and sixties, the weather patterns at that point were still more "normal." The assault upon the environment had not yet begun to takes its disastrous toll, as we are experiencing now. The book, even in 1957, states clearly that human control of the weather was a goal of those in power. However, at that point, activities such as cloud seeding—weather manipulation that was mostly safe and beneficial—was what was being carried out. Now, think about it for a minute. . . if the government was doing cloud seeding back then to help alleviate drought, you would think they would have it perfected by now and states like California would not be suffering the extreme and catastrophic drought they are and have been for years. Perhaps at some point, at least some of those in power had thought of weather manipulation in terms of being advantageous and favorable for the planet and its inhabitants. Where did it change into the evil and sinister project it is now?
    The book covers all aspects of weather, beginning with basic facts about the atmosphere, cloud formations and typical "natural" weather patterns as they would occur had not humans intervened. Pictured below are some typical cloud formations, and an explanation of (what used to be) typical air masses in the U.S.

Air Masses

Cloud Types

    Next are pictured some really archaic weather tools! The third one from the back of the book is part of a series of general climate maps for the U.S., these two showing the average number of hours of sunshine per day in the winter; for us here in Ohio, it should be 4-5. HA! Now we're lucky if we get 4-5 DAYS with sunshine all winter. The second map shows the average number of clear days per year, which in Northeast Ohio should be around 100, more or less. That's another big HA. With all the chemtrail spraying, we barely have TEN clear days per year any more.

Climate Maps

Old-Fashioned Weather Instruments

Old-Fashioned Weather Instruments

    As I said earlier, there is a lot of interesting information here, concerning the nature of "natural" weather, and confirming what I keep saying about weather behavior and climate in general when I was a kid.
    The first section is about the atmosphere and the essential balance there should be between the sun and earth—what the weather manipulators seem to have no conception of, nor pay it any regard, thus making life on earth at this point on the precipice of extinction. No exaggeration—really. That section goes immediately into "natural" cloud formation, based of course on the conditions of the atmosphere. To anyone paying attention (few, alas), this should be a red flag. I have observed precipitation on a clear night (WTF?) and snow in record warmth. (See Geoengineering
    After the section on clouds, there is one on precipitation. When I saw the picture of frost, it reminded me that I never see it any more. Think about that, especially you who live in Ohio. I didn't have to scrape my truck windows once all winter, and really can't remember the last time I did—maybe once or twice in the fall. Why do you think that is? My theory is that, because so much precipitation now is unnatural—barely made of pure water, but instead, chemically nucleated ice, (see link above), which does not behave as real water. I have been outside during a light rain (recently) and not gotten wet.
    The section on the different layers of the atmosphere was particularly interesting and distressing to those who understand what chemtrails and HAARP are doing to earth's protective membrane. On the page about stratosphere (extending about 50 miles above the tropopause) is an illustration of a plane that is emitting a vapor trail. The text clearly states:

The air is thin and offers very little resistance to a plane; hence a gallon of fuel carries a plane much farther through the stratosphere. A region of no weather, the stratosphere is preferred by jet pilots, for here they can fly at top speeds with little fear of turbulence. Often too far above us to be seen, the jets chalk their path across the sky as moisture from their engines forms condensation trails—streaks of fine ice crystals in an otherwise weatherless atmosphere.

    Now, there are "professionals" who still have most of the populations fooled into believing that the toxic chemicals assaulting us daily are merely vapor trails. The above statement tells us that vapor trails form at altitudes too high for us to see. I guarantee, if you see a regular passenger jet flying by, there will be no trails, because if you can see it, it's too low to make vapor. Furthermore, again, see the link above, where Dane has information posted on modern turbine jet engines that do not emit any form of vapor at all. And lastly, everyone knows how their own vehicle will produce exhaust, especially on a cold day. How long does it linger in the air? Certainly not for hours and hours, as do the chemtrails. I fail to see why there is any dispute at all on the subject of whether planes are deliberately spraying us. Of course they are.
    The book provides a great deal of information on air masses, fronts, weather sequence, and other natural aspects that determine our daily weather. After reading this section, it should be obvious to anyone that the weather patterns we have now are anything but natural. Never, ever in my childhood do I remember summers with days and days of endless rain. What I do remember are hot muggy days when, suddenly in the afternoon or early evening a "heat wave" storm would pass through. The sky would get black and it would get kind of scary. Rain would come in a torrential downpour, and just as quickly would pass and the sun would shine again.
    Here is a description of a typical cold front:

Although the sloping edge of a cold front may extend over several hundred miles, the steepness of the advancing edge means the frontal weather is limited to an extremely narrow band . . . . The steep sloping edge also produces abrupt lifting of warm air, so that storms at a cold front are generally brief though violent.

     I can't remember the last time we had a "brief" storm around here. Now they linger for days and days and days. The book continues with the formation of tornadoes and hurricanes.
    The section on forecasting and the now terribly Stone Age tools formerly used to predict the weather is more entertaining than enlightening, although, even back in 1957, there was already an aspect of computerized weather forecasting coming into use. The book ends with some very interesting climate maps (a couple pictured above) that again confirm what I remember concerning weather and climate from my childhood.
    In all, I really enjoyed reading this very small but informative book. Unfortunately, I seriously doubt if more up-to-date books on weather would tell the truth about the damage done by the U.S. military industrial complex and government to our entire natural environmental systems. It's all "classified," you know. Criminals tend to keep their dastardly deeds hidden.

The Weather!

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