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    I figured since I have been distributing so many of these booklets lately, I would write a review and hopefully get MANY more of you to do the same. We NEED to do it NOW! We are running on borrowed time.
    These 20-page sturdy, glossy booklets contain a little bit about most everything Dane has greatly expanded on his huge site. They can be downloaded and printed for FREE or ordered at cost. Dane does not, nor is he looking to make a profit from anything he does. He has devoted the last twenty years of his life to "Exposing The Global Climate Engineering Cover-Up," and that is all he cares about. Here is the link to the page, " Climate Engineering Fact And Photo Summary," which contains a printable image of every page. In the left column, you will also see the "Activist Awareness Materials," with other materials you can download or order. There is also an "Activist Action Suggestion Page" where you can get ideas on ways to reach out to the public on this dire issue. Many people have had GeoengineeringWatch.org billboards erected, and others regularly set up booths at Farmers Markets during the season to hand out materials and speak to people. Some have also translated the materials into other languages. They are now available in Spanish and Polish, and possibly even other languages.
    We have reached the end of the road, which Dane has warned us about for all these years, and so it is more critical than ever that everyone GET ON BOARD and help. To me, it is unfathomable that anyone who truly understands our situation can just sit back and keep quiet. I must conclude that those who do simply do NOT understand the extreme gravity of the current situation in which we find ourselves on this planet, or else I will be forced to think really bad things about humanity. That's what is winning over at this point.
    Everyone who is alive on earth must take responsibility for it. It was not put here for the purpose of those who are plundering, pillaging and poisoning it to death. It is a living entity, just like we are, and yet we use and abuse it as if it were nothing but a pile of rocks and dirt surrounded by water, rather than a sacred, life-support system for millions of plant and animal species. It doesn't matter if YOU are not one of those who are causing the damage; refusing to speak up and awaken others is just as damning as doing the crime yourself.
    Everyone who has followed Dane for any length of time should begin to sound like him, because he says the same things over and over, which gradually gets ingrained in the minds of his activists, so they in turn are, like religious disciples, able to go out and convert others. If you still do not feel comfortable speaking on this subject, the booklet speaks for itself. Certainly Dane's site is a virtual library on climate engineering, and every topic in this booklet has been covered in great detail through numerous articles and videos, indexed for easy access. Dane constantly updates the state of the world and any new factors in the agenda that need to be exposed to stop this atrocity. But he can't do it alone, which is why FULL PARTICIPATION of everyone who is aware of this is mandatory if we are to live on this planet much longer. I do NOT exaggerate the urgency.
    Some of the subjects that are covered in the booklet include a general statement about climate engineering and related agendas; why it is nearly impossible for aircraft to produce "condensation trails;" forms of weather modification; patents and government documents; weather extremes and engineered cooldowns; using microwaves for cloud manipulation; and serious health effects of climate engineering to all forms of life on earth.
    Dane does a radio broadcast every Saturday morning on KQMS.com in Redding, California at 6:am. You can listen to the podcast online on their site for free. Adjust the time for your region. There are also numerous other stations that have picked up his Global Alert News, including some in the east, and just recently ones in Chicago, Tampa, and another in Texas. This broadcast is also posted on his site later in the day and can be found under "Recent Articles" in the right column. All of his posts can be accessed for free.
    Dane has recently released his new, groundbreaking documentary on Climate Engineering called The Dimming, which also can be viewed for free on his site. Starting in May, 2021, everyone who orders materials will receive a DVD of The Dimming for free.
    Here are some links to important topics on Dane's site:
These are about Engineered Winter and Chemically Nucleated Ice.
Chemically Nucleated Winter Weather
Engineering Climate Chaos
Manufacturing Winter Weather, Engineering A "Bombogenesis" Cyclone
Geoengineering Creating Freeze Fry Extremes
Geoengineering The Polar Regions: The Chemical Ice Nucleation Factor
The Engineered Winter Deception, Chemical Ice Nucleation, And Ice Boulders
Climate Engineering, Microwave Transmissions, And The April Nor'easter

These are about using microwave transmissions to manipulate hurricanes and storms.
Geoengineering Microwave Transmissions And Their Connection To Hurricane Florence
NASA Satellite Imagery Reveals Shocking Proof Of Climate Engineering

And here are two links: for documents concerning climate engineering activities and a list of government patents for weather modification.
Here is a page of government and scientific documents.
Here is a page of government patents for weather modification.

Here are some articles about climate engineering and wildfires.
Geoengineering Is Fueling Firestorm Catastrophes
Engineering Catastrophic Wildfires To Temporarily Cool Arctic With Smoke (Updated)

    I will close with a couple more images of pages from the booklet. The first is from page 4, supplying a general definition of Climate Engineering. I want to mention that his site is filled with hundreds and hundreds of photos of skies filled with toxic filth, as shown here. His wife, Jovyde, is an excellent photographer, and has supplied a good many of the sky photos from their area in Shasta County. The second and third photos are two examples. The second image, Page 15, explains how microwaves are being used to manipulate clouds. These are used to steer storms into certain areas, which often dump enormous amounts of rain in the process, such as Hurricane Harvey did in Houston—an unprecedented 52 inches, I believe it was. Is this being done on purpose? ABSOLUTELY! No doubt about it.

Page 15

Page 4

    I hope this little review has inspired more of you to join us in sounding the alarm on this immediate, life-threatening criminal activity. PLEASE HELP. I have found that just taking materials wherever I go opens opportunities for giving them out. The great majority of people will accept one when I ask them if I may give them an informational booklet. Most will not even ask what they are about. This includes almost every cashier in stores and gas stations, people standing in lines, people in parking lots, and any other place where people are gathered. It is very easy to do. As Dane says, "Plant the seeds." You most likely will not awaken immediately those who receive materials, but as life on earth continues to collapse at blinding speed, more and more people will be frightened into seeking answers they don't really want to hear.
    If we can reach a critical mass while there is still something to be salvaged, we can still make a difference, but time is running out. Each day brings us closer to complete biosphere collapse and total extinction.

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