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    It has been over a month since I finished reading this book, around the second week of October, 2017. I delayed writing the review, (extremely unusual for me) because my life has undergone such a shake-up and I am still not sure where I will land. When I first began reading, I felt like I was being flipped upside down. I went through some very disturbed nights of sleep. I read it determined to keep a very open mind, but perhaps that was not the best plan. This I will say: at one point Levy says that by naming Evil you invoke it, and indeed, in the reading of this book, evil was invoked. So I will recommend caution if you read it. If you are not skilled in some type of metaphysical or Shamanic practice, perhaps you should not read it at all. And though Levy speaks as if he is the authority, he is not, and much of what he says, I cannot embrace. I guess this was what caused me so much difficulty. I have always been one to be open to new ideas that shed light on the nightmare we are all experiencing now—well, all of us, at least, who are even remotely conscious, and that is sadly few, I guess.
    But the real problem began when, in my sincerity to be open to his ideas, I realized I was catapulting backwards to where I was ten years ago, and that is not a place I ever want to be again. Levy is Buddhist, and he speaks from a Buddhist point of view, making it appear that his beliefs are universal. They are not. I am not advocating that anyone should skip their path toward spiritual consciousness. We all need to be extremely advanced in our spiritual lives in order to fight the evil which has infiltrated every aspect of life on this planet. It is our spiritual integrity that keeps us separate from the overwhelming masses of people headed on a downward spiral to oblivion. We should keep trying to help all aspects of life in the planet as long as we are here, but we also must set strong boundaries. WE ARE NOT ALL "ONE." That is the big lie which he expounds throughout the entire book.
    It was years ago when I realized that the spiritual path I was on was nothing but a carrot dangling in front of the donkey that I knew I must STOP! I did my work, fervently, for years, and but the quest to reach spiritual consciousness had become an obsession, as other people and their quest for money, power, drugs, sex, or whatever. And so I finally said: "I am healed. It is done." And that was the point I realized that we are not in a spiritual crisis, but a technological crisis, and I have been preaching along that path for many years now. This computer program, this matrix which has taken control of our brains keeps us in a state of unfinished business, with constant distractions thrown in our path. We keep striving but never get there. We will NEVER get there if we keep focused on spiritual enlightenment without recognizing that we are in a mind-controlled situation. Consciousness—yes! Spiritual consciousness—no. That is not enough to break us free from the technological attacks which are growing more intense every day. Right now, we are dealing with beings who are not even human, and possibly not even organic. The entities that are in control of spraying our skies with poisons day in and day out, I suspect, may not even be living on this planet, and many who are on this planet are not one of us. And with AI, and the transhumanism programs, many of those who were one of us are not any more, and that is one place where a strong spiritual base will protect us—to keep us from turning into something that is not human. So, therefore, we are NOT ALL "ONE." I am not spiritually "one" with a fucking technobot. Geez. I am not saying that we shouldn't always be seeking higher levels of spiritual attainment. We should. I am saying that we cannot be obsessed with it or expect it to free us from the technological mind-control program in which we are stuck now on this planet.
    Nor can we fight these attack by using psychology. Even more annoying in this book than Levy's spiritual beliefs which he treats as facts, is his constant reference to the psychologist Carl Jung. I am not really into psychology, because there is such a thing as analysis-paralysis, of which I believe Levy suffers. OK, so you had a bad childhood. You're an adult now—get over it and move on. SO much of this book is about shadows and wounds and all that shit, that I dealt with YEARS ago, that I literally felt myself getting sick quite often as I read. If you still have unresolved issues, of course, you need to heal them, but as in spirituality, you have to reach a point where you say, "I am healed. It is done."
    But it wasn't until the end of the book that he admitted he had spent quite a bit of time in psychiatric wards, believing that he was just having a kundalini experience. Perhaps, but maybe not. After reading about his psych-ward incidents, somehow that put much of the rest of the book in a different light. I think he is still struggling with his issues, and is a bit OCD, too. There is something about him which made me very uncomfortable. I don't think I would want to meet him.
    I am by no means putting Levy down. There is a lot of material in this book that is important, and I am finding that now, having read it a month ago, I am integrating some of his ideas in a safe way that allows me to continue with my goals without getting bogged down with the psycho stuff. I took pages and pages of notes and quotes. It was my original intention to write the review as I read, as I often do with non-fictional books. But it didn't work out that way, and I am glad I let it all sit for a while.
    So, what I am going to do it integrate materials that I feel will be helpful to my readers in my articles, rather than in this review, and at this point, I suspect that it may turn out to be an ongoing short-term project. We shall see. I will start off with a few of the quotes here. Keep checking my Articles for further information.
    Wetiko, by the way, is, well, I don't think Levy ever really defined it, but it originally came from the Native Americans—a "psychic virus" called "wetiko" in Cree, windigo in Ojibwa, and wintiko in Powhatan, "a term that refers to a diabolically wicked person or spirit who terrorizes others by means of evil acts."
    Since wetiko is also a great deal about vampirism, or as we call it, consumerism, capitalism, money and greed, Catherine Austin Fitts, a former Secretary of Housing, among other positions, writes in the Foreword about a conference held for 100 spiritually-oriented people. They were asked, if they could push a red button which would immediately stop all U.S. hard narcotics trafficking, "offending the people who controlled an estimated $500 billion to $1 trillion a year in global money laundering and the accumulated capital therein." Out of the 100, 99 said they would not push it, because of the effect it would have on their own financial agenda. OMG!!! And that is how the book begins.
    Incidentally, Fitts is a rare type of person who actually combines money and integrity in her career. Here is an interesting article she wrote about some missing money—about $21 trillion, and she and her investigators know who took it. Hmm. I wonder how much of that went into the criminally insane atrocity going on in the skies every day.
    Anyways, Levy doesn't begin with the money aspect of wetiko, but instead attempts to define it, to give it a name so our minds will have a frame of reference, and to explain how we can recognize it by the reflection it creates in our own lives. In the Introduction, he says:

I began to recognize that the diabolical energy that was nonlocally playing out throughout the entire field of consciousness was informing the field in such a way as to hide itself. Uncannily, at the very moment when the abuse was about to be illumined, something seemingly unrelated would happen, often out of nowhere: what is called an "edge phenomenon" that would serve as a distraction, to divert attention from what was on the verge of being exposed. At the same time, in the very process of being veiled, a deeper process was revealing itself for those who had eyes to see."

    OMG! again. Think Trump, Puerto Rico, North Korea, Las Vegas, (and also chemtrails, HAARP, the collapsing biosphere, collapsing money system, lies, lies, lies)! AHA. Levy had my full-blown attention because that is the main game played by the media! He very quickly then offers the possibility of a solution:

Hidden in the evil of wetiko is its own medicine. . . . Protecting the abuser, though seemingly in the service of the powers of darkness, is paradoxically, at the same time potentially revealing the darkness, and hence ultimately an expression of the light.

    I cannot tell you how often I wondered if all the horror we are experiencing now is but a floodlight, forcing us to notice the horror, and also awakening so many of us at lightning speed. When the hurricanes hit, then the fires in California and Portugal, it seemed people were finally waking up. But now things are a bit more calm, and everyone is back to thinking about how much money they can make and thinking they actually have a future. (We do NOT have a future unless something drastic happens to stop what is going on in the skies.) But for the past few days, I have been on major alert—I can feel it in my body—that something else is coming. I will elaborate more on this in my forthcoming articles.
    To put it in a few words, what wetiko is about, is the insanity gripping all aspects of our lives on this planet. That I do agree with. What I don't agree with are his proposed solutions, which were dismally disappointing. As mentioned above, all the psycho-analysis in the world is not going to stop the technological attacks, mostly likely alien in origin, to which we are all being subjected. And so from that standpoint, I will attempt to use his great knowledge of the subject in a way that can help free us from our planetary imprisonment. More on that soon. We don't have much time left.


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