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   The copyright date on this book is 1968, and I know I didn't buy or read it that far back, but I did read it years ago. This time around, of course, it was language and terminology with which I am well familiar. First let me say that I am not an Edgar Cayce fan, and there is no particular reason for that. I absolutely think he was NOT a fraud, in fact, I believe he was one of the few truly genuine psychics ever to have lived. He is so well-known for his medical diagnostics while in a trance state, and trusted by doctors when they were perplexed. But he also did life readings/past-life readings and prophesies.
   The association that still preserves and disseminates his work is the A.R.E— Association for Research and Enlightenment, where members have access to his thousands of readings. He was nicknamed "The Sleeping Prophet," because all of his psychic work was done while in a trance state that he did not remember upon awakening. Wikipedia says, " Some consider him the true founder and a principal source of the most characteristic beliefs of the New Age movement." This book was compiled by Edgar Evans Cayce, and edited by Hugh Lynn Cayce—brothers—and sons of Edgar—done as part of a series.
   Cayce was born in Virginia Beach in 1877. As a child he developed a strange method of photographic memory, done by sleeping on his schoolbooks. (The Wikipedia article elaborates on this in an amusing story!). In fact, their information differs from that in the book. It doesn't matter. Let it suffice to say that he began medical diagnostics on himself while still young, and left school to work at an early age, which was typical of the era. At age twenty-one he developed severe laryngitis. And though he was able to speak while in a hypnotic state, he could not upon awakening. He eventually was able to diagnose the problem in trance, and suggest a cure, which succeeded. He began to be known for his medical diagnostics, but would not take money, and worried about being called a "murderer" if he was wrong. He also was a strict Christian, and his struggle with the morality of being a psychic, or immorality perhaps, plagued him his entire life, even though he helped such a vast number of people. And though he could easily have gained fame and fortune, he settled for fame only. No matter what you think of him, he was certainly an amazing person.
   There is a great deal of timely information here, but there is also a lot that is less convincing. I will begin with a short summary of that first. And as you might expect, I took volumes of notes. Much of it was repetitious, so it will be condensed.
   First of all, the book is dated. Cayce died in 1945, so the greatly advanced technology of which he speaks, concerning the Atlantis civilization is not impressive to us. Of course, it was impressive to those living in the first half of the twentieth century, much of what was being developed at the time. The atomic bomb was a big deal, and atomic energy in general was mentioned in many of the readings. So were technologies implying lasers, air travel, TV, etc. OK, so I guess that could be considered amazing, seeing that Cayce went as far back as 50,000 years BCE. Or not. From my perspective and belief in the Reptilian Invasion, and the creation and population of the planet by extremely advanced aliens—well, lasers are prehistoric. Even when the book was being edited and compiled, in 1968, many of these technologies would also have been considered advanced. I almost got the impression that even Cayce's mind in trance was not capable of even translating the really advanced technology they might have developed, or maybe they didn't. Most everything he spoke of was already a glimmer in the imagination of brilliant people of the time. But he says nothing of the internet, and certainly nothing of the REALLY advanced developments that most of us now are not even aware of because they are classified. So, that was a big part of my reluctance to fully embrace his readings.
   The readings also included a number of prophesies which have not, and, where we are now, most likely will not come to pass. But as I have always said, I am not a believer in fate or inevitability, because we do not understand the nature of our reality yet—not even close, and I believe it is much more fluid than most can fathom. There were other predictions that records of Atlantis would be found, hidden in Egypt. That was one of the areas where Cayce's readings revealed many Atlanteans migrated as their continent and islands began to break up and sink. He said they were in undiscovered pyramids. To my knowledge, none have yet been discovered, but I could be uninformed.
   However, there were many readings that were shockingly appropriate to exactly what is happening today, of which most people are still completely unaware. The most blatant one was his continual reference to less "developed" people turned into robots and called "things" or "automatons," which were used for labor. Em. Like as in the "transhumanism" movement, mind control, microchips implanted in people's brains. And creeps like Elon Musk walking the earth . . . .
   He made some predictions that were supposed to happen between 1958 and 1998, which did not, but are happening now. Here is a quote from the Wikipedia page linked above. "In the 1930s, Cayce also incorrectly predicted that North America would experience chaos: "Los Angeles, San Francisco . . . will be among those that will be destroyed before New York". These events were to have happened "in the period of '58 to '98". And remember, Wikipedia is REALLY not only skeptical of anything outside the mainstream, but blatantly biased. So Cayce got the dates wrong but we are certainly in a mess now, especially California.
   I will just share some points about each chapter from my notes, especially making reference to the many readings that did contain relevant material. Chapter 1: The Legend of Atlantis supplies some background information on this ancient civilization which some still believe is a myth. The ancient Greek philosopher, Plato, wrote about it in his Timaeus, which can be downloaded from Project Gutenberg for free, along with Plato's other works. Edgar Evans Cayce lists numerous others, including modern writers (at the time), and articles from periodicals, who also wrote about the possibility of Atlantis being real, and discoveries of what may be clues to the remains of an ancient civilization beneath the ocean, plus theories on the earth's shifting continents.
   In Chapter 2: Life Readings and Reincarnation, we become familiar with Cayce's work, with the stories of two young men who went in different directions. Keep in mind that in the first half of the 1900s, the idea of reincarnation was unbelievable to most people, and I would imagine even more so to southern Christians, which is what Cayce was. It wasn't until later on, with the Beatles making Hindu philosophy so popular, and the dawning of the New Age Movement, that it became more accepted.
   Cayce, at least in trance state, believed that many people from Atlantis were reincarnating at this particular time and that people who knew each other now were also acquainted then. (Please note it is my belief, and there have been studies, that indicate we often reincarnate shortly after we die, so we are constantly being recycled.) Anyways, this chapter sets the theme that the reason Atlantis was destroyed was because the inhabitants had a choice to use their "creative powers" and technology for either constructive or destructive purposes. Hmm. Ok, so we're getting into familiar territory. There were two factions: the Sons of the Law of One, and the Sons of Belial. Now that sounds like Lisa Renee . . . . The Sons of Belial chose "self-aggrandizement," and the selfishness and materialism of the population brought about the civilization's destruction and demise. In the two young men featured in this chapter, both were gifted in areas useful in wartime, such as explosives, electronics, mechanical devices, etc.. After the war, the first declined to take a high paying job that would have used his gifts in a way that was harmful. He decided to return to being an electrician, and had a happy and fulfilling life. The second man, however, chose materialism, but became restless and confused, then lost his fortune and his marriage broke up, followed by a nervous breakdown. Cayce's readings often pointed his clients in the right direction with a warning that if they chose the selfish road, they would suffer for it.
   Well, I do believe we are EXACTLY there again, right now. In fact, this short chapter really spoke more strongly to me than all the others, because there was such a parallel to current times, and we are certainly heading down the road to destruction for the very reasons Cayce cited. Except this time it is the entire planet. He also made the point of saying that Atlanteans have returned to complete unfinished business, and that these reincarnated beings have great capacity for a great good or great evil, and that they are extremists! Oh, my . . . yes! Here is a quote that sums up the basic philosophical/moral theme of the book:

According to Edgar Cayce's readings, this sort of thing is happening on a grand scale. Hundreds and thousands of people are being reincarnated now who carry urges from the once highly technical civilization of Atlantis. The problems they had then—selfishness, slavery and destruction—are being recreated like unfinished business to plague them again. These individuals are often extremists, with innate capacity for great good or great evil. How they meet their karma may well determine the future of our civilization.

   Well, that certainly seems to be happening, but I don't agree with much of what he says. I wonder how that fits in with the Reptilian Invasion and the information given to us by the Pleiadians in Bringers of the Dawn. As I have mentioned in numerous articles, I also question much of that, too, and do not believe the Reptilians won this planet by force, as implied. I believe it was won by bribery and enticement, and many of those who were the original creators "sold out." In which case, it is not "us" against the Reptilians, it is "us" against the traitors, both now and in Atlantis. But that's just my theory. And my track record in this area is long and wide enough for me to trust my theories to be at least viable.
   In Part 2 of the same chapter, more of Cayce's reading are explored. Keep in mind that when Edgar Evans Cayce was writing this book, he went through volumes and volumes of readings to gather those that applied to Atlantis, so the book is composed of bits and pieces that attempt to put together a history. Also, and this point is made repeatedly, often quotes from two or more readings will be presented that are very similar in nature, and describe certain conditions, but were actually done years apart, which does add to their credibility.
   He also, as mentioned earlier, speaks of events that will happen in the future, especially geological events, but most of those have not proven to be true. However, with the catastrophe we are now facing on this planet concerning the biosphere collapse, there is a good chance Cayce just got the dates wrong. And the final result, also, which very likely will not be a new civilization, but total extinction of all life on the planet. That one is still up for grabs, for now.
   And some of his predictions did prove to be true. In one reading, from 1936, the woman was discovered to be a Sister Superior of the Essenes, near the Dead Sea. Eleven years after, the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered and ruins of the ancient Essene community were unearthed where Cayce indicated it was located.
   Chapter 3: Atlantis Before 50,000 B.C. makes a case for a population that lived 10,500,000 years ago, which he said numbered 133,000,000 "human" (or not) inhabitants. OK, so this gets us closer to Bringers of the Dawn. Fossils, not human or ape, but "something else," actually have been discovered that dated back millions of years and may have been advanced beings, from which we, homo sapiens, have possibly devolved . . . .
   On August 10, 1958, the New York Times carried an article in the "Science in Review" section entitled "Discovery of Italian Skeleton Suggests a More Advanced Human Ancestry." It was found six hundred feet deep in an Italian coal mine, dated about 10,000,000 years ago. It then describes the facial features, and the remains of other creatures and three trees found nearby. Dr. Huerzeler, of Basle University, Switzerland, who discovered the skeletons then became interested in other skeletons found in Tuscany in 1872.

If man did have a common ancestor, it was neither an ape-man nor a man-ape. It was a creature with characteristics of neither man nor an ape, that lived at a very early age of mammalian evolution, possibly as far back as 100,000,000.

   Cayce also suggested the location of Atlantis as being between the Gulf of Mexico and the Mediterranean, which is plausible, in my opinion. Having just read Robert Bakker's Raptor Red, which takes place 120 million years ago, and which also includes a scientifically accurate map of what is believed to be the position of the continents during that time, Cayce's readings would make sense. He believed that those who fled the sinking continent and islands of Atlantis migrated to Egypt, Morocco, the Pyrenees region, Honduras, Yucatan, West Indies, Bahamas and America. He also mentions the pole shifts, and that we know with certainty did happen on several occasions in the history of the planet.
   Cayce also touches on metaphysical stuff that is right up my alley, and adds credibility to what I teach. In describing the beings in Atlantis during this early stage, he says, "As to their forms in the physical sense, these were much rather of the nature of thought forms, or able to push out of themselves in that direction in which their development took shape in thought . . ." He also mentions the division between the sexes, as separate. Some spiritual beliefs state that humans were originally androgynous. It is also here in this earliest period that the division came between those who were spiritual in nature, and those who sought material and sensual gratification. That was the point of contention throughout the history of Atlantis, and perhaps led to its final destruction. Which is happening now on an immense scale. Here is a great quote of Edgar Evans interpreting his father's readings, which he does throughout the book.

I would interpret the readings just quoted to mean that the thought forms, who once could move freely in a non-material world (or a different kind of world than is experienced by our five senses), had projected themselves into material bodies. Once they had done this they were able to experience material sensations—heat, cold, pleasure, pain, etc. However, the more they sought sensual pleasure, through the gratification of selfish desires, the less able they became to move freely in and out of their material bodies. They became encased in them from birth to death and thus subject to all the laws of the physical universe. Evidently they continued to enjoy their material sojourn, and began to exploit the physical world and pattern it for their own pleasure and diversion.

   Here is a quote from one of Cayce's readings, which is also contained in the Book of Enoch. This book also mentions giants, and Cayce does, too.

but with these transpositions, with these changes that came in as personalities, we find . . .the Sons of the Creative Force . . . looking upon those changed forms, or the daughters of men, and there crept in those pollutions, or polluting themselves with those mixtures that brought contempt, hatred, bloodshed, and desires of self without respect of others' freedom, others' wishes—and there began, then, in the latter portion of this period dissenting and divisions among the peoples in the lands.

   I will end there, because the same themes run throughout each era. There was more than one physical breakup of the land, either by destructive forces of the inhabitants, or natural causes. Either way, the population began to flee. Chapter 4: 50,000 B.C. to 10,000 B.C. is what Cayce called the second period of destruction, and Chapter 5: The Final Destruction, is from 10,000 B.C. on. That chapter discusses places to which the Atlanteans fled, such as Yucatan, the land of the Mayans, and other places in South and Central America. A good portion concerns Egypt, where Cayce himself was a priest called Ra-Ta. The book ends with Chapter 6: The Shadow of Atlantis, which is some general thoughts and predictions. I will close with a couple random comments where I have large arrows drawn in my notes!
   The first concerns Native Americans, and the possibility that they evolved from different stock. The Atlanteans may have also migrated into that part of the world. Particularly mentioned are the Hopi and Mound Builders. The book parallels Hopi myths with Atlantis: a "rapidly increasing population in which great cities were created and crafts flourished," and a "patuwvota" "which could fly through the air with people on it and this was used in warfare. The people became so corrupt, wicked and warlike that their world was destroyed, this time by a great flood." The book also states that the Hopi may have been related to the Mound Builders. Here are some pictures, including the Serpent Mound in Ohio.
   In Chapter 5, there is mention of an article published in 1966 in The Virginian Pilot entitled, "Is Mind Control the Next Step in Human Evolution?" It explains the use of chemicals and electrical wires to be used in a helpful way, for instance where there has been brain damage and other "enhancements." However, the point is also made comparing it to the so-called "things" that were the robotic slaves of some of the Atlanteans, and another point of disagreement between the two factions, the materialistic, and the spiritual who thought it wrong to force others "to submit." Of course, we are well into the whole mind control scenario now, so I won't even go there.
   And here's a 1956 article printed in The Cleveland Press entitled "Scientist Sees Human Robots With Built-In Brains." "Curtis R. Schafer, a project engineer with Norden-Keyat Corporation, warned that some day tiny radios placed in the brain may make possible the enslavement of entire nations." We are there, too . . . . And here is one last reading from Chapter 6.

Then the area where the entity is now located [Virginia Beach] will be among the safety lands—as will be portions of what is now Ohio, Indiana and Illinois and much of the southern portion of Canada, and the eastern portion of Canada; while the western land, much of that is to be disturbed in this land, as, of course, much in other lands.

   Well, no doubt, our west is mightily disturbed at this point. However, sorry, but Virginia Beach will soon be under water. That was Cayce's residence, and also where the A.R.E. is located. What caught my eye, obviously, was the mention of Ohio, not only because I live here, but because a number of years ago, before I began these reviews, I read another book called The Pyramid Prophesies, which said the same thing. It probably doesn't matter at this point because when the planet's average temperatures hit 135 degrees in a couple years, we'll all be dead anyways.
   Though there's much to be skeptical about in this book, there is also a great deal that's extremely relevant to our current situation, except this one is the last chance. Perhaps those of The Law of One and those of Belial have come together for the final battle, and here we are, warriors, determined to settle once and for all.
   I didn't even check, but I am pretty sure that none of Cayce's books would be available as free eBooks because his organization, which is still going strong, offers them for sale, and they gotta make a profit, you know, which is more than Cayce did. When I wrote for The Vindicator, I met an older couple that was seriously into Cayce, especially the husband. As a gift to me, he prepared a reading, which was based on my horoscope. Well, that was problem number one, because I absolutely DO NOT believe in astrology, and technically, I am the thirteenth sign of the zodiac, Ophiuchus, so I don't fit in anywhere. Anyways, I've always thought it was the silliest thing. And I've also said that no one, no matter how professional or gifted they claim to be, has ever done a relevant reading on me. This one was no exception.
   In spite of all that, this book is still a fascinating read, and highly recommended.


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