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    If you're looking for a nice juicy conspiracy theory read, this isn't it. What it is, however, is a collection of stories about sea and aircraft that have been mysteriously lost in the area of the ocean roughly forming a triangle between Bermuda, Puerto Rico, and the southeast coast of Florida.
    This book was written 1973, the year before I graduated from high school. I have another book, too, written in 1975 that I will also re-read very soon. I remember when I was in undergraduate school at Heidelberg College in Tiffin, Ohio and working at the local Sears store. A movie came out on this subject and was playing at the little downtown theater. One of the guys I worked with met me there and we saw it together. I remember being mystified, certainly, and that was before I got into the whole metaphysical thing in earnest. As I was browsing Google, the only movie I saw listed on this subject was fictional, from 1978, but I thought the one I saw was more of a documentary. It was forty years ago, so my memory may be distorted. Perhaps I am remembering my impression, or perhaps Google has just deleted any reference to it.
    Which goes on to my next comment, that being that Google has gotten truly horrible about censoring their search engines to not include materials that do not follow the mainstream story, (lie). And so, in my search, everything I came across, at least for the first five or so pages, was all "scientific" articles "debunking" the "myth." Of course, they even went so far as to say that the "supposed" sea and aircraft that had been lost were really not, or gave some "simple" explanation as to their disappearance. Kinda like meteorologists are giving "simple" explanations for the completely anomalous weather and climate conditions that are growing worse by the minute. When I was reading the book, I was thinking that, of course, back in 1973, there was no means to search the "truth" on the internet, and then I realized that there still isn't!! So, which would you believe? This book or Fox News??? It's a no-brainer.
    My studies of Bringers of the Dawn triggered my memory of these books, so I pulled them out. It was the part where the Pleiadians spoke of energy portals. Not that I didn't know about that before, but it kinda made me want to delve into their locations and the activities occurring around them. I also wondered if this was a dead subject. Not by a long shot! It has been ongoing, and I will bet that, even though Google does not reflect it, there is probably even more interest on it with the growing awakening population. Anyone who is even remotely beyond comatose state has GOT to know that nothing on this planet is as it appears, and that science cannot easily explain away the increasing number of unexplainable events now occurring. And so, we must all look beyond the mainstream and physical/scientific world to solve the growing mysteries here on Earth. And remember, there are branches of science now that do that, especially quantum physics and I am sure there are many more of which I am not acquainted.
    So what I will do here is share a few of the stories related in this book, along with some of the articles I found online. The only "juicy" chapter was at the very end, which was a summary of some of the theories at the time, and that is the only place where the author offered an explanation. This will be an ongoing project for me, as I find it very interesting. Amazon has lots of books on the subject, too, which confirms my question as to whether there was still interest on the subject.
    As a brief summary, there are a few things that these lost vessels all had in common which made their loss so unique. Yes, it is true that vessels have been lost, ships sunk and planes downed all over the world for as long as ships have been sailing and planes flying. But the ones that went down in the Bermuda Triangle just disappeared without a trace, very often in perfectly clear weather and calm seas. That is the part that has mystified people for centuries, and much of it includes military traffic. Do I think the military would lie? Another no-brainer. Just like now, finally, information is coming out about the Navy and UFOs. Before I go on to the book, let me post just a couple online articles I found, with my comment included. Here's one from, yep, Fox News entitled Bermuda Triangle mystery 'solved' scientists claim. OK, so please tell me how a "rogue wave" could down an airplane? And, as this book points out, nearly every ship wreck yields some debris. Most of the vessels lost in the Bermuda Triangle disappeared without a trace.
    The next one relates one of the most interesting stories relayed in the book, Flight 19, where five flight bombers went down and the search plane sent to rescue them was lost, too. Now, if all this supposed dialogue was really available then, why did the whole thing ever become such a mystery? It seems even more mysterious to me that an accident that happened in 1945 should just now be turning up flight records evidence.
Whatever happened to the Bermuda Triangle?
    Here is another interesting article which offers questionable theories, one being that concerning methane. Now, if that were the problem, here in 2019, where methane is truly reaching catastrophic levels in the oceans, would there not be more obvious sea and air accidents that could be attributed to that gas?
Bermuda Triangle Demystified
    And here's one that speaks of a recent accident that killed a wealthy businesswoman and her two children. They talk about clouds and "air bombs." Well, OK, I can see that, with all the shit going on in the sky, thanks to the climate engineers. In fact, I wonder why there are not more crashes, although, if you are paying attention, it seems that there are, and lots of strange near misses and odd things happening in planes. But how does that explain the cases that happened hundreds of years ago? Also, in this accident from 2017, some wreckage was discovered.
Bermuda Triangle Mystery
    Now I will discuss a few of the cases from the book, and I want to say that the fact that the author did not try to explain the cause of these accidents made the book more credible. One book that was published first in 1974, of the same title, by Charles Berlitz, apparently linked the area to Atlantis. Ok, so we all know I believe in Aliens and all that so-called "conspiracy theory" stuff, but I am a serious skeptic, too. After forty years of exploring the non-physical world, I base my beliefs on my own experience and research. So I question everything. This present book inspires questions and curiosity, and that made it an excellent read. The other thing I liked about it was the same thing I liked about The Lincoln Conspiracy, that being that it read like fiction—a series of stories that were no doubt partly in the imagination of the author to bring them to life. And as long as one keeps that in mind, it is OK.
    The first recorded incident, here at least, was the ship Sea Venture, which was carrying settlers to the newly founded Jamestown settlement in Virginia in 1609. They met with a terrible storm, but managed to make it to an island safely, that being Bermuda. According to this rendition, they found it rather nice, with beautiful climate and lots of food. Still, they wanted to get to Virginia, so the longboat from the Sea Venture set sail. It returned two days later, then set off again, and was never heard from again. Eventually the settlers were able to build another two ships, in which they successfully made it to Virginia. The Wikipedia article has more details, including the fact that the colony was in pretty bad shape. They should have stayed in Bermuda.
    Even more famous was the disappearance of the ship, Patriot, carrying Theodosia Burr Alston, the daughter of the third vice president of the United States who exiled himself after the duel in which he killed Alexander Hamilton, but that's another story, Anyways, Theodosia was married to the Governor of South Carolina, Joseph Alston. When her father returned to the U.S., she longed to be back north, and traveled with her physician, Timothy Green. This happened in 1812, when the States were once again at war with England, but supposedly the ship was granted safe passage. And keep in mind, pirates were also a serious issue at the time. In any case, the Patriot never arrived, and many, many theories as to the disappearance of the ship and Theodosia were proposed to solve the mystery. Here is an article on that one.
    Also during the War of 1812, the first Naval ship, at least the first mentioned in this book, to become mysteriously lost in the area of the Bermuda Triangle, was the sloop-of-war, Wasp, commanded by Captain Johnston Blakeley. After numerous victories over British vessels, the famed ship and her captain "disappeared," like others, without a trace. Wikipedia simply states that "Wasp probably foundered in a storm."
    Before I move on to aircraft, I want to mention other strange phenomena discussed in the book. I will state again that though modern science attempts to supply a logical explanation for everything that happens, my opinion on that is that people have got to be very ignorant to not realize that we reside in two worlds, the physical and non-physical. There is much, much more happening at the levels that cannot be experienced with the five senses, and we, here at the end of 2019, are beginning to be in contact with other levels of reality as the veil between worlds thins and will eventually disappear. When groups of people experience the same thing together, it is ridiculous to pass it off as the imagination.
    One is the case of the "ghost ship," La Dahama, that the crew of the Aztec came upon in 1935. After returning to port, another ship, the Rex, related the story of rescuing the crew and passengers of that same ship and watching it sink!! How did it rise again?
    Even more enticing is the story of the Carroll A. Deering, found completely intact beached off the Outer Banks of North Carolina on the Diamond Shoals. I found quite a bit online on this one, so I will let you explore.
The Ghost Ship—Carroll A. Deering
The Legend of the Ghost Ship: Carroll A. Deering
    In addition, the first link listed here has more about the Bermuda Triangle Incidents. This one, in fact supplies WAY more up-to-date incidents, the latest being 2017, and just as mysterious disappearances. And here is another one from the same site, which is called "Bermuda Attractions" by the way, called Bermuda Triangle Mysteries. This link lists many possible theories on what is happening in that little segment of the world, which includes a non-judgmental explanation concerning supernatural phenomena. In all this is the best site I have found on this subject so far, so if you only check out one link, make it this one.
    This one, from The Vintage News, also mentions uneaten food being left untouched, as does the book. The book also says there was a near-starved cat on board when the investigators check it out, and the story at Historical Blindness, does mention the cat, or perhaps cats.
    Well, enough on that! Let's move on to aircraft. The Flight 19 case is mentioned above, although the story is much more interesting in the book. The thing that made the aircraft incidents so bizarre is that these very experienced military pilots suddenly were not able to discern where they were. In the Flight 19 case, Lieutenant Charles Taylor, a six year veteran radios that "We cannot be sure which way is west . . . everything is wrong . . . strange . . . we cannot be sure of any direction . . . even the ocean doesn't look as it should . . . ." Navigational equipment would suddenly cease to function. And it wasn't just military planes. Here is a quote from the book about a private plane who was attempting to land on a perfectly clear day in Nassau, when the island should have been in clear view even without instruments.

The Nassau tower gave him the requested instructions. But instead of easily advancing on them, at a time and under conditions when the island must have been clearly visible, the pilot seemed utterly unable to grasp them. He kept repeating his requests for directional aid. Later, the operator was quoted as saying the plane's pilot behaved as though he were descending in a pea-soup fog rather than on a sunny day.

After long minutes of confused dialogue, during which time the man was never able to respond to the tower with any clarity as to his position, suddenly the radio contact was cut off. Nothing more from the pilot came through. He was never seen or heard from again.

    The next chapter pertains to other triangles of the world, particularly the one in Japan, between that country and the Marianas Islands. That part reminded me of the chilling apocalyptic novel, Japan Sinks. According to the book,

There appear to be ten equally-spaced "blobs," "lozenges, "triangles," or "diamond-shaped" areas, however one wishes to define them, covering the face of the globe which occur at exactly 72-degree intervals, five in the Northern Hemisphere and five in the Southern!

    After that, the author discusses the fact that it is not only on the water and in the sky, but below the water, too that vessels disappear without a trace. She relates the disappearance of the nuclear submarine Scorpion in 1968. That one is also included in the Bermuda Attractions link above.
    The final chapter, "What Happened to Everybody" was definitely the chills and thrills chapter in the book. It begins goofy, with some so-called psychic that claimed to be able to speak to the people who were lost, who were sucked up in atmospheric "sleeves" and spiraled around for years, then were finally deposited somewhere perhaps in Antarctica. Another said they were living in the hollow of the earth. What a bunch of bullshit!! I think most psychics are frauds, by the way. I am glad this chapter got better. The Tibetan Lama, Lobsang Rampa, believed there is a world of anti-matter, or opposite polarity, and those who disappeared were caught up in a "split" between worlds. OK, now that one is a bit more up my alley. By the way, I am still skeptical about the whole Atlantis thing, at least as far as the Bermuda Triangle is concerned.
    Other explanations were purely scientific, concerning gravitational fields and magnetic peculiarities. Incidentally, the author states that there are two places on earth where a compass does in fact point to "true north," those being the Bermuda Triangle and the Devil's Sea, the triangle mentioned in the chapter about Japan.
    I will leave you with a story that sent chills down my spine and offers the most believable explanation for the disappearances, at least for me. And it happened in Ohio! It concerns "time" which Einstein believed was the fourth dimension. The story goes like this. A pilot was flying over Ohio, when he found himself in a thick cloud. When he pulled out of it, he was shocked to see he was right on top of another plane, a vintage biplane from the pre-WWI era, of wood and canvas construction with the pilot wearing a leather flying helmet and wide goggles. He just barely scraped the wing-tip, then the other plane flew into a cloud and disappeared. He reported the incident, but there was no record whatsoever of anyone flying a plane of this type.
    Several months later the plane turned up, abandoned in a barn under a pile of hay. It was examined by experts, and determined that it had not been flown for many years. What was even more amazing was that there was a log book in the pilot's pouch, where he had noted a "large silver aeroplane" that collided with him!! And even more astounding was that investigators found a long silver scrape on the old plane. Analysis matched it up with the paint on the Ohio pilot's plane. Is that a true story? I dunno, but to me, with all the metaphysical work I have done for nearly forty years, especially concerning time travel, it sounds absolutely possible.
    The very end speaks of things that were once considered impossible and natural laws that are supposedly "absolute." We have expanded our minds enough to know that is not true. Science fiction usually becomes future science. An open and expansive mind is essential to understand all that is possible for us to experience.
    Anyways, I want to mention one last "mystery" concerning this book. Despite the odd name of the author, she was a woman! Yes! And she was also a former NYC model from Pennsylvania, who lived from 1916-1990. Here is a bit about her. And this book is still available from Amazon. I highly recommend you read it. I am not done with this subject. As I mentioned, I have another book that will be coming along soon in my book reviews, and they can both be found permanently on my "Book Reviews" index, on the Non-Fiction Page. Meanwhile I may explore some of the more modern writings on this subject.

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