Bless the Beasts and Children

It has been four years since I've written a newsletter. This was supposed to be the platform for my lighter or humorous writings. Haven't had much use for it lately, but I figured we were all due for a break, what with all our Zooming Out and working with our special phrases, and creating the New Paradigm. I am certainly due for a break, plus I am in the process of getting thoughts and materials together for my next batch of articles.

These are links I have saved over several years, all having to do with stories that will make you laugh or warm your heart, or say, "awwww . . . ." or even get teary-eyed. We need to also remember that there are good people on this earth, though it often seems like we are surrounded by evil and ignorance. And we must always remember that our animal companions also deserve their freedom from this prison planet.

Those of you who grew up in the 1960s will of course remember that this title was a book and a film and yet another one of the immensely popular hits by the Carpenters, sung by Karen Carpenter and her exquisitely gorgeous voice. Here it is. PLEASE WATCH IT!

Bless the Beasts and Children (video)
Bless the Beasts and Children (film)
Bless the Beasts and Children (novel).

So let us begin with laugh-out-loud funny. Be sure to scroll all the way down and look at ALL the pictures in this one!! OMG! HAHAHA!
Wife's prank on husband goes viral, bringing smiles to faces around the world

Wife's Prank

This one is about some parrots with potty mouths. Apparently their favorite phrase is "fuck off."
Parrots in wildlife park moved after swearing at visitors

Potty-Mouth Parrots

Well we know there are a lot of nuts in Ohio . . . . It took me a while to get the restrooms labelled "Nuts" and "No-Nuts," but when I did, I remember I was out taking a walk with Molly and suddenly burst out laughing. And I began to worry about myself for taking so long to "get it!"
An Ohio man built a backyard squirrel bar with seven varieties of nuts on tap

Nutty Squirrel Bar

And here's a few about gay birds. Lance Bass and Freddie Mercury!! HAHAHA!!! The flamboyant one is Freddie, of course!
Denver Zoo shares the story of same-sex flamingo couple Lance Bass and Freddie Mercury

Gay Flamingo Couple Lance Bass and Freddie Mercury

This one is about gay penguins.
A gay penguin couple adopted an egg in a Berlin zoo

Gay Penguins

And here's some lesbian penguins.
A same-sex penguin couple became first-time moms at a Spanish aquarium

Lesbian Penguins

This one's about a sexy tortoise. Hey, hey, big guy.
This playboy tortoise had so much sex he saved his entire species. Now he's going home

Diego, the Playboy Tortoise

The next ones are more of the "awwww" variety, and some a bit heartbreaking, too. As I've mentioned before, when I escape this hell-hole and have my own little planet, I want to heal all these poor abused animals so they can be free and forget the cruelty of humans. I personally would like to forget the cruelty of humans, too.
An animal sanctuary is seeking volunteers to cuddle with their pigs

Pig Cuddlers

Here's a couple about the koalas injured in the Australian wildfires.
Koalas injured in Australia bushfires re-released into wild


This one just might bring tears to your eyes. And also make you livid that ALL OF THIS SHIT has been done ON PURPOSE by those that think they own the weather. How much worse will it get? How many more of the earth's precious innocents will suffer? What will it take to wake up those who can stop this atrocity? Each day brings us closer . . . .
Australian soldiers spend their downtime caring for koalas rescued from the bushfires


This is about an organization called "Dog is My CoPilot" that takes pets from overcrowded shelters to places where there are not enough to adopt.
Flying dogs to their forever homes

Dog is My CoPilot

Love has no boundaries.
A pigeon that can't fly befriended a puppy that can't walk. Yes, it's as cute as it sounds

Puppy and Pigeon

And here is a bittersweet story . . . .
Adopted boy is on a mission to save old dogs who need a home: "I know how it feels not to be loved"

Little Boy Saves Old Dogs

And this one is really heartbreaking. Where are all these people going whose homes have been destroyed by climate terrorism—hurricanes, wildfires, flooding? Or the people that cannot pay rent or their mortgage because of this plandemic? Good lord, how many new people become homeless each day? How can all these zillionaires like Gates and Bezos and Musk just sit back and steal more money from the rest of us? How much longer do you think it will be before it all snaps?
Meet the veterinarian walking around the streets of California and treating homeless peoples' animals for free

Street Vet

Wow! Here is one creative teacher!! What a great idea!
First grade teacher dresses up as a different black trailblazer every day of Black History Month

LaToya Smith McGriff

And here is a seven-year old with a big heart!! What a sweet and precious child! How adorable!!
7-year-old boy creates "mini prom" for his graduating babysitter

The Mini-Prom

One can be a hero at any age. This is an awesome child with a lot of courage!
He pulled his sister out a window in a house fire and went back in to save the family dog. He's 5 years old

A Five-Year-Old Hero

And animals can be selfless heroes, too.
This orangutan saw a man wading in snake-infested water and decided to offer a helping hand

A Helpful Orangutan

And finally, well, this is just plain good news! Yes, I have bought them already. They are $2.97 at Walmart and are colors I've been needing for years!
Crayola unveils new packs of crayons to reflect world's skin tones

Crayola Skin-Tone Crayons

I hope everyone had a laugh and maybe a tear. I personally needed a break from the intensity, and am now ready to get back to business. How about you?

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