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Bringers of the Dawn

Barbara Marciniak

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   This book has become a landmark in spiritual evolution, so anyone who has been on the path should either have read it or be familiar with it. It was written in 1992, but I became aware of it through a "friend" nearly exactly two decades ago. I did not pursue reading it at the time because I did not hold this person in particularly high regard, spiritually or otherwise.
   Then I went through the shattering of the fairy tale. Please note that when I began seriously pursuing spiritual evolution, as in engulfing myself in it 24/7 and inhaling every spiritual book I could lay my hands on, I followed all the rules, directions, suggestions of all these people who were instructing me, that if I just believed, my life would be filled with love, happiness, and abundance.
   Bullshit. After probably close to a decade, the harsh reality set in. I realized that the vast majority of these people were nothing but frauds, jumping on the bandwagon of the "spiritual trend" so they themselves could be filled with love, abundance and happiness. Or at least make lots of money. For a while. Off those gullible people who treated spiritual awakening like a weekly trip to the gym, who expected a completely painless spiritual transformation and who believed if they just loved everyone and meditated once a week, their lives would be perfect and blissful and they would get everything they wanted without a whole lot of effort.
   Many of those people are still around, proliferating, in fact, and they are one of the reasons we are not further along in the major awakening that needs to happen right now if anyone is to survive. Bernhard Guenther shares these views, also, on the fraudulence of spiritual gurus. There are a few who are sincere, however. I believe he is one of them and so is Lisa Renee.
    And yet . . . . I now find myself somewhere, WAY beyond where I was back then, not due to the bullshit, but because I personally, little by little, learned to take responsibility for my own evolution and because I found myself out in left field with nothing else to support me after the end of the fairy tale. Otherwise, I would be dead. Truly. I had dug myself a hole and needed to get out. That took me another ten years.
   And so, I am glad I did not read this book back then, because I am sure it would have ended up in the bag that has since been donated to Goodwill. And, interestingly enough, it was as I was reading one of Bernhard Guenther's recent posts that he mentioned this book. I had absolutely forgotten about it, and something he wrote—can't remember what—piqued my interest in it again. So I found it on Amazon and saved the page to order it sometime. But when I found it online for free, I knew I needed to read it NOW. Whether this online version was put there legally or with permission, I don't know. It is still certainly under copyright. All I know is that I was led to read it.
   By the way, the version I downloaded is a PDF file. I have both a Nook and Kindle app. on my Nextbook tablet, and Kindle displays PDF files very nicely. You can download that app. for free on any device. You can also download a Word doc. and convert it to .mobi or .epub using the Calibre Converter.
   And so, what did I think of the book? Well, very mixed feelings, actually. When I first began reading it, I was like, OMG! this was exactly what I needed to read, not because I learned much that was new, but because I confirmed what I have experienced, even more particularly in this latest phase of accelerated evolution. The problem for so many of us who are trailblazers, is that we have nothing to confirm our discoveries except trust in ourselves. The thing is, this was written in 1992, but geared for two decades later, that would be 2012, where all the Mayan stuff was supposed to happen. OK, so the world did not end, but stuff did happen, which is becoming more apparent as we move on. And so, reading this when I did allowed me to look back and agree with much of what was said, which has indeed come to pass.
   So that was the positive impression of the book, but there was lots of negative, too. In case you don't know, Barbara Marciniak supposedly channeled this material from an extraterrestrial group, the Pleiadians, who are our helpers and supporters, and whose mothership is out beyond Earth watching us from the future or past or whatever. First, I have a serious problem with people who are supposedly channels. I think the GREAT majority are frauds. I also am extremely skeptical of outside benevolent helpers, though I think they are out there, they do not seem to be helping much. But I do admit that because of all the shit that has been done to our brains and DNA since the Reptilian Invasion, we have become myopic and are not able to see anything even resembling the bigger picture.
   What I really liked about this book is that all of this stuff I have known intuitively is explained more credibly than I have ever read or heard before. The DNA thing—well, that I believed, having taken this bizarre course in 2004 called Energy Interference Patterning, which was a method to clear out old patterns in your DNA and reprogram yourself. Now, I believe the person giving this workshop was a MAJOR fraud. She claimed to have developed the method, but clearly another person before her did that, which I later found out. Plus, I really think she cared little about the effect it had on people. She was there to make money. Having said all that, however, the actual method and process changed my life, in fact, I am sure I would not be alive today had I not taken this course. It literally changed EVERYTHING for me. Period. So I DO believe the whole thing about 12-strand DNA and our ability to alter our programming, and I have fourteen years of experience afterwards to verify it.
   As I began reading this book, I tore through it—couldn't read fast enough and took pages and pages and pages of notes, which I will share. But suddenly, it seemed to peter out. I know some people at Goodreads made the comments that the book was very repetitious and that is certainly true. But I found it becoming confusing, as it seemed to address different beings. Were the Pleiadians speaking to humans? Or to aliens in the form of humans who are returning to take back control of the planet? The focus seemed to shift uncomfortably. Are we just entities who are being used to do what needs to be done, guided by a higher power. Or are WE the higher power, the originals who created the planet in the first place, returning to take it back. The first option sounds too New Age cliché. And I know which of those I am, and have known for a long, long time.
   And even worse, the material became much more mundane as the book wore on, and it did wear on. Had it stopped mid-way, I might have ended it impressed, but the last, probably third of it seemed more like filler material with a definitely human author and descended into the realm of popular spiritual mumbo-jumbo, clichés and baloney. There was most definitely a shift in quality, leaving me with a downfall from the ecstasy I felt at the beginning.
   Having given my candid opinion, now, I will share with you materials from the book, and there is still lots worth sharing, despite my criticism.
   Chapter 1 begins, "Our ancestors were some of the Original Planners of Earth," but I would insert that many of us are not descendants, but reincarnations. There's a big difference. The next couple paragraphs speak volumes, or rather confirm what I have been saying for a very long time.

   Time is much vaster than you realize. In actuality, time codes and plays with information, allowing you to move into realities simultaneously by stretching, distorting, curving, and twisting time around. You can get on an elliptical curve of time and experience many realities by simply going around the elliptical curve and discovering that, as time is not solid, neither is reality.
   As all realities are not solid, and as the future in not set (it is only a number of probabilities), we see an opportunity at this time to insert a more positive probability for Earth. We wish to reinsert light on this planet and restore Earth to its original purpose—that of becoming a magnificent intergalactic exchange center of information. So we have come back in a section of time to a place we call a kernel or seed in order to effect change. This change will not only affect Earth, it will affect your future, our present and the entire universe.

   If you are a long-time reader of my articles, you will remember when I did that series on the astral journeys I was taking. I spoke of having my own little planet, but going to a larger one—a center of information, in other words, I travelled to what is being spoken of above, and so this paragraph really quite astounded me.
   I would expand that, however. Not only would we have a center for information, but centers for the arts and creativity. I have always envisioned Earth's original purpose as a great playground of creativity. Play is the most important activity we can participate in, which is why we are being so discouraged from doing it now. I don't mean the stupid shit people do for entertainment. I am speaking of playing with mind and matter to create worlds of beauty and benefit to all life.
   This first chapter really speaks volumes. They say that "there are motherships surrounding this planet that are acting as literal transducers of energy. There are beams of light coming to Earth from old and ancient star systems that have been working with you for eons. These beams of information are being blasted onto the planet."
   OK, so I'm not sure about the motherships, but it certainly makes perfect sense to me that all the heinous criminal activity, known as weather warfare, geoengineering, and military communication, is actually for the purpose of keeping this information from reaching us. I have said this over and over, and that is why it is SO important to stop the atrocity going on in the skies. It is NOT what people think. And I absolutely DO believe our government KNOWS about this information, or at least the Shadow Government does, who is most likely NOT human.
   They also say, "We would like to see you become qualified to form worlds consciously." Well, I've been speaking about that for years, because I know we can and we DID. We made this one and we can make others. (They also later speak about the invasion and why things turned out as they did.) They refer to those of us who are the creators, that we are part of the Family of Light and the light is information and darkness is ignorance. And they say that if we accomplish this, we will not only be helping ourselves and Earth, but them and the rest of the universe. They are working to trigger our memories, or "codes stored deep inside your bodies." We have forgotten who we are, why we are here, and most of all what we are capable of doing. The Energy Interference Patterning course I mentioned above worked with triggers and codes. They also say that "trusting what you know is imperative." We get so little confirmation that our inner knowledge, especially when it is way out in left field is correct—we are ridiculed and ostracized, or even worse, taken as a little mentally unstable. Yes, been there.
   In the second chapter, there were also lots of confirmations of things I knew but had never read anywhere else, and the first is about the ancient civilizations. People think of Atlantis and Lemuria, but I am thinking WAY before that. They say there were highly developed civilizations on Earth 500,000 years ago. They also say there are civilizations buried under the ice caps in Antarctica, and I couldn't help but wonder if that is why they are melting. I think we will find, even those of us who are open minded and have done a great deal of work, that NOTHING here is what it seems. Be ready.
   They then go on to explain the Invasion, and this is the best explanation I have ever read and it confirms many of my suspicions. They say "the project of the Living Library on Earth was fought over" and "certain creator gods who had the right to do whatever they wanted—because Earth is a free-will zone—came in and took over." They say that took place over 300,000 years ago. Well, I have some issues with this free-will zone thing, and it seems to me that the descendents of these "creators" (Reptilians) still believe it is OK to do whatever they damn well please. They are, of course, without realizing they are not in quite the same situation as 300,000 years ago, and are destroying their own ability to survive along with everything else on Earth. So, by the same token, if this is a free-will zone, then WE have the right to wipe them out. I believe that is the gist of this book.
   They go on to say:

   The new owners did not want the native Earth species—the humans—to be informed of what took place. Uninformed, the species would be easier to control. This is why light is information and darkness is lack of information. These entities beat out light, and Earth became their territory. It gives you a new idea of light does it not?

   Well, it certainly confirms what I have believed is the real reason for the atrocity going on in the skies. They continue:

   There was great radioactivity and nuclear action, and much of Earth was rent asunder. The original species, human creation, experienced great destruction and was scattered.

   And that also explains why certain world "leaders" are so itching to start a nuclear war. But the results this time will be, I believe, more totally devastating, which is why we MUST wake up and take action. This book supplies information on what that action should be:

   Consciousness communicates continuously. Consciousness vibrates, or can be led to vibrate at certain electromagnetic frequencies. Electromagnetic energies of consciousness can be influenced to vibrate in a certain way to create a source of food.
   The new owners of the planet had a different appetite and different preferences than the former owners. They nourished themselves with chaos and fear. These things fed them, stimulated them and kept them in power.

   And you can see how so many of the issues that are now coming to a head are being addressed here. They then go on to explain the actions taken by the Original Owners, of which I am certain and have been for a very long time, that I am a member of this group. Their goal is to bring light (information) back to the planet and trigger us to remember. Remembering is the key. I think once we remember, the rest will be so much easier, but now we are going into this battle wearing blinders, while our opponents can see quite clearly. Not fair, is it? I like how they describe "us."

   The current owners' food source of fear, anxiety, chaos, hunger, and despondency must be removed. Guess who is removing this food source? You are! As members of the Family of Light, you are renegades. You are systems busters, here to conquer your own fears and show the rest of the planet that there is no reason to fear anything. You love to go in and cause trouble.

   Well that does sound just like me, does it not. How about you? How many of you are really willing to undertake this task? They then continue with how we are altering the frequencies and replacing our lost 12-strand DNA. Again, that was all covered in the workshop I mentioned at the beginning of this review. They also say, "As you hold these frequencies, you will bring information onto the planet that will astound and shock most of the world." And I have believed for years and years that it will take a massive shock to wake people out of their stupor, or at least some. I think at this point, the majority are hopelessly comatose, and they will be removed from the planet, as the Pleiadians state, because they will not be able to survive in the higher frequencies. I, and many others have been saying that for a long time. And it needs to happen. Fast. They address this issue further in the next chapter. They say.

   Now, activity is beginning to bubble and boil again from the skies, and you will be faced with inserting a vast amount of new knowledge into your paradigms and your belief systems. This planet is in for a culture shock—a big surprise.

   There's that statement of help coming from the skies again. Even though the geoengineering programs have been going on for 70 years, it was during the '90s that they began to get out of control. I know that because the weather was becoming so bizarre, I began keeping weather data records on the farm in 1994. (Remember, this book was written in 1992.) I am certain there is a connection between military activity in the skies and something trying to communicate with us. They continue:

   The truth is going to come forward, a truth that will completely change the way you view the world. Woe to those who are unwilling to look. The shock reverberations are going to move around the world.

   Which is why SO many of us are screaming for disclosure—of EVERYTHING. And it is coming, more each day. They continue with more on the Reptilian invaders. They speak of how they rearranged our DNA and took away our memories.Then we worshipped them as God with a big "G," but they were just gods, because "God" is in everything.

   Your bodies carry a fear and a memory of striving for the knowledge that these gods represented and took away from you. The gods who did this are magnificent space creature. They can do many kinds of manipulation and work with realities in many different ways. Humans, in ignorance, began to call these space creatures God with a big G.
   Before the raid, you had tremendous abilities. The original biogenetic example of the human was given incredible information, was interdimensional, and could do many things. When those creator gods raided, they found that the local species knew too much. The local species had abilities that were too much like those who were passing themselves off as God.

   I cannot tell you how much I agree with this and already knew it, and have for a long, long time. It has been one of the main themes in my articles, as you know. But humanity has known it for eons. It is the story of the expulsion from Eden because Adam and Eve sought knowledge. And of course, the knowledge was given to Eve by a reptile. In ancient Greece, Zeus punished Asclepius because a snake taught him how to heal and even bring people back from the dead. So Zeus sent him into the skies, where he became the constellation/zodiac sign Ophiuchus, the thirteenth sign. I know that because I am one, and I am also a healer and snakes are my very favorite animal. Zeus even punished other gods for trying to give knowledge to humans. Read the story of Prometheus, or the play by Aeschylus, Prometheus Bound. There are even stories in Polynesian mythology about gods getting punished for giving humans knowledge. We have had memories of having our knowledge and gifts taken from us for a long, long, and not only that, but we have been taught that it is BAD for us to KNOW. It is embedded in our DNA that Reptiles (Reptilians) are smart and humans are ignorant. We have certainly done a fine job of evolving into totally stupid.
   And here's another really good indication of what the Pleiadians said in 1992 that has REALLY come to pass:

   As the frequency of fear begins to diminish upon this planet, many activities will be promulgated to bring about an increase in fear because those who live off the fearful frequency will be losing their nourishment, their food.

   They also speak of portals and I found this interesting for many reasons, one quite personal that I will not share just yet. They speak of the return of the creator gods who raided us, who are now fighting amongst themselves. And so, it seems to me there is a war going on that most do not know about, (including internal warfare), but it is certainly being reflected in what is manifesting in the physical realm. All of this so strongly confirms what I have known and written about all these years, and I honestly had not read any of this book until now. I know some of this material is certainly out and about by other writers, but not all of it. There is so much here that makes absolute perfect sense.

   In order to come to a planet, you must have a portal or way to get into it. You could fly into space, say to Jupiter, but if you never find the portal that allows you to enter the planet's time frame of existence, you could land on a place that looks desolate and without life. Portals allow you to enter the dimension of the planet where life exists. Portals open onto the corridors of time and serve as zones of multidimensional experience.
   There have been different portals on Earth that have allowed different species, creator gods from space, to insert themselves. One of the huge portals that presently is being fought over is the portal of the Middle East. If you think back over the history of Earth, you will recognize how many dramas of religion and civilization have been introduced in that portal. It's a huge portal—with a radius of a thousand miles or so. This is why there is so much activity in the Middle East.

   They also speak of the false leaders that people will think can work miracles and, for instance, dare I say it—"make American great again." Yuk. Gag me with a spoon. But the Pleiadians say:

   There will be a large marketing program to sell the presence of these entities to you. This program is already going on.
   You are not like the masses on Earth, for you are members of the Family of Light, and you know things that others do not. You may know that these beings are not of light, and you may know it to the core of your being. You may become sickened in a society that does not know this. Many people will turn to worshipping these beings because it will seem as if miracles are occurring and the grandest event in the history of the world is taking place. It may seem that humanity is being given a whole new opportunity, a whole new golden era. Then there will be a very big surprise, and people will find that the tyrannies are larger than ever before.
   The purpose, of course, is for each individual to become sovereign and for the planet to unite. Not everyone is going to make the shift. Everyone is not in the vibration that wants to work in harmony at this time. There are those on Earth who will feel as if they are in states of ecstasy when they find what they think is a new authority, a higher authority, a new paradigm, animal gods, or whatever. So the Family of Light, as it had infiltrated and penetrated this planet, is going to create its own planetary sphere, its own Earth.

   OK, so what have I been saying over and over and over?!! We must create our new reality as we are leaving the old one. And I find the above paragraphs so appropriate. How many people do you know that think Trump is doing a great job just because they are making more money or the stock market has gone up?!!! They pay no attention that he is a lying, thieving, bigoted, womanizing egomaniac, and a psychopath, too. But beware. The gods spoken about in the above quote are mostly NOT human! They are speaking of Facebook and SmartPhones and drugs and video games, TV and sports and all the other gods that have completely entranced the majority of society into oblivious stupidity. Technology in the hands of those with NO SENSE OF MORALS OR ETHICS! In fact, the Pleiadians say, "They have developed scientific principles and technologies that scatter the laws of spirituality." They point out that these beings with no spiritual sense are here and in space and we must learn to "alter your reality so that you can dance between the vibrations of frequency" to protect ourselves. Easier said than done, huh? And here's another quote that absolutely describes our current situation:

   Humans are going to need to be tricked before they can become aware. Many of you may find that you will be very frustrated. You will see things that others will not see; you will see a mass mania occurring upon this planet, and you will not be able to live with it. You will see masses of people walk toward a false god that is foolishness.
   There is a complacency upon Earth. The consciousness on this planet is, "You do it for me. I don't want to be responsible. You become my government official. You become my teacher. You become my boss. Someone tell me what to do.
   There is a pending merging of human consciousness and the extraterrestrial presence upon this planet. It is being marketed to you at a rapid rate.
   You will become disgusted with society because you will not fit with the new gods, and you will retreat. Do you understand that the new gods may be lizards? [Reptilians]

   Yes, I do understand that and I've been saying that for years. The Reptilians are here and they run our governments and banks and military and churches!! I have also compared our brains and situation here to a computer, and so do they. That doesn't necessarily have to be bad, but in the wrong hands it is and has been disastrous.

   You hold the history of the universe within your physical body. What is occurring upon the planet now is the literal mutation of your physical body, for you are allowing it to be evolved to a point where it will be a computer that can house this information.
   This time period was designed by the original creator gods or project designers for them to come back and take over this place and return it to its original plan. Millions have been called to participate in this project. Millions have said, "Yes, we are renegades. Let us go and take back this project and see if we can get it right. We will rebuild the ruins and put it together."

    But I want to point out that they also speak of the splitting that many of us speak of now. A rebuilding of the planet will, in my opinion, be in another reality. In addition, they speak of the fact that we who are disguised as humans (as opposed to the real humans) designed "events that would fire your codings, or blueprints that would activate your memories. Then you came into the body and you forgot. All of you have had your blueprints and codings fired to some extent because you understand that there is a divine purpose or Divine plan that you are part of. The firing of the codings and the realization of your identity are going to become phenomenally intense." For most of you who are regular readers of my articles, I have spoken lately about a massive shift that has happened to me, and a good part of it is the returning of my memory. And they also speak of gathering in all of our multidimensional selves, which is another thing I have spoken of lately in my articles. The Pleiadians say:

   Ideally, you will move out of judgment, and because of that you will be able to pick up the story of what really happened here, which you will experience firsthand through cellular memory. The only way you can step into this higher frequency and determine the future of your lives on this planet is to not judge your participation within this process. This is very complex and very important: feel what we just said. This process involves smashing the existing paradigm and becoming a heretic of reality. You will begin to understand that a legitimate, real existence has simply been hidden from you. It is imperative that you begin to remember who you are.

   They also stress that we need to move fast because we have little time, which is opposite of what so many others that tell us, that we have forever and this is a long process. Well, yeah it is an ongoing process, but we really need to do what we came here to do NOW because we are at a critical point where survival is on the edge. This is the first time I have read anything spiritual that really stresses the urgency.
   I realize this is a very long book review, so I will finish up, though I still have pages of notes to share. Here are just a couple more thoughts. You will have to read the book, and I do highly recommend it, despite the things I don't like about it. There is a great, great deal of essential information that we all need to know and use and fast. So here's my closing quotes:

   You have complete control over everything. Until you discover that and believe it, you are subjected to whatever anyone else wishes to do to you in this free-will zone. And in your innocence, you have been exposed to things that have allowed your DNA, your intelligence, and many other things to be controlled.
   You are bushwhacking through consciousness, and you will come to a place where the vistas are grand and you have completely new option about where to go both on and off this planet. Those who are involved with you will discover that they have new options as well. All of the consciousnesses drawn to the planet at this time will begin a spark of evolution that will change the universal structure. Think big. Think really big and go for it.

   Whether or not this material is actually channeled from the Pleiadians or any other extraterrestrial beings, I think, is not important. It is helpful and supportive in our imminent catastrophic situation here on Earth, and so much of what they said back in 1992 has come to pass. Though it was true back then, it was nowhere near as apparent, or critical to our survival. So wherever it came from, it was a higher intelligence that foresaw our future, and the vision has passed the test of time over 26 years. So I think we had better seriously take heed to their advice, and quickly.
   You can buy this book at Amazon, but this version is free. However you obtain it, I strongly recommend reading it, especially everyone reading my articles.

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