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As in Medieval and Renaissance Fashions: 90 Full-Color Plates, this book contains lovely images of authentic costume of the eras. I bought both of these books on the same order from Dover to assist me in choosing correct color combinations for the Medieval Fashions Coloring Book. (I had already completed the Renaissance Fashions Coloring Book.) This particular collection is drawn from a two-volume set published in 1829 by Camille Bonnard, with 148 color plates by artist and engraver Paul Mercuri. About thirty years later, a revised and enlarged edition of the book was published, with the costumes arranged chronologically, according to the Dover"Note" at the beginning of the book.

This collection is a must for anyone interested in authentic fashion from the eleventh to the fifteenth century (so there is really very little from the Medieval era). The examples are drawn from many walks of life—royalty, religious, common people, and soldiers. They are beautifully drawn, in vivid, gorgeous colors and are enjoyable to browse through or study thoroughly.

Here is a nice cross-section of the book's contents. (Please note—I have cropped the pages to include just the image and no text.)

Plate 3: Mathilda, countess of Tuscany (daughter of Boniface); Eleventh Century
Plate 7: Marriage Ceremony; Thirteenth Century
Plate 21: Benedictine Monk and Franciscan Monk; Fourteenth Century

Mathilda, countess of Tuscany

Marriage Ceremony

Benedictine Monk and Franciscan Monk

Plate 47: French young woman and man; Fourteenth Century
>Plate 56: Florentine young woman; Fourteenth Century
Plate 73: Spanish noblewoman; Fifteenth Century

French young woman and man

Florentine young woman

Spanish noblewoman

Plate 78: Young duchess; Fifteenth Century
Plate 103: Two peasants; Fifteenth Century

Young duchess

Two peasants


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