Isaiah 9:2
2 The people that walked in darkness have seen a great light:
they that dwelt in the land of the shadow of death, upon them hath the light shined.

Let us use the power of our minds and souls to make 2023 the year we bring about full disclosure of all the evil forces, both on and off planet, that are assaulting the planet and her lifeforms incessantly now. Let us use the power of our minds and souls to end the Death Culture and support all Life. Let us use the use the power of our minds and souls to awaken and be free. Let us welcome with joy THE NEW PARADIGM.

December 1, 2023

It is now November 27, and SO many things have changed since I began this on November 12, the morning before Molly died. I have decided to include the short commentary on the weather I had written, then update it with the drastically different agenda we are suffering through now, all part of the desperate attempt to cool down a planet that is heating out of control. I had originally planned to make this a food and weather issue, but there's just too much material on both to do at once. I am also working on a spiritual activism/return to nature series, because as I've been saying for many decades now, our vibrational frequencies and respect for all life will determine where we, individually, end up next. So please, allow me to rant and muse, as I have a lot on my mind. Anyways, I've decided that this one will be the weather issue, because, OMG—things are just WAAAAY out of control. What I'm going to do here is make this another sort of reference page, particularly for any new readers I've picked up and for my regular readers to share. But it is for all of us, because as I've been collecting volumes of material that just pours in each day, it has even been shocking to me. Dane's GANs also reflect a feeling of being overwhelmed with the sheer magnitude of climate-related disasters happening now, and even more shocking is the fact that people STILL DON'T NOTICE. So my idea here is to just list it all, so you can take it all in. Again, I don't expect you to watch all these Weather Channel videos (you've probably seen most), but to see them all at once is mind-boggling, and certainly I hope everyone explores some of them. And these are just from the past couple months.

I've sensed for quite a while that the end of this simulated earth reality is drawing to a close, but in the past couple months, I am using every spiritual/metaphysical means made known to me so I can leave, well, any day now. I've noticed that Dane's mindset has shifted too, not that he in any way is giving up the fight, but I think he realizes, too, that the pitchforks and torches will never come out, and when all this evil taking place on the planet stops, everything goes with it. Those of us who incarnated here for this particular event will continue our mission until the energy intervenes. And that will be the end, though it may appear that something else has happened at the physical level. The schism between those who are truly hopelessly oblivious and those who are now accelerating our awakening cannot continue to reside together in the same physical realm. We have outgrown this paradigm, and like a baby outgrown the womb that must enter a new world, so shall we. As I mentioned in my tribute to Molly, the energetic divisions are now so numerous, that the way I see it is like the shattering of glass, and multitudes of new dimensions will become available so that NONE OF US will ever be stuck is such a world as this, so totally unsuited to who we are. I just cannot WAIT to get the hell out.

A number of years ago, I was in a situation that had become so wretched, all I could think about was my escape. I also noticed personality changes in myself, which included rudeness and intolerance of most other people, especially those who operated at the lowest energetic vibrations, which is not my usual behavior. It seemed my entire being, my whole focus became geared toward breaking down that wall that was keeping me stuck there. I felt like an energetic battering ram, determined to get free, no matter who or what got in my way, because to remain as I was would have been spiritual death. I remember the mindset I had then, too—this feeling deep within me that did not allow me to veer from my goal.

And then, one morning I woke up, and POOF!—everything had changed—the whole situation, though it seemingly had nothing to do with me. But it DID, because that's the way energy works when you put it out into the world with an unwavering goal; it has no choice but to shift your physical reality. And since then, I know that I am residing in a different dimension than most other people here. I'm here but only in body. My spirit has moved to something greater, and it continues to ascend. Of late, I've been experiencing the same feelings I had back then, this "jumping-out-of-my-skin" impatience that I trust will not allow anyone or anything to get in my way. That doesn't mean the forces working against me aren't trying. All month, they have been beating the shit out of me. I believe Molly's passing was part of their agenda to set me back. And their favorite to drive me up a wall is having things disappear, almost in thin air, which also continues to confirm that this "reality" is not real. The latest is the huge heating element that plugs into my electric skillet that I use to heat water to bathe and do dishes. It never goes far from the skillet—either on the shelf or the table or the box next to the shelf. I've checked anywhere it might have fallen, but it's too big to be hidden. It is just gone.

And of course, there are all the other usual issues, including things breaking or needing my immediate attention. And the worse being the speeding up of time, partially seeming so because of all the distractions that need to be dealt with, but also because time really is speeding up, and taking into consideration that we're in a simulated reality, they can speed it up at will. I remember as a child we never seemed so rushed. There's what amounts to an old wives tale that claims the older you get, the faster time goes, but that is rubbish. Just read Victorian novels, and notice how much leisure time these people had. They had breakfast and lunch and dinner and tea and supper (I'm really not sure about lunch), but in any case, if I had all those meals, I would be doing nothing but eating all day. Of course, our lives are so much more complicated, but isn't all this technology supposed to save us time? Time is purely subjective (and manipulated) so that we are each experiencing the movement of it differently, more evidence that we are living in a simulated reality. It seems that those who are least devoted to service to others have the most time on their hands. Go figure. And speaking of having WAAY too much time, here's an interesting article, and I want to make it clear that I DO NOT FEEL SORRY FOR THESE PEOPLE AT ALL. Anyone dumb enough to throw away everything to take a three-year cruise is begging for a rude awakening. Many of these people sold their homes or rented them out for three years. We don't even HAVE three years left on this planet! And to me, just the thought of spending that long on a ship sickens me—the same surroundings, the same people for THREE YEARS. I realize these cruises dock and people can disembark to explore other countries, but there is nothing on this planet that could get me voluntarily on one of those ships. One person's dream is another's nightmare, indeed.
The three-year cruise is canceled
And this one just showed up today shortly before I published this. I also DO NOT feel sorry for this person and deeply and sincerely hope that their car was totalled and they have their driver's license revoked indefinitely. I've had people do that to me, but I don't drive a snow plow and my little VW Rabbit would have been totalled, and me too, likely.
Slow Down! Car Vs. Snow Plow

Of course, these "systems" that move through are laced with mind-control, or mind-numbing ingredients, but lately, OMG, I have been in such a state of brain fog that it has been alarming. I will just stand there sometimes because I don't remember what I was just doing or thinking, and add to that the volumes of stuff I am currently working on for my site, I have had difficulty making decisions on what to tackle next. This isn't normal for me. I had just finished a book review that I hope everyone reads, as it is pertinent to our situation, though of late, many books have reached out to me that have a message. The funny thing is, it took me until days after posting it to realize that it wasn't the situation that was pertinent, it was the main character—the protagonist; the hero that I could identify with. Felix Aquila is in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong people. He knows he has gifts and talents and is something way more than others believe he is now. So he embarks on a perilous journey to find someplace that he belongs, where he can prove himself worthy, but instead, he finds himself, and sets the stage for a new paradigm—living not by tyranny, but by service to others. What a wonderful story! How many of us truly feel that we are living up to our potential? Especially in these final days. Here is the book that you can download for free.
After London, Or, Wild England
And now, the next two paragraphs are what I wrote on November 12.

I'm beginning this on Sunday, November 12, and I'm still waiting for that "warm-up." They will just not allow us to get warm. I'm not sure just how much of NE Ohio "us" entails, but there are times when I think it is just basically ME, in this little valley called Cosmic Dream Farm. (I am in the lowest elevation on this section of my road.) Yesterday, Saturday, was a truly horrendous day. The skies were black like a thunderstorm, yet there was no rain anywhere near. I swear I heard thunder, too. I knew exactly what the purpose of this was. We were originally scheduled to drop to 27 degrees (NWS), but the overnight lows kept getting higher with each update, calling for cloudy skies rather than clear. But I knew that wasn't gonna happen, and I was right. As soon as the sun went down, they cleared out the skies in a flash, and dumped tons on ice nucleation on us, determined to kill anything still alive. After it got absolutely frigid, then they moved the cloud cover back over us, to keep us frigid all night. The stray cats' (and Maggie's) water bowl was frozen, (but not solid) which is the first time this fall. When BC (one of my strays) came to eat with Maggie this morning, he had tufts of frost on his fur, so I'm not sure what he was doing, because there are numerous places here for them to shelter. He's an enormous cat with very thick fur, so he didn't seem uncomfortable. But even with the freeze, I could still feel this underlying warmth, and one of these days—sooner rather than later—it's gonna just keep getting hotter and hotter and hotter. Anyways, I braved it this morning to take my computer system into the freezing basement to get on the internet to check my web stats, which clear every morning at 8 a.m. (my time—remember, I didn't change my clocks), and could only bear it a short while, as this ice nucleation makes my fingers numb. So by 9 I was back in the greenhouse, where it was already warming up nicely. I can deal with the cold overnight temps, at least for now, because even with a little sun, it gets very warm and comfortable. Yesterday was an exception. But this is all making my animals so sick. And I can smell all this metal on them and myself, no matter how often I wash. It's in EVERYTHING. (Please note: it was later in the evening that Molly passed away. Here is the tribute I wrote for her.)
A Heartbreaking Tribute to Molly: October 23, 2008-November 12

Dane spent quite a bit of time in his Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, November 11, 2023
on the speed in which the planet is warming. No, make that heating, and the realization of that inconvenient fact by members of the scientific community, many calling for the need to "begin" geoengineering, which is a sign of insanity, that these so called experts are still oblivious to the ongoing climate engineering/weatherwarfare agenda that has been carried out for 75 years. He also discussed insanity at the very end of his report, and how Indigenous peoples see white people, or "civilized" people as being insane. I side with them. It is because people are so cut off from nature that they do not even notice that there's nothing natural about the weather any more. He also pointed out that the three wealthiest people on the planet are richer than the 48 poorest countries combined. GASP! Yes. As I have pointed out for years, as long as people remain comfortable, they will neither notice nor care about the state of the planet or environment.

And now I once again return to this article on November 28, with an update on our local weather, then the links promised above. Well, that cool down they had planned for us at the beginning of the month never happened. The scheduled highs of 30 degrees changed to 50 the next morning. (They are making up for it now.) The high on the 12th was 50.4, and remained in the 50s through November 19, except for the 15th and 16th, when it reached 63.3 and 65.5. But the overnight lows are always way too low, even during the summer months. Dane always speaks of them spraying all day, then clearing out the skies, which should make the temps plummet, but out in California they actually rise. Here they still plummet, yet one more example of how people are experiencing drastically different realities. And here's an even more drastic one. It seems I am the only one wet out here. Ohio has been considered, not in a drought, but abnormally dry. WTF. I have not dried out since those 25 days of rain between July 15 and August 26. Since then, there is not one place on this farm that isn't either mud or standing water. Dane and a good many people in his community complain that even when it rains, it dries out very quickly, not only people out west, but many along the east coast. Here it's just the opposite. It NEVER dries out, NEVER evaporates, which means they're spraying a different formula on ME. Or just an effect of the simulated reality where "they" can single out people and target them. A computer game. Just an experiment, or the way these depraved beings get their jollies.

Anyways, the highs from the 20th to yesterday, Monday the 27th have been in the 40s and lows in the 30s or mostly upper 20s. Then this big "storm" (Cait) moved across the country, thus once again providing "proof" that Planet Earth is still not too hot and we have decades to go before there's a problem. And most people think it's all OK and go back to sleep. But Dane has been really stressing how even "scientists" are becoming beyond alarmed at the rate we are heating, and that we do not have anywhere near as much time as previously thought. That'll eventually have to come home to the WEF and their "Great Reset" for 2030. Ain't gonna be a 2030, (and perhaps not a 2024). But, to return to the situation here—we hovered around the 30s yesterday, reaching a high of 33.6. We were placed under a Winter Weather Advisory (for a half-inch of sNOw), again, the need to over-dramatize the weather. We ended up with barely a dusting. Here's my outlook from The Weather Channel. I took this at 7:30 a.m. on Monday. The scheduled high was 33 and the low, 20, which later changed to 21. It ended up at 22.1. As of Monday, Tuesday's overnight low (NWS) was scheduled for 16 degrees! Remember, I type my articles now in the greenhouse, and I move my system to the basement doorway where my internet connection is, usually twice a day, in the morning and evening, but I don't plan to budge (Tuesday). Seriously concerned about my heating situation here in this big building, last week I pulled my 36-foot tarp over the crossbeam right in back of our little "bedroom" area, then across to the next crossbeam, cutting off about the last ten feet and about 5-6 feet of the ceiling at peak, thus making a snug little area that holds the heat. I moved my two smaller heaters there, along with the turtles' habitats, and the cats have their blankets. We stayed pretty toasty, but amazingly, the rest of the greenhouse wasn't all that cold either, even with the winds they were blasting to assist in the cooldown. This building is so well built, however, that we really couldn't feel the effects of them. And so I continue, one day at a time, knowing that any day now, it is all gonna break and they're not gonna be able to cool us at all. Here is The Weather Channel screenshot mentioned above. Those are pretty damn warm temps for December in NE Ohio.

The Weather Channel, 7:30 a.m. 11-27

As I write this last update late in the evening of Thursday, November 30, we had a pretty rough couple of days. Wednesday did indeed hit 16.2 degrees, and we certainly were not toasty like the previous night, but the cold here isn't the same quality because we are protected from the ice nucleation, rather than having it filter down on us as it did in the house, and froze everything. Nothing was frozen in here. Tuesday, even with a high of 27.7 wasn't too bad because we had some sun, but Wednesday was brutal. Why do they have to dump SO MUCH ICE NUCLEATION on us? The minute you step outside here, your skin burns. If you look at the outlook above, Wednesday was supposed to begin the warming trend. Didn't happen. It wasn't until late in the day that it finally got above freezing, the skies cleared late, so I knew it would be another frigid night. NWS forecast 24, and it hit 24.4, but was another toasty sleeping night for us. When I woke up, the cats had left our little nook and were up and about and not cold at all. It warmed up quickly today (Thursday), and actually hit 52.9, but my fingers still burned. And another thing about ice nucleation. If there is standing water outside it will freeze if uncovered, but if it is covered it won't! I had my containers for my cooler outside to refreeze because I had shut off my refrigerator. They didn't! It took the temps to hit 16 degrees before they froze. The reason is that they were covered,, and the ice nucleation was not in contact with the water. And THAT goes to show, also how warm the air actually IS. Thermometers are useless any more. Anyways, here's the screenshot of my outlook from The Weather Channel from today, November 30. Up and down, up and down. What's wrong with this picture??

The Weather Channel, 2:23 p.m. 11-30

And now, links and more links, which I will arrange by category, beginning with:

Flooding, Coastal Erosion
Dogs Rescued From Flooding In Heavy Rain-Hit Vietnam
And it's gonna get way worse.
A changing climate is swallowing this Sierra Leone island, displacing its people
Two Threatened Beachfront Homes Demolished
"A bus carrying more than 50 passengers fell into a river in western Honduras after a wooden bridge collapsed."
Bus With 50 Passengers Falls Into River
Hmm. I thought Alaska just got their biggest snowfall ever.
Alaska Landslide Leaves At Least 3 Dead, 3 Missing
"At least nine people are dead after a roadside wall collapsed onto vehicles in the Dominican Republic during heavy rains."
Deadly Wall Collapse In Dominican Republic
"A road collapsed causing cars to slide into a building in Genoa, Italy, after heavy rain caused flooding in the area."
Collapsed Road Sends Cars Into Building In Italy
"When the driest place in North America and one of the hottest places on Earth becomes a desert oasis complete with a lake, it's impossible not to take note."
A stunning but temporary lake has formed in California's Death Valley
"Drone footage shows major flooding caused by a storm that hit Northern Ireland ahead of Ciarán."
Storm Slams Northern Ireland With 'Unprecedented' Flooding

Volcanoes, Earthquakes
"The eruption of an undersea volcano in the Pacific Ocean off Japan has led to the formation of a new, tiny island."
Gosh, I wonder how much methane just escaped?
Birth Of A New Island Off Japan
Watching Iceland's Reykjanes Peninsula For Volcanic Activity
"Dozens more were injured in the quake. Authorities said the death toll was expected to rise, noting that communications were cut off with many places."
A strong earthquake hits northwestern Nepal
Of course, The Weather Channel has to always point out any place there is sNOw. How much do these people get paid to promote this bullshit?
"A showy display of molten lava is made even more extreme by a backdrop of snow on the island of Sicily."
Lava Explodes From Snowy Mount Etna
And probably spewing more methane than a room full of cows.
Spectacular Eruption From Volcanic Island Off Japan

"Here’s the first look at the damage and emergency response in Cottonport, Louisiana, a small town located in Avoyelles Parish."
Louisiana Town Damaged By Powerful Storm
"Severe storms with gale-force winds, heavy rain and snow battered Turkey and Bulgaria, destroying two cargo ships. One crew member was killed and 10 other people died in storm-related incidents."
Severe Storms Kill 11 In Turkey And Bulgaria
"A rarely seen tornado in Bulgaria damaged more than 150 homes and whipped up a massive dirt cloud on Saturday."
Rare Tornado Causes Damage In Bulgaria
The intended hurricane that wasn't?
"A storm brought gusty winds and heavy rain to portions of eastern Florida. In Miami Beach, downed trees toppled onto multiple cars and a well-known Cuban restaurant."
Wind-Downed Trees Crash Into Cars, Business Near Miami
"Superstar singer Taylor Swift postponed a show scheduled for Friday in Buenos Aires, Argentina, over concerns about weather."
Taylor Swift Cancels Concert Over Weather
"A line of strong thunderstorms loaded with quarter- and pea-sized hail pounded southern Ontario on Monday."
Hail Hammers Southern Ontario
Photos: Deadly Storm Ciarán Strikes Western Europe
"Storm Ciarán brought record-breaking winds and heavy rain, and killed at least 12 people in Europe."
Before And After Photos Show Destroyed Forest In Acapulco
Deadly Storm Ciarán Strikes Northwest Europe

sNOw and Totally Orchestrated Fake Winter Storms
"Parts of the Great Plains picked up record amounts of snow, forcing road closures. Those that were safe and sound enjoyed playing in the Thanksgiving snowfall."
Yeah, if you enjoy playing in toxic chemically nucleated ice. . . .
Winter Storm Cait’s Fury: Record Snow, Road Closures
"A​t least three deaths are being blamed on a winter storm that trekked east Friday and Saturday."
Thanksgiving Travel: Deadly Winter Storm Treks East
Of course, there is nothing unusual about this. Passing semis ALWAYS create whiteout conditions when there's sNOw on the road. But The Weather Channel, who gets paid to promote the cold, cold, cold agenda, has to dramatize it.
Passing Semi Creates Whiteout Conditions On Interstate
Oh, yeah, that Winter Weather Advisory and blustery, blowing sNOw and whiteout conditions. Didn't happen here. We got barely a dusting. I guess Cleveland got hit, but they're in the snowbelt and on the Lake. In any case, TWC takes every opportunity to dramatize everything "cold." Here we get to hear the wind.
Sights And Sounds Of Great Lakes Snow

Fires, Forest Fires
"Los Angeles drivers have been warned of significant travel headaches after a major fire over the weekend forced the indefinite closure of a downtown portion of Interstate 10, one of the city’s major traffic arteries."
I-10 freeway in LA will stay closed ‘indefinitely’ after fire, making for a morning commute nightmare
"A portion of the 10 Freeway in downtown Los Angeles has been shut down because of a major fire at nearby storage yards."
Los Angeles Fire Shuts Down 10 Freeway
"At least two schools were evacuated and people were told to shelter in place due to a chemical plant fire in southeast Texas."
Texas Chemical Plant Burns Northeast Of Houston
Multiple Wildfires Burn In Drought-Plagued South
North Carolina Fires Rage; Warmer Air Incoming
"At least nine structures were damaged or destroyed in the city of Aguanga."
Photos: Highland Fire Burns Through California Town
Hawaii Wildfire Burns Near Honolulu Suburb

"A23a is a massive iceberg that broke free from the Antarctic's Filchner Ice Shelf in 1986. After being stuck for more than 30 years, significant movement has now been observed."
3 Times Bigger Than New York City Iceberg Now In Motion
And here is more nonsense from Ari BigSalari at The Weather Channel, who always has a "logical, natural" explanation for cloud formations obviously created by military tankers.
Have You Ever Seen A Horseshoe Cloud?
And another.
Expert Take: Lenticular Cloud Appears ‘Frozen’ Over Reno
GASP!!! OMG!! How many ways can we say SURFACTANT?
Heavy Rains Bring Toxic Foam
Are you shitting me?
American Bird Species Blown To UK By Hurricane Lee Remnants
Maybe it's that color from all the defoliants and other toxic shit being sprayed on it?
Unique And Colorful Tree Drawing Tourists In China
Louisiana Superfog Again After Deadly Smoke-Related Crash
Fairbanks, eh? Keep in mind that the University of Alaska Fairbanks is the body that has control of HAARP, or more likely, where the military personnel or Raytheon's people are installed. And so, I wonder what chemical/heavy metal conconction was sprayed to make it watermelon pink . . . .
'Watermelon' Aurora Shines Above Fairbanks, Alaska
I wouldn't smile about this one, Danielle. Oh, yeah, NOAA said it wouldn't be a problem, so eveything is fine. We'll see. The day we here in NE Ohio start seeing auroras . . .
Solar Flares To Impact Earth This Week
And here's another by Ari BigSalari. He seems to be hung up on El Niño.
"Climate change is a major reason El Niños form. Until 50 years ago, sun played a major role in El Niño onset, but from the 1970s on "manmade climate change thought to be the main factor." "Human activities are now 'overprinting' natural factors."
And the fact that HAARP can and is being used to manipulate the jet stream. . . .
El Niño Cause Changed In Last 50 Years, Study Finds
I dunno what to say about this one. Yes, weather can affect one's mood. But there (of course) is no mention of the fact that we are being sprayed with mind control ingredients, along with HAARP and all the other radio frequency emitters, which have been proven to mess with people's minds, which is one of their objectives. These are especially abundant as these fake "systems" move through. Many of Dane's people have noticed their connection to brain fog, along with other physical problems, such as congestion. And for anyone who spends any time at all outside, especially those that are aware of the spraying, of course our moods will be affected when we are being frozen to death with ice nucleation, which includes dry ice and liquid propane being sprayed on us. Yes, I would say that would definitely affect one's moods. Those who live where the rains have been diverted for years and years, like Dane's area by Lake Shasta, or who live like I do on this farm where it NEVER dries out DO feel stressed. When everything you try to do is affected by unpleasantly orchestrated weather, one tends to be irritable. But of course, the purpose of this article is to make it all sound normal when it is anything but. The article suggests people should go to therapy.
Yes, Weather Can Affect Mood And Energy—And So Can Climate Change

Other Environmental Issues
Train Derailment Prompts Thanksgiving Evacuation

Crews Extinguish Kentucky Derailment Fire That Prompted Town To Evacuate, Rail Operator Says This image taken from video and provided by WTVQ shows people sitting at a table at Rockcastle Middle School being used as an evacuation center in Mt Vernon, Ky., Wednesday, Nov. 22, 2023. People were evacuated from a nearby town after a CSX train derailed Wednesday near Livingston, a remote town with about 200 people in Rockcastle County. CSX says two of the 16 cars that derailed carried molten sulfur, which caught fire after the cars were breached.

I have a curious story about this one. Of course, when I saw the headline, the first thing I thought was, Hmm . . . wonder if it was Norfolk Southern. Well, it turned out to be CSX, so I didn't think much more about it except that there's been an awful lot of train delrailments lately. A few days later, I was in Alliance, and, though I've been good at dodging them lately, I had to stop for one in the regular place. It was an unusually short one, though, unlike the NS trains that literally cover miles. Then I noticed the cars didn't have the "NS" logo. No, they were CSX. Fancy that, eh? I thought, WTF, are they the same company? Not exactly, but they are connected.
Norfolk Southern Railway
CSX Transportation
Here's a quote from the CSX article: " In 1999, CSX Transportation acquired approximately half of Conrail, in a joint purchase with competitor Norfolk Southern Railway." Hmm, again. I would bet that there are more than a few stockholders invested in both companies. Wadaya think, eh? Here's another quote from the same article, which also includes a list of their accidents. I would suggest reading them, as two are infamous, having been used in movies. None of them sound pretty . . . .

On June 23, 1997, CSX and Norfolk Southern Railway (NS) filed a joint application with the Surface Transportation Board for authority to purchase, divide, and operate the assets of the 11,000-mile (18,000 km) Conrail, which had been created in 1976 by bringing together several ailing Northeastern railway systems into a government-owned corporation. On June 6, 1998, the STB approved the CSX–NS application and set August 22, 1998, as the effective date of its decision. CSX acquired 42 percent of Conrail's assets, and NS received the remaining 58 percent. As a result of the transaction, CSX's rail operations grew to include some 3,800 miles (6,100 km) of the Conrail system (predominantly lines that had belonged to the former New York Central Railroad). CSX began operating its trains on its portion of the Conrail network on June 1, 1999. CSX now serves much of the Eastern United States, with a few routes into nearby Canadian cities.

As for the article on Norfolk Southern, perhaps it was written by a stockholder, because only four "Notable Acccidents" were listed, the most detailed being the recent one at East Palestine, here in eastern Ohio. And if I remember correctly, there were two other catastrophes within the next month or so. Its history dates back to 1827, which I found interesting, and that J.P. Morgan was involved along the way, which I found totally unsurprising. And I had to laugh at the paragraph describing the mergers that became what is now Norfolk Southern Railway, and at the misspelling of the company's name on the marble headpiece at the entrance to their new corporate headquarters.

In 1982, the Norfolk Southern Corporation was created as a holding company for the Southern Railway (SOU, formed in 1894) and Norfolk & Western Railway (N&W, formed in 1881). In 1990, Norfolk Southern Corporation transferred all the common stock of N&W to Southern, and Southern's name was changed to Norfolk Southern Railway Company. In 1998, Norfolk and Western was merged into Norfolk Southern Railway, forming one, united, railroad. Headquarters for the new NS were established in Norfolk, Virginia. The company suffered a slight embarrassment when the marble headpiece at the building's entrance was unveiled, which read "Norfork Southern Railway". A new headpiece replaced the erroneous one several weeks later. NS aimed to compete in the eastern United States with CSX Transportation, formed after the Interstate Commerce Commission's 1980 approval of the merger of the Chessie System and the Seaboard System.

They would have been even more embarrassed had it been spelled the way it is pronounced: (Norfuck). OK, so I'm exaggerating the second syllable a bit. It's more like Norfck but the other one suits them better. Here's another environmental disaster, WAAAY too close to home, in fact, it may be closer than I think, because there are landfills in the area and the article doesn't provide a list. And I'm not that far from Pittsburgh either.
800,000 Tons of Radioactive Waste from Pennsylvania’s Oil and Gas Industry Has Gone “Missing”
Here's a couple quotes.

For example, the 2019 oil and gas report said that 29,221 tons of waste were sent to the Arden landfill in Washington County, Pennsylvania, but the landfill’s records showed that it received 269,480 tons of waste that year—a difference of 240,259 tons. In total, the study found that around 800,000 tons of hazardous oil and gas waste was unaccounted for in official records.

This landfill runoff, called leachate, often goes to municipal sewage treatment plants, but when it comes from landfills accepting oil and gas waste, it can become radioactive. That’s because materials dredged up from deep in the Earth during oil and gas extraction—particularly during fracking, which requires more drilling—contain radium.

I will end this issue with lots of articles on climate change and most of them total bullshit, either because the author is in complete denial and oblivious to the catastrophic situation we are in, or offering some ludicrous solution to a situation that has no solution at this point. At best, if ALL climate engineering agendas were shut down and totally stopped, we could possibly buy some time to allow the planet to rebalance herself. But it ain't gonna happen that way, as I discussed above. It WILL stop, because it will not be able to continue, but by that time . . . . So let us begin with this one. I groaned and grimaced the whole way through for numerous reasons.
"The '15-minute city' is an urban planning concept that aims to increase quality of life and reduce planet-heating pollution. But it faces obstacles, including conspiracy theories."
The 15-minute city climate solution spreading from Paris to Cleveland
Of course, any time people point out the reasons that an idea is NOT GOOD, it's a conspiracy theory, and the "conspiracy theorists" are correct in that it is part of the whole WEF imprisonment scheme, and the "you will own nothing and you will be happy." As for me, there ain't no way anybody gonna put me in a city. Period. And as for planning, that's, well, we don't even have to worry about it because we won't be here and NONE OF THIS is going to solve the problem which is NOT about CO2. Yes, of course, car exhaust contributes, but rather than reducing cars, we need to reduce the population. No, I DO NOT mean genocide, I mean responsible reproduction. Rather than bunching people together, we need to spread out so there's a great amount of space for nature to exist. Yes, the Georgia Guidestones got it right. But it doesn't matter at this point. We are NOT gonna be here. Nevetheless, everyone needs to read this one and be alarmed. It is about re-zoning so that single-family dwellings will no longer be allowed!! One of the main people interviewed here is the mayor of Cleveland. I had no idea, but Cleveland has gone from being the 5th largest city in the U.S. to the 54th! And this, also, is WAY too close to home. IF it were to happen, it would begin in the cities, then begin to spread. When people began to realize that the right to own their home and property would be taken away, especially farmland, THEN the pitchforks and torches WOULD come out. Here's a quote.

PARIS—In the 11th arrondissement, a middle-to-working class neighborhood in the east of Paris, if you walk out your front door, you can arrive at a preschool in one minute. A bookstore in three minutes. A cheese store in four minutes. Baguette for that cheese? Bakery's across the street.

Grocery store and pharmacy, five minutes. Parks, restaurants, metro stops, a hospital: all within a 15-minute walk. I know this because I used to live there, on a tiny cobblestone street with buildings covered in vines.

But what about those of us who don't give a shit about preschools and cheese and baguettes, but just want peace and quiet and the company of Nature? I can see them taking areas that are already city where people live in apartments, and integrating useful businesses closeby. But that is NOT what they are talking about. And how would they accomplish this? By doing exactly what they are in the process of doing. Burning people out, droughting people out, flooding people out, not to mention raising taxes that no one could afford. I would rather be dead than be subjected to this level of control. I am sure there are others that would not, under any circumstances, live in these "smart cities." I would certainly bet that Dane is one of them. But it is already happening. Like in Sydney, Australia. And Lahaina, Maui. Please EVERYONE READ THIS ARTICLE AND BE ALARMED. Whether or not we will still be here for the long-term plans of these tyrants to go into effect, (we won't), we still must pay close attention to their short-term activities, especially as they realize they have much less time than they thought to implement their agenda, that might serve to hasten their desperation. It already is. I wish they would all just crawl into their DUMBs. Then perhaps those remaining on the surface of the planet would find an appropriate way to deal with them, because I guarantee, as long as people are alive here, they would not be as safe as they think. Here is a story that breaks my heart. Nobody should be forced to leave their own land. And it's always the Indigenous people that get screwed first.
Why native Hawaiians are being "pushed out of paradise" in their homeland

Everything has been poisoned. There is no safe food or water on the planet now. With every breath we take, we are inhaling polymer fibers, heavy metals, fungus and pathogens that are being deliberately sprayed on us. The planet is in meltdown, and we are on the verge of Venus Syndrome. The ozone is almost gone. How is city planning gonna solve the REAL problem? Fucking idiots!! Take a look at this. 7.3 BILLION people were affected this year by an overheated planet. NOT "climate change."
"A new report from Climate Central shows that the past year was the hottest 12 months on record on Earth."
90% Of Earth's Population Felt Climate Change Heat.
And get a load of this one. And here's the garbage collector spewing more absurd garbage. Could, may might? We reached tipping point two decades ago, as Dane tells us. Domenica says: "We have three fewer years than previously believed to get fossil fuel in check, or else the planet will hit the 2.7 degree tipping point threshold. Scientists found that the move to clean up aerosol pollution is actually warming the planet even faster, despite the obvious benefits of reducing the number of aerosols in our environment." And she also says the tipping point would be 2.7 degrees Fahrenheit!!!! NO, dumb-ass, IT'S CELSIUS. WTF??? Aerosol polllution! As she is saying this, the video shows a factory smokestack spewing filth. Since when is THAT called aerosols? Curious, eh? Did someone slip up? Or are they finally seeing the situation clearly, and giving the public hints?
Earth Could Reach Climate Tipping Point by 2029 Study
I was always in Zone 5, but many of the seed catalogues have had me in Zone 6 for years. The USDA is apparently just catching up. But,again, it won't matter much longer.
"The USDA is updating an important map for gardeners and growers picking plants and flowers. The new map shows the contiguous U.S. is about 2.5 degrees Fahrenheit warmer than the last map 11 years ago."
USDA's plant hardiness zone map shows half the country has shifted

This one is actually good. It is about realizing that the situation on earth is a spiritual crisis to which we need to pay attention, from that aspect, and then take action as we are led to do. When we meditate or pray or listen to our inner voice and guidance, then we are led to the right people and information.
Her answer to 'climate grief' and a shrinking Great Salt Lake? Don't look away
Here is the last paragraph.

Simone Weil said attention is a prayer. I feel that if we can pay attention, we will know what to do. If we are present, we will know what actions are needed. For me, Rachel, it's a mobilization of love and love in the deepest way. Of gratitude, of compassion, of deep listening. It's that we're cloaked in beauty even as we're weeping.

We go from the sublime to the ridiculous.
How AI could power the climate breakthrough the world needs
HA! Here's a quote from the article. Not so good, then?

With the breakneck pace at which the planet has been warming, accelerating the speed at which the world deploys and implements solutions is crucial. But for all of AI’s promise, the infrastructure that supports the technology—data centers filled with rows of powerful, energy-sucking computers—could itself be a strain on the environment. Experts say software engineers must work closely with climate scientists to find a balance.

This next one made me groan and grimace. Again. Dane would do the same. Like, you know, the main source of methane is cows. Shh. Never mind about all those MASSIVE Siberian methane craters and the rapidly melting permafrost.
The communities experimenting with how to be more resilient to a changing climate
And another for the groan list. Oh, my. This guy has rounded up what what others are claiming and pointed out that they are wrong. Yeah, they're wrong. But he obviously has not done serious research, like on Dane's site, where he would find indisputable data, and a track record of predictions coming true.
17 Questions to Challenge the Climate Change Crisis

And here's another groaner from NPR's Climate Solutions Week. They're thinking of everything except the most obvious elephant in the room which is climate engineering. And as I'm reading this, I'm thinking, these people are absolutely DELUSIONAL. They do not have a clue—not an inkling, of the magnitude of the situation. Their naïvity is incomprehensible. They have no idea of the lies and deceptions and covert agendas—collusion between global governments and militaries, and none of it benevolent. Of course, no doubt those at the top of all these media corporations do know, or are paid well to keep their eyes, ears and mouths shut.
Climate solutions are necessary. So we're dedicating a week to highlight them

We once again return to the absurd with this one, however, it is curious how the word "aerosol" keeps popping up. It never was used before, and now it is being used to mean things other than the toxic shit that is being sprayed on us by military tankers. Why? Are they attempting to steer us away from the real meaning, thus confuse us even more?
To figure out the future climate, scientists are researching how trees form clouds
Here are some quotes.

But many current climate models don't account for either the warming or cooling effects of clouds, or the role aerosols play in their formation.

"This is the biggest uncertainty in climate science at the moment," Dada says.

The science is clear though: When plants emit gases that form aerosol particles (meaning particles suspended in the atmosphere), they help form cloud seeds. These particles can come from human pollution, or from natural sources like sea spray and dust.

Sigh. About this next one . . . aren't you becoming weary of the MSM labelling everything that isn't the official narrative as a "conspiracy theory?" One of the big problems is that the absurd is mixed in with fact. Of course, it is being orcestrated that way.
People working on climate solutions are facing a big obstacle: conspiracy theories
The next one is an example. I've never heard anything like this, nor has Dane mentioned it, as far as I know. But I DO know that he is an expert on renewable energy, as it was his profession, installing wind turbines at one point in his life, and he definitely doesn't recommend them because they, as most other so-called green-energy equipment, end up doing just as much and sometimes more damage to the environment. We're finding that out with EVs, and I read somewhere that sales have dropped off. And as for the second quote. WTF?? The "Great Reset" IS REAL. Do these people never listen to Gates or Schwab or Harari, or the millions of others that serve them? C'mon. This stuff is all on video and a matter of public record. Apparently they are SO STUPID, they are unable to see that the whole plandemic was a dress rehearsal.

Julia Simon: Climate disinformation in the past—sometimes paid for by fossil fuel interests—often related to false ideas that global warming is a scam or that the threat is overblown. Those falsehoods are still around, but what we're seeing a lot more of these days are attacks on climate solutions even if we don't always know who funds them. Think attacks on renewables. False ideas that wind turbines cause cancer or cause birth defects in animals. Disinformation may be spreading because solutions are really spreading.

Huo Jingnan: The false narrative surrounding 15-minute cities is but one part of a larger sprawling conspiracy theory called the Great Reset. The theory goes that a shadowy global elite—often Jewish—wants to strip away ordinary people's freedoms and make us live a life of deprivation. Under this theory, 15-minute cities are a ploy to take away people's freedom to move around.

This next one is useless, and again makes me cringe at the either total naïvity of people, or the blatant lies. There are a number of short interviews, the first batch by people less well-known, so I give them the rating of ignorant, to the very well-known, being Jane Fonda, Al Gore, John Kerry, Bill McKibben and Greta Thunberg, who are the liars. It's a wonder Kennedy wasn't included. And Greta Thunberg has been contacted and informed about climate engineering, which she ignored. I have the letter posted somewhere on my site, but it was published on Global Research. Her name slips my mind, but she was a friend of Dr. Rosalie Bertell, who was one of the first people to speak out about HAARP and weather warfare.
Innovators share what helped convince them to take climate action

And now, as we reach the conclusion of this long article, I have saved the best for last. I am a big fan of Peter Koenig, and he has been very supportive of Dane's work. It seems to me that he follows Dane, and this article reflects that. Don't let the title confuse you. He is NOT saying we don't have a climate issue, he is saying that most everything being made public about it is a hoax, which it is indeed. This is the first time I've read something at Global Research that blatantly declares we are heading for mass extinction if we do not stop climate engineering NOW. He publicly accuses those who have purposely orchestrated this disaster to fulfill their agenda, and ridicules the rest for being SO STUPID as to follow their ridiculous narrative. Koenig does not mince words here. The only element that Dane (and I) would likely disagree with is that we wouldn't be in this catastrophic situation were it not for weather warfare. Dane points out every week that this paradigm was never sustainable, because of the attitude and behavior of the human race, and you all know I am a FIRM BELIEVER that we are massively overpopulated. Along with being over-wasteful, greedy consumers who for the most part care little for other life forms on the planet but themselves. Rather than explain more, I will include some random quotes in the order they come in the article, and recommend reading it above all others. (I hope you read many of them, though.)
Undoing the Doubters of the Climax Hoax

Admitting that one has been betrayed for most of one’s life would be too shameful no matter how many others were lured and lied into the same trap. Admission, might be interpreted as meaning, that we are not smart. Nobody wants to be “un-smart.”

It is true, though, that over the past three decades or so, the lie-talk, coming from governments, international bodies like the UN, and repeated at nauseatum by the mainstream media, is so pervasive that doubting it is not only “uncool”, but more so, socially and politically incorrect.

Hardly anybody wants to be socially and politically incorrect.

You are soon considered an outcast. Nobody wants to be an outcast.

As with Dane, I totally agree that these plans will NEVER be achieved, and we will NEVER make it to 2030—not even close.

Manmade “climate change” is one of the instruments imagined by “Limits to Growth” for the elite to live longer and better lives, with longer-lasting non-renewable resources.

It is also a perfect tool to

(i) help decimate population, through droughts, floods, famine; extreme hurricanes, cattle killing heatwaves, and more;

(ii) earthquakes and their devastating consequences (Haiti 2010; Turkey earlier this year and Morocco a few months ago, most likely Afghanistan and Nepal too, are suspected having been geoengineered.)

So that people believe in climate change, the climate literally MUST change—at least on the surface—when it is all done, maybe in 10 or 20 years (their agenda 2030 plan—which they will NOT achieve, ever), they might think of going back to the “normal sun-caused climate change” cycles.

The climate agenda was made public by the 1992 UN-sponsored “Earth Summit” in Rio. For some 30+ years we have been indoctrinated with the idea that the climate is changing because of our climate-unfriendly habits, including the use of carbon-based energy sources.

The propaganda worked well. During annual COP Conferences around the world, the cabal behind the governments lied to us what the targets should be in reduced CO2 output so the world would not collapse. But no government ever follows the rules to meet the targets.

Again, Dane regularly points out that the attendees at all these conferences have no intention of "solving the problem." Why should they?? They are causing it!! He also mentions the "15-minute-cities" described earlier.

COP—stands for Conference of the Parties. It is the body of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) which aims to "guide the efforts of the countries that are parties of the Convention to act against climate change".

This description alone says it all. It is the epitome of hypocrisy, as no government, nor any international institutions believe in it, hence, they coerce people to abandon their life styles, forcing them out of agriculture, of traveling, forcing them to live in 15-minute-cities (where car travel beyond 15-minutes per day is forbidden)—and more—while the elite ignores such rules, jetting around the globe in their private jets, as if there was no tomorrow.

He then goes on to mention some countries that are actively engaged in geoengineering, but none as much as the U.S. Military, including using HAARP to cause earthquakes and purposely melting the polar ice caps. I'm not sure about that one. At least now. With all the methane being spewed out, it's doing it on its own.

No money is too much to stop them from doing what they are doing, attempting to annihilate life on earth. But whenever that happens—we are about the 6th or 7th Civilization, Mother Earth protects herself by letting civilizations collapse. The previous ones have all disappeared, probably for human greed, egocentricities, power thirst—you name it. Our’s will not be different, if

We, the People, are unable to stop it.

In closing this extremely long article, just a couple more comments. I am in the process of wrapping things up, because something within me tells me I must. I do not have another climate article planned. The next Disclosure article will be on food, and I may do another with odds and ends. I am going through my miles of bookmarks and isolating them on Notepad in categories, then deciding what I will use and deleting the rest. All my climate articles are now deleted. I want to finish my HAARP series, plus another article on Artificial Intelligence and the Alien Agenda. The next HAARP article will be on mind control, but I have volumes of info, so I will probably do a series. The next article I have planned and half written is on Spiritual Activism, and I am focusing on getting us prepared to where we will go next. Wherever we individually choose to go, we must be detemined to never make the same mistakes we made here, and to never bring such energy into another reality. I am aiming to get my articles out at a much faster pace, and I am working on about nine projects now. Meanwhile, I have put an immense amount of work into this article, and for those that really want to learn, it should keep you busy until the next one I publish. We are running out of time and I certainly want to be out of here ASAP.

It is now December 30, and I am preparing to publish this in a short while. It has rained all day—just what we don't need. And it looks like the "forecast" has once again changed to rain almost every day. Plus it is COLD. I should not have to run a heater in the greenhouse when it's in the 40s outside, but I am running TWO. All I want is to get the hell of this planet and back to where I belong.

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