Isaiah 9:2
2 The people that walked in darkness have seen a great light:
they that dwelt in the land of the shadow of death, upon them hath the light shined.

Let us use the power of our minds and souls to make 2023 the year we bring about full disclosure of all the evil forces, both on and off planet, that are assaulting the planet and her lifeforms incessantly now. Let us use the power of our minds and souls to end the Death Culture and support all Life. Let us use the use the power of our minds and souls to awaken and be free. Let us welcome with joy THE NEW PARADIGM.

October 24, 2023

Once again, I am finding that the current weather situation takes precedence over any other article I am working on, since these Disclosure articles are the format I am using for that purpose this year. I am picking up new readers, so I am happy that the last issue got quite a few reads. I will cover two topics in this issue: the increasingly out-of-control weather, and animals, for which I have been collecting a great many links over a period of time, plus a few odds and ends and the situation at the farm which is an indicator of desperation the controllers are facing concerning the collapse of everything on the planet. Both the weather and the weather controllers have become beyond erratic and unpredictable, as I will demonstrate here, which, to me (and Dane also), are harbingers of a major global breakdown at all levels. I am beginning to worry myself concerning my own attitude, which is almost hateful, so I go out into public as little as possible. I am sick of these dumb, staring faces and stupor over what is unfolding before our very eyes. I am finding myself also resorting to a level of rudeness that is anomalous to my general behavior and counterproductive to my purpose, especially when I encounter the "it's not my problem" attitude—people who know about what is going on, yet refuse to take responsibility and do their much-needed part. I've had heated discussions with employees Giant Eagle, Marc's, Walmart, and especially ALDI, where I will probably be thrown out one of these days. I even mentioned that to a regular cashier in Ravenna, who laughingly assured me that it had not been discussed yet. I had another one, condescendingly tell me she "understood my frustration." NO YOU DON'T! This is not frustration, it is outrage, that we are standing on the tracks of an oncoming train while people go about their daily lives with a big smile on their face because life is so cool. I had a "conversation" with a real dumbass cashier at Sheetz when I was buying kerosene and I commented that I thought we would have a warm winter and I wouldn't need to buy much. She stood there and argued with me that "she thought it would be really cold," because we were "due for a cold winter because we haven't had one in a long time." I tried to explain that the planet is in meltdown and all the cold we get is chemically nucleated, and that no weather is natural any more. She replied that "we need to go back to natural weather." I just stared. I mean, gosh, what a simple solution, eh? Fucking moron. I shut my mouth and walked out, (then silently walked back in and laid one of Dane's fliers on the counter). I mean, how can you even argue with that level of stupidity? And I also thought, we got down to 15.5 below zero two years ago. How much fucking colder do you want it to get? People keep NO records day to day as I do; they have NO weather-recording equipment like min-max thermometers or even rain gauges, and yet they will argue their point just because they think it sounds right.

Anyways, I was going to cover the situation the Middle East, which is also escalating, as I said it would, and more proof is coming to light that it was a well-planned false flag event, just like 9/11. Once again, remember the three cards Dane predicted years ago the controllers would play when they could no longer hide the truth. A False Flag Event was one of them. But I have way too much for this issue so it will have to wait, plus that will give us time to see which way the wind is blowing. I am working on so many website projects now that I have my computer mostly in the greenhouse where it is warm and comfy and safe, so I'm getting a great deal finally accomplished, of which I am a couple years behind, like my book review indices. Remember, book reviews are the most popular feature on my website and Google gives me excellent coverage, so they draw in new readers. Everything, including three new articles, will all be online as soon as they're ready. So I will begin with some news from the farm (which includes weather issues). Incidentally, I have shitloads of links here, which I've been going through to clean out my bookmarks. As I've said, I don't expect anyone to open them all, but I have enough varied material here that I DO expect everyone to open some. I rarely get on websites where I don't open links. We're all here to learn as much as we can, right?

I had planned to replant all my beds with cold-hardy crops as I harvested and cleaned up what had been there. I gave up trying to clean up what was there because so much was just plain ruined. I replanted a couple, but all we've had is rain, rain, rain and more rain. I still have several varieties of garlic to plant, which is going where they were last year. I just pulled the last of the purple beans, and have chopped up the plants to use as green manure. All legumes return nutrients to the soil, by the way, so when your beans and peas are done, pull the plants and work them into the soil.

I had quite a few tomatoes ripe and ripening, but the deer came by one night and literally wiped them out in several places. Then they ate quite a bit of my lettuce and sampled my potted herbs along with nibbling the tops off my scallions. They even left me numerous "Thank-you" notes.

Deer Poop

I have the others covered now, plus all the volunteers that have some up in the squash area. But the point it, these miserable bastards decide that the growing season is done in NE Ohio at the end of August, which is when they spray the defoliants and begin the non-stop rain that we always have in the fall now. It was NEVER like that when I was growing up. October was crisp and warm/cool and SUNNY. Always sunny. I am beginning this on Thursday, October 19, and yesterday was the only dry day we've had since last Friday, and even when it didn't rain, the skies were black and cloudy with heavy spraying, because they are trying desperately to cool us down. This morning was terribly cold, and the overnight lows, even though they've been in the mid-40s, have felt more like 30s. Dane's written intro for last Saturday's Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, October 14, 2023 read:

Biosphere collapse and global conflict are inseparable. As Geoengineering Watch has stated on the record for many years, once the gravity and immediacy of unfolding global ecological implosion became all but impossible to hide the controllers would play ever larger cards and indeed they are. Bioaccumulative microplastics and heavy metals are now in our air, water, and food. Environmental studies on the ubiquitous contamination of the planet and the collapse of it's life support systems are pouring in from countless science sources, the current paradigm can no longer be maintained. All the while the spraying of our skies with climate engineering elements rages on and is accelerating, is there any place left to hide? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

It seems to me they are frantic, so I will continue here, with weather stuff mixed in with farm news and increasingly bizarre things that are happening. First, that humongous "cold front" that was coming at us when I wrote my last issue, once again, turned into a fizzle. We were supposed to get "between a quarter and a half inch of rain over night, then between three-quarters and an inch the next day. When I looked at the future map that evening, before I shut my computer down and brought it into the greenhouse, which I do every night, it seemed to me that by morning the whole thing would be about done. And indeed it was, thankfully. We got the half inch over night, then it drizzled, misted and rained, mostly light, off and on during the day bringing the total to two-tenths of an inch, so once again, they were WAAAY off. It has drizzled/misted every day until yesterday—the 18th, and the thing is, most of it wasn't even showing up on radar. Probably because what was falling on us wasn't even water. Molly and Goblin, this time, were the ones to get really sick. Molly could hardly move and to make matters worse, I had to get the remainder of the work done on my car on Tuesday. I dropped it off, then ran errands on foot, only to return and find that they had sent Mike the wrong part and the right one wouldn't be in for a couple days. Plus I had to then go to Alliance and get kerosene, and hated leaving Molly, because she panics when she needs me and I'm not there (which I usually am). And amidst my rush, I got half way to Alliance and realized I had forgotten my kerosene can. The entire week has been like that. Anyways, Goblin is much better now, but Molly is still struggling. I had so many things go wrong that I ended up changing my agenda by the minute for most of that week. As I've said over and over, these "systems" are not only laced with toxins they are filled with mind-control substances, and it never fails—that feeling that something has taken control during those times. Then, after a few days, it eases up. But when they dump on us days on end, it doesn't ease up.

Anyways, I have some screenshots that are very strange, in fact, in all the years I've been watching these maps, I don't think I have ever seen such emptiness. I took these on Tuesday the 17th, but on Monday both the Excessive Rainfall Outlook and the Storm Prediction Center both had ZERO days nationwide for the next 5 and 7 days, respectively. On Tuesday, the ERO added upper New England with a risk, and there was one risk of thunderstorms, too. But that is REALLY STRANGE, especially since they have not let up on their attempts to "control the weather." And the National map has once again been pretty empty. I mean, like what about that REALLY active hurricane season we were supposed to have this year. Yeah, I realize we are now all the way to "Tammy," but most of those storms turned into nothing.

Excessive Rainfall Outlook

Storm Prediction Center

I just find this all very strange, when this time of the year they are usually hammering us. Yes, it has been raining and miserable, but not flooding and we still have not had anything resembling a frost, but apparently that's the purpose of this "front" that is moving through now. I spent the last two days writing up links so I would have lots of material to put together in the greenhouse offline, which is what I'm doing now. But those days of rain they've scheduled, again, look like mostly drizzle and annoyance, and after it dips into the low 30s, then we will have a warm spell near 70 degrees. Supposedly. I dunno, I just can't understand why WON'T let the Great Lakes area get warm, dry or sunny. Particularly the lower Great Lakes—Erie and Ontario—and in Ohio, that Northeast corner, which includes me. Other parts of Ohio are drier. This had been going on for decades, this constant wet, and cold. I used to have a huge pedestal fan, but after it had sat there for a good ten years, I finally gave it to a friend for her horse barn. And that was probably at least eight years ago. It never gets warm enough here to NEED a fan. Here are two temperature and precipitation outlook maps that I took on Monday the 16th. We'll see. The long-term outlook maps were posted today, and once again, we are supposedly going to be above average temps and below average precipitation. For the next 14 months. HA! They can't even get it right day by day.

6-10 Day Outlook

8-14 Day Outlook

And here are the long-term maps. As you can see, much or most of the country is to be above normal temps, at least the north-northeast, as we keep having it drummed into us by these "experts" going on and on about El Niño. There's much more on that below. But I think they know it's gonna be hot, and maybe they won't be able to cool us down, so they are setting up a "legitimate" reason. Just listen to the videos below. Does it not sound like that? And as for the precip, it looks like they're not gonna start drowing us here in NE Ohio until July of next year, but the likelihood of anything still functioning by then grows slimmer. Incidentally, the white areas are "Equal Chances" of above or below, so they're giving themselves a lot of leeway. These map are all rubbish anyways, and they are NEVER right.

Long-Term Temperature Outlook

Long-Term Precipitation Outlook

Here are more strange things that happened. Yesterday the power went out. For no reason. Several years ago, it started going out about once a month for an hour-and-a-half. Then it stopped doing it. Well, yesterday it was out for that amount of time. I was working on my computer and didn't remember saving my work, so I thought I lost it all because Notepad doesn't automatically save, like Word does. But I guess I do it automatically, because I only lost one sentence and a link. Then, I decided to update my Dover Wishlist which I haven't done all year, and I used to keep up with all the new titles. I haven't ordered anything for so long, but now that I have all my books and coloring books here with me in a safe place, all together, rather than boxed up on the porch, I may. I even started coloring again. Anyways, their website was so messed up. The Wishlist button wouldn't work and everything was SO SLOW. It hadn't improved today, so that was another plan I had to scrap. Then this evening, I tried to call Ohio Edison to pay my bill through the automated system, and it couldn't "hear" me. Fortunately I hung up and called again, and we got connected that time. Today a yellow jacket stung me on the porch. It came out of nowhere and disappeared. There is no nest around there, and there were no others flying around. Plus the usual problem I have with looking for things when I know exactly where they are, and they're not. So I leave and come back later, and what I was looking for is right where it's supposed to be. And my computer does things to me all the time. In Part 1 of my Artificial Intelligence series, I quoted a scientist who said computers talk to each other. I think mine plots. Now it won't boot up unless I unplug the keyboard, then plug it back in after it's booted. It messes with my desktop and rearranges it, and I found an important folder missing. (I have back-ups on flash drives.) It turns things on that I turn off, and loads updates that I haven't approved, plus it will shut me down if I don't comply!! I WILL NOT BE MANIPULATED BY A COMPUTER!! All this, all of it is about Artificial Intelligence gone awry, including the increasingly bizarre weather forecasting, which I believe is ALL done by AI now.

I am picking this up on Saturday the 21st. OMG, the RAIN. They have created one of their "pinwheels" that is just circling and circling around NE Ohio. Thursday night we were scheduled for a half inch of rain, which is what we got, on the nose, and it rained off and on all day, getting heavier than previously. Last night I was walking Molly and the STARS WERE OUT and it was STILL RAINING. WTF??? How can that be? Because it ISN'T RAIN, it is some toxic concoction to cool us down so the walking zombies think everything is "normal." Then over night, around 2 a.m. it POURED. Torrential. And WIND. This morning when I checked the overnight low, it was only 48 degrees, but it felt like 38. And I checked the rain gauge. We were scheduled for "less than a tenth of an inch" but got EIGHT TENTHS—nearly an inch and over two inches just this week. Nobody has a clue what the weather will do now because it is out of control. Dane has been warning us of this. It is HERE NOW. As I write this, it is 7:30 a.m., and raining AGAIN. GODDAMN THESE PEOPLE. I am SO SICK OF THIS. I had taken a screenbshot of my NWS local forecast, and you can see indeed that we were to get "less than a tenth of an inch" of rain Friday night.

My 7-Day Forecast, October 20

This is why I can never get any "typical" fall work done any more. If I had my way, I would do clean-up and preparation for the spring. Of course, I don't really think there will BE a spring, at least HERE on Planet Earth as we know it. It is all going downhill so fast now. All I want to to get out of here onto My Own Little Planet, away from these things that have taken over. No human being would do this. THIS IS AI. Anyways, nothing is growing that I planted a month ago, while it was still warmer and not THIS wet. My arugula came up in a couple days, grew about a half inch, then stopped. The same with my lettuce, but the slugs got most of that. I planted bok choy, Wasabi radiahes and more beets, and they, too, came right up then stopped growing. Here are some photos of the damage that was done from the 25 days of rain between July 15 and August 26. And those dumb-ass people at the Cleveland NWS keep saying how dry it is and any rain will be beneficial. What Ohio are they talking about?

First is a photo of all the cucumbers that were trying to develop. I'll bet there were at least fifty. After the daily rains stopped on August 26, the plants kept trying to revive themselves with fresh leaves and new blossoms. As I said, I needed two weeks of nothing wet falling on me from the sky. I cannot remember the last decade when I actually got that. In the fall, I cannot even get two DAYS. We've had ONE dry day out of the past nine, "day" meaning 24-hour period. Next is a rotted Sugar Baby Watermelon that, with a couple weeks of dry weather and sunshine, probably would have matured. And the next photo—oh, that one is painful. It is a Kakai Pumpkin—the kind that produces hull-less seeds so they can be easily dried and eaten, as is. The seeds were very expensive and there were not that many in the pack. The first planting yielded one successful plant. The second planting was eaten by rodents. The third planting rotted, and the remainer of the seeds were planted and again, eaten. So this one plant grew enormous and produced one nice, healthy pumpkin. It grew normally and turned the right colors, but had not matured yet and the plant itself was still healthy, so I left it, as it wasn't sitting in water like the others. A few days ago I began harvesting my winter squash and pumpkins in earnest, and pulling the beetle-infested vines to burn, but that vine was still alive, plus a new pumpkin was developing. So I went to test this big one with my finger to see if it was hard enough to harvest, and I my finger went through the shell! It was hollow and filled with water. I put it in a pan on the compost pile with the hopes of at least saving seeds, (to plant, not eat), but they appear to be rotted, too. The photo next to it shows how nice it looked on September 18, even after all that rain, and it grew considerably, but with continued wet, little to no sun, and frigid nights, it succumbed, as did so many other fruits that would have matured, with a "normal" fall. FALL is the time of the year when squash and pumpkins SHOULD mature, at least here in NE Ohio. By the way, that Acorn Squash next to it did mature nicely, but they have much harder shells. It was yesterday's dinner, stuffed with a mixture of apples, walnuts, onion and garlic and brown sugar.

Sugar Baby Watermelon

Ruined Cucumbers

Kakai Pumpkin, 9/18

Kakai Pumpkin

As I continue to harvest, I keep hoping for some surprises. Last year, the more vines I pulled, the more fruits I found that had been hidden, bringing my total squash/pumpkin harvest to 50. This year I've harvested half that, but I still have some pretty big fruits sitting on higher ground and many of the vines still alive. My Orange-Striped Cushaws are enormous, and will provide many meals. But so far the only surprise is that there haven't been many surprises. Below are some of my Orange-Striped Cushaws, plus a mutation, apparently, and a nice buttercup squash. I have my huge tarp which will easily protect this small patch of squash that are still green and growing, mostly a number of butternuts. This was one of the areas I dug up this year to accomodate all the squash I planted, but I am burning the vines as I pull them, and cannot plant cucurbits back there again because it is too infested with cucumber beetles. If we are even here on this planet by next spring, and I just as soon be somewhere else.

Cushaw and Buttercup Squash

Orange-Striped Cushaws

ALL THIS WORK I have done, destroyed. You know, I have no equipment except shovels and hoes, and I cleared all this huge area by hand. I have poured my life into this farm and the house and everything I DO is destroyed. Do you think this is natural? It is AI and being controlled by something off planet. We're in a fucking computer game providing entertainment and education to some demented Alien race that most likely are computers themselves. If this isn't happening to you yet, just wait. Now let's take a look at The Weather Channel and how those paid liars are covering it all up. Are those people real? Why are they talking so funny now? It's like they are teaching kindergarteners. Danielle Banks is now as obnoxious as Ari BigSalari, and Domenica Davis trails a close second.

Let's begin with their obsession of "El Niño." First Ari did a totally useless video that told us that El Niño could have an effect on our weather, or maybe not. Then they kept changing the title of the video to make us think it was new, but it was the same one, so they REALLY want us to prepare, I believe, for a very warm winter, which has NOTHING to do with anything except that the planet is in major meltdown and pretty soon no amount of ice nucleation is gonna do any good. But they'll have something all prepared to blame it on, rather than facing the truth. Dane WARNED us this would happen. Here's one with a chirpy Danielle telling us how much she loves sNOw (manufactured snow), and she bets WE love it, too.
Historical Trends For Snowfall In El Niño Years
And more El Niño ad nauseum
NOAA's Winter Outlook And El Niño
What is a strong El Niño, and what weather could it bring to the U.S. this winter?
And one more, from National Propaganda Radio that says it's not just El Niño, but climate engineering, oops, I mean climate change.
Winter forecast: A warmer North, wetter South because of El Niño, climate change
Hmm. And two quotes to give us a peek into the minds of (evil little) men. So, like, how do they know that? Can't imagine.

The forecast warmth will likely turn some storms that would have dumped snow into rain in the nation's northern tier, but there's also "some hope for snow lovers," with one or two possible whopping Nor'easters for the East Coast, said Jon Gottschalk, operations branch chief of NOAA's Climate Prediction Center. Parts of the East Coast, particularly the Mid-Atlantic, may get more snow than normal because of that, he said.

People on the East Coast should be prepared for "weather whiplash" with not much snow in general except for one or two real gangbusters, especially in the Mid-Atlantic, Cohen said.

Then Ari shares another totally useless report. There it is. Proof! We are heading for a Mini-Ice Age. Not. "It could be due to climate change or something natural." Clueless, in other words.
Scientists Say 99% Certainty Gulf Stream Is Weakening
Scientists have got to be the dumbest groups of creatures walking the face of the earth at this point, with, of course, certain ones excluded.
And more "cold, cold, cold." Yep. That's the paid liars at The Weather Channel, and their site is full of getting us ready for the COLD. It's full of shit, too.
Now Is the Time To Prepare Your Home For Colder Temperatures

But no! Wait. It's hot.
Earth Has Hottest 3 Months On Record, WMO Says
And it's getting worse, as Australia heads into summer.
Australian wildfire danger causes fire ban in Sydney and closes schools
Wildfires In Australia Warn Of ‘Horror Summer’
And Argentina.
Argentina Firefighters Battle Wildfires In Heat Wave
While we here in the eastern U.S. are drowning. This was in New Jersey.
Security Cameras Capture Restaurant Basement Flood
And how many knew about THIS? Yes, another earthquake on October 15. Why? Because it was engineered and they know we are wising up to their activities? So once again, it was kept silent. National Propagana Radio was the ONLY news source that I found covering it.
Photos: Afghanistan hit by another earthquake
"This is heartbreaking," says paid liar Danielle Banks. 350 dead gray whales on U.S. Pacific shores since 2019. NOAA says it is an "unusual event." Really?? Scientists have figured out it is due to "climate change and the humans who are accelerating it." Beginning with the paid liars who won't come clean about weather warfare, so if your heart was REALLY breaking you would develop a spine and come forward with the TRUTH. And as Dane always explains, "Whales are much more intelligent than humans." Which isn't saying much, I guess. There are probably fleas that are more intelligent than some of the "humans" walking the planet now. And there's those clever scientists FINALLY figuring out what Dane's people have known for years, and it's not climate change it's climate engineering.
Scientists Find Reason For Mass Whale Strandings
Here's another one that tries to blame it on Mother Earth's menopause. But, hey, no problem worrying about the loss of coffee and chocolate. Just set Bill Gates loose in the jungle and I'll bet he could bioengineer some putrid concoction using, perhaps, snake oil genes, and it would soon show up on our grocery shelves to be eagerly bought by the oblivious public.
Climate Change, Insect Loss Threatens Key Tropics Crops

If I seem even more caustic than I usually am, it's not you're imagination. We need to get to the end of this crisis NOW. It needs to come to a head. How much longer can we survive dangling over the edge?

Here's a few more videos, then more on the weather.
They want to show us how productive California is, apparently. Seriously. Do those LOOK like pumpkins? WTF? They could be cushaws; I dunno. They're more interested in the dinosaurs.
The Coolest Pumpkin Patch of the year is in California
And we, ESPECIALLY OUT WEST should not be wasting precious resources growing something that most people will waste. I HATE Halloween, by the way. When I was a kid it was clean, safe fun, but now it's evil. If you want to use pumpkins to decorate, use a non-toxic paint on the shell, then bring them in and eat them before they rot. Pumpkins are GOOD FOOD. Dogs AND cats like them, too, and are a healthy addition to their diet, especially to aid in digestion. Cushaws are commercial pumpkins, like what comes in a can in the grocery store. (See my photos above.) They have softer shells and are easy to work with. Please do not waste food. It is a treasure from the earth and should be treated with gratitude and respect. Here's more on pumpkins.
Add Pumpkin To Your Skin Care Routine
And some recipes for pumpkin and squash.
Pumpkin recipes that are perfect in every way
5 Ways to Cook and Eat Pumpkin Seed
Classic and creative butternut squash soup recipes

Here are a few more weather links.
This is actually about all the trees being killed by salt water. Not to mention fires, flooding, and all the toxic shit being sprayed.
Are Ghost Forests A Haunted Halloween Hideaway?
Gasp! OMG!!
Winds Send Tumbleweeds Flying, Bury Homes In Montana
And even more ludicrous ideas from The Weather Channel. Fun things you can do in NYC when it is flooded and under water and people are drowning and property is ruined. Bread and circus. That's the priority.
Things You Can Do In New York City, Even When It’s Raining
21? Really? We should probable add a few zeros to that number.
21 Species Removed From Endangered List, Found Extinct
Definitely something engineered by Bill Gates. Or, perhaps, related. Blood-sucker. Parasite. Of course.
Terrifying ‘Vampire’ Wasp Discovered In Peruvian Amazon

And last, just had to include these because they are so ludicrous. An elephant died because there was a dog loose at the zoo? Seriously? It sounds like all the people that died from Covid because they were in a traffic accident or jumped from the top of a ten-story building. Or maybe she finally succumbed to all the toxic shit being sprayed on us.
Elephant dies after dog ran around Saint Louis Zoo
And speaking of Covid. WHY are we still speaking of Covid? C'mon, enough. People aren't buying it any more. Well, some are. I still see masks. But I haven't talked with anyone who trusts the "vaccines," and that is a step in the right direction, making it harder for those who think they can mandate them to the entire globe. Ain't gonna happen. So, therefore, I guess we will have to start a nuclear war.
It seems like everyone has Covid-19. Here’s why this wave is probably worse than official data suggests
Really? This is all such bullshit.
New COVID variant BA.2.86 spotted in 10 states, though highly mutated strain remains rare
This is a good one by Dr. Robert Malone. We all knew this, though, didn't we?
Alleged Covid-19 Deaths: It’s Evil to Fake Deaths to Panic People . . .
Here are two sentence from the article.
"The World Health Organisation has told governments to code deaths to Covid even if the virus was not identified in an autopsy and even if it was not medically correct."
"This World Health Organization document quoted above proves that the world public health leadership at the WHO faked death reports during the pandemic. This was designed to overestimate the death rate worldwide."
And this. Please. Give me a break . . . . It's a wonder they didn't order the slaughter of every pig, worldwide.
Two people caught swine flu after visiting pig exhibits at agricultural fairs, CDC reports
And speaking of pigs—This is certainly a step downward for the porcine population.
Human-Pig Hybrid Created in the Lab
Here's a quote.

There are two ways to make a chimera. The first is to introduce the organs of one animal into another—a risky proposition, because the host’s immune system may cause the organ to be rejected.
The other method is to begin at the embryonic level, introducing one animal’s cells into the embryo of another and letting them grow together into a hybrid.
It sounds weird, but it’s an ingenious way to eventually solve a number of vexing biological problems with lab-grown organs.

It makes me sick. Along with being evil. We have no business messing with such things In her book, Letter to Earth: Who We Are Becoming . . . What We Need to Know Elia Wise says, referring to the Alien race that has invaded us:

This notion of inequality among Beings is supported by the way you on Earth treat one another. Your manipulation of the less intelligent and less privileged in your society, as well as of other species, sets up the sympathetic resonance that enables these Universe Beings to aggress in your reality system as they do. Your behavior aligns with theirs. Given the laws of Sympathetic Vibrational Magnetism it is understandable that your societies are engaging one another in misconceptions of power and domination.

Consider the behavior of those on Earth who engage in the testing and dissection of animals. It is common in your society to regard other species as sources of information whose rights are expendable in service to the greater good.

I am picking this up on Monday, October 23, with the intention of finishing it and posting it tomorrow. It has been too wet to be in the basement online, because I have little protection from the rain. In my short time down there, I collect screenshots and links. It appears that we have a few days of dry and rather hot weather coming, though I will have to see it to believe it. The Saturday forecast had us under a "Freeze Watch," but as I suspected, since they have been itching to kill off anything that might still be alive out there, by Sunday, it had become a "Freeze Warning." Whatever happened to "Frost Advisory"? I guess we skipped it this year. That's what the nine days of rain was about. They had to dump SOOOOO much ice nucleation on us to get the temps down low enough to . . . frost—a rather light frost at that, and certainly not a freeze. There was little to no damage, that I noticed. So now they are actually allowing us some SUNSHINE today. OH, NOOOOOOOOOO. THAT'S not allowed in NE Ohio. Yesterday was frigid cold and windy but my laundry actually dried. It really tried to clear, but I knew they were keeping it as cold as possible so they could clear us out at night so the temps would plummet. The porch thermometer low was 31.8 degrees. I ran my two liitle Sengoku heaters, with one turned down very low. I also had my 23,000 BTU Dyna-Glo ready. When I got up it was cold in here, but not like it was in the house, where we had so little protection, and the nucleated ice had permeated everything. Not so in here, so it was a "normal" cold, but after lighting the big heater, within a half hour it was warm, so I turned it off. By 10:30 it was very warm, so everything went off and by noon, my little "office" here in the southeast corner was downright hot, even though it was still very cold outside. But there's SUN. Sadly, and I have kicked myself in the ass at least every day over this, but I did not rescue my favorite heater, my old Kerosun that I've had for over twenty years. The second story floor is now resting on it. I can actually touch it, and I've tried propping things up, but I know if I pull, the whole shebang will come down the rest of the way, and I won't have time to escape. My other brand new Dyna-Glo is in there, too. I seriously did not expect THAT much of the house to come down at once. But I haven't given up. Things may shift, as they are doing, which will free it up. I have rescued nearly everything from the kitchen and dining room, including my portable shelving, but not my beloved refrigerator, obviously—a Sears-Kenmore that has run faithfully for me nearly four decades, and is still running. I could buy a little ice-maker for my ice chest where I keep my food here in the greenhouse, which would mean I'd shut my refrigerator down, but . . . . I dunno. It would be like abandoning an old friend. I know that's fucking stupid, but just wait until YOU have to go through this. And so it chugs away, as the kitchen falls apart around it. Anyways, here's the National Weather Map from Sunday. Not much to be seen except us freezing. Dark blue is the Warning and lighter is the Watch.

National Weather Map, October 22

I took a bunch of screenshots yesterday (Sunday). Oh, my, what a difference. Highs in the 70s and lows in the mid-to-upper 50s. It's because of El Niño, of course . . . .

My 7-Day Forecast, October 22

But when I checked it this afternoon (Monday), those nice sunny days just disappeared. POOF! Imagine that.

My 7-Day Forecast, October 23

But we get five-and-a-half days without rain. Supposedly. Then THIS. I have watched them manipulate it so it tilts toward Ohio, and it's taken then several days to do it. We'll see if it succeeds. The first one is valid from Wednesday to Thursday, the second from Thursday to Saturday, and the third, from Saturday to Monday. You can see how it breaks up, then they put it back together again and steer it south. I watch them do this ALL THE TIME. Dane's community does, too, because they comment all the time about sudden changes in the "forecast." No matter where you live, this is happening. If you are getting sick of me going on and on with these maps, then believe me I'm getting sicker, but I won't stop until everybody "gets it," and when that happens, everyone will do their part and it will stop. Because once you truly understand this agenda, you MUST speak out. I'm sure Dane is getting sick of it, too.

QPF Map, Wednesday to Thursday

QPF Map, Thursday to Saturday

QPF Map, Saturday to Monday

Which of course is intended to bring a major cooldown. Here's today's extended forecast for me from The Weather Channel.

The Weather Channel Extended Forecast

So much for El Niño and a warm north and dry Great Lakes. These were posted today, October 23.

6-10-Day Temperature Outlook

6-10-Day Precipitation Outlook

And just one more map. This is showing that pinwheel that plagued us for over a week. Once again, you can see the radio frequencies in Ottawa steering it. That was taken on Sunday, October 22 at 4:10, after it FINALLY moved out of the Great Lakes area. Or most of it.

Interactive Radar

I will save the rest of my animal stuff for the next issue, because it is really cool, and I've spent more time with maps than I planned. Also, I will know better in a few days if I want to share more material concerning what is going on in Israel. I know that all we've been hearing about for a couple years is that there is the threat of a nuclear war, and much of it has proven to be scare tactics. But as Dane has said for years, when the climate situation can no longer be hidden, the controllers will play even bigger cards. For those who study these weather maps and data, it is clear that they have lost control and the planet's life support system is now in freefall. This is a disturbing article that was just published
Is America Preparing for Nuclear War? Explosion at Nevada Nuclear Test Site
Here's a quote from the article.

The Nevada National Security Site, which is known as the Nevada Test Site, is a location in remote Rye County that was used since the 1950s to test nuclear weapons. More than 1,000 nuclear blasts have been tested at the site over the years, according to research. Since 1992, more than 27 subcritical tests have been carried out.

The Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty was adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in 1996. It bans nuclear explosions anywhere in the world, but it has not been ratified by the United States, North Korea, Israel, Egypt, India, China, Pakistan, and Iran, although Russia has ratified it.

There have been concerns that Moscow could again restart nuclear testing in a bid to prevent the West from supporting Ukraine’s military.

Earlier this month, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that his country might abandon the test ban treaty. Russian lawmakers also recently announced a move to revoke the ratification of the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, according to reports.

But further into the article, it states, "But after the Nevada explosion this week, Mikhail Ulyanov, the Russian envoy to the United Nations, said that Russia would continue to maintain its moratorium on nuclear testing unless the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty is revoked by parliament." I don't even know what to say about this, except that perhaps the only way to clease the planet of this vermin is to wipe it out. Those of us who are innocent and benevolent will find ourselves where we want and need to be. I firmly believe that. Get me the hell off this planet!

I am taking one day at a time now, and relying on my inner guidance to steer me as to what I really want or need to be doing at each moment, so I have no idea what I will publish next out of the numerous projects I'm working on. IF these nice warm days actually materialize, I hope to finish some of my outdoor projects, along with, amazingly, turning this greenhouse into a home. I am finding huge chunks of perfectly good insulation being spewed from the house that I'm using to fill in gaps along the base.

If you are not already, please take these maps and data seriously, then put it to use before it's too late to salvage anything. Of course, a nuclear war would put an end to everything on this too-fragile planet. I realize not everyone can write a website or do a radio broadcast or put up a billboard, but everyone can do something to wake up the masses. Most of the time I feel like I'm all alone out here. I get no feedback, encouragement, and certainly no gratitude for what I do, and I put an immense amount of time and effort into writing these articles, when I would rather be coloring or reading, or just resting. Living to cover your own ass is not an option in the impending catastrophe we face. One of the articles I have planned concerns spiritual activism, because where we are now, any service we do that is not done from the heart and soul with no ulterior motives only adds to the foul energy that permeates the planet in the guise of philanthropy or benevolence when it is anything but. Connect to your soul and higher guidance and you will see a whole 'nother world operating before your eyes.

And speaking of billboards, here is the awesome one just put up recently by Christina Parousis in Ontario. WOW!! I'm impressed. Thank you so much Christina for your steadfast and unwavering march toward stopping the atrocity going on in the skies. This is such a cool billboard. Be sure to check it out!
Digital Billboard of "The Dimming" Documentary in Peterborough, Ontario

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