Isaiah 9:2
2 The people that walked in darkness have seen a great light:
they that dwelt in the land of the shadow of death, upon them hath the light shined.

Let us use the power of our minds and souls to make 2023 the year we bring about full disclosure of all the evil forces, both on and off planet, that are assaulting the planet and her lifeforms incessantly now. Let us use the power of our minds and souls to end the Death Culture and support all Life. Let us use the use the power of our minds and souls to awaken and be free. Let us welcome with joy THE NEW PARADIGM.

September 29, 2023

As promised, I am getting the next Disclosure issue ASAP, again while I still have power and internet. And it is not just my situation. We ALL need to be thinking along these lines. Those who are prepared mentally, physically, and especially spiritually will be able to pass through this terrible transition and end up where we wish to be. Woe to those who choose to remain oblivious. The shock alone of what is coming will kill off many of them because they will be left without resources at ALL levels. Remember, if we are devoted to our spiritual transformation, we always have resources to fall back on, one way or another. My current situation is an example, and I wonder how many would be able to tolerate what I am enduring. Or what SO MANY survivors of these orchestrated catastrophic events are enduring.

I will begin with some climate stuff first, but not spend much time on it. The other topics I am covering in this issue are food and anomalies that strengthen my belief that we are being controlled by AI—well, that's a given for anyone paying attention, and more to the point that we are in a simulated reality. If everything is AI, then how could it NOT be? C'mon. But even more to the point, it is being controlled by an off-planet race that is superintelligent beyond our imagination (which is why most people cannot recognize them), who are using us in their experiments. My personal experience indicates that they are "testing" us to see how we react to each situation and each situation triggers the next step in the experiment. And this goes back a long, LONG way. It took me a while to realize, but now that I know, I can see where they are going with this. Don't argue with me or pooh-pooh what I say until you make a point to observe all the obstacles being thrown in your path and weird things that happen. One thing I have observed is that anything I actually plan will be thwarted. I have such a very small income to work with (and my goal is to get out of the money system all together), but every time I establish a game plan, something gets in the way. I had planned to spend this month's allowance on little (and some bigger) items that will enable me to get off the grid completely. But no. I ended up needing a major car repair that pretty much wiped me out for several weeks. Last Sunday, though we were being sprayed SO HEAVILY that the entire day was dark (they have been spraying non-stop for days, because I can hear them up there grinding away) it was actually not cold, in fact it was warm and muggy, but since parts of my farm are beginning to dry out, I was able to dig another bed and plant two varieties of the garlic cloves I put aside from what I grew this past year. I also planted some new lettuce, as my Buttercrunch was done, plus some arugula. I made my first flavored vinegar of the season with dill and garlic. My dill was ruined from the rain, so I got all I could to use, then tied the rest, which were in seed, so they would drop their seeds in the container where they were planted. Ditto on my cilantro. I have been fertilizing plants that need a boost with my kitchen garbage brew, and lots of new baby cucumbers on the ones I planted in pots, PLUS the old ones are trying to produce again. I completely enjoyed my work and my day, and even my critters were calm. Molly snoozed peacefully much of the day and didn't demand my attention every fifteen minutes. Anyways, I finally felt like I had accomplished something, so I decided to make a list on what I wanted to accomplish Monday. As always, I get up around 6:30-7 a.m., but NOTHING went as planned, again, dealing with one unexpected issue after another. Yeah, I hear you saying it is just "life" or coincidence, to which I reply BULLSHIT. This is something I can count on. And how does this benefit the controllers? That's an easy one. IT KEEPS THEM IN CONTROL of every aspect of our lives. Is that not what is happening to all of us? The other thing that always accompanies these days when my plans are impeded is that I have difficulty focusing on the task at hand. Why? Because I am fighting the program that is attempting to control me. On these days, I feel exhausted at all levels. Why wouldn't I? Anyways, Tuesday was a repeat of Sunday, and once again, I accomplished quite a bit. I began cleaning up the weeds in earnest, pulling up dead plants, especially winter squash on the which the cucumber beetles have returned with a vengeance. But I had lots of pleasant surprises, too, which I will cover below. Fortunately, more and more people are waking up to the mind control agenda, and I have collected numerous articles that I will share when I am ready.

I want to make one more point, concerning my change in living quarters. I am one of those people who cannot tolerate these dreary days of darkness that they usually sentence us to when fall comes around. It was NEVER like this when I was growing up! Fall was crisp and sunny. Winters were cold and snowy. And sunny. Always sunny. Living in that cold, damp, dark, damaged house was worse than being imprisoned. But this greenhouse! Even on dark days, it is LIGHT AND BRIGHT in here. And warm. That alone has improved my mental state! Yes, it normally does get cold in here in the winter, but first, there are now five warm-blooded bodies in here. Some people who have greenhouses build rabbit hutches, or habitats for other animals beneath them, which helps to keep them warm. Plus, at least for now, I have small appliances which also contribute to the heat, and my goal is to acquire solar-powered equipment. However, I am taking things one day at a time, using my intuition and paying close attention to what is happening at all levels of my reality every day. I dunno. Both NWS/NOAA and The Weather Channel are pointing to an unusually warm winter, especially in December in the Great Lakes region. Of course, they are attributing it to "El Niño," but again, as I have been saying, and Dane, too, there is coming a point where they will not be able to cool us down, no matter what they do. So, I am planning ahead, but open to all possibilities. My first choice, of course, would be to end up on My Own Little Planet, as planned. Remember, our reality is but a mental construct. I determine my short-term needs, and proceed accordingly. In this issue I will share tips on helping you to do the same. Incidentally, as I type this paragraph (I skip around), it is Thursday the 28th and raining, not hard but more than I want or need. It is the first time in a long time that rain is not interrupting my work because I am not getting wet. I now have a shelter that protects me from the elements! I brought my computer system in here and though I can't connect to the internet, there are tons of things I need to do on my site that I can do offline. I should have moved out here sooner, as this building has been my favorite place on the whole planet for the past 25 years, but I was worried about my critters adjusting. Well! They have adjusted just fine and love it as much as I do! And it smells so good—all those fragrant basils and peppermint and other herbs, plus the aroma of my cooking combined makes it downright delightful. Anyways, here is the climate stuff, then on to other matters.

These are disturbing, but some contain truths. The thing is, all these people who are saying we are due for a cool-down—well, perhaps we were, but the climate intervention opertions over the past 75 years have screwed everything up, and as Dane says all the time, there can be no legitimate discussions on the climate without acknowledging climate engineering. And stopping all climate intervention operations. There are many who are blaming geoengineering, but it seems to me they are also implying that if we stop it, everything will go back to normal, or that the planet will then cool down. No one knows what will happen when it stops, and it WILL stop, one way or another, but here in my area of NE Ohio, we have been cool to cold all summer, only because as soon as the sun comes out, they spray to block it. As I've said before, I can be in Ravenna, which isn't very far from me, and it will feel searing. Of course, all that asphalt, traffic, and human activities is going to make it feel hotter than when I return home and it is like a different world. And I know that even with all my trees, if they stopped spraying me, it would feel that hot here, too. But the plain truth is, nobody, Dane included, knows how the planet will react when it stops, but I am pretty sure it will get much worse before it gets better, if it gets better. You can't do the level of damage that has been deliberately carried out and expect that anything is functioning normally anymore. Everything must be taken into consideration, from the ozone depletion, the total and absolute poisoning of the Earth's entire life-support system, and the extinction of so many plants and animals. These assholes that think they're so smart, with their artificial intelligence and technology and "smart cities." Their arrogance and hubris has blessed them with this massively delusional perception of reality, which assures them that nothing they do can fail. As Dane also says, they, too, will go down with the ship. Anyways, those are my thoughts that pertain to these articles.

Now this first one just shows ignorance and how easy it is to get people to react exactly as planned. Everyone who knew anything about the chemical ice agenda could see through the game that was being played last winter in the U.S. west and southwest. There was nothing whatsoever natural about all that snow. Period. End of discussion. That was done deliberately to confuse people as to the state of the climate, and it worked. In fact, as Dane constantly points out, the maps actually DO mislead the public, downplaying how HOT it really is. The chemical ice nucleation agenda is one of their best-kept secrets that even those who know about climate engineering fail to notice or acknowledge. I don't understand why. There is NOTHING NATURAL about this fake sNOw, that falls sometimes even when it is near 50 degrees. And takes days of very warm tempertures to melt, even tiny little bits, and I have photographed and posted those every year. Big chunks of ice or piles of sNOw take weeks to melt, even when it is in the 60s and 70s, and I have personally experienced that. Again, shame on Global Research for publishing such bullshit.
Climate Maps Manipulated to Mislead the Public
This next one made me groan. OK, so, there is still an element of truth. YES, the controllers DO dramatize weather events to point to "climate crisis," to be manipulated to serve their agenda, but that doesn't mean there isn't a climate crisis, it's just not the same one as the controllers are promoting.That one is for the purpose or creating fear and thus acceptance of total control. And I disagree with Dane on this point, but I DO NOT believe these people actually understand that we DO have a climate crisis, much much worse than the one being used for their propaganda, and they cannot conceive that their agenda is not proceeding as planned. Here are the first two sentences from the article.
This Scientist Used to Spread Climate Change Alarmism. Now She’s Trying to Debunk It.

We are told climate change is a crisis, and that there is an “overwhelming scientific consensus.”

“It’s a manufactured consensus,” says climate scientist Judith Curry in my new video. She says scientists have an incentive to exaggerate risk to pursue “fame and fortune.”

Now, those of us who have known and worked with Dane find this statement laughable in reference to him. Of course, HE is not a "scientist," and has no ulterior motives whatsoever. And like the rest of us who have done nothing but give and give and work and work with absolutely no reward other than peace of mind and soul, knowing that we are doing what is right and what needs to be done no matter what. And I certainly have other things I would rather be doing with my life, as I'll bet most of us do. Dane constantly tells us that he never wanted to do what he is doing.

So when I read the statement about “fame and fortune," I was darkly amused. It reminded me of some information a friend sent me, who is also one of Dane's devoted followers, concerning some other geoengineering activist groups, who apparently think they are in competition with Dane. One of the people referred to Dane's truly excellent groundbreaking documentary, The Dimming as "The Dumbing." Ok, so I checked out this supposedly "best geoengineering website online," and all I found was maps. Now, I am into maps and I have been doing this work for many years, but, even for me, this site was confusing, and for someone who is just learning, I can't imagine this information would be useful. I was not able to find any text that explained the significance of these maps in regard to our current catastrophic situation. Did I miss something? Or it it not there at all? Futhermore, maps are only a tiny part of the equation. Where is the REAL TRUTH told about geoengineering? I will say this one more time, there is NO ONE, nor any other site that is even in the same LEAGUE with Dane and his all-around knowledge. Of course, if these so-called activists had this knowledge of the big picture, including all the data Dane has amassed on his site for all these years, AND Dane's meticulous efforts to teach people what all that data put togther means for life on earth, no one but an idiot would DARE mock him. Unless they were just out for "fame and fortune." Eh? Let it suffice to say that Dane and all his workers are only in competition with one force, and that is the one that is bringing us to near term extinction, and all those who are carrying out its nefarious agenda. Period.

Upon further research, I realized there is another website along with these maps, so I began investigating it, and realized that it appears the owner of this site thinks some of these activities are benevolent. Or is not aware of the massive damage already done, calling it unpredictable, stating that one of the goals of cloud seeding is to make hail smaller to protect crops. Seriously, I cannot tell what this person believes. There is a lot of information here, but it is so confusedly disorganized, leaving me to wonder just what this person is for or against. It's like the truth and non-truth all mixed up and blended. In spite of the insults aimed at Dane, I was determined to explore this site with an open mind, but did not find anything here worth my time. We cannot waver on this issue. We must understand that there is NOTHING benevolent, or even meant to be benevolent with this agenda, and proceed accordingly. In short, I found this website to lack organization and professsionalism. Comparing it to Dane's site is absurd. It's not even close. Everything on Dane's site is so easy to access and organized so well, why would anyone look to other sites? And so beware. Look for truth, always, where there are no ulterior motives and use your sense of intuition as to who is trustworthy. Read between the lines and arm yourself with confirmed data. Do your own work and then enhance it with the credible work of others. And now let us continue with some other articles. Yes, I am being tedious, but we must pick through the rubble, because all these people declaring that we have no climate emergency are setting us back and taking up our precious time with nonsense. Here is an example.
World Climate Declaration: There Is No Climate Emergency

What makes Dane so different is that he does NOT rely on models, but has teamed up with experts to gather his own data, as exemplified in The Dimming, linked above. I agree, the models ARE screwed up, but when people collect their own personal data, THAT is accurate. As you know, I constantly point out how erroneous are the NOAA and NWS maps and "forecasts," as do many to most of Dane's devoted people. And "scientists" are becoming about the dumbest creatures that ever walked on two legs. They can't think for themselves, and are taught in college NOT to think for themselves.

Ok, so here's the last one, and there IS a lot of truths spoken here, plus Michel Chossudovsky has contributed.
Future Shock: Gearing Up for Global Heating While Our Sun and Earth Cool
Their point is the the Solar Cycle is moving from solar maximum to minimum, thereby, we will be experiencing some of the coldest temperatures, and heading into a "mini ice-age." OK, so, yeah, IF everything was normal on the planet, I might agree. But, to hell with the sun, as it stands now. There is SO MUCH methane being released which has set off a domino effect on feed-back loops, PLUS we have almost no protection from the sun because the ozone is almost gone, PLUS. WTF? OF COURSE SEA LEVELS ARE RISING. The poles are melting. So it doesn't really matter a rat's ass what the SUN is doing, it's what the EARTH is doing. So here's something to ponder. Will the solar minimum freeze Venus? Or even cool it down? I dunno, I'm not a fucking "scientist," but I suspect the answer is "no." So, Chossudovsky or not (and I DO respect him), this article contains rubbish for anyone paying attention to what is REALLY happening here. That will come soon, because I suspect we are quickly heading into a situation that NO MATTER WHAT THEY SPRAY ON US, we will NOT cool down. Future Shock indeed. But which ones will be shocked? The climate deniers? Or the ones speaking the truth?
And speaking of bullshit, just had to include this one.
Biden is unveiling the American Climate Corps, a program with echoes of the New Deal
And this one. All this is doing is further hiding the truth, and you have to wonder if these people are for real. There have been quite a few articles lately that made me wonder if the people are actors. Or it's all just AI.
Climate protesters flood NYC’s Financial District on day of civil disobedience
And now on to the next topic, which is food.

Let's begin with this one.
Sowing the GMO Seeds of Depopulation?
Of course we know that GMOs, whatever their purpose, have contaminated the world's seed gene pool, so basically, no matter how careful you are, you are eating this shit, too. And so is Gates. I Googled this topic: "labelling laws for bioengineered food products," and this answer came up. "Mandatory labeling began Jan. 1, 2022, and foods and packages include a small seal or text that says “bioengineered,” or “derived from bioengineering.” Then I re-worded the question to "What is the bioengineered food label policy?" And I got "The National Bioengineered Food Disclosure Standard requires, at 7 CFR 66.100(c), the bioengineered food disclosure to be of sufficient size and clarity to appear prominently and conspicuously on the label, making it likely to be read and understood by the consumer under ordinary shopping conditions." HA! I have written about ALDI and Walmart putting their bioengineered notice in a place where most people would NOT look, such as the bottom of a bakery box. Seriously. Who turns a cake upside down? And certainly not listed with the other ingredients. Then I Googled "gmo labeling law" and this was what I got. "The law requires labeling only on bioengineered foods intended for human consumption that contain more than five percent GMO ingredients. Instances where GMOs do not have to be labeled include: Foods derived from animals, such as eggs, meat and milk. Refined ingredients like oils and sugars." GMOs are NOT the same as bioengineered. Here's another question that came up. "What is the GMO law in USA?" And the answer! "FDA regulates most human and animal food, including GMO foods. In doing so, FDA makes sure that foods that are GMOs or have GMO ingredients meet the same strict safety standards as all other foods." Oh, well, gosh, that's a relief, eh? The FDA says it's OK. Whatta buncha bullshit."

Let us continue with this article that should make everyone wince.
Alert! New ‘Redesigned GMOs’ Being Forced on Farmers and Consumers
And this is even worse.
Genetically Modified Soil Microbes May Have ‘Irreversible Consequences’—New Report
Honestly, farmers have got to be some of the stupidest creatures on the planet, next to scientists. WHY would farmers agree to be involved in this? If they all refused, it would go nowhere. Of course, they will have to plant GMO seeds, of course. Like Roundup-ready seeds, and once they agree to getting into bed with Monsanto, they can't get out. Do you see what is happening at the speed of light? They have, or are in the process of destroying EVERYTHING natural and engineering it. Will the food shelves go empty? I wonder, because behind the scenes, all this fake food is being created, then when all the "normal" farmers and real food have been destroyed, THIS is what we will be stuck with. Climate engineering has already wiped out the soil biome. Dane says that all the time. An accident? Hell, no. When are people gonna wake up and put a stop to this, and FORCE the people they have elected to stand up for human and planetary rights?

Here are a few more articles I've been saving. This one just plain makes me sick. Why are we allowing this to continue? WHO is giving these people the right to mess with the building blocks of life?
Pig Beans—The Latest GMO Frankenfood. “Transgenic Foods”
And not just pesticides, but the toxic filth they are spraying on us. Every time they spray us heavily or a "front" moves through, Grizzly Bear gets digestive upsets, along with a bloody nose.
New Scientific Review Adds to Evidence of Pesticides’ Harmful Effect on Gut-Brain Axis
It's all a big joke, isn't it? I mean NOTHING on this planet is safe any more, no matter what label it wears. Everything is contaminated. How did we reach this point?
Uproar Over ‘Apeel’ Food Coating Sheds Light on Big Ag’s Capture of Organic Food Agencies
Creative people can always find ways to keep from starving, but when the drinking water is gone, we will have a dead planet. And it will be swift.
Army Corps will barge in up to 36 million gallons of freshwater a day as saltwater threatens drinking water south of New Orleans
Mississippi River Levels Impacting Barge Traffic
Scold? How 'bout Court-Martial? But, no. This is our U.S. Military. They kill everyone but the killers.
Pearl Harbor fuel spill that sickened thousands prompts Navy to scold 3 now-retired officers in writing

This next section on food will be of a more pleasant and positive nature, concerned with growing, cooking, foraging and in general, finding creative ways to survive under the most deplorable conditions. I have always thought of Cosmic Dream Farm as being a model for safe and innovative growing that nurtures the Earth's entire life-support system and life forms in the best way that I am able. A lot is common sense. If you live in a city or somewhere that growing food is not possible, there are still ways to plan for providing for yourself. Food growing may soon be impossible for all of us. It is certainly becoming increasingly difficult, so novices should also plan for their food provisions in other ways.
Let us begin this section with garlic, which, as my readers know, is not something I liked until last year, and even more this year. My garlic does not have that strong, penetrating, pungent aroma that often nauseates me, but is mild and pleasant with no lingering after-taste. I am sure growing conditions, including weather and soil health, make the difference. I used to buy sweet onions at Marc's all the time for salads and sandwiches, but they are all so strong now, I don't waste my money. Vidalias should NOT make your eyes water. Sweet onions should be sugary with a hint of onion flavor. The hotness of hot peppers is also affected. Anyways, you'll remember I planted seven varieties of garlic last year, six from Gurney's, plus cloves I saved from the Music I grew the previous year. That and Elephant have been the only varieties I've ever been able to grow. Music tends to be a bit on the stronger side with a more tradition flavor. So, all varieties did well, except for the Elephant which never does well, or at least it never produces huge bulbs but it did produce. Here is a summary of each variety and some photos. Of the three softnecks, The Nootka Rose was my favorite. It has a spicy-sweet flavor. The Inchelium Red is a little spicier, and the bulbs produced are very small. I really didn't expect them to be big, because the cloves I got from Gurney's were very tiny. I've been using them in my flavored vinegars. A small handful goes into the bottle with whatever else. The other softneck was Transylvanian, which has a mild and traditional flavor, and of the softnecks it produced the largest cloves. I saved the largest cloves from each variety to replant, and the latter two are already in the ground. Of the other hardnecks, Great Lakes by far did the best. Go figure. I only planted four big cloves because that's what Gurney's sent me, but I got four nice big bulbs. I wanted to order more but they are sold out, so I saved two bulbs, which will give me double the cloves to plant. The Purple Glazer is spicy and stronger, and produced a great many nice bulbs with fairly good-sized cloves. I recently placed my order with Gurney's, and in addition to more Elephant, I am trying California White softneck and two hardnecks, German Red and Krandasger Red. Gurney's is the best source for garlic if you wish to try a little of many varieties, because you can order just one bulb. You can find them on my Favorite Seed Companies page.
One of the reasons I became interested in garlic is that it is really a super-food with so many health benefits, such as helping the body to be rid of toxic chemicals. And I learned something new this year. You know how hardneck varities will form a long stem with the seed head that you should remove because you want the plant's energy to go to producing bulbs? Well, these are called "scapes," and are edible. Here's an article.
How to Harvest Garlic Scapes (+ 8 Easy Ways to Use Them!)
Well, of course I tried them. To me they tasted like asparagus, and I did like them. She is an advocate of no-waste, and has another linked article on other vegetables with multiple edible parts. I do not, however, agree with all her recommendations, such as beans. Peas, yes, the leaves are delicious. And please NEVER eat tomato or pepper leaves!! Oh my goodness. I have done research over the years on poisonous plants, and nightshades can be toxic to deadly. Stick with eating the fruits of tomatoes, peppers and eggplants, and toss the rest of the plant into the compost pile when it is done producing. Always proceed with caution with anything you read on the internet. And now, here are some photos. You see, left to right, Purple Glazer; (Baby!) Elephant (They are supposed to be huge); those four beautiful Great Lakes, Nootka Rose; and lotsa Music because I set aside 24 cloves to plant. Then, as I was cleaning up my crop area, I found quite a few that had produced, which were planted 20 years ago! So I have shitloads of Music.


In the next photo, you see the Transylvanian in front, and a bit of one of the Inchelieum Reds, but there were actually two clumps of them and quite a few bulbs, they just didn't show up in the photo.


Here is one of my "scape" stir fries, mixed with celery and dandelions greens. This was from back in June.

Garlic Scape Stir Fry

Garlic Scapes

Anyways, for those who understand what we are up against, our main goal should be to make use of all our resources to be able to provide essentials for ourselves with as little outside help as possible for as long as we are here, or even better, until the energetic shift comes. Whatever happens we cannot continue on the path we are on, but while we are working to create that new path out of this hell hole, we must develop our savvy and recognize everything that comes into our lives as a means to survive. And that means adopting a new attitude on sustenance. For those of you who read Dane's community members' comments, you will recognize Penny Waters, from Essex, England, as one whose lifestyle is the epitome of what I mean. She knows her edible wild plants and herbs and their healing properties, and lives her life with common sense and prudence, in harmony with Nature, not in competition. Here are some other sources and ideas, beginning with the book review I recently posted, Growing & Using Basil. You can check out the Non-Fiction Index under the Book Reviews section above (it is the second Index from the top), which has a section on Nature, Agriculture, and the Storey Bulletins, all which supply information you will need to survive. Storey Publishing for many decades was a staple for providing materials on country living. They have apparently been sold and their site was not working properly when I posted the review, but it seems they may have discontinued the huge collection of bulletins they have amassed, which would be a tragedy. Another helpful book is one I reviewed years ago, Edible and Useful Wild Plants of the United States and Canada

It is now Friday. September 29, and I am finishing this up to publish today. I will continue with Food in a bit, which will be the last topic I cover in this issue, but first, let's take a break with a some items that can only be described as "What the Fuck?" Ponder all of these for a minute. Are they innocent? Or part of agenda? I think we must begin approaching absolutely everything now with that possibility. First, here's a photo on my Interactive Radar page, which is from Springfield, Missouri, ( It is with an article entitled "Turn your food scraps into dirt for FREE with new city recycling program starting Friday." But look at this photo. She's throwing away a perfectly GOOD BOWL OF GRAPES! Yes, I realize it was posed for the photo, but that sets a horrendous example because the amount of food waste in this country is EVIL. Just look inside a restaturant dumpster. If I drop a tiny scrap of food, I pick it up and put it in the compost. NOTHING GOES TO WASTE HERE. These wasters are the people I hope starve to death first.

Photo From Above Article

It rained all day yesterday, just what I didn't need to set me back. I figured it would because NWS gave us a 30 percent chance of it. I was sure it would rain over night because the chance was only 20 percent, and it did, bringing the total to nearly a half inch, but supposedly we are to have "gorgeous weather for the next five days." Our Cleveland office must realize that people are getting pissed with this non-stop wet most of the season. So they posted this today, apparently to assure us that NE Ohio would indeed be dry. Not that these maps are worth a shit.

The Weather Story, Cleveland NWS

And speaking of shitty, worthless NWS/NOAA maps, I have a collection. Here's the National Forecast Chart for August 26, but it could be from just about any spring/summer/fall day, that indicates thunderstorms for a wide swath of the country. Rain is indicated by solid green, but the fact is, there was no rain even remotely nearby that day. The note I made on that screenshot when I took it was "and yet there is NO RAIN forecasted anywhere else," so apparently I meant the entire country. I think if there is a 1 percent chance—nay, a one-HALF percent chance of a thunderstorm, it will show up on the maps to make it seem inevitable. Part of the weather drama/mind control agenda? And also, August 26 was the beginning of the end of that string of almost non-stop rain we had from July 15, so perhaps they were planning on prolonging it one more day.

National Forecast Chart, August 26

It was preceded by those three horrendous storms, after which, my house caved in. Here's the one from August 24, 6:30 a.m. The worst of it did not hit my area, but it was bad enough, after SO MANY DAYS of rain. Some of those people got 6 inches of rain! NOBODY in OHIO should ever get that much rain at once. EVER.

Interactive Radar, August 24

This was the evening before, August 23, at 11:29 p.m.. Ohio was just getting walloped for three days straight. They seem to like to decimate one area, them move on to the next, like a swarm of locusts. Now it seems that the East Coast is on their shit-list.

Interactive Radar, August 23

Just a few more maps that REALLY should make one ask, "WTF??" This one is from September 11, and the note I typed on it said, "the emptiest map I've seen in ages." But in fact, since then, they've all been rather empty, compared to the previous, well, gosh, ENTIRE YEAR. Or even more. It has been a very long time since most of the country has seen "tranquil weather," as NWS put it. Hmm. Why, I wonder has everything calmed down? Yes, here and there people ARE being hit with disasters, like NYC, New Jersey, parts of Connecticut and it looks like Massachusetts, though there are not warnings there as I type this today, but they are more localized. Yes, we have had some bad hurricanes this season, but compared to other years . . . . Are people in the U.S. Military saying "ENOUGH!"? Or are the elite catching on that we know what they're up to? I watched part of a video recently where the subject of Gates came up, that he was "shocked" at how much power the anti-vaxxers had. Hmm.

NWS National Map, September 11

And here's one for those who think I am whining and dramatizing the weather being dumped on me. I shit you not, this rain came out of NOWHERE and there was NO OTHER RAIN anywhere in Ohio except RIGHT over my farm and nearby. Yes, it WAS raining. That is NOT a radar glitch, because, stunned, I got on the map to see if I was hallucinating. It was August 18 at 11:40 a.m..

Interactive Radar, August 18

I have one more issue to discuss, and again, I use these maps more as a means to catch a glimpse of what "they" are up to, rather than what is really going to happen. But for the past week or so, the Climate Outlook Maps have indicated above to much above normals temps, or rather, a very high chance that will occur. For several days, much of Ohio has been in the 80-90 percent chance of above normal temps, and usually when the percentage is that high, it also indicates the deviation from "normal," whatever that is, will be greater. But POOF!! All of a sudden, wow, everything is pretty much going to be "normal" according to the 8-10-day outlook issued on the 28th. If THAT doesn't make you say, WTF? then you aren't paying attention. The thing is, the nights have been cold all summer, or chemically cooled, I should say, but for the past week or so, there has been an underlying warmth during the day, even when the temps are low, and I think it is more the humidity—the "wet-bulb effect" as Dane speaks of so often, which was not present all summer. Molly, with her thick fur, heats up quickly and I have to put her on the porch and get her out of the greenhouse if it gets the least bit hot, or she will have a little seizure. Now, this is NOT the time of the year we should be feeling this. Apparently it has alarmed someone, hence the sudden "change." IF they can. Below that is the Archived Page, issued September 27. How can it change THAT MUCH in one day? But it gets better. The one below THAT was issued today, the 29th (they are posted after 3 p.m.). So, we have gone to WAAY above normal to . . . yep, BELOW normal. The "outlook" has done a total flip-flop in TWO days!

8-10-Day Temperature Outlook, September 28

Archived Page, issued September 27

8-10-Day Temperature Outlook, September 29

And while we're on the subject of anomalies and oddities that confirm one's belief we are in a simulated reality, here is one that's off the charts. Are these people real? Are they actors. Robots? Aliens? Is this an entirely AI-created video?
Why are some QAnon followers obsessed with JFK?

Anyways, now we will return to food. For those of you who live in an area where growing is still possible, here are some tips. Plant lots of perennials, annuals that actually are perennial, and annuals that self-sow. Most culinary herbs fall into one of those categories. Celery is a perennial and it can be invasive! Many or most greens, under the right conditions are perennial, including kales, collards, mustards and Swiss chard. Tomatoes come up all over the place. One of the first Newsletters I wrote when I created this site was Saving the Volunteers (you know—those plants that come up on their own), , about letting food crops that return on their own remain, or to transplant them, rather than pulling them up. Plant crops with different maturity dates. Also, for vegetables like radishes, lettuce, arugula and other quick growing plants that you must eat when they are ready, sow those in small amounts, but every two or three weeks. Many crops can be sown twice or even three times a season, like beets, peas, beans (not drying-types), and many others. Pay attention to the weather trends and sow accordingly. I am planning for a warm winter. Yeah, I know I have been for a couple years, but each year the planet gets hotter, plus with the situation in the greenhouse, it will not be able to freeze this year. It barely does anyways now. It may turn out that winter will be the time when we can grow our food because summer will be too hot, but I am not looking that far ahead and I'm planning for something different than what many expect to happen. We'll see. Keep a broad outlook.

I really do not trust any store-bought food, and though I realize canned goods are the best bet, I do not trust their safety. I stock up on rice, beans, barley, lentils, etc. from Marc's and ALDI where they are mostly inexpensive. And as mentioned above, eat as much of a plant as is edible. I harvest my beets by eating the tops one day and the roots a day or two later. I have such nice beets this year. It has been a long time, and I really like them. My turnips were good, too. My Warrior scallions grew the best of all my onions. I planted Evergreen White Bunching also. I had a tub of them in front of the greenhouse for years, as they are hardy perennials and they divide to form new onions. There are also what are called "multiplying onions," but actually all onions will split off into two bulbs, I believe. I am having a problem growing Candy Onions, which is the one I really want. They form sets but go no further. They are hybrids, too, so I cannot save the seeds. I am trying to figure out how to make them do what I want. Here's an article with links to a great many other tips and ideas for all kinds of food crops.
How to Grow Onion Sets

And for goodness sake, if you do not know how to cook, or don't like to, change that attitude! Restaurants will be gone and processed foods are poison! I cannot imagine not loving cooking. My mother became a Certified Food Supervisor after I was in college. But she had me cooking as soon as I was old enough to hold a spoon. I could read when I was two, and at that age, I did my first embroidery, which was a bumblebee. The sewing machine came soon after. My dad had me on the tractor when I was nine-months old. That probably wasn't safe, but . . . . Anyways, how many parents now teach their kids the basics of doing on their own? It wasn't until I was a young adult that I realized how poor we were. I had no clue!

The last things I want to mention is learning to eat what grows on its own, aka, weeds. I love my dandelions! I have my gorgeous Italian Red, in the greenhouse and my also beautiful lawn-full of the other kind. Here are a couple more links to recipes and cooking ideas.
7 Tasty Dandelion Greens Recipes You’ll Be Desperate To Try
10 Recipes That Use Dandelion Greens
Neither of these are vegetarian, but one can make substitutions.

Here is more to forage. I looked at these and thought, OMG, I hope I never get that hungry that I am forced to eat dock to survive. But then I realized it is realated to sorrel, of which I have shitloads. Here's some info.
Curly Dock: A Plant for Year-Round Sustenance
Here is info from Wikipedia on Sorrel.
And on the genus Rumex which also includes buckwheat. The article says "Furthermore, it’s not typically as prolific of a weed as dandelion," to which I reply, "OH YES IT IS"

The book review on Basil linked above also contains links to recipes. Amazingly, for all the years I've been growing basil, I never made pesto, but this year I have such a wonderful abundance, I began experimenting. The rest of this article will be photos to illustrate what I have just written. First you see my two sorrels, Green De Belleville, and Blood-Veined, which I have trouble maintaining. As mentioned above, they are both related to dock. Chocolate Mint is what is growing with the French sorrel. I also have a tub of it inside and it is hardy. Below that is my mass of celery. Earlier in the year I transplanted everything that came up on its own to that bed, and apparently most of it survived, plus more came up all over the place. Next to that is my Italian Red Dandelion in the greenhouse. With celery in the background.

Blood-Veined Sorrel

French Sorrel

Italian Red Dandelion


In the first photo is my dill and garlic vinegar in front of one of the nasturtium beds. Isn't that a pretty color? I don't drink alcohol, by the way, I just collect the bottles. In the second photo are my dill and cilantro, tied so the seeds drop into the tubs. I ordered seeds for two different varieties of both and plan to plant them soon. In the bottom row are the Evergreen White Bunching Onions in the tub and the Warriors in the field where the squash are. I had it on my list to weed that bed next, but now with all that rain, it's too muddy again. I also had these growing in the greenhouse, but I ate them. They are a really good variety and easy to find. Both are scallions (green onions that don't form bulbs) and are good for salads and stir-fries. The Golden Sunrise Chard is to their left.

Dill and Cilantro

Dill and Garlic Vinegar

Warrior Onions

Evergreen White Bunching Onions

My marigolds are so beautiful this year. I tore down my annual flower display, and planted tomatoes there this year. It had grown so dark there because of all the invasive shrubs and trees that have taken over from the constant rain, but I am changing that, which I will discuss in another issue. None of my flowers had enough light to bloom, plus they do better directly in the soil. These are Bonanza and Hero respectively, which are both the French-type. They are where the cucumber and cabbage were. I am dead-heading them so they continue to bloom, leaving some spent blossoms so I can save the seeds. In the bottom row, that is all I planted in the greenhouse this year, and about half of it is basil. In the next photo is a salad I made with one of my experimental pestos. The salad contains lettuce, nasturtium blossoms, tomatoes and scallions.



Pesto Salad


And with that, I will end. This turned out longer than I had planned, but I am trying to catch up on everything. I have a couple book reviews to write, plus I have started a regular article that is spiritual in nature. I have so much I need to share concerning mind control, which takes up a pretty big chunk of my saved articles. So basically, I have no idea what I will publish next. Just please keep checking back and share this site any way you can.

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