Isaiah 9:2
2 The people that walked in darkness have seen a great light:
they that dwelt in the land of the shadow of death, upon them hath the light shined.

Let us use the power of our minds and souls to make 2023 the year we bring about full disclosure of all the evil forces, both on and off planet, that are assaulting the planet and her lifeforms incessantly now. Let us use the power of our minds and souls to end the Death Culture and support all Life. Let us use the use the power of our minds and souls to awaken and be free. Let us welcome with joy THE NEW PARADIGM.

Opening Note: I have decided to publish this today, no matter what, because the new information coming at me is a tidal wave, and at this rate, this article could be endless. Because, for the immediate time being, things have settled down a bit in my life and I am able to update my site more regularly, as I always did previously, so I am aiming for more (and shorter) articles (and book reviews, which draw visitors), which will give me little breaks in between to do other things, and make it easier for my readers, too. So please check back often. I found a great number of new articles online this morning that pertain to what I have written these past few days, so I will add to that, then continue with just a couple more topics, which include some screenshots and farm news, and more anomalous events in my life (which strengthen my belief in a simulated reality).

. . . Despite my determination, I did not make my goal of publishing this yesterday, as stated above, due to one distraction after another. I can always tell when I am being fucked with, and yesterday was one of those days. It took me until noon to get washed and dressed. Even my animals were behaving strangely. All day I kept hearing ominous noises here in the basement, then realized that another beam was cracking, and even though my computer area was up against the west wall, which is not rotted, and I have two floor jacks holding up the log that holds the floor up, I had to get out. I am now in the outside doorway of the basement, literally a step away from the cement stairway. I will not go further, at the moment, of the horrors that are still unfolding here, but let it suffice to say that if someone or something wanted to bring this house down, they could have years ago, and that goes for your house, too. No, this is more like The Pit and the Pendulum by Edgar Allan Poe, a form of psychological torture.

Incidentally, in case anyone is wondering or cares if I have lost any of my precious books and coloring books/paints/crayons, etc., from this disaster I have been enduring, the answer is "No." About half of my books have been on the porch, safely packed in Sterilite bins and covered with blankets for about two years. In fact, I've been living out of Sterilite bins for about ten years, and am a real fan of them. Provided the lids don't crack, they keep their contents safe. The rest were in what was left of the kitchen/dining room area where we lived for several years. Three days before this major collapse, I walked in, looked at them, and said to myself, these need to be out of here NOW. So I spent several hours packing and repacking, since they were too heavy to carry, plus much of the archway between there and what was once a living room, had sunk and rotted. Some are now in the greenhouse, and I plan for them all to be soon, but the porch was one of the things I had rebuilt when I was doing so many (expensive) repairs and upgrades, and it is not rotted at all. In fact, the entire west wall of the house is not rotted. The part of it that is under the porch is STILL the original wooden siding, whose paint is barely chipped. Again, this house was WELL BUILT and this never should have happened. The opposite side, the east wall, (these are the peaked walls), is also not rotted. I am still, at least today, able to go in the back way to reach my kitchen and of course is not safe, but I still can keep food in my refrigerator, but just a tiny bit. Mostly I use it for keeping ice that I use in my cooler in the greenhouse.

Anyways, three days after I moved my books, I had gone in there, under the rotted archway and made a salad. I brought it out and set it on the porch, then went to the greenhouse to get some herbs. On the way back to the porch, I heard a sound no one should ever have to hear, and knew that most of the house was gone. So, I am SO GRATEFUL that I listened to my inner voice and got my books and coloring stuff out when I did. And some benevolent force was protecting me that day, because had I left my kitchen two minutes later, I would have been under the second floor supporting wall that crashed to the floor. In the archway. The kitchen wasn't affected, and the floor jacks I had in the dining room kept part of it intact, so I still would have been able to rescue my books, had I not removed them already, but, OH MY! What a job that would have been. Since then, every time I go to get ice or food, I grab something else, so nearly everything from those two rooms has been rescued. The card table I am typing on is one of them.

September 18, 2023

At long last, I am finally able to return to these Disclosure articles, and that has proven to be an excellent name for this year's Farm Series, because Disclosure is exploding everywhere. This will be a bit of a hodge-podge, with weather stuff and lots of screenshots, plus articles that I didn't include in my last regular article, A Mind of Its Own: Artificial Intelligence and the Alien Agenda, Part 3. If you have not read it yet, please do, as it contains a great deal of information concerning Lahaina and Aliens, and a whole 'nother slew of Alien info has once again come out on the MSM!! How much longer does the Pentagon think they can cover this up? Seriously, folks. Anyways, I won't cover that here. I have two more regular articles planned, and another Disclosure article, and will get those out as quickly as I can while I can. I am nearly caught up on my book reviews, having done four in this past week. I never know from one day to the next if I will have power or internet, or even be alive. None of us do. After that deluge I spoke of at the bottom of the above article, we all got terrible congestion, so it must have been really laced with toxic shit. I am beginning this on Thursday, September 14. We had more rain the past two days. My sinuses were so clogged up I didn't even recognize the sound of my own voice, and the cats all had ear-sinus-throat-mouth issues, but it was Molly who had me really seriously concerned. The day after the deluge, she began wheezing and gasping for breath, plus shaking her head. I swabbed everyone's ears with vinegar water. I have found that if I put it in the ears, it takes care of every other infected area. But Molly! OMG! I was up almost all night with her. I thought I was going to lose her it was so bad. I kept massaging her spine and neck, but the most effective was when I massaged her ears. Then I gave her fingerfuls of coconut oil, and she settled right down. Cider vinegar and coconut oil are my two staples for healing infections. By the next day she was better, but it took her four days to really fight it off. Then she slept for two whole days—nice peaceful and restful sleep, so I was able to get lots of work done without her summoning me every hour or so, as is her usual practice. She must feel much better now, because her summoning has been pretty frequent today. It's not really an interruption, it's a labor of love for me. OK, that's a lie, it's a constant interruption, but it's still unconditional love. However, she has reached the point where she wants me with her every minute, due to my catering to her every whim, so we are working on correcting that, gently. She IS nearly 15, and doesn't have much mental coherence remaining. In any case, I live for the day when these miserable rotten bastards, both on and off planet, have to EAT what they're spraying on us.

So let's begin with some current engineered weather/climate/geological events, beginning with this excellent article that I urge everyone to read. I agree with much or even most of it, although there are still issues, that being the delusion of "contrails." Dane has repeatedly said that anything you see coming out of a plane's exhaust is an aerosol being deliberately sprayed, and in his documentary, The Dimming, one of his military experts said point blank that modern “high bypass turbofan jet engines do not produce condensation trails; end of discussion." Here in this article, Jerry Smith says, From the 1990s on, he explains, all jet engines were modified with a “high bypass turbofan” which increased fuel efficiency and, as a side effect, left persistent contrails that hazed into cirrus clouds after several hours." C'mon, that's just stupid. How can water vapor or any kind of exhaust linger in the air for hours, then create obviously orchestrated cloud patterns? There is also mention of older jets that emit dark and sooty particulates. Well, I dunno about that, but I have seen, quite a bit lately, these dark, almost black clouds, both during the day and night when there is no rain anywhere, and they always scare me. With all these wildfires—well, not here in NE Ohio because we are always sopping wet—but these "clouds" and the way they move remind me of smoke, and I will often stare at them for a while to make sure they are not smoke, along with listening for sirens. It was about maybe twenty years ago that there was a wildfire in a woods across the road from me that bordered on Route 14 that took a long time to put out. It may have been more than twenty years, because it has been a couple decades since we have had a real drying-out period. Anyways, here's the article.
Planetary Weapons and Military Weather Modification: Chemtrails, Atmospheric Geoengineering and Environmental Warfare
As I said above concerning Disclosure, there is now rarely a day goes by without Global Research publishing something about geoengineering or environmental modification for the purpose of warfare. And now, on to the horrendous earthquake in Morocco.

You know, with each of these increasingly unspeakable events, the first question that comes to my mind, always now, is "What is the U.S. government punishing them for?" What demand was made of them of which they refused to comply? How does all this death and destruction serve the Pentagon? I believe many others are asking those same questions.
Morocco earthquake survivors say "government didn't come," as hope of finding anyone else alive fades
So I was not surprised to find something "unusual" connected with this event.
Mystery ‘Blue Lights’ Flash in Sky Moments Before Horror Morocco Earthquake that Killed More than 2,000
Please note that the article states that the same phenomenon was observed right before the deadly quake in Turkey, and we have a pretty good idea that one wasn't caused by "nature."
This next one is by Peter Koenig, and he always has something interesting to say, and isn't the least bit naïve about the "unnaturalness" of these worsening events.
Morocco—Earthquake Preceded by Mysterious Blue Lights
And I think he finally "gets it," because when he mentions all the things ENMOD (Environmental Modification) techniques can do, he includes devastating snow and ice storms! Good job, Peter!! And I absolutely agree with his statement about CO2. But that DOES NOT in any way mean that we don't have a climate crisis. You cannot do what these climate engineers have done to all of the planet's life support systems and expect it to keep functioning.

ENMOD methodologies are also used to modify the world’s climates, producing weather extremes—droughts, torrential rains, floods, prolonged and disproportionate monsoons, as well as destructive hurricanes, tornados, and devastating snow and ice storms and more—all to make believe the Club of Rome established narrative (see “Limits to Growth”—1972) of “climate change” is real, and the consequences of destroyed infrastructure, crops, food shortages, leading to famine, misery and death are “normal” calamities of much propagated man-generated CO2-caused “climate change”.

The climate change we are living for the last few years has nothing, but nothing, to do with CO2. In fact, the world needs more CO2 to sustain life, as it is food for trees which convert CO2 into oxygen—the support for all life on earth. Cutting down trees, especially rainforests, is reducing CO2 absorption and oxygen production.

And continuing reading, I find a possible answer to the question I posed earlier. Ah, yes.

The obvious question arises, why would Morocco be the victim of a manmade wanton colossal disaster, like this 6.8 killer-earthquake?

Could it be because in January 2022, Morocco was the first North African country to sign an agreement with China’s Belt and Road Initiative? Now, Morocco’s long-standing pro-U.S. affiliation is at a crossroads as Morocco has turned to China because of the potential for economic development from foreign investments.

The United States needs to reaffirm its support for the Moroccan government by increasing investments, maybe with some coercion, to maintain the political partnership. If not, Morocco may pivot to China and the Chinese government may use Morocco as a starting point for Chinese influence in North and Western Africa. This could well be Washington’s thinking.

Morocco is also of strategic importance to China, Europe, and the US, because of its access to the Mediterranean, the Atlantic, and the African continent. But also due to her growing energy sector, which has expanded in the wake of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

And some horrendous photos.
Photos: See the aftermath of the earthquake in Morocco
Photos Show Destruction In Morocco After Major Earthquake
How could anyone be a "patriotic" American citizen and not be ashamed? Horrified? And if you are an American citizen that either approves of our military's criminal activities, or prefers to turn a blind eye, then you should be ashamed of yourself. It will return to you, I promise. Peter continues with many more reasons, and ends with some philosophical/spiritual comments. Yes, Peter. Well said. Everyone, please read this one and watch the three very short videos, especially the middle one. OMG! Those people got out of the way just in time before that building came down on them! As I was writing this, Michel Chossudovsky just posted and updated an article he posted in February on the earthquakes in Turkey.
Environmental Modification Techniques (ENMOD) and the Turkey-Syria Earthquake: An Expert Investigation is Required

And now, on to Libya. Lahaina was unspeakable. But this! And they just keep getting worse, don't they?
‘Utter destruction:’ Derna left like a war zone by Libya’s catastrophic flooding
Of course, this next one was expected. No mention is made of this storm being steered, as they all are now, which only adds to the heinous nature of this horrific disaster. But people are waking up and hatred towards us is exploding, I would think. How can the U.S. military and government be so blatant? It is no longer "Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars." People KNOW they are under attack and they know who is doing it. The level of evil in which this planet is engulfed bewilders me. How can ANYONE just go on with their (petty and insignificant) life in the midst of all this horror? Again, for all of you that are under the delusion that 1) This happens to THEM but won't happen to ME; or 2) Oh, it will all work out just fine; or 3) It can't be that bad; I still have a good job and a nice home and a new car, and plenty to eat and I'm pretty happy with life . . . . Again, I PROMISE, you are in for the shock of your life.
Libya Climate Crisis Linked to Pentagon-NATO Intervention of 2011
Oh, Holy Jesus. This next one nearly brought me to tears. PLEASE watch the video at the top of the page and look at those photos. AND AGAIN. Just like in Lahaina, there were no warnings. WHAT THE FUCK??? How could officials NOT KNOW this was coming? Or did they know, but chose to play ignorant, just like in Lahaina?
WHY ARE WE SUFFERING THROUGH THIS? Why are we NOT STOPPING these perpetrators? I am finding that my spiritual beliefs are changing. I used to think we were going through such horrendous experiences to jolt us into waking up. But as I investigate more of AI, I am beginning to believe there IS NO PURPOSE to any of this, nor was this EVER meant to happen, and that changes everything.
More than 5,000 presumed dead in Libya after catastrophic flooding breaks dams and sweeps away homes
More sickening information.
Why the Media Aren’t Telling the Whole Story of Libya’s Floods
This was just published today. Honestly, it looks like a flood and an earthquake hit. I cannot even begin to imagine the force of all that water.
Rescuers call for more help in Libya as they face grim task of retrieving bodies from the sea
And these photos are even worse. HOW MUCH MORE SUFFERING BEFORE WE STOP THIS?
Photos: Flooding Devastates Libya
And this just published.
UN revises previous high Libya death toll
And Greece. From fires to floods, in an important agricultural region, of course. Here are two quotes: "The severe flooding comes just days after a two-week deadly wildfire tore through the north of the country, killing at least 18 people." And: "Marinakis said the Attica region, where the country’s capital Athens is located, experienced nearly three times the average annual rainfall in the space of 12 hours." As I have been saying, NEVER in all the years I was growing up did I see rain coming down like it does now. It is beyond "torrential" and scares the shit out of me. It is like being under Niagara Falls.
More than 800 rescued after extreme flooding in Greece turns villages into lakes

Here are some weather stories concerning the U.S., beginning with this. Yeah, right. Blame it on climate change and building codes, says NOAA, with not a word about climate engineering. Again, I am bewildered. Our own military is costing the country billions of dollars. One of these days there will be nothing left for them. THEY, TOO, will go down with the ship. How can this be? Because we have been taken over by Alien mind control, a race of super-intelligent machines with absolutely no emotional capabilities. It is the only way to make sense of ANY of this.
U.S. sets record for billion-dollar weather and climate disasters in 2023
And here are some of them.
‘Catastrophic flooding’ damages hundreds of homes as a Massachusetts city engulfed in water is now at risk of dam failure
Photos Show Storm Damage After Flash Flood Emergency In Massachusetts
I cannot even begin to imagine living in a city during this heat, especially with no trees. I have thousands of trees and it DOES make a difference, although we have been so cold this summer, it doesn't matter. I just packed away all my summer nightwear, most of it having not been worn even ONCE all season.
End may be in sight for Phoenix's historic heat wave of 110-degree-plus weather
Dust Storm Strikes Phoenix, Knocks Out Power To 30,000
Oh, goodness, look at this one.
Pop-up houses create a new village after Maui fire disaster
OK, so I have moved into my greenhouse since my home was (deliberately) destroyed. Now, think about this because you could be next. Which would you rather live in? A bright and airy building, 48 feet long and 18 feet wide, filled with the fragrance of lush peppermint, basil and other herbs, greens, garlic and onions, celery and grass, and compared to the past ten years, amazingly cozy. Or these "pop-ups?" I consider my living arrangements to be temporary, because temporary is all we have at this point, but, seriously, this is the most comfortable I've been in years. My critters are completely happy there, too. I only run the turtles' infrared heat lamps when it is really cold at night—just twice so far, and the rest of the time they have natural light, which they really enjoy. It is filtered, too, so we do not get the UV rays. It holds the heat at night and warms when the sun comes up. And along with my critters, we have a population of resident toads. I consider myself lucky, compared to what's coming for most people, at least for the time being. I am continuing this on Saturday after listening to Dane's live broadcast on at 9 a.m. here in Ohio, and it was particularly abrasive today. I strongly suggest everyone listen. He covered what I wrote in the past two days, and added more to it. What are we to do to get the ignorant, apathetic and self-absorbed population to wake the fuck up NOW? It needs to happen NOW.
Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, September 16, 2023
This was an exceptionally good broadcast, so if you have not listened, please do. I have noticed that Dane is getting more comments lately, and a lot more people are not only waking up but taking action, and taking a very positive and powerful attitude along with it. I have been prodding, pleading, (shaming), etc. the local employees of the places I regularly shop in Ravenna. What will it take? It will happen when a disaster hits them.

And what about this one? Do you believe that? Neither do I. Apparently the Evil Ones realized that people KNOW this was orchestrated and are pointing fingers, so it must be downplayed, of course. And what bigger and better liars to choose than The Weather Channel . . . .
Maui Fires Death Toll Drops
And more from Hawaii. Yeah, make it sound cool and exciting.
Up Close And Personal With Eruption Kilauea In Hawaii
And this was just posted. I'm sorry, but, em, does this look disastrous to you. At least what they're showing here?
Lee Brings Power Outages, Big Waves To New England Coast And Atlantic Canada
And WHY do people build their houses SO CLOSE TO THE WATER? Again, I am bewildered. And WHAT do people do for a living that allows them to live like this—all these big, beautiful homes, boats, cars, vacations . . . . I cannot ever imagine making that much money. I have worked hard all my life. That's all I DO is work. Every time I look around me, all I see is more work to do. This is another reason I am convinced we are living in a simulated reality. It has turned those of us who do not comply into slaves. Anyways, these photos look a little more threatening, but it seems the U.S. did NOT get hit as bad as planned. At least from what I've seen. The worst of it may have gone to Canada. Or not.
Photos: Lee Pounds Coast From New England To Atlantic Canada
Big Waves Come Ashore In Maine As Lee Arrives
And this next one. WHY would people visit these places that are scheduled to get hit with weather disasters? Why are people travelling and vacationing at all, at this point? It's all about their personal pleasure and entertainment. Forgive me, but I DO NOT feel sorry for these people.
More than 70,000 Burning Man festival attendees remain stuck in Nevada desert after rain

Here's more weather-related stuff of a ridiculous nature, totally removed from reality, consisting of lies, and evasion of the REAL problem, which is climate engineering. As Dane stresses every week, that's not the only problem, but it is the biggest one, and we cannot discuss the climate (or expect improvement of the current situation) without facing the atrocity in the skies (and all the disasters caused by deliberate manipulation of the atmosphere with radio frequencies), and bring ALL OF IT to a halt.
The world is still falling short on limiting climate change, according to U.N. report
And more bullshit. And no, it hasn't "begun." As Dane has said, the tipping point probably came two decades ago. What is absurd, is that these people think (well, they are obviously not thinking at all), that we can somehow continue to go on with life as usual, that is, if we start cutting down on emissions. How much do these people get PAID to say this nonsense? What kind of person would agree to present such absurdities to the public? My bewilderment continues.
Earth just had its hottest summer on record, U.N. says, warning "climate breakdown has begun"
Here's the last four paragraphs. And remember, we have already surpassed 3 degrees C. "We don't have a moment to lose." OMG. Does this idiot think that by making such in inane statement that people will suddenly change their lifestyles and all will be saved. From what I see, for the most part, most of the people that are changing their lifestyles are the ones who have been killed by these disasters. Even those who have lost everything, I mean, look at them. They are rebuilding. THAT is why I am staying put and living in a greenhouse. Let us just wait and see what happens before the end of the year.
And this compels one to respond with "No shit." I mean, seriously. Have they JUST figured this out? If the earth were human, it would be in hospice care.
Scientists Say Earth’s Health Is Failing

In order to slow the greater heating trend, she explained, humans need to reduce carbon emissions from the burning of fossil fuels.

"The long-term trajectory is that as long as we continue to emit pollution into our atmosphere, these greenhouse gases, you know, temperatures will continue to rise. And so it is the long-term plan that countries have to adopt, is to transition energy systems away from fossil fuels and towards more renewable energies."

Carlo Buontempo, director of the Copernicus Climate Change Service, noted that August 2023 "was estimated to be around 1.5°C warmer than pre-industrial levels."

"We can still avoid the worst of climate chaos," said the U.N.'s Guterres, adding: "We don't have a moment to lose."

And some info on electric cars. Oh, my . . . .
Bombshell: Hurricane Idalia, Electric Vehicles Catch Fire in Florida After Being Exposed to Saltwater
And more on electric cars. What a farce this whole thing is.
The Devastating Environmental Side Effects of the Electric Car Boom
Of course, we won't be around by 2030. . . .
Three Reasons: Something Sinister with the Big Push for Electric Vehicles (EVs)
Now this next one contains some good information, but there are also comments here that contain ignorance, like "geoengineering experiments" and looking ahead 13 years from now. Even people who "get it" in many areas still DO NOT understand the dire and immediate catastrophic situation that is coming, and I, like Dane, believe something will happen before the end of the year. Well, it actually is, isn't it?
Europe Abandons All-Electric Car Mandate. Stupidity of the CO2 Transition

And these are other environmental issues.
US Military Must Remove Fuel from Massive Red Hill Underground Fuel Tanks
Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the U.S. Military the biggest polluter on the planet? They have tanks in Australia, too. Jet fuel is kerosene, by the way. No wonder it is double the price of gas. Or was last year. I haven't bought any since spring, and hope I don't have to. I am looking for other ways to stay warm, IF we need to stay warm this winter. I've been saying this for several years, but at some point, they will no longer be able to cool us down. Dane mentioned something about the weather people talking about a (fake) "Polar Vortex" beginning to form. I hadn't heard that, and the NOAA maps have all indicated above "normal" temps (WTF is "normal"?) for NE Ohio and much of the country for the next fourteen months, or "equal chances" of above or below, for mostly the mid-section of the country. The updated maps are due to come out, but they are never accurate anyways. All those days we were supposed to be hot never materialized, nor did we drop as low as scheduled during this "cold snap." Thursday night it was supposed to drop to 41 or 42 degrees, but we hit 44.8 (porch temp). The greenhouse was chilly, but warmed up quickly. Saturday morning the porch temp was 46.4, but it took a while to warm up outside and the basement (where I still have my computer for now) has been cold all day, but with a hoodie and sweatpants it has not been uncomfortable. Plus, I am protected now from chemical ice nucleation by four strong walls and a ceiling, whereas in the house, all I had to separate me from the elements was plastic and tarps, so believe me, all you who answered my plea for financial help two winters ago, when it got down to -15.5 degrees, I was NOT exaggerating when I said it was a matter of life and death. Even with all my heaters going, we nearly froze to death. That was the year of the Canadian Truck Convoys, and we had a "winter storm" every week for six weeks that was steered up to Ottawa. They all began as rain, then were "flash frozen." We had SO MUCH WATER that year that there was not one piece of wood in my house that wasn't saturated with chemical ice nucleants. These split tree trunks that held up the basement for 120 years, which were as hard as stone, became so permeated with it that when they finally thawed, they literally collapsed. The whole north side of my house then went askew, and once things are so out of balance, it all begins to collapse. It took it two years, so that gives you an idea of just how well buiilt this house had been, and JUST HOW BRUTAL these monsters are. NO ONE ELSE HERE GOT THAT COLD. Was I targeted? Fuck, YES. This never should have happened to this house.
Anyways, here is the NOAA Seasonal Outlook page.
NOAA Seasonal Outlooks
And. Oh, yes!, Here it is. Snow, brought to us by the paid liars at The Weather Channel, complete with cutesie music.
Colorado Gets Its First Snow Of The Season
Here's The Weather Channel's temperature outlook through December. That doesn't look cold to me. I think I will get some cool-weather crops planted. Since I have had such a miserable summer (who hasn't, for one reason or another?), I will appreciate warmth. But gosh, look at the Great Lakes area. That looks more than just warm.
October—December Temperature Outlook: Slower Cooling From Summer Warmth Expected
Awww, Poor people. Need a respite from the stress. These people ain't seen nothing yet.
Heatwaves, wildfires, air chaos and overcrowding. How this year’s summer vacations fell apart
And this is the epitome of people who are living in LaLaLand. What planet are they referring to? Certainly not this one. As Dane spoke of peoples' dichotomous mindset. Just because you don't believe CO2 is the problem, DOES NOT MEAN WE DON'T HAVE PROBLEM. OMG!! How exasperating. Again, why does Global Research publish such rubbish? They should know better.
More Than 1,600 Scientists Sign Declaration: “No Climate Emergency” Exists at All
No climate crisis. Right.
These five cities could be one natural disaster away from a catastrophic water crisis
Stories like this next one leave me speechless. Name ONE government agency that isn't totally useless.
The EPA removes federal protections for most of the country's wetlands

It's bad enough we've fucked up this planet, but we are now fucking up everything around it. I would call humanity a bunch of pigs, but I would not want to insult the porcine species. I fear we have devolved into a unique form of our own, and feel assured that our total and absolute irresponsibility will return to us, which it already is.
Abandoned Apollo 17 lunar lander module is causing tremors on the moon
And this. So, em, what exactly do they mean here? Is this the "surprise" that's gonna hit us soon?
Asteroid Targeted By NASA Behaving Unexpectedly
And here, with this next one, I refer to my article, The Encapsulated Earth, inspired by a Clif High interview with Greg Hunter. Greg hasn't had him on as a guest since then, and I wish he would, although he frequently mentions him.
Space Junk in Earth Orbit and on the Moon Will Increase with Future Missions—But Nobody’s in Charge of Cleaning It Up

I will stop there and share some news about the farm. I didn't even take photos this year because it has been such a disaster. After August 26, when the nearly daily rain/deluges stopped, many of my crops had been wiped out, sitting in water and buried in weeds. I had everything so neat and tidy, and had cleared twice as much land as I had last year, my intention being to have it all planted with various crops that had different requirements. I was stopped abruptly with nothing I could do about it. I can't even mow or weed, because it is still mud and has a long ways to go before that changes. If it had dried up after the 26th, it would be different, but no, we've had at least another inch since then. My summer squash popped right back, but after these past few weeks, each rain event weakened them more. The last of my yellow squash fruits rotted and were eaten by slugs. It appears, however, that we actually do have a welcome dry stretch with sun and warm temperatures.

It had been my plan to train my cucumbers up the fallen willow branches, plus I had dragged branches that came down when the maple tree in front of my former house fell over, and planned to get my lighter squash, like the Delicatas and Acorn types to also climb. But with the rains that came shortly after I transplanted everything, slugs literally oozed up and wiped out quite a bit. And then what slugs didn't get, the cucumber beetles did, really damaging my entire cucumber crop, which was a tragedy, because cucumbers are my most favorite food in the whole widest world and I live for them during the summer. I have never seen so many cucumber beetles!! I know there is a global insect extinction crisis, but not here. I will have more on insects in the next issue. The cabbage moths greatly damaged my healthy cabbage, but then I noticed that other brassicas where I had mustard, onions and strong herbs, like Florence Fennel planted, did not get damaged. Meanwhile, I had planted marigolds, and when I was able to get them transplanted, they did, indeed, ward off these two pests, and my cabbage had a growing spurt, only to rot later. The cucurbits, and not just cucumbers, although they got hit the worst, were already too damaged. Cucumber beetles not only weaken the plants by damage from eating, but they spread bacterial and viral wilt, which is incurable. I should have pulled the wilted plants, but I had hoped to boost their immunity by feeding them garbage-soaked water, which is more effective than compost, because the nutrients are soluable, but the damage was too great. On the opposite side of the greenhouse, I decided to plant four big pots with four varieties, three seeds each. This was in late July or early August. About half came up and were doing well, as the cucumber beetle population did not seem so widespeard there, plus the marigolds were already in bloom. I should have taken them inside when these deluges came. I just did a few days ago, seeing that I will have to keep it warm in there, or perhaps it will stay warm on its own, but I noticed today I do have some baby cucumbers forming.

I took my walk this morning and decided to take some photos, pleasantly surprised that, in fact, my summer squash again are popping back. The problem is, I can't weed because it is still so wet that clumps of soil come up with each weed. I have Queen Anne's Lace that is taller than me, but that's not saying much, as I am just under five foot. Anyways, I see I have a lovely row of onions. The Warrior scallions I had in the greenhouse did great, and are almost all eaten, plus I have leeks, which did OK and other onions. I have quite a few winter squash, but nothing like last year, especially considering I planted twice as many varieties. Anyways, here are some photos I just took this morning, so I will describe more as I go. And I just realized I did take a few photos when things looked good. Between this and the next issue, which I have already begun, I will cover more farm and environmental news.

First here are a few photos from inside the greenhouse. It was my intention to only plant a few things in there this year because they do so much better in the open air, or did last year and I had cleared so much more land. I usually plant my basils in pots, but this year I decided to put them in the ground, in four groups. The ones nearest the back door are HUGE. They got constantly drenched by the two overflowing barrels I have to catch the rainwater from the downspouts. This is the first year they have remained full, in fact, I have no place to dump that water that needs it. Anyways, it dried up enough in there for me to weed and tidy up, although I see the weeds are returning. I did fifteen varieties of basil this year, including a new one called African Nunum, which was developed by one of Baker Creek's African growers/breeders, and it is very unique—nice broad leaves that are a bit tough and fuzzy, so I use it more for cooking than raw. That is what is pictured first, and on the opposite end of the little patch I have in there, since it grew slowly and was the last variety I transplanted. Next to that are the ones in front of the barrels. The Licorice, Italian Large-Leaved and Cinnamon are huge, but the Purple Ruffles are struggling because they did not like so much water. The Corsicans are growing, but not bushing out. Next, there they are again in front of the overflowing barrels. And last are the four pots of cucumbers, and I noticed today that a number of new green leaves have grown in the past couple days, plus more blossoms and a baby cucumber. In the bottom row are my okra, which usually grow like weeds, but again . . . . Anyways, since it has been drier, they've taken off and I've eaten okra twice. It was tender and delicious. I usually have a problem with Clemson Spineless getting stringy. Last is my wonderful Italian Red Dandelion, which are barely bitter and great for salads. I mix them with the wild varieties to cook. You can also see my American Flag Leeks behind them. I also have onions, Golden Sunrise Chard, and lots of celery growing inside. I didn't plant the celery, because once you plant it, it comes up everywhere. I have a huge bed of it outside with other herbs, too. After all these years, I am FINALLY getting nice normal ribs that aren't tough and stringy. I have had some potted peppers and tomatoes inside, so I've begun to put them in the free spaces along with what is left that hasn't been eaten. (By me, not bugs.) By the way, the next thing I post on my site after this will be a booklet review on Basil, plus I've added some extra material.


African Nunum Basil

Cucumber Plants

Basil and Water Barrels

Italian Red Dandelion and Leeks


I found this photo from August 1, before the bulk of the deluge set it. These are the herbs and greens I have on the north side of the greenhouse, (the outside of what I just showed you). You can see my gorgeous, lush Blue Borage right next to the tubs. It is all completely dead now, however, on the other side, where I have the bulk of my crops, I had planted the more rare white variety. It is not blooming yet, but is healthy, with some marigolds in the background. Here is what it looks like today, but a few more days of dry, and I should be able to do some weeding. My (edible) Nasturtiums are doing well, but to their right is where the Blue Borage was. There is also some Broad-Leaf Sage, Salad Burnet and Chocolate Mint. Next to that is some very nice Black-Seeded Simpson Leaf Lettuce. It has been a long time since I've been able to grow lettuce here. In the bottom row you can see my Purple-Podded Beans (like green beans except purple until you cook them). They are planted where the garlic was and that bed dried up quickly. I've eaten them twice so far. And last, I was delighted so see my beets had done so well. They will be on the menu soon.

White Borage

Herbs and Greens

Black-Seeded Simpson Leaf Lettuce

Herbs and Greens


Purple-Podded Beans

The last photos I will share today are of squash, then I'll share the rest in the next issue, which should follow this very quickly and not be as long. Maybe. I will try to tidy up my crops before then, if it dries up enough. The first is White Scallop Squash, and those were not there yesterday! The second is a Ronde de Nice Zucchini (round from Nice, France, perhaps?), and that was on the menu today and it was delicious! Next are some winter squash/pumpkins, beginning with my usual Green-Striped Cushaw, AND Orange Striped, which grew very large and will provide 2-3 meals each. In the bottom row is a broad view of the squash area, and you can see how much more I cleared from last year. The whole weedy area between the squash and the blocked raised beds was all cleaned and dug up. I had planned to plant brassicas there—turnips, radishes, kohl rabi. It is nice soft and fertile soil. Once I clean it up, I will continue with my plan, as those crops like cool weather, the cabbage moths are dead, I have marigolds all over and I am counting on no winter this year. You can see the above mentioned branch with dried up cucumber plants. Those were Lemon, one of the varieties I have inside, and when it began to dry, they popped back, but could not endure the last two deluges. Plus, you can see by the discolored leaves that they have sprayed defoliants. Of course. September is the end of the growing season, whether we like it or not. Many of my trees have leaf-curl, which is a symptom of Dicamba poisoning. And last is the bed in the blocks you can see in the broad view, on the other side of the weeds just mentioned. In back of the marigolds is White Nagoya Kale, used as ornamental or for salads, and you can see they are free from insect damage, so the marigolds DO HELP.

Ronde de Nice Zucchini

White Scallop Squash

Orange Striped Cushaw

Green-Striped Cushaw

White Peacock Kale and Marigolds

Broad View

I will share just a few of my screenshots, and I have shitloads, but like Dane, I collect them as a record of proof. So, some are older, but it makes no difference. The activity continues. Let's begin with some spaghetti and cone models for all these "dangerous" hurricanes. (OK, some of them are.). The first one is from August 30 at 9 a.m.. Look at that line of tropical depressions/storms/hurricanes. Does that not seem odd to you? Yes, of course, these are ALL odd. The next is from August 31, 2:25 p.m.. The two in the Central Pacific disappeared, but the bizarre thing is the spaghetti model for the Category 2 Hurricane. Did they really want it to go to Siberia? I don't even remember their names, which doesn't matter because most of them came to little or nothing. The next is Lee, of course, from September 13, 8:18 a.m.. Just look at the SIZE of that cone! Did it really do that much damage? Or, again, was it just hype? When have we ever seen such things? Here he is again, on September 17, 8:30 a.m.. Notice how the track has curved east, sending it, not into Quebec and Newfoundland and Labrador, but more along the coast into New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, which is where it is storming now. The bottom map is from today 6:09 p.m., and you can see the radio frequencies clearly steering it along that path. This whole area is currently under a flood watch (U.S.) or a flash flood warning (Canada).

Models for August 30, 9 a.m.

Models for August 31, 2:25 p.m.

Models for September 13, 8:18 a.m.

Models for September 17, 8:30 a.m.

Radio Frequencies Steering Storm, September 18, 6:09 p.m.

I find these spaghetti models fascinating, because it gives one a clue as too the agenda of these storms and where they are intended to go. I don't think they always succeed. And there I will stop, but I plan to get another of these out as quickly as I can, to catch up with all the additional material and information I want to share, especially since I have not kept up with them this summer.

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