Isaiah 9:2
2 The people that walked in darkness have seen a great light:
they that dwelt in the land of the shadow of death, upon them hath the light shined.

Let us use the power of our minds and souls to make 2023 the year we bring about full disclosure of all the evil forces, both on and off planet, that are assaulting the planet and her lifeforms incessantly now. Let us use the power of our minds and souls to end the Death Culture and support all Life. Let us use the use the power of our minds and souls to awaken and be free. Let us welcome with joy THE NEW PARADIGM.

June 17, 2023

I am beginning this article on June 9.

I decided to do the June edition of Disclosure before the HAARP article because there is SO MUCH happening now. So let us begin with those, em, Canadian wildfires. Are any of my Canadian readers in a danger zone? Does anyone else besides me think they are being steered to cool down the Northeast U.S.? And Dane, of course. We went from the 90s to just plain fucking cold. NE Ohio should NOT be getting overnight lows down in the mid-40s. Are people losing their homes and property? Search engines only seem to be concerned about how it is affecting the U.S.. Here is a map I found that is at least a little more helpful.
Natural Resources Canada Interactive map.

Canadian Wildfires, June 9, 2023

Dane speaks of wildfires as part of the climate engineering agenda. Here is a link to the section on wildfires.
Engineering Wildfires. He most often speaks of the particular video, "Wildfires Serve Geoengineering Agenda." He has them all on one page, so you have to scroll down pretty far to get to it. At the top of the page is the military document, "Forest Fire as a Military Weapon," which you can download for free as a PDF document. I have it and will eventually write a review on it.

But the thing is, here in my neck of the woods, my skies look nothing like those photos I'm seeing. What it looks like is heavy aerosol spraying, and that's what it is. I hear them grinding away up there 24/7, plus there's been an awful lot of other military aircraft including helicopters over me and I don't like it one bit. Along with knowing that we are being sprayed with more poisons added to the already unbreatheable air, whatever is in the toxic concoctions they use to cool us down is also a highly potent mind-bending brew. I've been noting for years the effect it has on my mental and psychological state, along with my physical health. I have been struggling with my energy levels. Yes, I work very hard on the farm, but this sort of physical exertion usually energizes me. For the past couple weeks, when I finish my chores for the day, it is all I can do to bathe and get ready for bed before I zonk out cold. I usually wake up more tired than before I went to sleep because I don't even have time to relax my muscles and mind before I fall asleep, and I have been having unusually uncomfortable dreams. None of this is natural for me and I don't like this one bit either. How much more of this shit are we gonna have to put up with before it stops?

It is now June 13, and I decided to keep the above paragraphs I wrote on the 9th as is, because this has been an evolving story. Not surprisingly, Dane had a lot more to add to this news, along with what I already mentioned concerning the section on wildfires on his site. Here's what he added on his Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, June 10, 2023: He said there were over 400 Canadian wildfires that were anything but natural, and Quebec being abnormally hot and dry. He said the fires started all at once and the official explanation was that A thunderstorm, ONE thunderstorm was the cause. Under clear skies. Here's a video from one of the Chief Liars at The Weather Channel, but what makes her so unique is that she lies with such glee and enthusiasm. She could be speaking of a catastrophe that killed 100,000 people, and I'll bet she'd still have that big inane smile on her face. And, em, Danielle—how 'bout mentioning the fact that the U.S. Military has turned the entire sky into an electronic grid, and using HAARP and all these other WMDs, they can produce lightning wherever they damn well please. It's not a coincidence that this story came out right about the time all those wildfires started.
'Bolts From The Blue' Can Make Lightning A Danger When It's Not Raining

As mentioned above, for most of that entire week, all we here in the U.S. heard about was how badly those wildfires were effecting US, especially NYC. This one has a little of both.
Canada’s wildfire season is off to an ‘unprecedented’ start. Here’s what it could mean for the US
Here's a quote from the article. "Alarming rotational patterns." Hmm, gosh can't imagine what would be causing that. . . . And about the hot and dry conditions. Think maybe it's all those U.S. Military tankers spraying all those desiccants 24/7? It hasn't STOPPED here for weeks.

Human-caused climate change has exacerbated the hot and dry conditions that allow wildfires to ignite and grow. Over the past few years, some of these fires have also exhibited extreme fire behavior, including alarming rotational patterns, creating their own clouds and wafting smoke across the continent.

Here's more from Global Research, the first from Dr. William Makis, who has been tirelessly supplying us with information about Covid bioweapons deaths. There are lots of short videos from different places in Canada and the U.S.. This is his substack that was posted on GR.
Canadian fires are being set deliberately (arson)—many recent Quebec and Alberta fires started simultaneously—videos and articles
Here's another on the possibility of arson. I would suggest that the primary suspects would be the U.S. Military . . . .
Alberta Premier Danielle Smith Pledges Arson Investigation Into 175 Wildfires with No Known Cause
And this is just frustrating. Two side of the story and both inherently wrong. It is CLIMATE ENGINEERING that's the problem.
Media Blames ‘Climate Change’ for Canadian Wildfires Despite Arrest of Multiple Arsonists
I am really beginning to loathe the term "climate change," even though it is now politically correct to add "human-caused" to it. But it still makes it sound so benign, like Mother Earth is going through menopause. And it would be normal for the earth's climate to change anyways. It always has. But what we have now, as Dane always says, is abrupt climate collapse. The rest of the world is in meltdown, as he mentioned in his latest GAN linked above, because they don't have the biggest military in the world to keep them cool. No, make that COLD, by dumping millions of tons of toxic cool-down chemicals on us, assisted by these totally engineered "fronts" that sit on top of an area for days or weeks. I will discuss that in a bit, but here's one more "climate change" article, and Dane mentioned this, too. When you have people like Bill Gates funding the military to create weather systems that wipe out crops, along with dead soil, toxic (or no) water, toxic air, well then, yeah food is gonna be expensive and gone, one of these days. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that one out.
How climate change is raising the cost of food
I posted the above article because it is so ridiculous. Anyone that projects ANYTHING to 2060 is utterly clueless, and is in for a massive wake up call that I am quite certain will happen sometime this year. When the climate controllers totally LOSE control, and they almost have, then everybody is gonna "get it," and realize JUST HOW HOT WE ARE. I have a bunch of screenshots to share, which will segue into my own Farm News, but first, here are a few random articles I thought were interesting.
But first, here's another stupid-ass article that contains bit of truth but as Dane points out every week, there can be no legitimate conversation on climate anything without discussing climate engineering (weather warfare). And no, I did NOT listen to the related video entitled "What's the weather forecast for 2050?" There's not gonna BE a 2050.
Four alarming charts that show just how extreme the climate is right now
And one additional video was published several days after I wrote this paragraph, and, supposedly after the smoke had cleared here in the U.S. Apparently they didn't accomplish their goal because it is heating up again, big time.
Wildfire Smoke Returning To Parts Of The U.S.

Hmm. I was under the impression they had been doing this for quite a while, because they couldn't build those storage containers fast enough to hold all the toxic water these monsters produce. Hey, let's build more nuclear power plants. Clean energy, eh?
When I was listening to Dane's live broadcast this morning, June 17, as I was finishing this up to publish, he made the same comment.
Japan Begins Secretly Releasing Irradiated Water From Fukushima Disaster Into the Ocean
And this one. OMG!! My heart just breaks when I see animals suffering from human ignorance. No. Evil. It is EVIL. If people want to fucking kill themselves, fine. Miserable creatures. Get the fuck off this planet and leave us alone, those who treat the non-human life forms that are stuck here with us, with the reverence and respect they deserve, both animals and plants. IT ALL MAKES ME SICK. And shove all your smart devices up your asses before you go.
Racehorses at Churchill Downs. Horses Fitted with Wireless Devices
I don't know a thing about this company except that they keep trying to hack my website and I keep blocking them, so I'm glad they're getting sued.
The SEC sues Binance, unveils 13 charges against crypto exchange in sweeping lawsuit
And here is some GOOD news about digital currency AND signs that our own Representatives are finally waking up. There have been those who have predicted this, claiming that Congress really does NOT know the truth about what is going on. When the people who have been elected finally begin to do their jobs, THEN everything in the world will change, and not just here in the U.S..
Rep. Alex Mooney Aims to Block Fed’s Digital Currency Scheme

Here are more signs that there are people working to regain our rights. We never should have lost them in the first place. We here in the U.S. have a Constitution that protects us from people like Bill Gates and these global tyrants who have slowly and silently moved in to take control of the world. We have a Constitution that guarantees that our military is here to protect us and not terrorize us. And most industrialized "democracies" have similar documents to protect their people from the heinous situation in which we find ourselves. How did this happen? Because people were too lazy to take responsibility for their rights and the well-being of their country. It was much easy to hand that power over to someone else. But those someone elses have proven to be nothing but criminals. Do I think that Trump is being unduly persecuted? Absolutely. Do I think he's a criminal? Absolutely. But so are the Bidens and the Obamas and the Clintons and the Bushes and the people that run all these government agencies, especially the CIA and FBI. They ALL belong in prison, the whole lot of them. So what is important now is that WE, little by little regain our rights and take away their power. And much of it will happen at the state and local levels. Here's more good news.
Ban the Jab Update: Seminole County GOP Passed Ban the Jab Resolution! 90-95% of Vote!.
Supreme Court Justice Gorsuch Issues Excoriating Review of COVID Lockdown Policies Including Business Closures and Vaccine Mandates and Calls Them ‘Among the Greatest Intrusions on Civil Liberties in the History of the Nation’
Here is another small step in the right direction. NO, we should NOT BAN BOOKS. That's like regressing to Medieval times. But I guess it has been done throughout history.
Illinois becomes first state in U.S. to outlaw book bans in libraries: "Regimes ban books, not democracies"

Here is Tucker Carlson's first Twitter broadcast. It is short, but very good. He also talks about proof that the government KNOWS about Aliens, which ties into my previous article Update on Alien Interference and UFOs
Tucker Carlson debuts his Twitter show: "No gatekeepers here"
Here is his Twitter Page.
Tucker Carlson

Here are just a few more odds and ends, then I will spend the rest of this article discussing weather and environmental issues, food, and what is going on here at the Farm. Yet one more train derailment . . . . This one was seriously bad, or I would not have included it. I also had lots of aircraft crashes, dead or debilitated pilots, and one death of a young passenger, who "died suddenly," plus all the other "died suddenlies" that I did not save. All my regular readers are informed, and to my new readers, especially those I have met recently as I handed out Dane's materials, who do NOT know about this issues, please go to the bottom of this page and click on the Index. The May 21 issue especially, and also the April 20 issue cover this material.
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi visits the scene of train crash that killed more than 280 in India
Here's an article by Michel Chossudovsky, founder and editor of Global Research that was originally published in December, 2021, but worth publishing again. Please watch the short video toward that bottom of the page. Again WHY are we letting Alien Scumbags like Klaus Schwab get away with this shit?
The WEF “Cyber Attack” Scenario: Another Crisis “Much Worse than Covid”, Paralysis of Power Supply, Communications, Transportation
Then suddenly, these stories appeared. Orchestrated by the WEF and the Global Elites who are attempting to shut down the world and take control?? You decide.
A ransomware attack is hitting schools, businesses and government agencies. Here’s what you should know
US Government Agencies Hit in Global Cyber Attack?
And here is a related one. As I've said over and over, there are ways we can reduce the amount of information out there that others are collecting. I pay cash for everything that I can. I order very little online, other than very occasionally buying some books from Dover, getting Molly's Heartgard from Canada Pet Care, and I just placed some seed orders. I avoid anything that require sharing personal information. I am eligible to get a $30 monthly discount on my Spectrum Internet bill, which would REALLY help, but I won't do it, for that reason. They make it sound beneficial, but it is all about tag, track and trace. Cell phones are the most obvious thing EVERYONE should dump, and anything wireless. People would rather bitch about being victims of the "bad guys," instead of taking responsibility for protecting themselves. You can set your browser to not allow websites to track you. If I get on a site that makes me click a box that I agree to cookies, I leave it and move on to something else. And again ALWAYS clear your browser cache. I always delete my search history with Google. Other search engines may not have that feature. Does Google still keep it? I dunno. We cannot completely avoid all this personal infiltration, but we can avoid quite a bit of it.
U.S. Intelligence Has Amassed ‘Sensitive and Intimate’ Data on ‘Nearly Everyone’
Here's another by the "smiling liar" from The Weather Channel.
Could A Heat Wave, Blackout Hospitalize Half Of Phoenix?
Followed by this one. It's like, WHY are people in Florida building beach homes that ARE or WILL BE SOON under water? Common sense these days is highly uncommon. Just LOOK at ALL THOSE HOMES, packed in like sardines. I would die if I had to live like that. Well, speaking of dying, most people are gonna be dead in the next few years, so WHY are we even having this discussion??
Water Shortage Halts New Homes Near Phoenix
Many of my regular readers are also Dane's people, so between their own research, plus the information supplied by us two good people who have devoted their lives to uncovering the truth and sharing it, we are all very well-informed on all these atrocities that have become part of life on Earth. And yet I still must gasp, more often than I should. This next article is a summary of a book he wrote proving that not only was absolutely everything about this plandemic false, and certainly orchestrated, but that "pathogenic viruses causing disease do not exist." OH, MY!! It is a kind of long article, but well-worth reading. He provides a link to Amazon to purchase the book, which I have bookmarked.
No Worries No Virus
I have a few more articles to share. The first supplies a list of the ten most pesticide-laden produce on the market. Well, it's like this. The air we breathe is poison. The water we drink—all of it—is poison. We can read labels from now until the end of life on Earth, but I guarantee, we we STILL be eating GMOs and bioengineered shit without even realizing it. That's why I am determined to live on mostly what I grow, IF it will grow, and I will be discussing all this in the next article.
Foods that Contain the Highest Amount of Pesticides
As I said, labels mean nothing. Everything is contaminated. Heavy metals are in everything. This article is particularly sickening and as far as I am concerned, ALL LIVESTOCK FARMING SHOULD BE STOPPED. We need to stop eating animals for so many reasons, but mostly because it is the right thing to do.
Is CAFO Animal Waste the Dirty Secret of Organic Foods?
Or maybe it's like, when you add vaccines to food products they leave a bad aftertaste. Eh? A medicinal taste? She says. Or burnt? Like in wildfires and scorched soil? Plus the fact that nobody's five senses are functioning properly anymore, being surrounded by toxic radio frequencies. Of course, blame it on Mother Nature and her menopause, again.
Why Your Coffee, Beer Might Taste Worse

And now, about that horrendously engineered cooldown for the northeastern U.S. and other eastern areas, certainly the Great Lakes region, at the cost of Canadian wildfires whose smoke was being used for a nefarious purpose. Just typing such a heinous sentence seems like a sci-fi horror that isn't. May started off fairly cold, then warmed up to what would be "normal" except, of course, it was engineered. So I thought I would plant my cool-weather crops. I am re-doing my squash-tomato field, and have GREATLY expanded my boundaries, in keeping with my policy of crop rotation, which I can't always do, but this year I mostly am. It has been years since I've planted cabbage, in fact, most brassicas because I have such a horrendous problem with cabbage moths that literally wipe out everything. But for the past two years since I've had the south side of the greenhouse, outside, cleaned up. I've noticed that the mustard I had planted decades ago came up and was unaffected, and it is a brassica. So I figured there was something out there that was repelling the moths. I did some research and it apparently is the mustard itself, and though a brassica, is not palatable to cabbage worms. If you have a problem with them, here are the other repellents: celery, tomatoes, dill, onions and garlic, and oregano, all of which I grow. Plus I ordered more marigold seeds, and will plant them right along with the vegetables, along with thyme, which I planted this year, and lavender, which I ordered and will also plant with the vegetables. If I can get it to grow.

So I have rutabagas, turnips, salad radishes, Daikon and Wasabi Japanese radishes and bok choy, all brassicas, planted where I had the sugar pumpkins last year, along with a row of carrots and beets. I'll have photos next issue but they are doing fine. Where I had the zucchini last year is now rows of cabbage, a bit of broccoli and golden chard, all cool crops, but no sooner did I transplant them, it turned hot and dry, so they've been covered up until these rains began. Mid-May started really heating up, so I decided to switch to hot-weather crops, and got my squash, pumpkins and cucumbers planted. Most are transplanted, because by the end of May and beginning of June it was quite scorching and dry. The cucumbers are outside, and will be trained up all those fallen willow limbs, along with pieces of the fallen maple that I've dragged down the hill and am building little climbing structures for them, so I can still grow them vertically. My first Farm Series on my website was The Enchanted Cucumber Forest, which has remained the most popular all these years. Plus I got basils planted WAY early, and eggplants, but by the time I started on peppers, the temps were plummeting, or at least, they weren't in the 90s, but overnight lows were WAY too cold, like down into the mid to low 40s.I am STILL sleeping with a fleece blanket, a wool blanket and a comforter! Consequently, except for a few eggplants, nothing else has germinated yet. But what was SO GOOD, is that FINALLY my soils truly dried. I found that I could loosen grass and weeds with a shovel, then hoe the area, and the soil would crumble, with the weed roots breaking easily away, for me to discard. That's how I got so much land cleared.

Well now that's all screwed up with this wildfire cooldown and way too much rain, and that's what I want to discuss next. It seems, they target a certain area, then just drench it over and over and over. I saved screenshots of the Excessive Rainfall Outlook Maps. These are from the week of beginning June 5, 8 a.m. and ending at 8a.m., June 10, the 5-day forecast. And I am wondering, are these people REALLY getting that much rain? If so, I'm sure they are not doing much farming. But at the same time, these maps are getting SO inacurate, it is hard to tell what is really going on unless you are there, and that's what I will share about my area. Anyways, here are the five maps, and if any of my readers live where these areas are actually getting THAT much rain, please let me know. I'm not hearing much about flooding, and the NWS National Map has been pretty clean lately, generally speaking. I am interested for several reasons. First, of course, my heart breaks for the farmers who are having their lives destroyed, many of whom have been in a family operation for generations, I would imagine. And secondly, it seems to me, at least from what I'm experiencing, that the controllers are less and less able to fulfill their agenda. Hmm. Too many dead pilots? Or is the planet just so fucked up at this point? We are in abrupt climate collapse, and as Dane points out, one of these days they will NOT be able to cool us down.

Excessive Rainfall Outlook, Day 1: June 5-6

Excessive Rainfall Outlook, Day 1: June 6-7

Excessive Rainfall Outlook, Day 3: June 7-8

Excessive Rainfall Outlook, Day 4: June 8-9

Excessive Rainfall Outlook, Day 5: June 9-10

As I continue this on June 15, it has warmed up considerably, and a lot more germination is going on in the greenhouse. The weather controllers decided to take advantage of the mess they created in Canada, and start dumping rain on us. OK, so yeah, we had been a bit dry, and others on higher ground probably did need rain more than I. But at the Cleveland NWS office, it got overdone. One forecaster said that this was the longest he or she had ever seen the Cleveland go without rain. Seriously?? How old is this person? Are they hiring children? Or do they just behave that way? In 1988, we had the worst drought I personally had ever experienced. I was still working as music director at a church, and the main staff went to a conference at The University of Notre Dame in Southbend, Indiana, near the central northern border. Before we left, it had been abnormally dry, but it seems this drought was already in full swing there, and making its way east. And that was the year we here broke all heat records, with days into the 100-plus range. I think 103 was the highest it hit here. We went most of the spring, all of the summer, and if I remember correctly, it was not until late fall that we finally got precipitation. Constant rain is terrible, but droughts are terrifying. And we did it again, even worse, in either 1991 or 1992, which required us to get another well drilled. It was, in fact, our ONLY drilled well, the others being dug and supplied by what used to be, when I was a child, fed by underground artesian wells. My dad would pump them dry, and they'd fill right back up. But by the 1990s, the climate screwup was already apparent, and a few years later in 1994 is when I started keeping weather data.

Anyways, I was hoping to either stay dry, which looked unlikely, because by Friday, the QPF map showed massive amounts of rain coming in my direction. My second choice was to get some light and refreshing showers that would wet all my plants I had outside, and provide some surface moisture, but not enough to go deep, because I still have plants impatiently waiting in their containers to be set out, and lots more on the way. By Saturday afternoon, however, the QPF had drastically changed to much less rain. Of all the different departments at NWS/NOAA, I find the Excessive Rainfall Outlooks to be the least inaccurate. They tend to be aggressive, so if we are not included, that tells me that their team is not taking the QPF maps seriously. We were in the "marginal" sector, but a good chunk of Ohio was in the Slight (the next level). Well. When I got up on Sunday, the day this big drought-busting sytsem was supposed to hit, this is what was posted.

QPF for Sunday Morning, June 11

OMG!! That's a lot of rain. And the Cleveland Office posted a big chart with expected rainfall totals. Ours was 1.5 inches. Well. Again. The Excessive Rainfall Outlook actually had taken ALL of Ohio out of the Slight Risk, in fact ALL of the eastern region, telling me they thought this was all hype and bullshit, as I thought. This is what they wrote:

Excessive Rainfall Discussion NWS Weather Prediction Center College Park MD 310 AM EDT Sun Jun 11 2023

In order to avoid constant flip-flopping on the risk area in this region, and due to the moderately large mass field change over the past 24 hours, have left the level at Marginal in the Ohio Valley.

It indeed was a good call, because by the afternoon, the QPFs had again drastically flip-flopped. Here's the Sunday afternoon map, followed by the final Excessive Rainfall Outlook for the area which did not change again.

QPF for Sunday Afternoon, June 11

Excessive Rainfall Outlook, Day 1: June 11-12

I am not just babbling on. There is a point to this, being that everyone NEEDS to pay attention to the constant dramatizing and exaggeration of weather events, no doubt part of the script orders. The people at NWS were gleeful, going on about how the excitement was building. Really? C'mon, WE WERE NOT THAT DESPERATE FOR RAIN. And though some people in Ohio did get quite a bit of rain, I saw very few flood alerts anywhere, or alerts of any kind in Ohio. I ended up getting, over the 24-hour period, .37 inches, and it was a gentle "old-fashioned" rain. I was out walking in it, burning some of my paper trash that had been sitting, and got barely wet.

I remember when I was a kid, the three of us—my mom and dad and I—would always walk around during a gentle rain, especially if it had been hot and dry, and summers here WERE hot, and on the dry side. You could literally watch the plants grow when the rain hit them, often a couple inches over a day. I feel so sorry for people that were born any later than the 60s. You just CANNOT imagine how it was. It's like trying to explain Beatlemania to a teenager. YOU HAD TO BE THERE.

Everything was in balance. When the humidity rose, the puffy clouds above us would draw up moisture from all the big and little lakes and reservoirs in my area. That's what clouds are supposed to do. You could see it at a distance. Then when they got full, there would be a shower, often a quick one and so gentle and refreshing that you could not resist running out and playing in it. It would pass and the sun would soon be shining. It was all so beautiful and so natural and so perfect. I'm not saying we didn't have scary thunderstorms, but NOT LIKE NOW, where we have one after another after another all summer. We could count on just about any planned activity not being ruined by rain. And those quick showers would break the humidity, and everything smelled so good afterwards.

And so, to the purpose, the Monday following this supposed major rain event DID accomplish one thing for the weather psychos. It was SO COLD. June 12, it barely made it out of the 50s. I had neatly packed away my winter clothing, and I was compelled to unpack some of it, like sweatshirts and warm pajamas. OMG!! It is fucking JUNE, C'mon. Dark ALL DAY. When I was growing, I can't EVER remember a cold dark day like we have now in June. But by the next day, I could feel that warm muggy air moving in, even though the thermometer didn't reflect it. And my plants began to grow and germinate, even hot peppers. But apparently the controllers were determined to dump toxic rain on us, so the day after that, Tuesday, June 13, there was another orchestrated rain event, which involved this massive pinwheel that has been rotating over eastern North America. And I wasn't quite as fortunate with this one. I didn't get "heavy" rain, but the rain I got was those huge drops the size of BBs that fill up the rain gauge in a flash. You can tell they are seeded. Again, when I was growing up, it was NEVER like that. And it went on and on and on. They form these pinwheels that move out into the Atlantic and collect all that water, then create a slow moving system that dumps tons of rain. I didn't really get tons, but I got WAY more than I needed or wanted. If you really want to grasp just how much water is being dumped on us, start measuring it. And even better, measure what is coming out of the downspouts. You will be shocked.

And of course, all this rain has brought out the slugs. When I was growing up, we NEVER had slugs. Ever, and I remember all this very well, because we always worked together as a family, planting, taking care of the plants and harvesting. I remember we had certain insect pests, like cucumber beetles and cabbage moths, but NEVER slugs because it NEVER rained this much. But there are SO many now that as soon as it rains, they come out en masse. And they are destructive. One killed an entire zucchini plant, and I only planted three because I am growing nine varieties of summer squash this year. They also got a couple of my little cabbage plants and a cucumber plant. I have several pairs of childrens' scissors that I get from Marc's for 79 cents that I keep handy for when I do my rounds and slug-patrol. I cut them in half because they're too slimy to squash, but the problem is that they're cannibals, so often a dead one will draw others to the feast. They are really disgusting little creatures. They are NOT invited to live on My Own Little Planet when I move there. Anyways, this next "system" moved through on Tuesday afternoon and night, June 13. Here's a screenshot of the pinwheel at 4:22 p.m.. Then another at 6:25 p.m.which also features more square weather. Fortunately for me, the really heavy rain went to the south.

Interactive Radar, June 13, 4:22 p.m.

Interactive Radar, June 13, 6:25 p.m.

By 5:25 a.m., June 15, it had assumed the shape of some hideous monster. None of this is natural.

Interactive Radar, June 14, 5:25 a.m.

And rather than turning cold again the day after, on Wednesday, it was actually pretty warm. And so was Thursday, in fact, I was back to short and a tee-shirt. Then the third system in five days hit in the evening, and this one was the worst of all, I mean terrifying. OMG! And not only here in Ohio, but Texas and Florida. I have screenshots for that one, too, but first, here are a number of videos. And none of this is natural either. Everyone, PLEASE join the fight to stop this atrocity going on in the skies, or it might be YOUR life or property next.
4 Dead As Severe Storms Produce Tornadoes, Flooding
Staggering Drone Images Capture Perryton, Texas, Tornado Destruction
Flash Flooding Emergency In Florida Panhandle From Severe Storms
And this is absolutely not natural. Remember, they have turned our skies into an electronic grid, so any lightning now can turn deadly.
Here’s What Extreme Lightning Looked Like In Florida Panhandle
And here's one from my neck of the woods, which I will discuss next.
Storm Flings Debris In Air In Northern Ohio

The thing is, this was not supposed to be such a severe event. First, we were just under a chance of thunderstorms, with a "Hazardous Weather Outlook" alert, which is the lowest of the danger levels. But then we, most of Ohio, and here up north—it was only Ohio—were put under a "Marginal Risk" for severe weather—5 percent chance of wind and hail and zero for tornadoes. Remember at the top of this page, the video, and also Dane mentioning about lightning striking in clear skies, also NOT NORMAL. Well, here is a screenshot from Thursday morning, as all those storms were moving in, again, another pinwheel, or most likely the same one just on another round. Anyways, I had the "Storm Tracks" turned on, and they showed up in several places where there was no rain whatsoever. I thought maybe radar was temporarily out, which sometimes happens, so I kept checking back, and there was definitely no rain in these areas.

Interactive Radar, June 15, 8:50 a.m.

Even toward evening, the Exceessive Rainfall Outlook did not have Ohio included, and the Storm Prediction Center still had Ohio under only a Marginal Risk. But this thing blew up so quickly and so INTENSE as it descended down from Lake Michigan across western Lake Erie, that soon, Northwestern Ohio was not only under a Severe Thunderstorm WARNING, but also a Tornado WARNING. Rather than moving across Lake Erie, as expected, because the heaviest rain was forecast to fall in far northern Ohio, it instead, just west of Cleveland, began moving southeast. Next a Severe Thunderstorm Watch was added for a big chunk of North Central Ohio, ending at Portage County, where I live. Most of Ohio had been, all day, under the Hazardous Outlook, as I mentioned, but all of a sudden, that just disappeared for all of us under the Cleveland Office, except for the counties under the watch and warnings. The warnings kept moving southeast along with the storm, so the tornado warning was in effect in Ohio for hours, but migrating. Anyways, at first I thought it was an error that the Hazardous Outlook had disappeared, and kept checking back to my local page, but in fact, it was gone. Here are two of the maps. The first is from 8:55 p.m., plus this rain was TORRENTIAL, so these people were also under flash flood warnings. The second is the map posted on the Cleveland page.

Interactive Radar, June 15, 8:55 p.m.

Cleveland NWS Office, June 15, 8:55 p.m.

Kinda like locking the gate after the pony escapes, both the Storm Prediction Center and Excessive Rainfall Outlook "got it," and realized there was a problem in Ohio, upgrading us to a "Slight Risk" and "Marginal Risk" respectively. REALLY?? No, I think this was a bit worse than slight and marginal. But nowhere near as bad as Texas. Here is the Forecast Discussion posted on the Cleveland NWS page at 8:11 p.m. on June 15. Dane says all these meteorologists know about climate engineering, but I'm not sure I agree. They are too young and too stupid and too naïve, and have no idea of what "normal" weather should be. They have been easily hoodwinked. Any meteorologist that has "qualified" to work for NWS and thought this was the longest stretch of time between rainfalls in Cleveland is a mere novice. Plus there was no rhyme nor reason about the movement of this storm, which is why everyone was so surprised.

Area Forecast Discussion National Weather Service Cleveland OH
811 PM EDT Thu Jun 15 2023

730 pm update...
This evening`s weather turned very busy in a hurry with convection becoming more severe than expected, especially from the Toledo area eastward towards just west of the CLE metro area as of this update. There is a severe storm watch out for portions of northern Ohio until 11 pm EDT. The severe weather threat should continue for a couple more hours before the convection should start a downward trend with intensity. We will keep this evening update kind of short due to active warnings and severe weather operations going on at this time.

Storm Prediction Center, June 15, p.m.

Excessive Rainfall Outlook, June 15, p.m.

Two more screenshots, the first is from 10:50 p.m. on June 15, when the Severe Thunderstorm Warnings were dropped, but you can see the rain is still torrential, and the pinwheel in still turning. The second is from 9:35 a.m. and you can see on this one that the storm, though much less intense, continues to move southeast, and the pinwheel is still in operation. Once again, I point out that NONE OF THIS is normal or natural—systems do NOT keep swirling around and around and around for days or weeks unless they are being engineered. ALL WEATHER is engineered. I know that many of my regular readers know about climate engineering and weather warfare, but unless you study these maps, you really DO NOT completely understand the totality of these operations.

Interactive Radar, June 15, 10:50 p.m.

Interactive Radar, June 16, 9:35 a.m.

I have changed my plans about what articles will be published in June. I did not anticipate the weather events of this past week, which I felt compelled to cover, and it turned this into a quite long article. I hope you study it, and start keeping your own weather data. In any case, I have lots of Farm photos to share, plus info on food, wasps, turtles and some really creepy fungus—much more fun news than this issue, which I will publish soon in a shorter article. In addition, my next regular article will be sort of a continuation of the previous one, Update on Alien Interference and UFOs. I also have a couple documentaries to review. Disclosure of the truth about Alien Interference on this planet is the most important priority of all the disclosures that must happen, because then everyone will suddenly become aware of the insanity of everything else. I also have some new and very good information I will share concerning Aliens.

I have believed for a very long time that the bottom line of these weather warfare operations is ALL ABOUT Aliens. I am not the only one that notices a change in my mental state during these "events." Creepy things start to happen. My animals also are affected, both physically and psychologically. Molly gets more mentally confused than she normally is, plus she suffers from bloating and gas. I do massotherapy on her every day which helps her digestive system and expulsion of excess fluids. Grizzly Bear gets really bad congestion and often a bloody nose. I am sitting here finishing this up on the morning of June 17 as I listen to Dane's live GAN broadcast on KQMS, and just as I was typing this paragraph, he told of a situation where he and a number of other people were in a situation that suddenly gave them all nosebleeds from something in the air. In addition, everyone here, except me, had ear issues, or ear infections, so they all got their ears cleaned with vinegar-water, which is the best way to treat ear infections in cats and dogs. Plus, I can count on the cats, Grizzy especially, usually throwing up and he will also drink way too much water. Coconut oil rubbed around his mouth usually settles him down, as it also has medicinal qualities. Anyways, as my readers know, I am a firm believer that we are stuck in a simulated, AI reality, and these "storms" are being used to manipulate it. Begin to observe everything from a different mindset, and you will be opened up to things you could never fathom, and they are not nice.

So, I have decided to delay the promised HAARP article for a bit, simply because I do not have the mental coherence to write it at the moment. I was keeping up with my Farm work pretty well, but now I've lost a whole week and still have to wait for the soil to dry again. Every time I go into the greenhouse, my plants start screaming at me that they need to be transplanted. I am aware of that. The green fennel is going into a big tub which is inside and dry so that will be the first order of business after I get this posted. Yes, I talk to my plants as well as my animals, and love them as dearly, too.

And one last comment. Thank you to those who have been checking back on my site as I suggested. I have been getting more readers, but should have WAY more. The materials I publish are important and should be read by a large number of people. I am going to be dumping HostGator and moving to a different web hosting company, because I think THEY are a big part of the problem. I had a huge confrontation with one of their ignorant and TOTALLY INCOMPETENT "customer service" reps, who barely spoke English. I traced her, and she was in Hong Kong. I will forego explaining what she did, but my gameplan was to file a BBB complaint. However, when I got on the Houston BBB site, I found that Hostgator had no BBB rating, had numerous complaints, and ZERO complaints had been resolved in the past three years. OK, so it's time to dump them. Anyways, if you try to get on my site and it is gone, that means I am in the process of migrating to a new host. Just check back.

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