Isaiah 9:2
2 The people that walked in darkness have seen a great light:
they that dwelt in the land of the shadow of death, upon them hath the light shined.

Let us use the power of our minds and souls to make 2023 the year we bring about full disclosure of all the evil forces, both on and off planet, that are assaulting the planet and her lifeforms incessantly now. Let us use the power of our minds and souls to end the Death Culture and support all Life. Let us use the use the power of our minds and souls to awaken and be free. Let us welcome with joy THE NEW PARADIGM.

May 21, 2023

Opening note: As I was loading this page, I realized I had forgotten to change the date on the April 20 issue, so two issues had the same date because I use the same form for all of them. So if you have not read it, thinking you got the April 6 issue, please take the time to do that now. Sorry!

I have lots of material to share, so I will dive right in, first with the latest Covid bioweapons deaths. I am not obsessed with this, but the bare truth of it is, we are at the point on this planet when many souls are leaving. Of course it is tragic to loved ones, but when we look at it from the energetic standpoint, we can grasp that it is a splitting off of those who wish to move into higher dimensions and those who are not ready. We may all be leaving soon, as perhaps there is little left of this planet to sustain life and it is not worth restoring, or perhaps it is not even real, but a simulated reality, which I have believed for a long time, in which case we all need to leave it. Obviously, the deaths are a criminal doing, but as I've been saying, we have to look at it from the non-physical, energetic standpoint, where it looks mighty different than we perceive it here on the physical planet. I've thought for a long time that the only way the assault in the skies will stop is when the people in the military are all dead. Perhaps that will be the end of all wars and the Death Culure, too.

So here are links to the latest deaths. Some of them have the same or similar titles, but I checked the numbers on the links and I am pretty sure I did not include duplicates.
Pilot Death: United Airlines and US Air Force Pilot Lt. Col. Michael Fugett, Age 46, Died Unexpectedly at His Home on May 9, 2023
Don't know if this is jab-related, but there's been an awful lot of military aircraft accidents lately.
Officials identify 3 people killed in plane crash off California coast
By the way, Dane mentioned last week again about pilots contacting him about their planes switching to autopilot because the upper atmosphere is too warm now to carry the weight of the plane.
Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, May 13, 2023
And more deaths of young people.
High School Students Who Died Suddenly or Unexpectedly After Taking COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines. Foreign Deaths in 2021
This is beyond scary.
Died Suddenly: School Bus Drivers Are Collapsing at the Wheel. Nine Recent Incidents
There is an interview included with this next one that I recommend listening to. It is quite sickening. Dr. Makis is the one that has published all this "died suddenly" information, and here we get to listen to him speak.
“Died Suddenly”: Bus Drivers Collapsing, Pilots Having Medical Emergencies, Weightlifters, Turbo Cancers and More
I am to the point where I don't even want to drive, especially where there is semi-truck traffic. One might be able to dodge a runaway car, but I shudder to think of what would happen with a truck. In fact, you never know what insane things people will do now as they are driving. The other day, there was a van following me down my road. I had my turn signal on to make a LEFT TURN into my driveway, and this van PASSED ME just as I was to make the turn!!! OMG! Fortunately I was watching this in my rear view mirror, because I knew there was something wrong with this driver. I am seeing this shit happening more and more now.
Pilot Died: Air Transat and Former Air Canada Pilot Eddy Vorperian, Age 48, from Montreal, Canada, Died Suddenly on May 3, 2023
Died Suddenly: Police Officers Who Died Suddenly Recently, Possibly Due to Injuries from COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates
Died Suddenly: Police Officers Who Died Suddenly Recently, Possibly Due to Injuries Caused by COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates
Died Suddenly: Police Officers Who Died Suddenly Recently, Possibly Due to Injuries Caused by COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates
‘MasterChef Australia’ judge Jock Zonfrillo dies on eve of new series, age 46
Blood Clots, Pulmonary Emboli in Young Women: A Not-so-rare and Often Fatal Complication of COVID-19 mRNA Vaccination
Turbo Cancer Leukemia: Children From Ages 11 to 21 Are Dying Within Hours or Days of Cancer Diagnosis
Musicians Injured, Disabled or Killed by COVID-19 Vaccines (Or Suspected Injuries)
Epidemic of 15-19 Year Olds Dropping Dead in Schools and Dorms Across USA and Canada in April 2023
Canadian Doctors Sudden Deaths Have Reached 150 Since COVID-19 Vaccines Roll-Out.
Young Chefs Are Dying Suddenly and Unexpectedly. 28 Sudden Deaths, COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates?
University of Louisiana-Lafayette waterski champ Michael Arthur "Micky" Gellar dies at 18
High School “Died Suddenly”: 14-19 Year Olds Dying Suddenly
High School Students Who Died Suddenly or Unexpectedly After Taking COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines. 16 Cases in 2022
This one includes a number of countries, and Dr. Makis points out that in all highly vaccinated countries, excess deaths in 2022 were 1 in 1,000, but is increasing this year to 1 in 500. And many others, such as funeral directors and insurance companies have seen the same trend. My hunch is that it will continue to increase.
Excess Deaths in the UK: 10,000 More Brits Are Dying. Experts Not Sure Why.
At some point soon, I am going to stop saving these. Obviously the trend is not slowing, and will begin to have more and more of an effect on the functioning of the entire planet, at both the physical and non-physical levels. A great mass of energy is being purged from the planet and I do NOT mean that in a judgmental way or seeming lack of compassion. But everything on the planet is shifting now, energetically, and the only way we have to be aware of it is by what is happening in the physical world. Perhaps this is the only way to jolt those who survive out of their stupor. Here are a couple more items, then on to other business.
Australia, A Tragic Window into the Truth. Excess Mortality in 2021-22 Following Roll-out of Covid Injections
And here's more from Australia. Excellent interview with Joe Rogan and cardiologist Dr. Aseem Malhotra, who brings up the fact that the people who are behind this criminal atrocity fulfill the criteria for being psychopaths. Well, we knew that didn't we? The second video is about the lawsuit in Australia and the third, about a similar one in the U.K. There are two other videos which I did not listen to. As for the lawsuits, yes, I understand that people who have become debilitated and are not able to work or even function on their own need to be compensated with some sort of financial help, but at this point the number of people in this situation is become vast, not even counting all those who are dying, that the money will be a drop in the bucket, as they say. What NEEDS to happen NOW is for all those who have been perpetrators of this global outrage to be gathered up, tried, and duly punished. We can no longer piddle around with this.
Will Lawsuits Bring an End to COVID Vaccines?
Yes, people DO need to be jolted out of their stupor. As Dane points out all the time.
The Corona Wars have Engulfed the Globe: The Naive Belief in Governmental Benevolence

Let's switch to food now, then I'll return to current news. When I first saw this, I thought, OMG, please tell me these chefs are not suggesting dumpster diving . . . . And I still don't know for sure what exactly they mean. Buying imperfect vegetables from a Farmers Market? . . . OK, yes that's a good idea. But using food trash? From where? In any case, I absolutely will not eat at a restaurant because the amount of food people throw away is sickening. The last time I ate at restaurants was when I was the entertainment writer for the Youngstown Vindicator, back in the early 2000s, when I would review dinner theaters, and I, like probably most people, have also worked at some point at restaurants. Just the whole way they function is—gosh, wasteful doesn't even begin to describe it. I know years ago there were restaurants in California that worked with organic farms, buying their produce and returning scraps for compost. I have cookbooks published through these types. But try to get something going in most other states, or even worse, try to get big franchise restaurants interested. All they care about is profit, and separating food scraps to be composted would cut their profits and waste their time. And fast-food places are even worse, with all their plastic and paper that get used once and go to the trash, then to the landfill. I become enraged just thinking about it. But the bottom line is the ignorance and self-absorption of people who want everything "convenient," and to hell with the planet. Until the attitude of the human race changes, we will continue to fall into the environmental abyss from which there is no escape. Or until enough people are dead that those who are still alive will be forced to wake up. In any case, here's the short video.
Eating Trash
Well, here on the farm, I have been picking dandelion greens nearly every day for lunch. Dandelions. Delicious, nutritious, and an abundant source of free food. I had quite a good crop this year, HA!! The gift that keeps on giving. As I type this on Wednesday, I just finished eating a lentil-barley soup, with chopped dandelion greens, carrots, celery, onion, cumin, lemon pepper, and garlic powder, topped with ALDI Non-GMO oyster crackers.

Delicious Soup

Dandelion Field

Snicker if you like, but there is coming the day, sooner rather than later, when people will be scraping through dirt to find something to keep them from starving to death, like Scarlett O'Hara in Gone With The Wind, except it will be the entire planet. Dane has said that he'd be happy living in a teepee eating acorns if we could just stop what's going on in the skies and let the planet rebalance. So would I, except I'd be eating dandelions, and there are LOTS of ways to prepare them. Here's some info about their health benefits, and they are also beneficial for dogs, especially elderly dogs like my Molly. She likes them and readily eats them when I mix them with her food.
What are the Health Benefits of Dandelion Greens?
A couple tips: Dandelions are chicory, so they are bitter. The inner, more tender leaves are less so, but cooking them well helps with the bitterness, which does not bother me because I like escarole and endive, too, which are also chicory. I puree them raw and put them in salads, so with some vinegar and oil dressing, the bitterness is masked. Also, if you are not a country person and aren't sure of your plants, never pick anything wild to eat without educating yourself or getting help from one who knows, because there is a mix of edible and poison out there. I have buttercups all over and they are poisonous. In fact, even if you have a garden, harvest leafy greens carefully so something doesn't sneak in that doesn't belong. I have a pair of scissors I use just for food, and I clip one leaf at a time. On this day, I was picking amongst the poison ivy, and though I am not allergic to it, I think eating it might be a problem. So the message is, enjoy what's out there to eat with caution and prudence.
And speaking of food waste, this one . . . .gosh, I'm speechless. HOW MANY PEOPLE could this have fed?
500 Pounds Of Noodles Dumped In Forest

Next, here's a heads-up on what's happening on the farm. I have some experimental projects I'm working on and will share when I see how they go. Meanwhile, I have cucumbers and pumpkins beginning to germinate in the greenhouse, although as I write this on Wednesday, we're under a frost advisory, and supposedly will go down to 33 degrees tonight. In other words, they're spraying the shit out of us with cool-down chemicals, while the West Coast bakes. We're all gonna be baking soon, as Dane spoke of in his recent GAN linked above. I am not growing my cucumbers inside this year, because all my cucurbits were so much more productive outside. I have ordered many more varieties, but I'm only planting 2-3 seeds for each summer squash variety, and 4-5 on winter varieties because they store well. My pumpkins and squash that I stored fed me till March, and since I discovered that the cats as well as Molly like them, especially the pumpkins, I am growing more of them. My pumpkins did very well last year. I have also ordered orange striped cushaw seeds to go with my usual green-striped. So, we shall see how it all goes. As for the greenhouse, it is still too muddy in there, but I was able to weed the onions I planted last year. I think I might plant my basils directly into the ground rather than in pots, and I might start propagating what is left of all those fruit bushes I planted, most of which have died, and the ones that haven't, have not produced, and if they did, the deer ate them as fast as they ripened. So I may move everything inside. Here are more photos.

First, there's the lilies of the valley I mentioned in the last issue that I planted years ago and finally decided to up and bloom. Not too showy, but something. We always had them when I was growing up and I've missed them. Below that is my garlic!! Just look how big and healthy it is. Can't wait to sample all the varieties. And last is my English Wood Hyacinths. I have more photos, but they are related to my experimental projects.

Lilies of the Valley

Lilies of the Valley

English Wood Hyacinths


Since we are discussing food and farming, here are some more quotes from The Wit and Wisdom of Gandhi, as he had much to say about food, poverty and respect for nature and living things. But first, here are a couple of his thoughts concerning health, and I totally agree!! Too many people do not want to bother with making the health of their own bodies their own responsibility. It is too easy for them to just go to a doctor and pop pills. And so what we have happening with the Covid bioweapon "vaccines" is no surprise to me, in fact, it was inevitable.

When once a bottle of medicine gets itself introduced into a home, it never thinks of going out, but only goes on drawing other bottles in its train.

Disease increases in proportion to the increase in the number of doctors in a place.

HA!! Doctors like Fauci, especially.
Here's a lesson on prudence when eating. If everyone ate like this, especially if they realized that their gluttony and greed which ends up in perfectly good food being thrown away that could have fed a hungry person, then hunger could have been alleviated. And now! As each day passes the greed, apathy, ignorance and self-absorption of most people in "developed" nations will finally end up coming to a screeching halt when they realize there is NO FOOD, as the planet's life-support systems collapse. This ALL could have been prevented. ALL OF IT. I don't agree that we should not enjoy eating. I love to eat and I love to cook, but I do it with my health and the health of the planet as a basis—a spiritual activity.

All food should be taken as medicine . . . . Medicine need not be nasty to taste; nor is it taken for pleasure of the palate. Food should be treated exactly in the same manner, i.e. suitable food, in suitable proportion, in suitable manner and at suitable times.

More people are weak through overfeeding or wrong feeding than through underfeeding. It is wonderful, if we choose the right diet, what extraordinary small quantity would suffice.

Well, that was true in Gandhi's time, but not any more because so much of the "food" people eat is not food at all, and even those of us who strive to eat real food are eating the poisons along with it, no matter how it is grown. Again, if people would have been paying attention to all this, it NEVER would have happened. However, apparently, more and more people are becoming aware of the danger of GMOs and bioengineered products. When people refuse to buy them, then they will go off the market. It's called BOYCOTTING, and that will be something I'll discuss in my upcoming spiritual articles. Refusing to partipate brings their attempted control to a halt. More on GMOs below.
Here's a good one. HA!!

There is a great deal of truth in the saying that man becomes what he eats. The grosser the food the grosser the body.

How 'bout a Big Mac washed down with a coke? YUK. I have only three times in my life eaten at MacDonald's and all three times I felt sick afterward. The last time was in 1979. And I am totally opposed to any sodas or soft drinks. I NEVER touch them. And now, here are some quotes concerning reverence for all life which means we should not kill or eat animals or wear them or use them for any kind of testing, and of course I agree with that. Here are two more quotes.

Spiritual progress does demand at some stage that we should cease to kill our fellow creatures for the satisfaction of our bodily wants.

To my mind the life of a lamb is no less precious than that of a human being. I should be unwilling to take the life of a lamb for the sake of the human body. I hold that, the more helpless a creature, the more entitled it is to protection by man from the cruelty of man.

And this last one sums up the greed that is now epidemic on the planet, with people like Gates and Schwab and Musk and the rest of the criminally wealthy that have become so by stealing from the rest of the planet. Stealing our health, our clean air and sunshine, our clean water, our fertile soil, and our once pure and nutritious foods. Add to that, just plain stealing our money to fund criminal organizations masquerading as government agencies and military, and not just the U.S.. But it also refers to people who are addicted to consumerism, and especially those who hoard what others need. Like toilet paper at the beginning of this plandemic, which I could never understand because Covid did NOT make people shit more. Seriously . . . . Here is the last quote from Gandhi.

We are thieves in a way. If I take anything that I do not need for my own immediate use, and keep it, I thieve it from somebody else. It is the fundamental law of Nature, without exception, that nature produces enough for our wants from day to day, and if only everybody took enough for himself and nothing more, there would be no pauperism in this world, there would be no man dying from starvation in this world . . . . I do not want to dispossess anybody. . . . If somebody else possesses more than I do, let him. But as far as my own life has to be regulated, I do say that I dare not possess anything which I do not want . . . . You and I have no right to anything that we really have until [the] millions are clothed and fed better. You and I, who ought to know better, must adjust our wants, and even undergo voluntary starvation in order that they may be nursed, fed and clothed.

Henry David Thoreau was an advocate of voluntary poverty and so am I. The thing is, those who are wise will do it voluntarily, and learn how to live with very little, because very, very soon, those who think they have it all will find they have nothing. And the bigger they are, the harder they fall, as the saying goes. I just read a book that I will be presenting very soon, which deals with time travel into a civilization that lives exactly as Gandhi describes, and they are rich compared to what we have now. Starvation and all other deficiencies of what is needed to survive and thrive have been obliterated.

And while we're on the subject of food, here is more info concerning GMOs and bioengineered "foods." Here's one from the USDA, my favorite (not) government agency. If you can make sense out of all the rigamarole, it seems to me there are lots of little loopholes that can be used to get out of complying. In other words, like all other criminal government agencies, they are basically doing nothing to protect the American people. And so, until the states begin passing their own laws and demanding compliance, we are screwed. Actually, the only way we are guaranteed safety from this shit is if it is banned all together and those who are promoting and perpetrating these toxic activities are shut down and jailed. Starting with Bill Gates.
BE Frequently Asked Questions—General
Here is a much more intelligently written article.
Non-GMO Ingredients
And another.
Non-GMO Foods for Baking
I made a nasty phone call to Argo about their baking powder, which I have used for decades because it does not contain aluminum, like most other baking powders. Why is ALUMINUM in food?? Anyways, they are now using bioengineered ingredients, which is worse than aluminum, but the ditzy girl I got from customer service obviously was clueless. Anyways, here is some info about non-GMO baking powder and cornstarch. During the colder months, I make apple pancakes for breafast nearly every day, so I need ingredients that is safe.
Rumford Baking Powder
Rumford Baking Powder
Rumford Non-Gmo Corn Starch, 12 Ounce
Remember, I think it was like the final issue of last year's Farm Series that I mentioned the "Veg-O-Matic" non-electrical food chopper we had when I was growing up? This is almost like it, but ours was round.
This viral veggie chopper is $15 off at Amazon right now

Now, let's move on to environmental issues, starting with two articles on bioengineering. This first one is an example of how the controllers make their criminal activities sound beneficial, and there is NOTHING good about any of this. If anyone in power REALLY wanted to do something beneficial for the planet, the first step would be to STOP the atrocity going on in the skies.
“Bold Goals”: Biden’s Executive Order Will Have Us Bioengineering Everything
As Dane says every week, technology CANNOT save us and it is only making things worse. In this, his latest Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, May 20, 2023, he expressed his bewilderment, as we all do, that these so-called experts just can't understand why the global climate situation has gotten so bad so fast, and DO NOT SEEM TO HAVE A CLUE about what is going on in the skies. Like the doctors and scientists who can't figure out why so many people are dropping dead. They are either being paid a great amount of money to be ignorant, or they are being mind controlled and really ARE ignorant. I vote with the second one. And NONE of this is going to matter pretty soon, when planetary temperatures reach the point where NOTHING will cool us down. I think we are there already, so all these great plans and ideas are nothing bu horseshit. This next one is a bit of good news, sort of.
Genetically Engineered Mosquito Experiment in California’s Central Valley Halted
But the thing is, it cannot be just a statewide decision. I believe they have already been released in Florida, actually several years ago, I think, so it is only a matter of time before they are everywhere.

Next, here is more on the catastrophic earthquake in Turkey. It is good that there are those who now recognize weather (and environmental warfare) and that these occurences are NOT NATURAL, and that they are speaking out and gathering evidence. Here is a reprint of a previously published article.
Environmental Modification Techniques (ENMOD) and the Turkey-Syria Earthquake: An Expert Investigation is Required
Turkey Elections: West Failed to Depose Erdogan Despite Openly Backing Opposition
Turkey Blasts Charlie Hebdo Cartoon Depicting Erdogan Electrocution in Bathtub
Here are some other stories about U.S. criminal dominance and manipulation.
Newly Released Images of Massive US Embassy Compound in Lebanon Prompt Questions
And here's another chilling article by John and Nisha Whitehead. OMG!! PLEASE READ.
Disarm the IRS, De-Militarize the Bureaucracy, and Dismantle the Standing Army
WHY ARE THESE GOVERNMENT AGENCIES ARMED?? A no-brainer. Because one of these days the public is gonna wake up and go after these criminals. As Dane says all the time, we have to awaken the insiders. Here is a quote.

Among the agencies being supplied with night-vision equipment, body armor, hollow-point bullets, shotguns, drones, assault rifles and LP gas cannons are the IRS, Smithsonian, U.S. Mint, Health and Human Services, FDA, Small Business Administration, Social Security Administration, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Education Department, Energy Department, Bureau of Engraving and Printing and an assortment of public universities.

The Smithsonian? Hmm. Remember Greg Hunter's interview with Steve Quayle, when he spoke of the Smithsonian having a whole collection of artifacts, proving Alien occupation of this planet? In fact, my opinion, which continues to strengthen by the day as we observe in horror the unfathomable activities now taking place on Planet Earth, is that ALIEN OCCUPATION is behind it all. This stuff is NOT HUMAN.
Alien Link to Human Destruction—Steve Quayle.
Here's an article just published, quoting a 1961 speech by President John F. Kennedy.
The Day JFK Warned Us About the Globalists’ “Monolithic and Ruthless Conspiracy” and Their Censorship Regime
For those that still believe they have one iota of privacy, think again.
The Feds and Their Copycats
Here's a quote from the article. "Two of my closest friends—husband and wife—told me they were discussing diamond earrings on their cellphones with each other last week. Soon, ads for diamond earrings began popping up on their desktops." Let me tell you a story. Recently I published a book review of the French pulp fiction novel, Fantômas, a great book, by the way. One of the characters was named Etienne which is not a common name here in the U.S.. Now, mind you, it was written on my Microsoft Word on my desktop. I do not have any wireless technology here, or anything "Smart." I have a tablet that I use only for an eReader and I keep it on airplane mode so it cannot send or receive signals, plus, nobody can use cellphones out here because we cannot pick up signals. But a couple days after I published the book review, I got a junk email from someone named "Etienne." Really?? Of course I blocked and reported it. OMG . . . . I know that Windows 10 has a built-in backdoor for Microsoft trojans, which is why I fought having to use this operating system. Plus, I get Microsoft hackers on my website all the time and promptly block them. But the point is, EVERYTHING has become hackable, including and especially our minds, which Klaus Schwab's creepy little advisor, Yuval Noah Harari smugly stated on record. Even though I have the paid-version of Malwarebytes, which is a good security program, I know my email is being hacked because most of my new emails are not boldface, and I have reason to believe my email, and everybody else's is being intercepted before it even reaches our computers. I changed my password, but that does no good if the hackers hack before it arrives.

Here are a couple more odds and ends.
Recent Severe Microwave Syndrome, Triggered by 5G?
Certainly most people who are even remotely awake have GOT to be aware of the non-stop noises in our ears and brains, and it is NOT tinnitus! There are times when I cannot get my body to relax and have an extremely difficult time concentrating, meditating and visualizing, yet other times, these are very easy and flowing activities to me. The worst times are before and during the movement of these totally engineered "fronts," that are always heavily seeded with toxic substances for cool-downs and mind control. I cannot understand how people can NOT notice this shit. It drives me crazy. Here's a comment from A Friend in Dane's community on his May 13 GAN linked above.

A Friend says:
May 16, 2023 at 8:43 am

In the past week, I have seen many cloud patterns that have had a strange, rippled effect much like the pictures in Dane's Geoengineering booklets of the use of HAARP, etc. The appearance suggested microwave transmissions, in my opinion.

And then strangely, in the last several days, I have been feeling different, not myself. Almost depressed, sad, irritable—for no real apparent reason.

I wonder if my body/mind are reacting to the microwave transmissions on some electromagnetic level.

Have others had any similar experiences?

Thank you

Here's some other stuff. Another explosion.
1 dead, 1 injured in explosion at petroleum plant near Chicago
And yet one more ludicrous article pretending that this hasn't been going on for 75 years. How much longer before a mass public outrage?? But the part that enrages me even more is that these articles are written by clueless people and published at Global Research! SHAME ON THEM. They know better.
The White House and Billionaires Are Getting Serious About “Blocking Out the Sun”
Seriously? Here's two sentences from the article that should have been published in the 1940s!! "Geoengineering refers to a set of emerging technologies that could manipulate the environment and partially offset some of the impacts of climate change. One of these methods is called stratospheric aerosol injection (SAI), which would dump substances like black carbon, sulphur dioxide, metallic aluminum, aluminum oxide, barium titanate and more into the atmosphere to reflect sunlight away from the Earth."
"Emerging technology"? "Could manipulate"?? What BULLSHIT!!!! Toward the end of the article, the author admits it has probably been going on for decades, in which case this article should never have been written. At this point, there should be NO DISPUTE on this subject whatsoever. It has been going on since the 1940s and it has NOT stopped global heating, and it HAS brought us to the brink of extinction. No could, may, might.

That's the last article I have to share for this issue, so now lets move on to the weather. In Dane's May 20 GAN, he spoke about the astonishment of meteorologists who saw the "circular" rain showing up on radar. I don't remember if he named the source, but I saw a video from The Weather Channel on this which was done by their chief liar, Ari Sarsalari, who should be named Ari Bigsalari, because I'm sure he gets paid a bundle to lie like he does. Are these people ACTUAL METEOROLOGISTS? Anyone who is not a total asshole and has followed radar can see it is rain being manipulated by microwave towers. As my regular readers know, my articles are filled with screenshots of it being done, and Dane has published numerous radar animations. There are few "systems" that move through where you cannot see it clearly. Anyways, I didn't watch the video because "Ari" makes me want to puke. I have tons of screenshots I've collected, and there are too many for this article, but here are a few other bizarre rain formations, beginning with three "square rain" shots, the first from February 16, 10:30 a.m. and the second from March 3, noon and the third from May 5, 10:25 a.m.. And the bigger question that should be asked is why the fuck were we getting RAIN in NE Ohio in February and early March? I know there were certain targeted places that got the winter from hell this year, but here in Ohio, I went through probably less than a third of the kerosene than the previous year. And the concentrations of chemical ice nucleation were out of control, too, but even THEN, I was STILL, though I endured being very cold, able to get away with often running only one or two heaters.

Square Rain

Square Rain

Square Rain

And while we're on the subject of What The Fuck, WTF is THIS? When have you EVER seen rain like this? Seriously. It is from May 2, 1:20 p.m..

Square Rain

And THIS?? It looks like ancient hieroglyphics or runes or something. It is from March 23, 4 p.m..

Ancient Writing?

And the last I'll share today is from May 2, 5:55 p.m.. This thing moved through on April 28, then just kept swirling and swirling and swirling for days. Look above to Canada—Ottawa, to be exact and you can see that spikey thing, which when the whole thing is in view, looks like the spokes of a wheel. That's what was keeping this huge mass of water spinning, until it burned itself out. And these so-called "meteorologists" don't know what these are? Really??

Spinning Spikes in Ottawa

In Dane's May 20 GAN, he spoke of the burning heat in the west, while there were hard freeze warnings in the northeast. We were under a "frost advisory" all day which changed to a "freeze warning" after everyone went to bed. I had wrapped my cucumbers and one pumpkin that had germinated in the greenhouse up in a blanket. We ended up getting down to 33.4 degrees on Thursday morning. By Saturday morning the low was only 55.9, and we had that rain that NOBODY got right on timing or amounts but I didn't want or need any of it because I am still trying to dry up the mud in the greenhouse. We were supposed to have two nights in the 40s, then back to 50s, but that has changed to lows now close to the upper 30s. Goddamn these people. I need to get my pepper and tomatoes and eggplants and basil planted and will NOT do it in these temps. I WILL plant the rest of my cucurbits, as they are all coming up now. Every day there are more. Here's a photo of the cucumbers, plus I have pumpkins, and both summer and winter squash. Since the cucurbits did so well last year, I am also planting melons. I know I've said this for the past couple years, and this past winter I was partially right, but I am fairly certain that nobody will have a winter this year unless they start nuking us, in which case we'll all be dead. As Dane keeps warning, by this summer, it is gonna get hot and hotter and hotter. So, if anyone is alive and there is still some means of growing, I will do it in the winter months. Here are photos I took this morning, since I posted the ones above. I've been working on this article all week. First are the cucumber seedlings, then, I decided to go ahead and replant my Raspberry Shortcake raspberries in the greenhouse. They are miniatures to be grown in containers, but they haven't produced. When I dumped over the containers, they had divided massively, so three plants became 21!! On the next row is my gorgeous white snapdragon, and my Giant Alliums that are blooming exceptionally well this year. They must like that shady spot. Alliums are related to onions but not edible.

Raspberry Shortcake Raspberries

Cucumber Seedlings

Giant Alliums

White Snapdragon

I know this is a long article, but I will not be doing another until the end of June. I will get the article on UFOs published before the end of May, and it will be spiritually oriented, with some material from Letter to Earth: Who We Are Becoming . . . What We Need to Know
as she has included chapters on Aliens and Alien interference. I expect to have the HAARP ariticle done by early June, and that may be all the articles I will be able to do for June since I will be tied up with the farm. I will end this article on a spiritual note, especially since it contains so much "unspiritual" material.

I know Dane and his community are experiencing a lack of insects and animals, but that has not been the case here, and I would guess that at least some of it has to do with the great amount of spiritual energy I pour into this place. I am noticing lots of butterflies that I do not recognize, and hearing lots of birds I haven't heard in a while. There are some I don't think I've heard at all, yet they sound familiar, so perhaps they were here as I grew up. There used to be a wonderful website of birds in Northwest Ohio, which has similar species to us here in the east. I used that site so much, and began to train myself on birdcalls and songs. But it went by the wayside, and I haven't found another to replace it, and I've found that I've forgotten some of what I've learned. I am seeing lots of snakes, frogs and toads. Maggie always drags frogs up to the house, which I promptly take away from her and put in the greenhouse. They play dead, so they're no fun for her anyways, along with being slimy. I discourage her from hurting any animals and rescue whatever I can. I continue to work on creating my own little planet where all animals are safe and every living being exists in peace and harmony with the whole. Never underestimate the power of your thoughts.

On Friday, April 21, we had an "old-fashioned" thunderstorm. Thunder that sounded normal. Rain that was normal size, not giant drops like when they are seeded, so even though radar looked like it was torrential, it was just normal rain, which we rarely experience now. A quarter of an inch. No wind, no violence, and pleasant. I used to love thunderstorms. I would sit out on the porch and just enjoy them. I told Molly it was the first normal storm she's ever seen. That's how long it has been.

One day when the lilacs were in bloom, I suddenly found myself transported back 60 years, playing with my dolls on the porch and enjoying that wonderful fragrance. It is amazing how fragrance has the power to trigger such memories. I find I am remembering how it was here on this once gorgeous piece of land, and how I visualize it on "my own little planet." If there is a restoration here on Planet Earth, it will be done with our minds, because there will be no other way to do it.

There is a chapter in Letter to Earth called "Is there validity to predictions of catastrophic changes to the Earth?" Granted, this book was written 23 years ago and even the most aware of us probably had no idea that we would be facing this oncoming train while we are chained to the tracks. But this chapter isn't what we might expect. It is about the changes in us, and as Wise points out, energy is everywhere, and we are the rocks and the air and the trees and the animals because there is no separation of anything in the energetic world. So what she discusses is if humanity will change enough to break away from this dysfunctional paradigm, or if we will go down with what is unsustainable, which is pretty relevant. She writes:

Collectively you have come to the end of your capacity for denial and avoidance of your internal disruption. You can no longer maintain the schism between your Being and your behavior. You have all but consumed yourselves in trying to maintain this separation. You are ready for a new ground of being, one that unifies your heartfelt values with your actions.

Will the Earth break into pieces, condemning cities to destruction and sending countries tumbling into the sea? Will the economy collapse, returning you to a simpler life? If you cannot make changes personally you may bring them upon yourselves collectively, forcing the transformations you could not personally allow. That which you allow has the integrity and the grace of inclusion.

Rather than die, the old can transform into the new. Transformation would be better for everyone, but transforming is much harder than dying. Death takes over even where there is resistance. You can deny and fight all the way to the finish line, never having to confront yourself, never having to meet the challenge to transform. It takes far greater courage, trust, love and intelligence to reincarnate without a death.

OK, so that sounds an awful lot like what I have been saying over and over, even concerning this whole Covid scenario, where it is SO EASY to blame the "bad guys" for their genocidal agenda. But if you look at it from the energetic, non-physical world, you see an entirely different picture. Our physical world is but a mirror to what is going on that we cannot perceive with our senses, and we judge it according to our personal filters, and if we are not aligned with our soul, or do not engage in regular spiritual practice, we rarely interpret what we see as it really is. She continues:

Who will be the first to break the momentum of the old ways? Those coveting power and manipulating the economy to their ends? Those professing to hold spiritual or intellectual domain, implicitly limiting direct knowledge and exploration? Those counseling others in the many therapies that teach people to negotiate, compromise, and adapt for succss, rather than seek and follow their own inner direction? Those selling toxic products? Who will break the momentum by jumping off the wheel of convention? How many will it take? Only one person can break the momentum—only you.

Again, very relevant to what we face, and the reason I am putting a great amount of effort in gathering up all the ways we can force this shift by changing ourselves and refusing to cooperate with what does not serve the greater good. But she later admits that those of us who are pioneers, who have broken away from the status quo, the Matrix, the official narrative, often find themselves with little to support or sustain them. Again, that's why I am teaching people to say mantras and to work with energy and to visualize with our minds the world we want to inhabit. She later writes:

You are not only a person. You are also a frequency and a value that permeates the Universe. When the choices you make in your daily life and the quality of love you demonstrate in your daily life are consistent with your essential nature, your actions impact more than you knowingly touch. They impact the movement of All That Is.

She closes the chapter by saying, "Each time you allow inner direction to make your path, you build the infrastructure of peace. All the plans and all the dollars in the world cannot do this. The job belongs to each and serves all." And her closing thought: "Live as if the world were already as you wish it would be and it will be so."

As I've said over and over, there is nothing we can do to change things at the physical level. Of course, we must expose those who are engaged in criminal and psychopathic activities to bring them to a halt, but it is the energy that we put forth that will ultimately bring about the changes that need to happen. Once we are free of the horrendous forces that are throwing obstacles into our paths left and right, then we will begin to recognize and utilize our real power.

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