Isaiah 9:2
2 The people that walked in darkness have seen a great light:
they that dwelt in the land of the shadow of death, upon them hath the light shined.

Let us use the power of our minds and souls to make 2023 the year we bring about full disclosure of all the evil forces, both on and off planet, that are assaulting the planet and her lifeforms incessantly now. Let us use the power of our minds and souls to end the Death Culture and support all Life. Let us use the use the power of our minds and souls to awaken and be free. Let us welcome with joy THE NEW PARADIGM.

December 24, 2023

This will be the final Disclosure article and will be mostly on food. Again, I will include material from Save the Animals: 101 Easy Things You Can Do
It was written in 1990 by Ingrid Newkirk, the Founder and President of PETA, and yes, I realize that organization has a horrendous reputation, and her personal reputation is even worse. But mine is getting pretty bad, too. Every day I find myself loathing the human race more and more. I never thought I'd live to see the day when people went about in such a stupor. Just having to go out in public is a challenge to me, looking at crowds of people with their heads stuck in their dumbphones, totally oblivious to what is going on in the world around them. The day of reckoning is banging on the door, and these people will suddenly find themselves with no mental, psychological, or spiritual resources to rely upon. I suspect most of them are in debt up to their ears, applying for loans to buy a house or car or take a cruise, and having babies, with no clue that it will all be over in a flash. I see people with a bunch of little kids, and think, "Do you not realize those kinds will be dead before they're old enough to even go to schoool?" People are so accustomed to instant gratification and think because they have a good "job" or high credit rating they will be just fine, and scorn people like myself and Dane for pointing out the delusion in which they operate. I would also suspect that a great many of them don't even have enough food in their house to last two days. It's so easy to go to a fast "food" (not) place. I knew a man, and his family, who was a high-ranking manager in a food industry. I remember him telling me he finally had to tell his wife to buy some food, because he went to fix himself breakfast and there was nothing to eat. If I remember correctly, he ended up eating a box of cookies. And they had three kids! Remember when the plandemic first hit? Suddenly the food banks were running out because there were lines of cars waiting for food hand-outs.

And people don't know how to shop for groceries. I see their baskets filled with expensive brand-name foods, mostly processed foods, or single-serving packaging. PLEASE, don't buy single serving items. You are paying for the package and adding to the mountains of landfills that are smothering the planet. I saw an ad for "individually wrapped prunes," in a Marc's sales flier. OMG!! Next it will be raisins!! How insane is that? I realize people buy that shit because it is easier to pack in lunch boxes, perhaps. Do people still pack lunches? But I think the real reason is laziness. Like those pre-packaged fruit mixes and salad mixes. NEVER buy stuff like that! Pre-cut fruit not only spoils quickly but loses its nutritional value, plus you're just begging for salmonella. I NEVER buy any kind of greens in a store. Go out and pick dandelion leaves. I have my Italian reds growing in the greenhouse. You can assume they've been sprayed heavily, and even if they're organic, I wouldn't trust them. The exception would be fresh cut produce from a trusted grower at a farmers market. But keep in mind, anything cut has a short shelf-life. Below is a picture of the ad. I was so dumbfounded, I cut it out to save! And $4.99!! OMG!

ad for individually wrapped prunes

For anyone who has food-shopping savvy, their baskets will look like mine, and I can spend a fraction of what others spend to have enough food to last probably twice as long, or longer. The best bet for inexpensive food that stores well is bagged legumes and rice or other grains. They are also filling and nourishing. If you do pack lunches, tell your kids or spouse to bring home anything not eaten, also, so it can be composted ot eaten later. Keep single-serving-sized containers, such as Rubbermaid or a cheaper off-brand, like Marc's has on sale frequently, to avoid buying baggies. If you must, always buy the kind with the twisties. I reuse mine until they're down to the bare wire. Recycle plastic bags. In the Great Lakes region, Giant Eagle takes plastic bags to recycle, and I believe Walmart does, too, and everybody has a Walmart. And remember, in most cases, the larger volume you buy, the cheaper per unit it will be. Carry a calculator with you and use it! Shop at stores where you KNOW food will be less expensive. I mostly avoid Giant Eagle for that reason unless they have a good sale. I think they're realizing people are going to ALDI and Marc's, because they've had some really low-priced items. Last week I got Maxwell House coffee for $5.99, and a free non-bioengineered candy bar. They had potatoes once last month for 99 cents, plus I had $1-off on my Giant Eagle card, so I got two 5-lb. bags for 98 cents. Study the sales ads for your area and write down exactly what you want, comparing all the stores where you usually shop. Make a list and stick to it. Marc's had Chase&Sanborn coffee on sale, too, so I have eleven cans of coffee stocked, which will last me for as long as we have left on this planet, or longer, as I only drink two cups in the morning. Set food and other supply goals and when you reach one, move on to the next. I'm done buying coffee, and I have a nice variety with only two duplicates.

But the one that really drives me crazy is "convenience stores," formerly known as "gas" or "fuel" stations," which is the only thing I buy from them. But every time I do, I see people standing in line loaded with junk snacks, soda, or even milk all of which you can buy at a grocery or dollar store for less than half the price. 2-3 dollars for a CANDY BAR? Seriously? How STUPID can people be? It's like an addiction, that they feel they HAVE to buy this junk every time they stop for gas. I cannot wrap my mind around it. If you are someone that thinks you have so much money that you can afford to be careless with food shopping, consider changing that attitude. Just because food and gas prices have gone down considerably, do not allow yourself to think things are getting better, because the REAL issue is not money but collapse of the entire life-support system of the planet.

Let me now continue with some disturbing articles I've been saving, beginning with two by Dr. Joseph Mercola, the first from October 4.
Why Synthetic Food Is Very Dangerous
Here is the opening commentary.

An estimated 99% of the components making up whole food are a complete mystery. The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference details 188 nutritional components of food, including 38 flavonoids, yet scientists estimate there are more than 26,000 different biochemicals in our food.

We know even less about the constituents of processed foods and synthetic foods, which falsely claim to be “equivalents” to whole foods, such as “animal-free meats” or “animal-free milk.”

Scientists cannot create equivalence when they don’t even know what 85% or more of the whole food they’re trying to replicate consists of.

A paper published in the April 2023 issue of Animal Frontiers warns that cultured products are not nutritionally equivalent to the meats they’re intended to replace.

A May 2023 report by the Food and Agriculture Organization concluded there are at least 53 potential health hazards associated with lab-grown meat, including the possibility of contamination with heavy metals, microplastics, nanoplastics and chemicals, allergenic additives, toxic components, antibiotics and prions.

This interesting article points out that we really don't know what we are eating, as far as nutritional elements and toxic ones. Note the final statement above concerning lab-grown meat, which to me is just plain disgusting. But tests for specific toxins, such as glyphosate, find it in nearly everything now, even Non-GMO foods. And you will also notice that these elements are included in the toxic brew being dumped on us by sprayed aerosols, 24/7, so how could they not be in everything?

And keep in mind that lab-grown meat and "meatless" meats are not the same thing. Foods sold as "meatless" are usually made with soy or other plants, my absolute favorite, in fact mostly the only one I buy, is Quorn, made with fungus (mushrooms, truffles, morels) and is Non-GMO. And while marketed as a healthy food, it obviously must be processed, which makes me wonder what else is contains. I am finding that, though all water, soil, and air on the planet is contaminated, the best bet, if you are able, is to grow your own fruits, vegetables, herbs and berries, or buy them from a trusted farmer. Anyways, this is a mind-boggling article and what we DO NOT know concerning what we eat, which is amazing in this age of "too much information." One last quote from the section entitled Is It Safe to Eat Tumors?, which is even worse than disgusting.

There are also many unanswered questions surrounding safety. For example, to get the cell cultures to grow, some companies are using immortalized cells, which technically speaking are precancerous and/or fully cancerous. (Other companies use embryonic stem cells or cells from living animals.)

The reason for using immortalized cells is because normally behaving cells cannot divide forever. Most cells will only multiply a few dozen times before they become senescent (old) and die.

This won’t work when your intention is to grow thousands of pounds of tissue from a small number of cells, hence they use immortalized cells that have no off switch for their replication and can divide indefinitely.

Here is another, more recent article by Mercola from October 27.
Fast Food Loaded with Antibiotics, Hormones, Heavy Metals, but Few Nutrients
Again, here are the opening statements, and also again, please note that, as mentioned above, glyphosate is in just about everything now. Leave it to Monsanto to single-handedly contaminate not only the entire global seed gene pool, but nearly all of our food. And of course, there's those heavy metals and other nasty things being sprayed across the planet 24/7, so why wouldn't they be found in our food? But this is even worse. It's about veterinary antibiotics being present in fast foods and foods prepared for children, such as school lunches.

Most chain restaurants rely on beef and chicken from concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs), where veterinary drugs are routinely used, and of 10 fast food meals sampled and tested, all but two tested positive for veterinary drugs.

Six of the 10 fast food samples (Taco Bell, Dunkin’, Wendy’s, Domino’s, Burger King and McDonald’s) contained a veterinary antibiotic ionophore called monensin, which is not approved for human use as it can cause severe harm.

Of 43 school lunches tested, 95% had detectable levels of glyphosate, a carcinogenic and endocrine-disrupting weed killer linked to liver inflammation, metabolic disorder, cardiovascular disease and cancer.

100% of the school lunches tested contained heavy metals at levels up to 6,293 times higher than the maximum levels allowed in drinking water. Cadmium and lead were found at the highest levels.

Of 21 fast food meals tested for essential minerals, none met the recommended daily requirements of calcium, potassium, manganese, copper, zinc and iron, and none of the 10 fast food meals tested for B vitamins contained detectable levels of B9 or B12. Vitamin B3 (niacin) levels were also exceptionally low.

The above article also contains statements on what many of us consider to be animal abuse, and as mentioned in the first part of my food section, I will be covering that issue in great detail over the next month or so. Please read it. It is particularly sickening. Here's another quote. I would say that applies to adults, too, who are getting stupider and stupider. One way to at least cut down on these horrendous toxins found in fast food, which isn't food at all, is to just not eat it. I certainly don't.

Without proper nutrients, our children’s brains will not function properly, and their bodies will not be developed as needed. Often children with learning and behavioral issues are deficient in just one or two minerals or vitamins; when those nutrients are added to their diet, their mental, physical, and behavioral issues subside. Even violent behavior is discontinued. Our children must have proper nutrient-dense food.”

Here's another article on Ultraprocessed Foods (UPFs).
Fast-Food Graveyard—Sickened for Profit
Here are some of the culprit companies.

In 2020, a study published in Public Health Nutrition revealed details about which companies fund the group. ILSI North America’s draft 2016 IRS form 990 shows a $317,827 contribution from PepsiCo, contributions greater than $200,000 from Mars, Coca-Cola and Mondelez and contributions greater than $100,000 from General Mills, Nestle, Kellogg, Hershey, Kraft, Dr. Pepper Snapple Group, Starbucks Coffee, Cargill, Unilever and Campbell Soup.

And as we're on the subject of inedible mutant fake food, we mustn't forget Bill Gates.
Bill Gates’s “Fake Meat” Banned by Italy Citing “Serious Health Concerns”
And here's just one more reason to become a vegetarian/vegan, although they're putting this shit in vegetables, too, like lettuce. Grow your own, if you can.
Meat from Animals Vaccinated with mRNA Vaccines May Soon Make Its Way Into the US Food Supply
Here's the opening paragraph.

Shrimp have become the latest addition to a growing list of food sources targeted by mRNA gene therapy technology. An Israeli company seeking to bring mRNA vaccines to shrimp farming has raised $8.25 million from a group of venture capitalists to promote and improve animal health in marine species through its orally administered RNA-particle platform.

It's already being used on pigs and cattle. Perhaps that's what is now in the bioengineered dairy products I used to buy from ALDI, including ice cream. ALDI is a German-based company, in case you didn't know.

In April 2023, R-CALF USA met with medical doctors and a molecular biologist regarding the status of mRNA injections in the global protein supply chain. Veterinarian Max Thornsberry reported that some researchers have found that mRNA and its coded virus could pass to humans who have consumed dairy or meat products from an mRNA-injected animal.

The article ends with this statement. OMG! OF COURSE we have the right to know.

Mr. Bullard encouraged others not to “simply trust the pharmaceutical companies and the government” and says his organization “intends to learn the truth by continuing to disclose differing scientific findings, seeking more research into the long-term effects of mRNA injections for cattle, and demanding more transparency from pharmaceutical companies and the government.”

Meanwhile, the organization has stated it believes people have a right to know whether the meat they consume has come from animals injected with mRNA technology.

Several states have already drafted or proposed legislation seeking to require the labeling of products derived from animals administered mRNA vaccines, including Tennessee, Idaho, Arizona, Texas, and Missouri.

Here's more from the toxic world of bioengineered "foods," which obviously are an outcome of the plandemic and the bioweapons masquerading as "vaccines." Or vice-versa, perhaps. It's all one agenda, of course. This next one is beyond terrifying. You think GMOs have messed up the world? Check this out.
Vaccines Grown in Lettuce? Rep. Massie Asks House to Bar FDA, USDA From Funding Transgenic Edible Vaccines
The thing is, it's not enough to just bar funding. They need to ban the experimentation and production of this shit all together. This insanity all needs to STOP. JUST STOP. ALL OF IT! Here are some quotes.

“Rep. Massie is right to be concerned,” Claire Robinson, managing editor of GMWatch, told The Defender. “Genetically engineering a potent immunogen into food plants is irresponsible in the extreme.” She added:

“All the usual risks of GM [genetically modified] plants—the DNA-damaging effects of the GM transformation process leads to changes in gene expression and biochemistry of the plant, which can include the production of toxins or allergens—apply to these vaccine-producing plants, with additional risks on top.

“In the case of vaccine-producing plants, you are intentionally engineering a plant to elicit an immune reaction. This increases the level of risk exponentially.”

But the bottom line is that people should ALWAYS have the right to make choices about their own body and health, including not participating in the world of allopathic "medicine," (i.e., drugs and technology).

The California lettuce project that drew Massie’s attention, conducted by scientists at University of California (UC), Riverside, is described as an effort to develop “The future of vaccines,” which “may look more like eating a salad than getting a shot in the arm” via turning “edible plants like lettuce into mRNA vaccine factories.”

These people obviously suffer from tunnel vision, and cannot see anything beyond their own viewpoints, which in most cases are not benficial to humanity.

Juan Pablo Giraldo, Ph.D., an associate professor at UC Riverside’s Botany and Plant Sciences Department, is leading this research project alongside scientists from UC San Diego and Carnegie Mellon University. He said, “Ideally, a single plant would produce enough mRNA to vaccinate a single person.”

“We are testing this approach with spinach and lettuce and have long-term goals of people growing it in their own gardens,” he added. “Farmers could also eventually grow entire fields of it.”

OMG!! Growing vaccines in a home garden. That is beyond insane!! Here is Claire Robinson's response.

Robinson called such efforts “utter madness,” telling The Defender:

“Scientists are talking about people growing vaccine-containing plants in their gardens and farmers growing them in their fields. It is utter madness to propose to release such plants into uncontrolled conditions in this way.

“Vaccines are medicines, and their use and dosage must be carefully controlled. With any medicine, only the target patient should be treated, with their informed consent. How will these safeguards be in place if people are growing vaccines in food crops in their gardens and open fields?”

Plus the fact that this would be in violation of international laws. Helloooo. Does anybody adhere to international laws any more? Dane frequently points out that the U.S. Government does whatever it wants, irregardless of international laws. It all makes me yearn for Nuremberg 2. Yes, terrorism. None of this is about "health."

Francis Boyle, J.D., Ph.D., a bioweapons expert and professor of international law at the University of Illinois who drafted the Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989, said that such research may also violate international law and globally recognized ethical standards.

“The deployment of these transgenic edible vaccines would involve a gross violation of the Nuremberg Code on Medical Experimentation, and thus constitute a crime against humanity,” he said. “Their release into the environment would violate the Precautionary Principle of customary international environmental law. They would also be subject to the same human health objections to GMO foods that are too numerous for me to list.”

“What about cross-pollination and cross-contamination?” Robinson questioned. “People will ingest immunogens without their consent or knowledge.”

This article contains a whole lot more including the fact that the Covid "vaccines" have killed a great many people.It is well worth reading through. Just one more quote, and it should make you gasp. I would suggest raising pigs in open-air, uncrowded, humane conditions, which would be conducive to their health. Or better yet, stop pig farming and keep them as pets. I actually met a man at Tractor Supply, years ago, whose family did just that! It breaks my heart—all the waste associated with agribusiness. All the slaughter of healthy animals because a few get sick, or all the waste of other foods because of the carelessness of people. The day of reckoning grows near.

“And then there’s another instance where things went very bad,” Massie said. “About 20 years ago, they were trying to grow a vaccine to prevent diarrhea in pigs and they were using corn to grow this vaccine. The field the next year was used to grow soybeans, but the corn sprouted again.”

According to Massie,

“There were some leftover kernels … and the corn was mixed with the soybeans, and it contaminated 500 bushels of soybeans that were then mixed with 500,000 bushels. And so, they had to destroy all of those soybeans.”

The next one is very short, with a short video, telling us that Congress passed the above amendment.
Video: “Turning edible plants into mRNA vaccine factories . . .” Rep. Thomas Massie

Here are some more articles on ultra-processed foods. I really didn't know what foods qualified. As it turns out, a lot more than one might think, including some that we might consider "healthy." This is from the heart and stroke Foundation, and it is a very succinct and informative article that in just a few paragraphs makes it clear what foods fall into the three categories.
What is ultra-processed food and how can you eat less of it?
Here are the three categories.

Unprocessed or minimally processed foods:
Think vegetables, grains, legumes, fruits, nuts, meats, seafood, herbs, spices, garlic, eggs and milk. Make these real, whole foods the basis of your diet.

Processed foods:
When ingredients such as oil, sugar or salt are added to foods and they are packaged, the result is processed foods. Examples are simple bread, cheese, tofu, and canned tuna or beans. These foods have been altered, but not in a way that’s detrimental to health. They are convenient and help you build nutritious meals. See? Not everything in a package is bad for you!

Ultra-processed foods:
Here’s the category where almost 50% of our calories come from—and where we should cut back. These foods go through multiple processes (extrusion, molding, milling, etc.), contain many added ingredients and are highly manipulated. Examples are soft drinks, chips, chocolate, candy, ice-cream, sweetened breakfast cereals, packaged soups, chicken nuggets, hotdogs, fries and more.

Most of my diet is found in the first group, minus the meats of course. I've been buying plant-based milk, which is vegan, but also falls into the ulta-processed category. However, the tiny bit I consume, along with a couple other items in that group account for a very small percentage of my diet. I used to gorge on ice cream during the warm months, but now it's all bioengineered. I usually eat oatmeal for breakfast with chopped apples and walnuts, (and a big glob of butter, brown sugar and cinnamon). Walnuts have been so inexpensive lately, and I wonder why. Old stock? I dunno. Marc's has one-pound bags for $2 every other week and I always buy two, because I eat almost a pound a week. I put them in just about everything I cook. ALDI cheese is vegetarian, meaning that it is cured with microbial enzymes rather than dead baby cows. But it is still a dairy product, although most milk product sold in the States, at least here, do not contain growth hormones, which contributes to the suffering of dairy cows. And as for other dairy product, especially what I used to buy from ALDI, they are also mostly either bioengineered (like cottage cheese), or contain toxic chemical sweeteners (like what used to be their delicious Greek yogurt). Their other yogurt, and most other brands, contain gelatins, which is a gross and disgusting meat by-product, mostly boiled hooves. Still wanna eat Jello? I never buy packaged soups or just about anything packaged. In fact, I'm not a big fan of canned foods either. Ever since the plandemic, the "meatless" products I used to buy got so expensive, or disappeared all together. I noticed ALDI has finally lowered the price on theirs, but apparently they qualify as "ultra-processed." In any case, I certainly consider myself well-fed and on a very small budget, too. A healthful diet doesn't mean you must deprive yourself.

Here are a couple other quotes from the article. Food for thought, indeed!

Consider the source: Think about where your food comes from. As in, a steak comes from a cow and apples grow on trees. If you have trouble figuring out where a food originated because it has been so highly manipulated, consider if it nourishes your body at all. It probably doesn’t.

Don’t be swayed by hype: Be wary of deceptive food marketing and advertising. Ultra-processed foods are often marketed as “healthy,” “natural” and “organic.” While these words may describe the original ingredients, they don’t refer to the process of how the food was made. So it’s buyer beware. Remember, an organic, natural cookie is still an ultra-processed food!

Here's another article, also from Canada—the Gastrointestinal Society, or
Ultra-Processed Foods—Gastrointestinal Society
This one is just a bit different, dividing foods into four classes instead of three. But what I found interesting was their stressing the addictive quality of ultra-processed foods. Here's a quote.

This article focuses on ultra-processed foods, their effects on health, and how we consume them in Canada. One of the best things you can do for your health is to eat more unprocessed food and less ultra-processed foods. Yes, food manufacturers aggressively market these very addictive products, and I certainly don’t blame anyone for eating or wanting to eat them. That said, I think it’s time to aggressively market real food instead, which is why I’m writing this article. For many people, the more unprocessed food you eat, the less you’ll crave the artificial stuff as time goes on. Trust me, I’ve been there too.

I agree. Most of the foods I've given up because they are bioengineered, I don't crave. This article also mentions specific health issues related to a diet high in ultra-processed foods. And I personally don't know how people can actually like soft drinks, especially cola. YUK! My mother wouldn't let me drink them when I was young, and I grew up really hating them. Except root beer we had occasionally. Here's another quote. And I agree about the walnuts, as mentioned above. Often for dessert, I will cut up an apple, mix it with walnuts, a spoonful of brown sugar and a sprinkle of cinnamon. I hardly ever use white sugar. I buy a ten pound bag at Walmart, and it lasts me a year or more.

Ultra-processed foods are everywhere. They are addictive, nutritionally void, and contain pro-inflammatory ingredients that we should avoid. So how can you eat less of them? I suggest adding real food back into your diet, one meal or snack at a time. This could mean simply replacing your afternoon snack with some grapes and walnuts, instead of a packaged granola bar. Cooking at home is a great proactive way to eat less ultra-processed foods. If you’re not used to cooking, no worries, it takes time to develop this habit, and I suggest starting small, like making one batch meal on Sundays. You may find you actually enjoy the time you spend and many find that cooking helps reduce and minimize stress too. How would you benefit from eating fewer ultra-processed foods? It’s something to think about.

And this last article from CNN links ultraprocessed foods to obesity, which in turn poses a much higher risk for a number of different cancers.
Study finds growing evidence of link between ultraprocessed food and cancer
And just look around you, especially here in the U.S.. I see grossly obese people, standing in line at the grocery stores and paying with food stamps with their baskets filled with junk. Again, people do not know how to shop for groceries.. I had a conversation once with a young woman that I knew fairly well that got food stamps (and all the other welfare programs offered here in my county if you have kids). She was talking about buying potatoes at Giant Eagle. I asked her why she would shop there when they were so much more expensive than ALDI or Marc's. Her reply: "I don't care. It's not my money." Right. It's MY money—the taxpayers' money. I have been of the opinion that if you REALLY want to control the population, stop rewarding women from having babies they cannot afford. OH, NO!! We mustn't do that. Everyone has the RIGHT to have children. Then I should have the RIGHT to decide where my tax dollars go. And this woman always seemed to be able to afford going out and getting drunk. I knew another one who once bitched to me that her welfare check was too small. She couldn't pay her $200 cable bill. Plus, she was a chain smoker and always seemed to have cigarettes. And she owned a dumbphone. It is easy to blame the government and elites for all the catastrophes occurring now, but in fact, the root of the problem is the ignorance and apathy of the general population, which constantly bewilders me. These young mothers need to be educated on how to run a household and how to shop for food intelligently, and how to live within their means, along with not being permitted to buy alcohol or cigarettes, a stipulation that could be spelled out in their welfare accounts.

Here's a couple that are good news, but are probably too little too late. As I keep saying, however, whether we're here or in some other physical space, we can NEVER AGAIN allow the planet to operate this way. I never in my life imagined I would see such misery inflicted on all life as it is now. As Dane asks each week, "how can anything survive what's being done to the planet?" And the answer is, "it can't." We are THERE NOW. The controllers, both on and off planet, have become beyond desperate in their efforts to shut us up, kill us, make us stupid and take control of every aspect of our lives. They will not succeed, because their efforts will destroy everything, including themselves. It WILL stop—one way or another. So, once again, we must set things right, for whatever comes next.

Here is something WAAAAY past due. Monsanto needs to be completely dismantled and its employees AND farmers that sign up with them, jailed, because they obviously are concerned with nothing but their wallets and have no concern for the health and safety of life on this planet.
‘Groundbreaking’ Legal Action Demands EPA Finally Ban Glyphosate
Of course, that's just the tip of the iceberg. Along with banning glyphosate must come banning GMOs, because the two go hand in hand, as in Monsanto's Roundup-Ready seeds. These toxic creations have poisoned the world's food supply and natural gene pool. The hell with the U.S. Military. If left to its own devices, Monsanto could probably single-handedly destroy all life on earth. Along with Bill Gates.

But here's something else I just discovered, and will now know what to look for on food packaging. I buy these delicious Medjool dates at Marc's when they are on sale, or, more often part of a special offer—in this case it was to include a free 12-oz. bag of walnuts. As you can see, they are Non-GMO verified. The second label says "American Heart Association Certified: Meets Criteria for Heart-Healthy Food." But it is the third label that I realized I had never noticed anywhere, or perhaps it is rather recent. It says "Glyphosate Residue Free:" Here's their website.
Glyphosate Residue Free—The Detox Project.
There's a wealth of useful information on this site! Below is a photo of the date package cover, plus some Non-GMO baking powder. It is available at Walmart, and online, but I've not seen it elsewhere. It was $2.93 for an 8.1 oz. can, which lasts quite a while.

Medjool dates and Non-GMO baking powder

This next one is NOT good news, and I suggest everyone read it through because it effects the entire world, not just India. It is the epitome of the evil, both on and off-planet, that is seizing control of everything. They won't win, of course, because if it is allowed to continue, we (including them) will all be dead.
Science and Public Interest Halt the Push for GM Crops in India: Approval by Contamination?
I, and many others believe that changes are coming about at the state and local level, because states have their own sovereignty, to a certain extent, at least. I'm not saying there isn't corruption at all levels, but people who "govern" at those levels are more affected by what happens in their own backyards, as opposed to someone that spends most of their life in D.C.. So here is what seems to be a step in the right direction to protect farmers, and it is in my own state, Ohio. It prohibits foreign investors from buying up land. Now, the next issue they need to deal with is WHY farmers are being forced to sell—being driven off their land, often held by generations past of the same family. The "why" isn't difficult to answer for those who are open to the truth. Here's a short-list: flooding, droughts, heat, early freezes, toxic heavy metal contamination, dicamba/glyphosate contamination from other farms, the spraying of defoliants that seriously shorten the growing season, disease and insect infestations exacerbated by plant weakness due to contaminated soil, air and water. I suffer from ALL of these, except for heat because we are so fucking cold here, I don't even remember what heat feels like. While 90 percent of the global population suffered from intense heat this year, breaking all known records, I found myself packing away all my summer nightwear at the end of season, most of it having never been worn once this year. And this is not necessarily all of Ohio, or even all of Portage County, but it's certainly my little corner of it. Why?
New law limits who can own agricultural land in Ohio
At the very beginning of the growing season, we were quite hot for a few weekss, and dry, but it didn't last long. It was, however, able to do some damage. My cucumber crop, as my regular readers will remember, was pretty much ruined, mostly by out of control insect invasions as I have never witnessed before. But I also noticed something that was new to me. In a couple cases where a cucumber did develop, they were slimy and transparent, and tasted terrible. I had no idea why. But last month I had bought some Ohio apples at Marc's and he buys Ohio Proud produce whenever it's available. These were delicious Granny Smiths, but one of them, as with the cucumbers, was transparent. It wasn't slimy and it tasted normal. I had to wonder if it hadn't been burned by high-level UV rays. There were a few other apples that had smaller transparent spots, but this one was almost the entire fruit. Did anyone else notice that, especially if you live in a scorched state?

Anyways, back to this article. If you live in Arkansas, bravo for your state which set the trend. In addition to Ohio, ten other states now have this law against foreign farmland investment. It became law in Ohio on October 3, 2023, and any entity, company, person, trust, organization, etc., that is on the "list" that purchased land after that date, will be forced to give it up. I hope it applied to Aliens, too. Then land grabbers like Bill Gates and his buddies would have to keep their filthy tentacles out of these states. Here's a quote.

The State of Arkansas made history last month when it took steps to enforce its new law restricting foreign ownership of land in the state. Arkansas ordered Northrup King Seed Co., a subsidiary of Syngenta held by China-owned company ChemChina, to give up 160 acres of Arkansas farmland it owned. The State also assessed a $280,000 fine against Syngenta for failing to disclose the land ownership. The actions are the result of a new foreign ownership law enacted by the Arkansas legislature earlier this year.

Joining Arkansas and ten other states, Ohio also passed a law restricting foreign ownership of land earlier in 2023. Ohio’s new “Save our Farmland and Protect our National Security Act” quietly became effective last month. The law limits who can own agricultural land in the state and requires persons or entities who cannot own Ohio farmland to forfeit title to the property, which the State will then sell. The purpose of the law, according to the legislature, is “to recognize that Ohio has substantial and compelling interests in protecting its agricultural production.”

Here are just a few older articles concerning food, beginning with pumpkins, which is a big issue with me as I see them more wasted than eaten. Again, these vegetables are delicious and nutritious FOOD. Please don't waste them! Paint them with a non-toxic paint, then bring them in to eat before they rot. People who waste food will be the first to starve to death. Hopefully. As of this writing, I still have three little orange pie pumpkins and one green-striped cushaw, plus a small butternut and spaghetti squash. They may be enough to last me for as long as we have left. For anyone paying attention we are collapsing on all fronts and those who are orchestrating it are obviously becoming more and more desperate. More on that in upcoming articles.
When Should You Put Out Pumpkins For Decoration?
And I can attest to this one. Not heat or drought, but sitting in water for a month.
Pumpkin Crops Suffered Due To This Year's Extreme Weather
I really don't care if alcohol is never produced again on the planet, but I realize that wine-making is an art, often passed down from generation to generation. And this is just another symptom of a rapidly dying planet.
Extreme Weather Pushes Global Wine Production Down
"World's wine production lowest in last sixty years."
"Frost, heavy rain, drought." (No matter where you live, you're in trouble.)
"California wine production is up, due to heavy winter rains and cool temperatures." Really?
And here's another "duh" report by the weather garbage collector herself.
El Niño Expected To Increase Food Scarcity In Some Places
May not have considered? Really? Lasting through early 2024? OMG!! NO! Lasting until we are all dead. WTF is wrong with you Domenica?
And I don't even know how to respond to this one.
Restaurant chain Sweetgreen using robots to make salads
Do they wash their hands after using the restroom?

Here's one that sorta is related to food, but more to people's increasing inability to speak out or express themselves. Along with the fact that their minds are numbed out by keeping a dumbphone glued to their ear, the entire Global/Alien/Artificial Intelligence mind control agenda has left people in a state of fear and they cannot grasp the source. It is an invisible force that is attacking ALL OF US. It is hard enough to resist it even for people as myself who know full well what it is and where it comes from and how it's being done, but for the majority of the population, I suspect that somewhere deep inside they know something is massively interfering with their ability to retain their personal sovereignty. And most people, under the best conditions, have little knowledge of themselves. I know WAAY too many people who say and think exactly as the people around them. And depending on who they are speaking with, their entire opinion will do an immediate flip-flop. Their minds are like silly-putty, just waiting to be molded by whatever or whomever they happen to be near. I really loathe such people. Mindless and soulless. I'm not afraid at all to give my opinion, even if everyone disagrees with it. HAHAHAHA!! You probably already knew that, right? Anyways, here's the article.
Gen Z Suffers from ‘Menu Anxiety’ When Dining Out—With Many Too Scared to Order Their Own Meals

He explained that many Gen Zers he’s studied have trouble socializing in real world conditions.

“They are digital natives but, between COVID and other factors, they have missed out on important in-person social skills,” Rubin told The Post.

“Because so many Gen Zers are anxious and because so many have trouble in non-digital social spaces, even activities as simple as ordering food sometimes become things to be avoided.”

Of course, that was part of the goal of these plandemic lockdowns.

I NEVER eat in restaurants because I know just a bit more than I'd like about food industries and the way they operate, and we'll let it go at that. Anyways it seems to me that not just Gen Z people "have trouble in non-digital social spaces." I'm finding it increasingly difficult to communicate with people at all. It's like I'm speaking a different language. I mean, I speak English, right? All you people who read these articles can understand the words I use, right? I'm not like, accidentally writing in Polish or Japanese or Sanskrit, am I? I was in a store that I won't divulge, at the Customer Service desk because I had bought four Sterilite bins on sale, and since they were stacked, I just pulled up four at once. When I got home, I saw that one was badly cracked. I hate returning things, because it's always a pain-in-the-ass. This cashier made it worse. First she looked at me like I was some kind of swindler, and rudely said, Do you have your receipt? Of course, I did. Then she asked me for my phone number. I said I didn't have a phone. (Well, I actually do, but I keep it in a plastic Walmart bag and only pull it out the few times a month I need to use it. It's a landline phone.) Anyways, she says, "Well, I can't take that return." (Like hell you can't.) So I said, I can give you a number—it's registered to my name, but you can't reach me. I said 557 . . . and by this time I could tell she wasn't listening to a thing I said, so each sentence I spoke got a little louder. THEN, she says, "I'm calling a manager," And she says to the manager, "This lady here is yelling at me. . . " I said, again, "I CAN GIVE YOU A NUMBER." So she repeats after me "554." And I said "557." And she says, "554." And I said "FIVE FIVE SEVEN." Then the manager showed up, who sees me all the time there, and I said, "this lady can't even get numbers right. I just want to return this defective product and get out of here." So I went to find a replacement, and all the lids were damaged. I gave them to the manager who was still at the desk, and took back my old lid. NOW, this lady was all sweet and smiles. OMG!! Please, someone get me off this planet. I had that happen, too, the other day, when I was speaking to a technician at InMotion about the issue I've had with their web stats program that still isn't solved. Once again, the person COULD NOT REPEAT CORRECTLY WHAT I SAID. So I spoke louder and he too accused me of "yelling." WTF is WRONG with people's brains?? I find this all disturbing.

Here's one last article by Dr. Joseph Mercola that I found very interesting. If and when I do buy milk, it is ALWAYS whole (red cap). The other milks taste terrible. The big issue that I am struggling with is the vegan thing, and not buying products where animals are living in horrendous conditions. If the countryside was still dotted with traditional farms, it would NOT be an issue at all. I would not under any circumstance eat meat or meat by-products, like gelatin, or wear or use products made from dead animals. But in "old-fashioned" farming, the animals are free to graze and live in mostly cruelty-free conditions. And as for eggs, hens raised where there are no roosters STILL lay eggs, but there is no possibility of a chick forming inside, as some people think. The eggs are going to be laid, so why would anyone NOT eat them? Again, I am speaking of cruelty-free farms.
Major Shift About Whole Milk—Now a Health Food?
Mercola also discusses the healthier choice of drinking raw milk, as opposed to pasteurized. About twenty years ago, I knew a young dairy farmer that was pushing the no-pasteurization thing. If I remember correctly, he said that it was different with goat milk, and other products such as cheese made from it. I don't even know if he's still in business, sadly. He was struggling back then, as we all are. In any case, this is a good article.

I will end this article with some quotes from
Save the Animals: 101 Easy Things You Can Do
If you have not yet read my review on this book, please do, as I will be using it for several more articles. Here are some important websites:
Ingrid Newkirk
Wikipedia Page for People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)
People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)
This is PETA's PDF list of cruetly-free companies that can be downloaded.
Cruelty-Free Companies
And this is Amazon's page for Newkirk's books, including this one.
Ingrid Newkirk at Amazon

I was going to include quotes from chapters concerning pigs, cows and chickens, since those are the three animals most people, unfortunately, associate with "food." But one was painful enough to type at once, in fact, this entire book was painful. Even more to the point, of all the things going on now, the suffering of animals has become almost unbearable to me. I really don't give a crap what happens to most humans—they deserve whatever horrible fate comes to them. Every time I have to go out amongst them, I marvel at how stupid the human race has become. After all these millions of years that some form of humanity has been on this planet, it would seem to me they should have become highly spiritually-evolved, intelligent, selfless and compassionate beings, and that modern civilization would now be a "life-culture" that treats every living entity with respect and equality. But instead we have devolved into a death-culture, intent on killing all forms of life. The day of reckoning is coming fast, and as I have been saying for a long, long time, we must become something other—something greater—than we are now. Then, when it's over here on this planet from hell, we will find ourselves in our next reality that matches our vibrational frequencies. This one certainly does not for a great many of us.

Anyways, I chose for this article, Chapter 24: "Winners Don't Eat Weiners," which is about pigs. It seems lately, an inordinate number of pigs (and chickens) have been needlessly slaughtered because of supposed outbreaks of swine (and avian) flu. Supposed. All these poor innocent creatures who suffered a miserable existence, then killed for nothing. I hope in our next reality the tables are turned, and all these despicable monsters that work for agribusinesses will find themselves chained up in a tiny cage wallowing in excrement, then hauled off in a miserable, crowded truck to be slaughtered. It seems to me that there are billions of people who will need thousands of reincarnations to work off the heinous karma they have generated in this lifetime alone. Bill Gates may NEVER be free of his. May all the misery and death he has caused on this planet be returned to him one-hundred fold. Here's a quote from the beginning of the chapter.

Pigs are among the least understood and most persecuted of all animals. Personable and clean (if allowed room to escape their own waste), their intelligence exceeds that of our close companion, the dog. Yet pigs spend their much-shortened lives in bleak factory buildings, suffering abuses that would create a national outcry is inflicted on "man's best friend."

Well I like pigs. I remember when I was a child and we spent time every summer in Boulter, Ontario on the York River, on the farm of our close friends, Thora and Don Hass. They were typical traditional farmers, and I used to love walking up from the river where we stayed to the farmhouse in the morning, watching Don milk the cows and feed the chickens and pigs and Thora hand-churning the butter. Those are truly my most wonderful childhood memories!

Anyways, Newkirk then goes on to tell how "breeders" and "feeders" are treated. Of breeders, "According to I.J. Taylor, Export Development Manager, Wall's Meat Company, 'The breeding sow should be thought of as a valuable piece of machinery whose function is to pump out baby pigs like a sausage machine.'"

"Farrowing operations" is the industry term for breeding factories, whose aim is to churn out as many pigs per litter and as many litters per year as possible. Hundreds of sows are fertilized either by boars (on what pig farmers call "rape racks") or by artificial insemination. Farmers often use large doses of hormones to ensure constant fertility. Once pregnant, a sow is warehoused for 15 weeks in a gestation building, where she is chained and confined in a small, dark metal stall called an "iron maiden" and is fed only once every 2 or 3 days. Two-to-three weeks after giving birth, the young pigs are sold en masses to "finishing operations" (pig "fattening" factories), and the sow is ready to be reimpregnated.

First of all, I do NOT consider these people, or whatever they are, to be farmers. That is a travesty of an honorable profession. And secondly, these horrors can be stopped. REFUSE TO PARTICIPATE. Please make the right decision and become a vegetarian. When I did, it was something I knew for a long time I needed to do, so I made the choice one day and never looked back. Like Paul and Linda McCartney. If you must do it gradually, how about removing pork and pig products from your diet. That includes by-products like lard, and pigskin clothing. We must stop this cruel and hideous behavior that has become the norm on this planet. Here's another quote.

In "Watching the Animals" (Harper's, March 1970), Richard Rhodes wrote, of the last hours of factory-farmed pigs' lives: "Before they reach their end, the pigs get a shower, a real one. Water sprays from every angle to wash the farm off them. Then they begin to feel crowded. The pen narrows like a funnel; the drivers behind urge the pigs forward, until one at a time they climb onto the moving ramp. . . . Now they scream, never having been on such a ramp, smelling smells they smell ahead. . . . It was a frighterning experience seeing their fear, seeing so many of them go by, it had to remind me of things no one wants to be reminded of anymore, all mobs, all death marches, all mass murders and executions.

I would like to think there have been improvements since this book was written in 1990, but I am fairly certain that the situation has worsened, as agribusinesses are taking over small farming, and their practices are more toxic than ever, to all forms of life. Here is just one more point Newkirk makes in this chapter. "Approximately 30 percent of all pork products are contaminated with toxoplasmosis, a disease caused by parasites that can be passed on to consumers."

As mentioned above, this is the final Disclosure issue. I will do one more regular article this year, if we are still here and have internet and electricity. Many more people have this feeling of something ready to snap at any time. I hope people are reading these articles, This one also took me weeks to research and compile, and it seems to me there's a lot of information that should be interesting to anyone who isn't sound asleep. The stats issue still has not been fixed at InMotion yet. I wrote to them and said if I wanted this bad technical support, I would have stayed with Hostgator, so I still can't see if people are reading what I post. I hope many of my regular readers return to this one to read the links I have provided.

As stated, I will do one more regular article, and it will be another heartbreaking tribute, as my precious little Goblin has passed. Molly's passing was something I expected, because she had been in poor health for so long, and in the end she was suffering, so I am relieved she is now at peace. But there were some very creepy things connected to her passing that I dare not even put into writing, because, well, something wasn't "normal." Goblin's was even worse. She went from a bouncy cat, though elderly and not in great health, to deceased two days later. Yes. Died suddenly. And with each of these extremely toxic systems that move through, I see the health of my animals decline. And the other very creepy thing I've noticed, just since we had this last blizzard/rain system move through, is that there is the smell of death everywhere. The air, the water, my critters—everything is surrounded by this death smell. Even Maggie, who is young and healthy. She was sitting on my lap when I was at my computer in the basement, and I noticed it on her. Is it coming from the sky? Yes, I believe it is. Has anyone else noticed it? Anyways, I am going to include in Goblin's tribute a list of poisons that are being sprayed or in other ways forced upon all life on the planet. They are indeed killing us softly.

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