Shifting Realities

No one really knows what will happen or where we will be by the end of the year. But I am fairly certain that it will be nothing like it is now. Will we still be on Planet Earth? Or someplace else? We we be scattered in different places, dimensions, realities, according to our level of spiritual consciousness, connection to our souls, and especially, our behavior in this lifetime? I suspect that will be true. For those of us who have kept faith that there are higher forces leading us to something much greater, I think leaving this paradigm will be a relief. I am quite ready to go at any time. My Own Little Planet is waiting for me. Meanwhile we must all endure the shifting energies that are collapsing the old and creating the new. Hang on. This year will be like no other we've ever experienced!


December 31, 2022

(2022 Photo Gallery and Year-End News)

November 27, 2022

(Final harvest and photos, garlic bed, end of the season notes)

October 10, 2022

(Farm news and preparing for the collapse, weather and maps, natural health ideas for people and pets)

September 2, 2022

(Farm news and lots of photos, squash recipe and hatchling turtles)

August 9, 2022

(Farm news and lots of photos)

August 7, 2022

(Flooding and other weather disasters)

June 30, 2022

(Food issues, weather issues and maps, pet health care tips, farm update.)

June 16, 2022

(Mommy turtle; aircraft accidents; weather: drought, heat, wildfires, flooding, severe storms.)

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