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My Own Little Planet:
Cosmic Dream Farm 2021

For those of you who have been with me for a while, this year's theme should not need explanation. And while many would scoff at such an idea, anyone who is even remotely conscious knows that the old paradigm has passed. We are entering the NEW, and for those of us who are creator-beings, we must be careful to create new rules and laws that allow us to expand, not keep us stagnant. Imagine a reality beyond our most wondrous dreams. And our last task here? To rid the universe of evil alien interference. Let us be diligent because time is running out . . . .

March 22, 2021

I do apologize that I've not been getting my website updated as often as usual. This has been a terrible winter for me, for one reason especially. I have been overloaded with toxic chemical ice nucleation substances that have literally paralyzed me. Not only have I been colder than I ever remember being for such an extended time, but the chemically-created cold has penetrated into my body. I finally had to take some time off from my computer because my right hand has become so painful and stiff that trying to do anything using both hands has been a challenge. It has been SO COLD here—most of the time WAY below what has been scheduled for the overnight lows. (Yet the daytime highs usually much higher than scheduled.) And keep in mind, the ice nucleation process makes it feel ten to twenty degrees colder than it is. I've been wearing four or five or even six layers of clothing and I still freeze. (Also keep in mind they are spraying different areas differently.) Do I think they are targeting ME? Hell, yes. I can go to Alliance and it's like a different planet.

Yesterday it reached seventy degrees, and yet it was FIFTY in the house, after the kerosene heaters went out. How can that be? It is because there's such a thick concentration of this toxic shit coating everything. The sun only partially burns it off and they apply it every night, and usually during the day, too. The problem with my hand is from holding the mouse. After a few hours in such frigid conditions as I have here in my office, my hand is frozen into that position. I had the front door and my office window open yesterday, which helped to warm the inside a bit. I finally gave up and took my cot out into the sun to read. I was able to remove two layers: my hoodie and sweatshirt, leaving three layers plus my underwear. My hand felt much better. As I type this, it is sixty degree in my office, with a kerosene heater running, which is normally comfortable to me, but again, my fingers are frozen numb. This is absurd, do you not think? The planet is frying, and they are keeping us freezing so that people won't know how hot it is. But they WILL KNOW SOON.

I thought I better begin a new farm series to help with the overload of materials I have to share. As usual, this platform will contain the weather items and other current events, so my articles can return to more spiritual themes. But, as we stand right now, STOPPING the atrocity in the skies IS part of our spiritual task, the most urgent one we face at the present moment, because we cannot advance spritually until we deal with the evil activities here on the planet. Period.

Dane's timeline for extinction is shortening every week. We are now in biosphere freefall. BUT, social collapse is beginning, too, and THAT is good news, because when enough people have had enought bullshit, then, as Dane would say, they take to the streets with their proverbial pitchforks and torches. It has begun in Europe, and so has the massive distrust toward vaccines. And it's just a matter of time before it will be everywhere. And when enough people become outraged, all the police and military in the world will not contain them.
Protesters Across Europe Clash With Police Over COVID-19 Lockdowns
Here is Dane's latest broadcast. I tried to listen online that morning, but my internet kept disconnecting, so I'll have to listen again, because there are some VERY IMPORTANT points he made that I will discuss. That will come in a regular article.
Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, March 20, 2021

There have been SO MANY interesting comments from his community for the past couple weeks, especially since the release of The Dimming. I hope you all watched that, and are reading his community comments. I want to share part of a comment by a police officer, whose name I am not familiar with, but I am certainly glad we have him.

Benjamin says:
March 20, 2021 at 9:13 pm

As a policeman, I have watched society rapidly collapse in the last 5 years. I have watched my brothers and sisters turn a blind eye to the very clear corruption brought on by these controllers. My job requires me to look at evidence, and I have found an overwhelming amount of evidence that shows we are domestically under attack by those who rule us. Yet many of us are silent and pretend nothing is going on. This past year an awakening occurred and I guided my precinct to the truth of what is really going on in the world. Then I learned how weak these people really were. Once the experimental never before developed vaccines were released, almost all of them went and got the jab. Many suffered horrible side effects, but the promise of normalcy was too good to pass up. The propaganda worked. Yet normalcy will never return.

Very soon many of you policeman will have to choose. Paycheck and pension or your family and country. If you believe these corrupt animals care about you think again.

My disappointment with my law enforcement brothers and sisters has reached a new pinnacle I thought it never would. Ladies and gentlemen, do not rely on police for anything. Speaking as one, voices like mine who seek reason and true justice are being weeded out by our leadership, the same ones who are in fear of the truth. During this pandemic our leadership pushed for tickets while 50 million Americans are in breadlines, 14 million lost health insurance and 19 million projected to be evicted.

I refused to go along and as a result I'm paying the price. I'm facing constant write ups for not enforcing tickets or going along with mask mandates rules of enforcement. Our enemy are the people that put our planet and country in this predicament. Yet these cowardly leaders in law enforcement have chosen to crack the whip on the powerless.

I urge anyone in any law enforcement profession to please do the right thing. The constitution and country come first, liberty comes first, community comes first, not these animals so far removed from us.

I will continue with more comments in my next article which I plan to write before Dane's next broadcast. Meanwhile, here's other news. This one is about the disgusting things people eat. Or, like that fish people eat in Japan, I believe, that if you don't prepare it exactly the right way, it will kill you. I'm sorry, but we are under enough risk and stress just trying to survive. People that love playing with death, obviously DO NOT GET our present situation.
Casu marzu: The world's 'most dangerous' cheese

I hope everyone is stocking up on food. More and more items are disappearing from stores. PAY ATTENTION. Will I order seeds this year? Probably, just to have some because this may be the last chance. However, it is my belief, as you all know, that once we get rid of this force that is preventing us from remembering WHO WE ARE, and WHAT WE CAN DO, well, as Catherine Austin Fitts says, " EVERYTHING will shift." But we have to go through the complete collapse, AND survive it, AND be ready to rebuild. AND know WHAT we want to create. I want my own little planet . . . Anyways, here is an article that greatly angered me, because some of those vegetables are NOT DEAD, so why are they plowing them up. Like, WHY did the farmers throw away milk and slaughter animals just to get rid of them when this plandemic began? You would think FARMERS would be the ones leading this fight, but too many have only ONE WAY of doing things that barely changes, and if they can't do it that way, they have no clue as to how find a new way. And THEY especially, have precious little regard for nature. It's all a money thing for them.Yes, indeed, we need a GOOD CLEANSING here on this planet, and though it will be horrible, it is necessary.
Food banks are bracing for shortages after Texas freeze killed many of the state's produce
And here is more disregard for animals. So what are they gonna do—kill them all off?? Like they did to those poor beautiful minks? The FUR INDUSTRY is despicable anyways. What a fucking lie.
Next Pandemic: Scientists Fear Another Coronavirus Could Jump From Animals To Humans
WHO Points To Wildlife Farms In Southern China As Likely Source Of Pandemic

And here is just a smattering of the numerous articles urging everyone to get that vaccine. Because they want as many people to get it before the first group starts seriously dropping dead. I'm not trying to be crude, but, geez, this blind, ignorant trust people have for "authority" is what is collapsing the Matrix. People who have lost all sense of, well . . . common sense, and are completely unable to think for themselves . . . I mean, do you think we can actually function in a society like that? As cruel as it sounds, we NEED a great purge. It will free up SO MUCH ENERGY. I will go into this more in my next regular article. And I'm with Dane when he says that the biosphere is collapsing faster than the controllers are able to get their agenda in place. They will NOT have their way. I believe it is only a matter of weeks before all this proves true.
Europe has missed its chance to stop the third wave. The US could be next
Or maybe they're just dying of the vaccines . . . .
A more contagious coronavirus variant is spreading across the US. Can vaccines stop it?
Perhaps THEY want the health care workers to die; then there will be no one to tend the sick. Ah, it's a challenge to unravel the minds of the demented. . . .
Almost half of all health care workers in U.S. haven't had COVID-19 vaccine, survey shows
I wonder what kind of deal they made with Trump, hm? Let's see if his legal woes suddenly disappear. POOF!
Trump urges people to get COVID vaccine, saying it's safe and works
Yeah, right. Blame China. Hate Asians. Their next attempt to divide and conquer. Not that there's not racism. Of course there is, but WHO is REALLY fueling it? The media? Gosh, do you think so??
The Covid-19 pandemic almost didn't happen, a new genetic dating study shows

Here's some odds and ends. This recent swarm of volcanoes has made me suspicious . . . . Especially this one. Another attempt to cool the planet??
Volcano that was dormant for 6,000 years erupts in Iceland
And this . . .? It's only a matter of time before all those nuclear reactors melt down. As Dane says, that's an extinction event in itself.
Earthquake of 7.0 magnitude hits Japan near devastating 2011 disaster epicenter
Covid? Or Fukushima????
International spectators will be refused entry into Japan for Tokyo 2020
OMG. Seriously? Disaster Capitalism on steroids.
California Has A New Idea For Homes At Risk From Rising Seas: Buy, Rent, Retreat
I KNEW these people would not have to pay these outrageous bills!
Texas attorney general says $29 million in electric bills will be forgiven
And finally, PLEASE do not believe anything you hear about any of these products. My vet's office had tried to urge me to try it for Molly, but I would NOT.
Popular flea collar may be linked to nearly 1,700 pet deaths

I will discuss more material from Dane in the next article. I just want to mention the ongoing weather disasters, like the increasingly dangerous tornadoes. Until we STOP these psychopaths in their planes, we are ALL AT RISK for one weather catastrophe after another. The remnants of that storm moved northeast on Thursday, and though it was calm and relatively light rain, just before it ended, this HUGE BLOB came and sat right on top of my property and about a twenty-five mile radius, and just spun around, not moving anywhere for nearly THREE HOURS, dumping tons of rain. I ended up with over and inch-and-a half. Then this FRIGID, gusty northeast wind moved in which froze skin in a matter of minutes. Engineered? Oh hell yes. And I never get northeast winds. This storm was coming from multiple directions all at once—from the west, north and south, all closing in on us. I'm so sick of it.

The real inspiration to create a new farm series was the other day when I went into my greenhouse and realized that much of what I left in the fall was either growing or just sitting there, but alive. The teeny parsley plants, with only their two little seed leaves spent the winter in suspended animation, and are now continuing their journey to be a full-grown parsley. But what delighted and surprised me the most were my growing peas that I planted last fall! I gently weeded them a little, but they are outgrowing the weeds, and, being viney and spreading, weeding would risk pulling up the plants, too, so I just left them as is. It is all mud in there, or else I would be planting greens, broccoli—those types of plants that like the cold. My collards are just as I left them, and the kale that came up last year among the tomatoes has grown considerably. Below are two views of the peas. Next is the Siberian Kale, then the Vates Collards.

Pea Plants

Pea Plants

Vates Collards

Siberian Kale

In the next row is my baby parsley plants that have grown rapidly in the last couple days. It's pretty hot in there. Next to them is Italian Red Dandelion. In the next row is Salad Burnet. I need to trim away all that dry stuff so the new shoots will have room to spread. And the last one is my ubiquitous Mizuna, that seems to be everywhere at all times.

Italian Red Dandelion

Baby Parsley


Salad Burnet

And last, here's more greens coming to life. First is some Frisee Endive, which are really quite hardy. These are coming up from last year's roots, but they also self-sow. In the last image, we see my favorite, Mentoponto Full-Hearted Escarole, likewise shooting up from old roots. But here, to the left and top, you can see tiny plants that are coming up from when the plants bolted last fall. I always make sure the seed pods drop back into the containers.

Mentoponto Full-Hearted Escarole

Frisee Endive

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