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Isaiah 11
6 The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid; and the calf and the young lion and the fatling together; and a little child shall lead them.
7 And the cow and the bear shall feed; their young ones shall lie down together: and the lion shall eat straw like the ox.

November 21, 2020

Once again, there is so much to cover, as the news becomes more disturbing every day. But remember, the positive attitude to take is that the worsening life situation we all face will be the trigger to collapse it all. The collapse will not be pretty, which is why I keep urging all of you to do your inner work with urgency and prepare yourself at all levels for this event. Know it must happen in order to set us free. Where we go after we are free cannot be left to fate, or we will surely end up somewhere that is not our choice. Our level of preparation will determine where we are allowed to go.

There's a lot to discuss about the weather, which becomes more bizarre by the day, as the climate terrorists realize they have lost control and desperately attempt to cover their tracks and delay the full-blown effects of their over seventy-years' worth of damage inflicted upon the planet. They cannot cool us down any more. No matter what they do, no matter how much they spray us with higher and higher doses of toxic metals and chemicals, the planet is like a drug addict that needs more and more fixes as it ODs to death.

Dane just published another segment of his desperately needed documentary, The Dimming. It is only ten minutes long, so there are NO EXCUSES for not watching it. He has enlisted the support of a number of high-ranking military personnel, now retired, which is absolutely necessary to add even more power to all the data and proof he already has. Excellent!! I wrote him and asked when he thought the entire film would be ready to present. Here is his reply:

Hello, LC, thank you so much for your support in this all important battle. If all goes well, we hope to release the full documentary early next year. We have so little manpower and resources to work with, but we are doing our absolute best, count on that.
Stay safe,

Anyways, this little video is a seriously powerful prelude to the full film. I've watched it twice so far and cannot fathom how ANYONE with eyes and a brain could even question its validity. There are some very good one-liners here by Dane and the various people he has interviewed. I am so glad he got Catherine Austin Fitts to join his team. She is a former Secretary of Housing and financial expert, but is also known among the spiritual crowd as someone with very high moral standards and a sense of awakening. She wrote the Foreword for Paul Levy's Dispelling Wetiko: Breaking the Curse of Evil. She says toward the end of the video that transparency will shift everything. Hmm, now haven't I said that? Repeatedly, that disclosure will change everything on this planet immediately. We cannot sit around waiting for transparency or disclosure, or even worse, get REALLY goofy like the QAnon loonies—we must continue to do our inner and outer work, no matter what, because the end is coming, whether or not transparency and disclosure do, but if they do come, there will be a massive release of positive energy. Dane says, "It will send a shock wave around the globe that cannot be contained." Yes, I absolutely agree. Another comment was that we were a "freight train heading for a broken bridge." Well, yes, certainly we are that, too.

Too many people fear that "they" will do something horrible to "us," like drop a bomb or martial law or whatever, I dunno. I try not to follow it 'cause I don't think they're all that powerful anymore. Like Trump. What an asshole. What a LOSER. But when something SO BIG happens, like the release of the truth about climate engineering/warfare, (vaccines, 9/11, 5G, GMOs) and so on, there will not be enough of THEM to contain the rest of US. And it won't be pretty, as I said, but it will feel REAL GOOD, nonetheless. Covid-19 has weakened everything, even those who think they are powerful—again, just look at Trump. But what about all the military people who are dying of radiation from all this shit? Loyalties only go so far. Once people realize they have been lied to and screwed royally, then all those "nobody" people that the elites counted on to cover their asses will mutiny. Here is the link for Dane's video. I EXPECT you all to watch it!! And by the way, Dane was able to acquire a NOAA flying lab to do the testing. WOW! Wonder how he managed that.

Geoengineering Watch: Our First Ever High Altitude Atmospheric Testing

Since all or most of my readers are very spiritually oriented people preparing and working towards awakening, I want to ask all of you to please, in whatever way your soul or spirit guides you, to send great amounts of light to Dane and all the people in his community and all those working on his documentary project, to help ease the way for him so he can get this presented to the public. He will of course make it available on his website to view for free, because he is not doing ANY of this for money, then we can all start emailing it to local people of importance in each of our areas. As we head into these last days, and I find my own powers increasing immensely, none of us should ever underestimate what we are capable of doing. There are so many examples in the history of this planet where ONE PERSON was able to create massive change. Now that we are working more towards non-physical actions, we need to understand the power of our own light, and how to use it to accomplish great feats. If all of my little group here, from now until the end of the year, sends light to ensure the speedy success of this one project, which I believe has the capability to collapse the whole big lie, and send those shock waves around the world, EVERYTHING would suddenly change in an instant. Every time I even think about it, I feel this yearning and a sense of release and completion. So, I ask you all, please—set aside fifteen minutes several times each day and surround everyone involved with brilliant light. And that includes the little community of readers of my articles. Do it with the most selfless and benevolent energy and watch what happens. It is time.

Now I want to discuss the ever-increasing, absolutely insane weather events from this past week. As mentioned, they are failing and now half of what they attempt to do to cool us off does not work. Often we do not get the deluge they planned, so they have had to resort to wind. OMG! That wind on Sunday, November 15! I don't think we got up to the 48 mph wind gusts, but they were high enough. Most of the day, however, was on the calm side, but after that (fake) cold front passed, which also included a severe thunderstorm warning, and the very fast pass-through of the line of storms, then it got much windier. We were under a wind advisory, but not that far away, other areas were under a high wind warning.

But they still didn't do what they planned, so the next day the sun came out, but the wind thing was back, on Monday. On Tuesday, November 17, it "snowed" all day. It would "snow" then melt, then "snow" then melt. And I put "snow" in quotation marks because it was actually this gooey gelatinous substance that vaguely resembled snow.

By Wednesday, it was sunny and cold with a high of 46 degrees. The night time low was "scheduled" to be 25 degrees. They obviously wanted to kill my tomato plants in the greenhouse. They didn't. Yet, but they will keep trying. It ended up going down to 30.2 degrees, and then right up to 32 degrees, where it stayed most of the night. In the morning it had dropped back to 31.1. And I STILL have my houseplants out on the porch. I throw a blanket over them if I'm concerned, but otherwise, they're out in the open. In NOVEMBER. In OHIO.

So, by Thursday, they once again thought they'd use the cold wind route to cool us down. We were supposed to have gusts up to, well, first it was 34 mph, then the next time I checked, it was 36 mph, then 38 mph, then 39 mph, but in fact, I don't remember getting any gusts at all, and I do pay attention. Most of the day was hot and calm, then got windy at night, again. Plus they sprayed the shit out of us. But the high was up to 64 degrees. That's almost 20 degrees higher than Wednesday. The low overnight hit 29.3, but immediately began rising and by Thursday morning was almost 40 degrees. Friday was just one solid mass of grey toxic shit above us, and a miserable day, but still got up to 61.2 degrees. In November. In Ohio. A month before the first day of winter. The overnight low only went down to 51.1 degrees. NWS forecast low was 44, and The Weather Channel's was 47. So they were both pretty well off. And here is something interesting. I copied it from the NWS forecast: "A chance of rain and snow showers. Mostly cloudy, with a high near 48." Em, snow at 48? It is that "snow-ish" substance again, I guess, that can survive just about any temperature. DOES ANY OF THIS SEEM NORMAL???? Last night's scheduled low was 40 degrees, NWS and 43, Weather Channel. We only hit 45, There is never a moment's peace any more. We are always being attacked by something from the sky. Good lord have mercy, how did we EVER get to this place? But the bottom line is, Raytheon's scripted weather is becoming more and more delusional, and no matter what they do to us, the planet is getting hotter and hotter and hotter. No matter how much they up the dose of toxic shit being sprayed on us, or how much they attempt to dim the sun, we are up shit creek without a paddle and losing the canoe real quick, too. But the good side of this is that the people who are perpetrating this global monstrosity, and especially those who physically have to be in close contact with all these toxins are going to suffer their effects, even worse than those on the ground. It is already happening. You gotta look for silver linings. Once they are all dead, then perhaps we can move forward to freedom.

And then to make my day even worse on Friday, I needed to go to Walmart. And even worse than that, I went to the Alliance store, where everything is weirder than any other Walmart in the area. Here's an interesting article:
Stores see more panic buying as new coronavirus shutdowns loom
I got behind an old lady in line (older than me!), with her basket filled with toilet paper. Apparently she took all there was of one brand, because in the bottom of her cart, there was a few of a different brand. These stores NEED to start limiting quantities. You know, I had included that article about the Walmart design change a few weeks ago. It drove me nuts to go into the Alliance store during this remodeling, and at that time, I had wondered if the shifting around of aisles wasn't to make it look like there was more merchandise than there really was, in anticipation of shortages, because during that time, the store was pretty bare. However, today, it seemed well stocked. Sort of. Depended on what you were looking for. We shall see how this plays out. What better way to fool the foolish public about supply shortages, than to rearrange things to look like they hold more when they hold less. Hmm. I'm going to go to a different Walmart the next time and observe. Aldi is always short on supplies. They have been, even before Covid hit. The point is, the hell with toilet paper. We are on the verge of a food collapse. Both Dane and I have been saying this for a long, long time. You cannot keep burning up land or flooding it and expect farmers to produce food.

Anyways, whenever I go to that Walmart, I always feel like I'm trembling by the time I leave. To make matters worse, I drove around back to automotive where I always get an air refill in my little portable tank, which I use for various things around the farm, plus it sometimes leaks. The Auto Center had been closed during the whole remodeling, but it was open now. There were two "mechanics" working—one was a girl changing a tire, and the other was a REALLY STUPID KID. I had my car parked right outside the door in the back. I walked in and asked if I could get some air. The girl said she'd have to check with the manager, and I told her I get air every time I come here. So she told the stupid kid to do it. I gave him my little tank, and he looked at it, and said they didn't have an adapter. (??) I told him to get a hose that you use to put air in tires. JEEZUZ. I OFFERED to do it. He couldn't figure it out. IT'S A FUCKING VALVE, for Christ sake, I was mumbling under my breath. Then an older man walked in, and I asked him if he could help the kid, that I needed air. Not knowing what was going on, and thinking I needed a tire filled, he tells the kid to go out to my car and find out how much air the tires require, (an answer I could have told him anyways because I always fill my tires for free at Get-Go). Anyways, this kid was SO DUMB, rather than telling the manager I needed air in a TANK, he goes out to my car! I ran out, because I had my purse on the seat, and screamed, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY CAR???"

I finally did get air in my tank, and was so glad to drive away. I had other errands to run, and wanted to do them fast and go home. Aldi had those cranberries on sale for 99 cents for the third week. I got the last bag at the Ravenna store last week. (They were hidden under the kiwis.) These are the BEST cranberries. They are in a mesh bag, and don't get squishy. You know how when you get them in the plastic bag, half of them are rotten. In two bags, only five berries had to go in the compost bucket. I have more about the cranberries below. But anyways, my last stop was Family Dollar. They didn't have what I needed, and I was taking to the employee who was helping me. I told her about the toilet paper hoarder at Walmart. I said, "What the F is wrong with these people?" She said, "Apparently they think toilet paper makes it easier to breathe." I thought that was a good answer and was glad to get out of Alliance. I am practicing my manifesting skills like crazy, and cannot wait till I don't need to EVER go shopping again.

Here is one more environmental article, then I will go on to Covid-19.

The world's largest wetlands are on fire. That's a disaster for all of us

Ok, so we know Covid-19 is now a wildfire in the US and Canada. Toronto just issued a 28-day lockdown. In other articles this morning, it was discovered that most of the people spreading it have no symptoms. Hmm. So, how do they know it is they who spread it? I have been pondering, as I usually do, the difference between truth and bullshit. Anyone who has investigated the detrimental health effects of 5G and climate engineering knows that respiratory issues are some of the symptoms. And we also know that these Covid tests are often not worth a shit. And we also know that doctors frequently make up a disease when they have not a clue as to what is really wrong. Like my former friend whose daughter suffered for years, and was diagnosed with every disease under the sun, while I urged her for five years to get her tested for heavy metal poisoning, which she eventually did and found it was the problem. Doctors, in most cases, would never even dream of testing for radiation or heavy metal poisoning, because, if they began to do that, the evidence would be overwhelming and the whole game would have to be up for the criminal and catastrophic activity being carried out on this planet. As Dane, says, "a shock wave around the world that could not be controlled" or Catherine says, "transparency would shift everything." In any case, all the vaccines in the world won't make a difference if all this illness is really due to radiation, heavy metals and EMFs. And I shudder to think what the long-term (or short) effects of these barely-tested concoctions will be for all these people desperately awaiting a quick fix. Vaccines in all their varieties are bad news, period, and I hope my readers know better than to allow anyone to do this to their bodies.

But the point is, the "plandemic" will only continue to worsen and worsen and worsen. It's doing that now, perhaps because it has not been diagnosed correctly? Hm? Here in Ohio, we are mask-wearers, and follow the suggestions for safety. Most people do it without questioning because we have a wonderful governor that has mostly not forced us to do things, and who, by his words and actions, appears to truly be a person who cares about the welfare of his people and struggles to make wise decisions that do not infringe upon peoples' rights, and yet benefit our safety and well-being. We are blessed to have Governor Mike DeWine! But even so, Ohio's cases are exploding out of control. We are heading towards 8,000 per day.

So I have this nagging feeling that this may not have anything to do with a virus. Every month, Elon Musk sends up more and more of those goddamned 5G satellites, I believe it is 120 a month, plus other companies are sending up their own. This started at the beginning of the year, and will continue until the upper atmosphere is literally saturated with satellites. Even though Arthur Firstenberg is on my shit-list, I DO agree with what he says about the dangers of the electromagnetic frequencies these things are giving off. And cellphones and all these microwave towers and microwave ovens and Wifi and anything "smart." He said we would be dropping dead, and in fact we are. So, perhaps Covid is not the culprit. Think about all this for a while. If this IS true, then the beginning of massive deaths are right around the corner, and most people will not even know the cause. And I am not sure that even people like Musk would "get it," because of course all he cares about is being the fourth-richest person in the world. But HE is just as vulnerable to the toxic effects of this shit as the poor nobodies that the depopulation agenda people like Bill Gates wants to get rid of. Hey, you bastard—you can die from this, too, you know! It's all turning into a very interesting scenario. We shall see. My belief is that disclosure will ultimately come because there will no longer be a way to hide the truth. Dane thinks along those lines, too.

Portuguese Court Rules PCR Tests As Unreliable & Unlawful To Quarantine People

I don't have too much to share about the farm this week, except that the tomatoes and everything else in the greenhouse is still alive, except for the basil, and all the cucurbits except for that one zucchini plant. But they were just done anyways, and would have died at any temperature. The tomatoes are ripening much faster now. 'Bout time, eh? The other thing I want to mention is these wonderful cranberries I've been getting at Aldi. Either they or Marc's usually has apples cheap, so I've been making apple-cranberry pancakes. Plus I found an online recipe for the apple-cranberry pie pictured below. One of the bloggers on that site suggested adding grated orange peel and chopped walnuts in addition to the fruit and that sounded good, and was. I found two recipes to try, actually. The other one has a cooked syrup to mix in with the fruits, so I'm making that next. Plus I have my favorite cranberry orange bread that I've been making since I was a kid. I also split one of the bigger acorn squash and cooked the halves upside down in a skillet with a bit of water. Then I stuffed them with a mix of cooked apple chunks, cranberries, chopped onion, Aldi vegan "frankfurter" slices and sour cream. Oh, my. That was good!! Cranberries are an extraordinary health food, too. Some people think they are too tart, but not me. I'm the one who can eat a whole lemon, remember.

Apple-Cranberry Pie

Tomato Plants

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