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6 The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid; and the calf and the young lion and the fatling together; and a little child shall lead them.
7 And the cow and the bear shall feed; their young ones shall lie down together: and the lion shall eat straw like the ox.

October 21, 2020

I am posting this particular issue on my Articles Index for a couple reasons. First, through my stats pages, I see SO many people getting on my Home Page then immendiately clicking the Articles Index. I'm not trying to be nosy about who visits my site; I am seeing nothing but numbers. But I DO care about and greatly value my readership. I become familiar with the same I.P.s visiting my pages every day, and I want to make sure everyone is aware of all that I write. Articles make up less than half of the three platforms I use to communicate my views of the dire situation we face, and our absolute need to move ahead. So I suggest to everyone to scroll down the right column of my Home Page before going to the Articles Index. All my articles and everything new will be found in that column. When the date changes at the top, something new has been posted.

But the other reason I am including this issue on that Index is that there is this convergence taking place bringing all aspects of this false reality together. Have you noticed that? Therefore, this will be a blend. I will be discussing discernment in upcoming articles, but here I want to stress once again, the urgency of making a decision as to where you want to end up. Much of what I write is to stimulate creativity, but there are other things that are based on plain fact. I believe we can all create the world and "reality" in which we wish to live, but NOT here. For those still thinking, hoping, praying that we will somehow be saved and that everything will work out just fine on this planet, YOU ARE LIVING IN A DELUSION. We are heading to the end. Even Dane knows that, but he, like I, just keeps going. We are perhaps approaching the matter differently, but he is a very wise man, and I am sure he will end up where he wants to be, as I will.

And so, is there any reason at all why we should even bother with climate terrorism or GMOs or 5G, vaccines, aliens, evil and all the other horrors of this hell-planet, if we are busy creating our new paradise and NEW PARADIGM? And don't plan to be here much longer? Perhaps there is not. I try to keep my focus on where I am going, and yet, there is this soft whisper in my ear that continues to tell me we must clean up our mess here in order to be completely free. That refers to the collective mess, and our inner mess, which will be the subject of my next several articles. But this whispering voice also tells me that we MUST have some sort of closure here, if not disclosure. We do NOT want to carry baggage. This of course does NOT mean that anything we do will somehow make the earth habitable again. But what it WILL do is open us up to full consciousness, and being fully conscious means that we can see the truth of WHAT IS. It is only then that we have the full power to create something new that does not retain the same elements that are on the verge of wiping us out. We need to face the truth of where we are and that means clearly seeing the evil and what is being done to us.

Let us begin with Arthur Firstenberg. Believe me, I absolutely have no doubts whatsoever that 5G, cell phones, microwave ovens, WiFi, and so on are deadly to our health and the health of the planet. But this is the opening paragraph for his latest newsletter.

Early on October 6, 2020 at 5:29 a.m. Mountain Time, SpaceX launched another 60 satellites, to join their fellows racing through the ionized layer of air that protects us and gives us life. At about that time, a good friend of mine here in Santa Fe was awakened by a severe nosebleed. That evening, I told the grocery clerk at the checkout counter that I was feeling unusually tired. "So am I," he said.

C'mon, just because he had a nosebleed and was tired and found someone else that was tired does NOT prove anything!! I've been tired all summer. An opening like this does nothing to promote his credibility!! It could just as easily be a coincidence. Then he writes:

In recent weeks, on the coast of Australia, record numbers of whales committed suicide by beaching themselves. In Botswana, hundreds of elephants suddenly collapsed and died. Here in the southwest, from Nebraska, to Colorado, to Texas, New Mexico and Arizona, to northern Mexico, millions of migrating birds have fallen dead out of the sky, emaciated, starved to death because there are no insects to eat.

The point is, there are numerous factors causing these catastrophic animals deaths. The ocean is too hot and toxic. The UV rays are dangerously high in many places. Of course, we are being sprayed 24/7 with toxic heavy metals that are making everyone sick. GMOs and the pesticides that go along with them are also making everything sick. Dane would NEVER make statements like that. Everything he says he can back up with scientific data, including patents, government documents, interviews and documentaries, photos and films, soil and water tests—there is no one that could ever win an argument with him about climate engineering, and lots of other things, too. He has it all on the tip of his tongue, and would never make vague claims. NOR would he ever be SO naïve. These several sentences in Firstenberg's newsletter are what really flipped my lid.

And it is not because we are horrible people. It is not because of a conspiracy to destroy the world. Other technologies pollute inadvertently. Pesticides are intended to kill pests; the fact that they escape into the general environment is unintentional. Nuclear waste is not intended to go everywhere. Plastics are not intended to end up in the ocean.

OF COURSE these are horrible people who don't really give a SHIT who or what they destroy as long as they have their power and money. What is occuring now on this planet is anything BUT accidental, including this plandemic If you still doubt that, please read these two book reviews.
Silent Spring
Seeds of Destruction: The Hidden Agenda of Genetic Manipulation

Paul Levy, in his book, Dispelling Wetiko: Breaking the Curse of Evil, stresses the need to expand our perception of evil if we expect to dispel it. He is Buddhist, by the way. Being an ostrich with your head in the sand and pretending that all this horror is just accidental and that people are basically good is just ignorant. I am not saying we should dwell on evil and I am certainly not saying we should get wrapped up in the ever-worsening insanity, but we must be able to recognize it, be conscious of it, then rise above it. THAT is real awakening, and THAT is why the New Age movement failed so horribly.

In all fairness to Firstenberg, he DOES continue with more scientific evidence against cell phones, sort of, but not always convincing, and as I said, I DO think they should be banned, but never will be for the reason stated above, AND because people do not want to give up any of their "conveniences." But WE, who plan to move on to the New Paradigm must be willing to let go of all that does not serve our highest self, and must be extremely careful to align ourselves with only that which is totally congruent to the direction we wish to go. Here is more of Firstenberg's newsletter.

There is a reason cell phones are outlawed in Green Bank, West Virginia, home of the National Radio Astronomy Observatory: even a single cell phone, even from miles away, would blind the radio astronomers there and make it impossible for them to see the stars. Astronomers measure radio waves in units called janskys. A typical star shines at 10 to 100 janskys. The Sun shines at about 500,000 janskys. When you hold a cell phone against your head, you are pumping energy at the rate of about 100,000,000,000,000,000 janskys into your brain.

Finally, in 2003, neurosurgeon Leif Salford, at Lund University in Sweden, proved the obvious: that disrupting the blood-brain barrier causes brain damage. He exposed rats to a cell phone, once for two hours, at very low power, and sacrificed them fifty days later. Two percent of the exposed rats’ brain cells were damaged or destroyed. He later exposed rats to a cell phone, again at very low power, for two hours once a week for a year, and found that they were cognitively impaired.

Hmm, I question those janskys . . . .

He then goes on to speak of the horrors of plastic, of which I also agree, and I absolutely agree that if you are not walking your talk—if you condemn this activity, yet still participate in it, you are just as bad as those who are promoting it. You cannot have one foot on the up escalator and the other on the down. Shit or get off the pot is another way of putting it. It is because people buy into all this unneccessary junk that it contiues. BOYCOTTING could have prevented much of this horror, beginning with Monsanto and their greed and evil. Decide where you want to go. Fence straddling is NOT acceptable. Make a choice, then LIVE IT.

But the point is, there are so many factors contributing to the death of this planet and all its lifeforms, so in order to be credible, one cannot make blunt statements that this is the cause, without looking at the big picture—zooming out, you know. Dane has NEVER said that climate engineering alone is the problem, though he says it is the worst of all, and in that I do agree. And when he does state something specific, he has mountains of evidence to back it up. Aluminum nano-particles are just as bad for our brains, and are being linked with dementia. In the book above, Seeds of Destruction, when independent research was done on GMOs, that is, not by Monsanto, who did their own research on safety, then lied about the results, other scientists found that they, too, caused brain-function issues. In one particular case which took place in the UK, the renowned scientist who did the research was fired, his papers confiscated, and he was forbidden to speak to his colleagues. And who was behind it all? Tony Blair, Bill Clinton, and Monsanto. Zoom out and see the big picture.

But I think this is what really set me off this week—about QAnon, and the less said on that subject, the better. I am finding it alarming that certain people who claim to be on the "spiritual path" would not only fall for such a hoax, but would actually believe Trump IS some kind of savior. Keep in mind, Bringers of the Dawn FORETOLD this!! Talk about straddling the up and down escalator!!! How could a spiritual person support a white supremacist racist bigot, with a family history of lies and corruption. You become the company you keep. Just because Trump is not part of the "establishment" does not make him decent. Hitler wasn't part of the establishment either. But the part of this I am finding especially disturbing is through several articles published by, and no, I did not save them. But they have interviewed people who "got out," in other words, they likened the whole thing to a cult—the dangerous kind where one becomes obsessed to the exclusion of everything and everyone else. When I touched on this a couple months ago, I also said it was my opinion that "Q" might very well be AI—artificial intelligence that collects data from websites, then blends truth and lies in a "believeable" way. I know for a fact that the greatest number of visitors to my site or ANY site are 'bots, because I root them out and ban then. I have thousands banned and it has not even made a dent. So you have all this information being communicated online, by those of us who tell the truth as well as we can understand it, and those who are deliberately spreading lies and propaganda, like Trump and millions of others. Blend them together, and it all becomes blurred, and even worse, now, many social media sites are banning QAnon, which would be good except for the fact that one of the issues QAnon promotes is that "5G is dangerous." Well, of course, THAT is NOT conspiracy theory, that is true, but NOW, since it is part of this QAnon phenomenon, it is being linked with the other lies, making it much more difficult for the sheeple to tell the difference. Do you understand what I am saying? This has been created by SOMEONE who knows a hellofalot about AI and using it to manipulate the public, to purposely undermine the issues we activists embrace. What better way, than to blend truth with nonsense and convince normally sane people to buy into it? I am thinking that it has been brilliantly masterminded by some evil force to put an end, once and for all, to those of us who speak the truth. Since most of what QAnon embraces is bullshit, it makes everything they embrace look like bullshit, chalked up as "conspiracy theories," even the issues that are true. Therefore, more and more social media sites are banning anyone who writes about climate engineering, GMOs, vaccines . . . . So perhaps that's the real hidden agenda of QAnon to begin with. Censorship of everything that threatens the Controllers. Bringing REAL issues to the forefront to make them look fooish. Whatever they are really about, I KNOW it's not good. THAT is why Firstenberg needs to make sure everything he says and writes can be backed up, or he will look like a foolish conspiracy theorist, too. And certainly one that is so naïve about the hidden agendas behind all these issues IS foolish.

And speaking of 5G and incongruity, what do you make of this one? If QAnon is supposedly supporting Trump and he is leading their cause, and he is their savior, (yuk) and they are speaking out against 5G, em . . . ? And those who are STILL oblivious to the fact the 5G can and will be used as a weapon and for surveillance by the military against US, the American citizens . . . em?? These people are all in bed together—one big orgy. The government, the military, corporations, the media . . . they are all corrupt criminals.
Administration officials alarmed by White House push to fast track lucrative 5G spectrum contract, sources say

Now it is methane I want to talk about, which may be the straw that broke the camel's back—the final curtain for all life on earth as we know it. Here is a link provided by Joseph, one of the regular community members on Dane's Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, October 10, 2020. I strongly urge everyone to read this. The thing is, as I understand it, methane is unpredictable, and if a great quantity suddenly leaks out at once, we could have an immense rise in global temperatures, like all at once, or we could have another "Venus Syndrome," where the planet basically, uh, burns. No matter how you look at it, something deadly IS going to happen. Soon. How and what is still in question, so once again I say to all of you, please do not waste your time for "things to all work out." Do what you need to do to prepare for the New Paradigm, which will NOT be here, at least on earth in this dimension. Accept the truth of the situation.
Large Methane Leaks Soar 32% Despite Lockdowns and Green Pledges
And I also urge everytone to dismiss ANY site that is still speaking of correcting these problems by 2030 or 2050, or EGAD!!! 2100. Talk about absolutely delusional! All of us who are paying attention KNOW we will not be here by 2030. I wonder each day if this will be the one; we are that close to the edge. And worse, we really HAVE NOT EVEN BEGUN to implement any program to stop this ever-increasing heat. At this point it makes no difference because nothing will stop it. Even Dane knows that, as hard as he has worked. Covid-19 has taken the wind out of so many people who were on the verge of a breakthrough. Not a PLANdemic, you say?? HAH! And so, as you weed out every source that is not telling the truth about the way it really IS, but giving the impression that the Earth will always be here to support us, I would seriously think about never getting on sites like Waking Times and Common Dreams. They are two of the worst. And any site that dismisses climate engineering should also be avoided. Learn to discern!!!

Here is more disturbing news from Dane's people, from this past week's Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, October 17, 2020. First here is part of a comment by Earth Angel that I certainly agree with, and wonder why anyone would even want to save this world.

Earth Angel commented:

Earth Angel says:
October 18, 2020 at 6:55 pm

What sad times we are living in now. Perhaps a species so dumb and easily distracted with foolish things is deserving of extinction. It is the innocent life of animals, plants and insects being taken down with us that disturbs me most. They have done nothing to deserve it. Thus, like Dane and most of us here, I will keep doing whatever I can in what time we have left to make a difference for the good of all good creatures of this planet.

As usual, Raymond, from Texas always has interesting comments, especially to me because he keeps weather data as I do, and I TOTALLY agree with what he says. This is a part of a lengthy comment and I urge you to go there and read it in its entirety.

Raymond says:
October 17, 2020 at 6:38 pm

Prior to climate warfare operations, the extended forecast models were quite accurate and reliable. But now days, as the climate engineers make strategic alterations in their plans, for specific zonal regions of this country. The forecast models are updated daily, to reflect such climate controlling deviations and they now predict the exact time for cold fronts to arrive, or severe weather to blossom into severe storms. A forecast model from the past that relied on naturally occurring weather patterns, would state that a cold front is expected to push through between noon and 4:00 pm. But a geoengineering based forecast states that the cold front will arrive at exactly 1:35 pm. Or, a natural weather forecast would reflect a period of between 6:00 and 9:00 pm, for possible severe storms to develop. But a Geoengineering forecast clearly stipulates that severe storms will be moving in at exactly 7:45 pm.

Nature is predictable to a general time frame, using climate computer models (based on stats collected by ground observers and automated weather analyzing substations). While Geoengineering is not predicted at all, but rather . . . created on demand and smoke and mirrors are used by meteorologists, to make it appear as though the same old time tested computer modeling, is still being used in forecasting the weather. But in reality . . . they are simply reading from a script that was supplied to them by NOAA and the National Weather Service. Who in turn, receive information from Lockheed and Raytheon to produce those scripts.

Just exactly how long are they going to get away with blaming geoengineering of artificial climate patterns on La Nina or El Nino? Here in Texas we are seeing nine days straight of record setting heat, with only one day of cooler weather as a cold front arrives. Then, exactly 24 hours later . . . it goes right back to nine days of record heat. Rinse and repeat cycle over and over again, like some kind of "machine"! AND not one drop of rain in this constant hellish routine. October is generally one of the wettest months in Texas and same for November. Not this year though and possibly not ever again, as Summer is now becoming a ten to twelve month Geoengineering Nightmare, in the state of Texas.

Seasons will soon be a thing of the past for most places on planet Earth. As we are slowly but surely tipping the biosphere balance and experiencing the devastating effects of the Venus Syndrome. With geoengineering being the predominant factor for Earth's rewriting the requirements for the solar system's Goldilocks Zone and tumbling into Dante's Inferno!

I also want to add that they are not always successful in what they schedule, in fact, I see that happening more and more often, which is why we get bizarre "forecasts," like "less than a tenth of an inch of rain," which turns into an inch and a half, or 100 percent chance of rain that ends up at zero. Mother Nature will continue to cooperate less and less, as her natural systems become increasingly corrupted.

Here in the east, the whole object is to make the brainless assholes think things are "normal." Therefore, especially when fall rolls around, if the temperature DARES to warm up, we have endless days of these "fronts" that span the entire width of the country. Of course, this "rain" is laced with toxic lead or silver iodide, part of the ice nucleation process that makes it feel really cold. After this last batch, I just cannot warm up—my fingers have been numb—and yet, as I've mentioned before, there is also this underlying wave of heat that cannot be gotten rid of any more. In fact, I believe we are on the verge of the planet being SO HOT that NOTHING is going to cool it down for more than a very brief period, if that. It actually is here already. So anyways, they have begun with the fake winter spraying in earnest. We have one after another of these humongous swaths of rain scheduled to hit us until we get damn right cold. "Blizzards" in the upper midwest are also on the agenda. Just pay attention, then ask yourself HOW MUCH toxic shit, how many TONS of this stuff are they hitting us with in order to keep cooling us down when the rest of the planet is so hot. Just check out the temperatures out west. They are diverting all their desperately needed rain to dump on us, who do NOT need it, but because the east is more populated, it is more important that they keep us from questioning. It will all snap, soon enough, and these truly miserable people who have SO MUCH hubris to think they have the right to decide who gets burnt, who freezes, who gets flooded will find themselves a victim of their own heinous acts. One of these days, Mother Nature will quit cooperating all together. It is coming.

Here is another interesting comment from Dane's community, a new person, I believe, from Ohio—my neck of the woods, and I totally agree, and I, too, miss the bobwhites of my childhood. It also ties into what I just said about Firstenberg.

Terry says:
October 18, 2020 at 10:10 pm

We’re experiencing the same situation here in the Ohio River Valley in regard to songbirds. It’s interesting you mention bluejays and crows, those are the only birds seen here as well, outside of our state bird, the cardinal. My favorite songbirds from this region (in regard to their songs), the Bob White and whippoorwill, are long gone. Google “3 billion songbirds” and you’ll find mainstream articles (NY Times, etc.) acknowledging the bird apocalypse of the eastern United States, with even the bird experts stating in some articles that their disappearance is a mystery . . . .

. . . Except it’s no mystery at all. When you dump toxic aluminum (and other awful poisons) in the sky, and mix it with the onslaught of electrosmog from cell phone towers, our sky friends will be among the first to feel the repercussions. Everything Dane discusses on this site and on his weekly broadcasts is spot-on, and I see it unfold continually. Dr. Klinghardt has mentioned many times how radiation and aluminum is hurting us all, including the songbirds.

Raytheon has announced its winter forecast (handed its script to the NOAA). Assuming the climate engineers are being honest with this report, only a "handful" of states will get a colder than normal winter. This would not surprise me. The planet keeps warming, and it only makes sense that their attempt to engineer toxic cool downs is going to see a reduction, in regard to number of states cooled down. They’ll still steal our sunshine, create cloudless canopies, and poison us, it just won’t be as cold. Welcome to climate engineering.

Here are some screenshots I've taken. The first is from October 15, 10:34 pm. Just LOOK at the span of this THING, from Texas to Canada. That is NOT NORMAL.

October 15, 10:34 pm

And look at this monster. OMG!! I hope it doesn't hit me. I've had two days of rain and grey skies and I certainly don't need more. This is going on right now at midnight, as I type this. It appears it will head north and not move into Northeast Ohio. What was really strange on Monday was that it rained and rained most of the day, yet NOTHING showed up on radar, and what did show up indicated extremely light rainfall that normally does not even hit the ground. That should also indicate just how saturated with toxic metals this stuff is that is falling on us.

October 21, 12:00 am

The next one is the QPF for days 6-7, 8 am to 8 am, for Monday, October 26 to Wednesday, October 28. THAT is how desperate they are to cool us down. Let us see if they are successful. Not only all that rain but all those toxic heavy metals.

October 21, QPF for days 6-7

I had a frost the other night—the first one, but since I have nothing outside but four raspberry bushes that are actually producing fruit and some succulents on the porch, it was not a big deal. It got down to 31 degrees, which would not bother anything in the greenhouse. As it stands at this moment, my tomato plants are as lush as ever and full of tomatoes. I have nice okra, too, plus my celery should be producing edible ribs pretty soon. And lots of herbs and greens, too. I've been pulling out my squash and cucumbers, although the summer squash is still producing. I got about thirteen acorn squash and my Green-Striped Cushaws are still growing. I picked that big one that finally started to rot on the bottom. It was ripe enough and once I cut out the bad part, it was solid flesh, REALLY solid. They are commercial pumpkins, remember. So, I don't know if the rotted part was seeds—I did not see any at all anywhere, which is another issue I find very disturbing. That variety is open-pollinated, in other words, a gene-pool variety, which should ALWAYS produce seeds. Again, my fear that GMO pollen has infiltrated all crops, rendering them sterile. That has been a fear of mine for thirty years. Anyways, it is similar to butternut squash, so I had four meals out of it, plus a chocolate chip spice cake and I still have enough left over to make two pies, which will be my today's project. It appears I will have four more to harvest. Here are some photos. The second one is almost as big as the one that grew all summer, and it has only been around for less than a month. Note how the stem end should be smaller, but was reversed on on the left. There's another one that's hanging. As you can see the plants are mostly dead, which is OK because it is the end of October, and the fruits will continue to ripen. So I should have a nice supply of squash for the winter. The last photo is the chocolate chip cake.

Green-Striped Cushaw

Green-Striped Cushaw

Green-Striped Cushaw Chocolate Chip Cake

Green-Striped Cushaw

Here are my little peas that have begun to germinate in the greenhouse. I have never grown peas in there, and certainly never anywhere this late. It only took a few days for them to germinate. They like the cooler conditions, and that soil is nice and rich now. The peas will actually add to the nitrogen content. The rest are my tomato plants which are healthy and full of tomatoes and blossoms, but slow to ripen. We do not, as of this writing, have any weather coming that would kill them. Gosh, I hope not. I am counting on it staying warm enough to keep my greenhouse going all winter, or as long as we have left here. I plan to plant more greens, maybe some carrots and beets. My collards are doing well and will continue to grow all winter.

Tomato Plants

Pea Plants

Tomato Plants

Tomato Plants

This last image is a new cooking oil I found at Walmart. They are having trouble stocking the Non-GMO sunflower oil I usually buy. This one is a better bargain, though. It is a larger bottle for only 50 cents more. It is a blend of canola and sunflower oil, also Non-GMO verified and in a recycled plastic bottle. Keep in mind that most vegetable and canola oil IS GMO.

Non-GMO Oil

Just a couple more odds and ends. And this goes back to Raymond's comment about how the weather patterns are so unnatural. Sunday night, my min/max thermometer on the porch stayed at 53.4 degrees. For hours. Does THAT seem normal? Also, does anyone else notice how agressive the insect are becoming? My praying mantises are getting downright mean. I pick them up and they dig their feet into my fingers, which is like holding a cactus, and they manage to flip around and try to bite me. Never before have they behaved like that.

For those who have read my Seeds of Destruction book review, here is a website for F. William Engdahl. Bill Gates is a REEEEEEAL evil dude. I thought he was banned from Africa. Or maybe it was India. We should ban him here in America.
Gates Vaccine Spreads Polio Across Africa

And here is a recent one about the fires in Colorado. Have you noticed how they are working their way east? Dane believes all these fires are just another part of the plan to keep the ignorant and overpopulated east from realizing JUST HOW HOT IT IS. The smoke is another means to cool us, while people in the west suffer all this horror. And they are also spraying defoliants so the the leaves turn color and fall off WAY before a frost. I remember when I was growing up, fall was ALWAYS bright and sunny. A nip in the air, but gorgeous. Even winters were sunny. Now when we hit September, the sky is plastered with toxic crap and grey clouds. We shall see how much longer this will go on before something REALLY major snaps.
At least 26 homes destroyed in Colorado's CalWood Fire as historic wildfire season continues

Here is an update at 1:50 am on that monster storm hitting the Great Lakes region tonight. ALL THAT RAIN. Those poor people. Notice a couple things. First, how there is that swath of snow in Minnesota, Michigan, and Canada that they are attempting to pull down. And also notice the effects of the microwave towers being used to manipulate it—the strange streaks of "rain" in the "snow" neither of which is natural.

October 21, 1:50 am

Here is a close-up view, just to the west of me and I hope it stays to the west of me.

October 21, 2:00 am

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