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Isaiah 11
6 The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid; and the calf and the young lion and the fatling together; and a little child shall lead them.
7 And the cow and the bear shall feed; their young ones shall lie down together: and the lion shall eat straw like the ox.

September 16-17, 2020

(Please note, I finished this article in the very early hours of the morning before I went to bed. Just a couple more things: I thought the news sites would be plastered with the horrendous Hurricane Sally disaster, but in fact they are not at all—barely a word, actually. WTF?? And the other thing is, be sure to check out my book reviews. I just published one of my collection of "Doomsday Classics." It is about a bacteria that mutates and wipes out the ability to grow food on the planet. It comes dangerously close to our actual situation here in 2020. I am going to be reading a number of appropriate books concerning our survival. Though most of my readers, I suspect, are working hard to awaken, until we do, we are still at the mercy of the environment and the deranged evil-doers that currently control it. Prepare and be ready for anything. Here is the link to the current book: Nordenholt's Million)

Once again I find myself overwhelmed with so much information concerning the weather and other environmental atrocities, but since I have not covered things here at the farm in a while, I will do that, too. First let's begins with Hurricane Sally, which is another "slow moving" storm, like Harvey. Make no mistake, that is completely anomalous for a hurricane. The deranged psychopaths who are orchestrating all this seem determined to destroy this country and kill as many as possible, not only people but our beautiful and innocent animal life. I am sickened to the pit of my stomach, literally. There are times I walk around with a knot inside me—not from fear, but from rage. For all my precious regular readers who are following along with me in my absolute determination to awaken, please remember that, yeah, we all want to get the fuck off this hell-planet, but we came here to complete a mission, and we WILL accomplish it. As more information comes to me, I will be communicating that to you, so that we all stand ready, no matter what is happening in our physical lives. As you work with your special phrase, more specifics of your mission will be revealed. Remember, awakening is not about self, it is about service and doing what is right and necessary. That's why we are being so severely purged. Until we fully "get it," we will not awaken.

As has been my habit lately, I am writing this over two days. As of this morning, September 16, there are seven tropical storms in the Atlantic. It appears that after Sally, none of them are heading to the mainland, although one might swipe the tip of Maine. But the last three have done us in. It also appears that we here in much of the Ohio Valley/Great Lakes region, and even along the central and northern Mississippi are getting a break from the deluge. Apparently they accomplished their immediate goal. We went from hot to really cold, and after Laura, most of my cucumbers and squash in the greenhouse are dying, struck with some kind of fungus/mildew. It has also turned some of my trees brown and the leaves have fallen, which should not be since we have not even come close to frost or freeze. One can only imagine what toxic brew all that rain was laced with to do this much damage. Anyways, I should still have a fairly good winter squash harvest. And this has been the first time in years that I have had my fill of summer squash. I eat them nearly every day, but I'm not tired of them at all. But the cucumbers—not even close. More on that below. Anyways, the southeast coast will be flooded from the track of Sally. My heart breaks for all the suffering, instigated by forces incomprehensibly evil.

Here are a few maps of late. The first ghastly one shows the QPF for the next seven days, 9/16 to 9/23. The light orange is 5-7 inches, the dark, 4-5, the khaki, 7-10, and that little yellow speck at the far eastern Florida Panhandle is 15-20. OMG!! And you will notice the vast disparity between the eastern and western sides of the country, which mostly doesn't change. No wonder the west is a tinder box. Hopefully that significant rain will materialize for Washington and Oregon, then some in Montana and Idaho. Not that it will put a dent in the drought, but will at least help with the fires. And you'll notice that Ohio is FINALLY mostly white, a rarity indeed! In the map that came out later, it was completely white.

QPF for the next seven days, 9/16 to 9/23
NWS Weather Prediction Center QPF Forecasts
The tropical storms shift around, but as of this morning, 9/16, yep, there's still seven, three which are hurricanes. Rene disappeared, but we now have Vicky and Teddy.

Atlantic Tropical Storms, 9/16/20
NWS National Hurricane Center
And last, here are the current cones and spaghetti models from 10 am this morning, 9/16.

Atlantic Tropical Storms, 9/16/20
Full-Screen Interactive Radar

And I must make one more chilling observation: Please keep in mind that these fires serve a purpose for the psychopatic agenda. The smoke from which the people in the west are choking is being pushed east to also aid in the massive cool-down we are experiencing. IS THAT OK WITH YOU?? 'Cause it sure ain't with me. All these people that have lost everything. All the historic natural landmarks, the beautiful creatures, the majestic forests . . . it is just too horrible to even comprehend. Add to that all the LIES that go with it, all the meteorologists that have sold their souls to comply with the agenda. Yesterday, our forecast out here was SUNNY SKIES. All day, never changed. And yet I didn't see ONE SPECK of BLUE anywhere above me the entire day. Is that a sunny sky?? And no, it wasn't smoke, it was AEROSOLS which were sprayed on us. Period. Today was no different, and both days were way below the "scheduled" high, like eight degrees. I started the day in sweat pants and shirt and a tee shirt, thinking I would change into shorts later. I shed the sweatshirt but not the pants. Here is a screenshot I took of the hourly graph from noon yesterday. The middle segment depicts Relative Humidity (green); Precipitation Potential (brown) and Sky Cover (blue). Notice the blue line and brown line along the bottom at ZERO. How can you have no sky cover in a white sky!!?? If there is no sky cover, the sky should be BLUE.

Hourly Weather Forecast Graph, 9/15/20

But I also have a more-than-gut feeling that things are going to massively change by the end of this year. If a large group of us can reach our awakening soon, that alone will create a huge shift in energy. And no matter how you look at it, we are beginning the stage of total climate chaos, which will end as extinction, unless we who are using our minds to create, can steer it into a new earth. NWS/NOAA officially announced that this will be a "La Niña" year, typically bringing below normal temperatures and more precipitation to the north. However, the statment was also made that these natural forces don't have as much impact now because of "climate change," (weather terrorism, in other words). In any case, I plan to plant greens as soon as plants totally die in the greenhouse. If my hunch is right, at some point soon, we may have no winter at all. And my morning trip to the greenhouse, taken a few minutes ago, revealed a bit of a revival in some of the vines. Here are some important links I've been collecting over the past couple weeks.

Ice shelves propping up two major Antarctic glaciers are breaking up and it could have major consequences for sea level rise
Longtime Climate Science Denier Hired At NOAA
Northern Hemisphere had its warmest summer ever, NOAA says
Two disasters are threatening the US today (From 9/15)
Sally Drops 'Incredible Rainfall Totals' On Alabama And Florida (From 9/16, evening)
A gas found on Earth that signifies life has been detected in the clouds on Venus
And this next one made me gasp!! As everyone knows, I am such a huge advocate of recycling. Now, I really wonder exactly what is happening to the stuff at the little recycling collection area down the road from me. We used to have to sort everything, but now it is called "single stream," which means, paper and glass and metals all get dumped together. From the article, it seems no one wants to waste the time and money sorting even previously sorted trash, so I am wondering if everything we drop off is just going to a landfill anyways. Another sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. What a bunch of MISERABLE FUCKING LIARS.
How Big Oil Misled The Public Into Believing Plastic Would Be Recycled
This next one is a bit more hopeful.
Plastics: What’s recyclable, what becomes trash—and why

A couple more items, then on to farm news. First, Dane has created a new weekly series called Into the Wild, filmed on his wilderness land, to show people the decimation of the land, plants and trees, animals, in what was once a thriving and beautiful landscape. He just released his second one on Wednesday.
Into The Wild, With Dane Wigington, September 10, 2020, #1
Into The Wild, With Dane Wigington, September 16, 2020, #2

Also, here is part of a comment from Raymond in Dane's current GAN. I look forward to reading his posts. They are sensitive and well-spoken, which always causes me to think. This segment concerns the horror people are experiencing with the California wildfires. Here's the link to Dane.
Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, September 12, 2020

Raymond says:
September 14, 2020 at 6:12 pm
Has anyone even considered the fact that millions of gallons of fresh water has been used to help control the wildfires, during a period of exceptional drought? California, Oregon and Washington have all been deprived of rain for many years now, by the climate engineering of persistent high pressure systems (domes of hot dry air from hell actually) off the west coast. The rains only seem to return after everything has been turned to ashes and there is no ground vegetation left, to hold any accumulative rainfall that can seep below to refill subterranean aquifers. So everyone's water wells must be on the verge of drying up and that is just one more set back to homeowners, who lost everything in the infernos. Because, why would you rebuild your home again . . . if there is no ground water available for new or existing wells and the threat has just become eminent now, for catastrophic flash flooding, mudslides and landslides? How could you possibly justify using insurance loss funds to build another house, when you have to build or install fresh water tanks and have water trucked in at incredible costs? Plus no one would even purchase your new home, if you simply want to get the heck out of Dodge. Considering all of the detriments and added expenses to the new homeowners!
People who lost everything . . . means exactly that! Not just loved ones, pets, home, furnishings, belongings, vehicles and precious memories. They lost the ability to collect insurance checks and rebuild not just homes, but their lives as well. They don't want to continue living in the hell that took everything from them, and they know that they could never sell their new homes, to potential buyers . . . who view that area as hell too. They are stuck with properties that will sit vacant forever, if they choose to move away. And burdened with paying property taxes on their abandoned homes, for the rest of their lives . . . no matter where they choose to relocate. Those communities will become ghost towns and everyone's lives will be scarred and cursed forever.
But Trump said today, while "gently debating" with the Governor of California over climate change emergencies.
"Hey, even I know that the science is wrong . . . and climate change is not real. It will get cool again and the rains will return to California. Mark my words, you just wait and see."

What a fucking moron. Trump, not Raymond. That drought has gone on for ten or fifteen years.

Now, on to farm news. I can't believe all the photos I haven't posted yet. I am collecting insect photos—lots of little butterflies. The one currently on my Welcome Page is called an Eastern Tailed-Blue. Just look how tiny it is! Those are blades of grass and clover leaves. They are less than an inch wide with their wings closed. I think I might do an insect gallery of photos at the end of . . . well, maybe just the end. Like I did last year with the possums. Incidentally, remember to always enter my site on the Welcome Page because it should ensure that you get an up-to-date Home Page, rather than just clicking on a saved page on your device. Plus you get to see what I think are some pretty good photos.

My next one will be an adult praying mantis. There must have been a nest right in back of the greenhouse because Molly and I keep finding them. We do not take vigorous walks. I usually take my little orange step stool and sit in the field of her choice while she catches grasshoppers. She eats them. She eats poop too, but we try to discourage that. Anyways, she almost ate a praying mantis a couple weeks ago, but I got it from her and put it in the greenhouse because they will clean up insect pests. Later when I was mowing I found two more. The other day, she was rummaging in the high weeds when she suddenly jumped back. I thought she got stung, but then realized she had a praying mantis clinging to her. I got it away, but it clung to me. They have spiny things on their feet and I held it so it wouldn't bite, and I thought it was all strange because I pick them up all the time and they are never so aggressive as they've been this year. They usually just walk up my hand. We found one yesterday, and it, too, dug its claws into me. But then I thought, maybe it's just afraid. When I went to put it on a leaf, it didn't want to let go, and it wasn't hurting me. Poor insects. They are suffering, too.

Praying Mantis

Eastern Tailed-Blue Butterfly

Now I want to start with the present and show you what Hurricane Laura did, and this really happened pretty quick. Everything is always wet, even when it goes days without raining, so I don't think it is all water. I had walked Molly the other morning, when it was still pretty hot, and I thought the grass would be dry so I didn't wear my boots. But when we got back to the porch, my socks were wet, which I hate. So I changed them and hung the wet ones over the porch railing. They weren't sopping, but just a little wet on the bottom, but it took them over a day and a half to dry! In the first photo is what's left of the cucumbers and Mammoth Table Queen Acorn Squash I had planted in that little remaining space. They just died over night, it seems. I can probably salvage that squash hanging there. In the next one are my lemon cucumbers on the other side of the greenhouse. They look like they might revive. This happens every year. August and September should be the prime harvest months in Ohio. They always were. But now, by September everything starts to die off, which leads me to conclude it is because they begin spraying the ice nucleation concoctions to make the stupid people think fall is on its way. Whatever it is, it is toxic to the plants. In the second row is a view from the back door. Remember how lush and green that all was a few weeks ago? The last one is my buckeye tree. All the leaves are dry and brown. The ones that haven't fallen yet. Why? We haven't been even close to a frost.

Lemon Cucumbers Plants

Dead Plants

Buckeye Tree

View from the Back Door

But the more long-term problem has been that monstrosity, the green-striped cushaws. They have produced tons of fruits and every single one except the one pictured below have rotted from some very strange fungus. It begins at the blossom, then moves up the fruit and totally destroys it. It looks like a rodent, really gross. So I started breaking off the blossom as soon as it finished blooming. That didn't help. Then I started spraying them with cider vinegar, which is a disinfectant. I thought it was working, because no new fungus developed. But instead the blossom ends began to wither, and pretty soon the fruits all died anyways. The thing is, no other squash or cucumber has had this problem, so it's unique to that variety, just like I can't grow those little tiny pear tomatoes any more which I grew for years and years. Now they turn yellow and keel over. That started probably eight years ago. I thought I just had a bad batch of seeds, but no, they all do it, both the red and yellow. Anyways, I realize this poor squash/pumpkin is being deprived of spreading on the ground, where it could take in a lot more food, but I'm not sure even that would make a difference. However, there is something strange about the one that has survived. Take a look at the next picture. Remember, they are vase-shaped, like butternut squash. The rounded part is always the blossom end and the neck the stem end. But this one is reversed, and I wonder if that's why it survived. And even more strange, I wonder if the seeds will be at the stem end. But it wasn't always like that. The next row down is an earlier photo of it, and looks normal. The last image is an okra blossom. Production isn't high, but there's usually a couple pods ready for me to add to whatever I'm cooking. If you think that looks like a hibiscus blossom, it's because okra is hibiscus. Very beautiful plants, except I planted burgundy and these are green. The plants themselves and the pods should be burgundy.

Fungus on Squash

Fungus on Squash

Green-Striped Cushaw

Fungus on Squash

Okra Blossom

Green-Striped Cushaw

Anyways, while I had the vinegar spray bottle out in the greenhouse (I keep it for Molly's ear hygiene), I sprayed all that downy mildew on the summer squash leaves, and that seemed to help. I've noticed lots of new leaves that are nice and green. In the next image, you can see the extent of my blackberry production. Is that pathetic, or what? Those are the ones I bought last year. Even my old wild ones that always produced nice big fruits have died. It takes a lot to kill a bramble, so we can only imagine the real content of everything we are being sprayed with day in and day out. But there is good news, too. I found two of these huge Sikkim Cucumbers hiding under my hanging rack. They are brown Russian types and very delicious. And last, here are some of my wonderful squash when they were at their peak, plus more herbals vinegars.

Blackberry Bush

Squash Leaves

Squash and Herbal Vinegars

Sikkim Cucumber

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