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Just as with Liquids and Gels and Wood, Brick, Tile & Stone Textures, I have found the above repeatable backgrounds collection extremely useful for my website. You will find numerous examples from all three scattered about my pages. However, and this applies to all three, I am not using the patterns "as is," or even slightly altered since I installed GIMP. I still use them, but now they are filtered beyond recognition into a totally new image. But they are still useful starting points for me to play with. I mostly have a certain broad mood or quality I want to capture, especially for my Cross-Reference/Resource Index Pages, then play with GIMP until I achieve my goal. For instance, I wanted my Nordic page to look cold. I cannot remember what image I used to manipulate, but, at least to me, that background really does look cold. So, you get the idea of how I use these images. And incidentally, once you alter them enough, they are no longer repeatable, but GIMP, at least, has a "make seamless" filter that fixes that.

As is obvious, this collection contains fabric-like images, and there is a great variety in the 200 images included. They range from silks and knits, linen, denim, plaids, metallic, quilted and some funky stuff that's right out of the '60s.. Something out of which I would have (and did) make a "granny gown." Yeah, man. Far out.

And so, below you will see examples that represent the wide selection of images available in this collection. Though Dover has not printed these CD-ROM sets for a while, they still have tons of them in their stock. This is certainly one I would recommend buying.

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#030, #056, #066




#078, #086, #091




#124, #131, #146




#157, #173, #198




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