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This huge collection contains representative art and design from all major Asian countries. By far, the most well-represented is Japan. China, Tibet, Tajikistan, and India and other areas each appear with quite a few examples, and lesser countries or ethnic groups, such as the Amur Tribes and Asian Steppes are also represented with at least one example. In all, 22 countries, areas, or ethnic groups are represented, making this an excellent collection for anyone interested in Asian art and design. I will present a few examples, but obviously I can't include an image for every country. I can guarantee, however, that many will show up on other pages on my site.

The collection lists the country or ethnic group for all images, but does not give other information. However, I have lots of books on Asian art which are slowly but surely making their way onto these pages. One such example is a fascinating collection of black-and-white Chinese paper cuttings called Chinese Folk Designs. This book does give detailed information on Chinese symbolism and meaning of the designs. And of course, always check out the Cross-Reference/Resource index, especially the ethnic section for a detailed listing of sources available on this site.

As always, you may mouse-over any image to find its number on the CD-ROM and page number in the book. Enjoy this gorgeous art!

Row One: China; Japan; Central Tibet

China, #220, page 110

Japan, #255, page 127

Central Tibet, #199, page 99

Row Two: Burma (Myanmar); Thailand; Nepal

Nepal, #051, page 28

Thailand, #059, page 32

Burma (Myanmar), #063, page 34

Row Three; Korea; Amur Tribes; India; Persia (Iran)

Korea, #005, page 7

Amur Tribes, #008, page 9

India, #021, page 15

Persia (Iran), #033, page 21


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