Albert Gray Smith

Albert Gray Smith

Albert Gray Smith, better known as "A.G." one of my very top favorite coloring book artists. His works are the utmost in exquisite detail and perfection, even though they are "just" for children. I have lots of favorite coloring book artists whose works I enjoy immensely, but no others would I consider "fine art" to the same extent as Smith's. I wish I could find more information about him because I have been coloring his books for many years, and it's always nice to know about the person who has taken such great care to produce the Dover books I love so very much. The picture above was taken, when he ran as a candidate for the Marxist Leninist Party in Parry Sound-Muskoka, Ontario in 2015.
A.G. Smith, Marxist Leninist.
From what I could find, Smith resides between two places: Parry Sound, which is a town located on the east coast of Lake Huron, and Windsor, which is directly across the Detroit River from Detroit, and a large city. Below are nice views of Parry Sound and Windsor.

From the other bits of information I could gather, Smith is well-known in the art communities, participating in festivals and museum events and exhibits. In addition to being an artist, he is also an educator and author. Dover should be honored to offer his fine works, among all the other extraordinary people in which they are associated. Lucky for us!! Below are listed the A.G. Smith coloring books I have completed so far. I have lots and lots more to go.

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