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What an absolutely fun and interesting book to color! The copy I have is a little older that this, and has the couple from India on the cover—much more interesting than the U.S.. Sneathen Mattox has provided a nice variety of countries to represent, although a little heavy on the Far East, and nothing from the Middle East or Slavic countries. One thing I discovered is that the "traditional" white wedding gown of the west is far from traditional in other parts of the world. I found the Eastern and African, and even Nordic weddings much more enjoyable to color, and those I did research online to get the colors right. But many times, there weren't "right" colors at all. African weddings, it seems, are a burst of bright and beautiful colors. Sneathen Mattox wrote: "A Balinese wedding dazzles the eye," and the pictures I found online shimmered with gold and jewels. Red is the hot wedding color in China and much of the Far East, but bright deep blues and brilliant whites also are popular. This book not only features gorgeous traditional wedding attire, but traditional rites that go along with each ethnic group, ranging from simple yet meaningful gestures, such as the Native American groom sharing his blanket with his bride as they circle a fire three times, then drink water from a double spouted goblet; to the elaborate celebrations in Morocco, which may last a week, as the bride, bedecked in brilliant jewels and shimmering gold, is carried on a litter to the reception. In Scotland, the bride sometimes wears a sash of her husband's tartan, and in Thailand, the eldest family member washes the hands of the couple with water from a conch shell. Some ceremonies seem solemn and serious, and others, downright jovial! Fascinating stuff, all of it, and I learned so much.

Some of the pictures are a full scene, while others are a partial scene, or just figures, or even just the bride. A couple feature an image of a certain special item of the ceremony without people.

As may be expected, this is yet another one of those books where I struggled to choose what to post. I tried to get a good variety to represent global traditions. My best advice is to buy the book and color it yourself, and take time to look up these ceremonies online. And one last note, and I admit this is my lack of skill in picture editing, but I seem to have a problem with blotchy skin when my images include people done with crayon. My apologies. I am working to improve.

Page 3: Africa (Nigeria); The couple's hand are bound with a strip of leather.
Page 5: Bali; The last step of the ceremony is the tying of a flower to both foreheads with a ribbon.
Page 9: Finland; The couple and musicians walk to church after a lavish breakfast. The bride's headdress is made of colorful ribbons.



Africa (Nigeria)

Page 12: Greece; Joined orange blossom wreaths are place on the couple's heads.
Page 13: Hawaii; Both the bride and groom wear white, adorned with fragrant leis.
Page 26: South America; Here, the groom presents his bride with 13 gold coins, representing Christ and the twelve apostles.


South America


Page 29: Tibet; Every guest brings the couple a white hada (scarf)! The bride and groom share barley beer.
And I couldn't resist adding this last one I found online from an animal park in Thailand to celebrate Valentine's day in the Year of the Rabbit. The human helpers are dressed in traditional Chinese wedding costumes, but the bride and groom look a bit reluctant!

Rabbit Wedding


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