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Though Tom Tierney was best known for his historically accurate paper dolls (of which I own many), he also did volumes of coloring books, of which I own most, at least those that have been available since I began collecting from Dover, which has been many years now. It had been a while since I had done one of his books, so doing this was a pleasure. It was also one of the more difficult ones because each group had rather strict fashion codes.

It covers most of the seventeenth century, and includes English, Dutch, and French, There is everything from nobility, aristocrats, cavaliers, merchants, peasants. There are also those who came to America to escape religious persecution. As usual, Tierney begins with a few paragraphs about the era, which must have been a tumultuous one, as more people broke away from the Catholic Church, and people in England began to break away from the Anglican Church. Fashions varied greatly from country to country, and according to the person's social standing or religious beliefs

So there is a very wide range of people and fashions here, and the "hat and shoe" pages are also included, which I like, and which are not in all of Tierney's volumes. They take up the last five pages out of 44. As usual, I chose examples to post that represent the variety of costumes included, and also as usual, I had a hard time choosing what to post.

And so, here are my choices. I hope you enjoy viewing these interesting fashions as much as I enjoyed coloring them. Each page includes a paragraph about the drawing, beginning with a descriptive title, that which I have reproduced below.

Page 4: French Huguenot refugees flee to Holland, ca. 1620
Page 5: Dutch aristocrats in court dress, ca. 1620
Page 8: King Charles I and Queen Henrietta Maria, ca. 1630 (England)

Dutch aristocrats in court dress

King Charles I and Queen Henrietta Maria

French Huguenot refugees flee to Holland

Page 13: English merchant-class townsfolk, ca. 1645-50
Page 21: English Puritans, ca. 1650
Page 26: New Amsterdam Puritans, ca. 1655 (Manhattan)

English Puritans

New Amsterdam Puritans

English merchant-class townsfolk

Page 28: New Amsterdam merchant and lady, ca. 1660
Page 35: French Nobles, ca. 1680
Page 36: Ladies from the English Restoration period, ca. 1685

 French Nobles

Ladies from the English Restoration period

New Amsterdam merchant and lady

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