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Another of Tom Tierney's wonderful fashion coloring books, this one is only 30 pages (many of his coloring books are more). It also doesn’t have the usual accessory pages, but I guess hats and shoes weren't quite as odd here as they were in the Medieval era, for instance. And as we have all come to expect from such an expert, each costume is meticulous in detail, with hints for coloring authentically. Most pages include a male wearing a military uniform, but there are also pages with mothers and children, and plain wear for men. In all, a nice variety and lots of fun to color. I have chosen pages to represent a cross-section of what is illustrated in this book. Enjoy!

Page 16: A Romantic Pair; Casual Attire
Page 17: A Military Family; Silk Negligee/U.S. Navy Uniform
Page 18: Height of Fashion; Taffeta Dresses

A Romantic Pair

A Military Family

Height of Fashion

Page 22: A Military Couple; Cotton Morning Dress/Field Officer, First Virginia Cavalry Regiment
Page 23: A Volunteer and Companion; Cambric Afternoon Dress/First Regiment of Georgia Volunteers
Page 24: Out for a Promenade; India Muslin and Silk/Trooper, First Virginia Cavalry Regiment

A Military Couple

A Volunteer and Companion

Out for a Promenade

Page 25: Spring Walking Fashions; Mother, Lightweight Silk/Daughter, Challie
Page 26: Dressed for Dinner: Lightweight Grenadine Dinner Dress/Cavalryman, Hampton Legion of South Carolina Volunteers

Spring Walking Fashions

Dressed for Dinner


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