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Tierney's coloring books never disappoint me. They are well-researched, well-drawn, and just plain cool. I love the Medieval period, although it must have been a rough time to be alive. But the fashions were awesome!
    In this book, Tierney has covered the Ninth- to the Fifteenth-Century—a fairly long period. He has included many countries throughout Europe—France, England, Germany, or ethnic groups that preceded them. As usual, his models come from all walks of life, from peasant to nobility, and of course, there are lots of"accessories" pages. Usually they are the last pages in the book, but this time, he placed them, after each century.
     I have chosen a variety of nationalities, social classes, (and one page of hats) to represent each of the centuries. Enjoy!
    The first picture shows a Ninth-Century Soldier and Pilgrim, from page 6. Next we see Twelfth-Century French Commoners, page 16. The third picture is a Beautiful Bridal Gown for a Thirteenth-Century Italian Bride.

Ninth-Century Soldier and Pilgrim

Twelfth-Century French Commoners

Thirteenth-Century Italian Bride

In the next row we get a glimpse of Fourteenth-Century nobility. The first from page 26 shows an English Princess and Lady-in-Waiting. And some Musicians are pictured on page 32, also from the Fourteenth-Century. On page 42 is pictured a Fifteenth-Century English Noblewoman. And finally, in the bottom row we see an array of Fifteenth-Century Lady's Headgear, page, 46.

Fourteenth-Century English Princess and Lady-in Waiting

Fourteenth-Century Musicians

Fifteenth-Century English Noblewoman

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Fifteenth-Century Headgear

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