This is the eleventh (of twelve) minor prophets of the Old Testament that I have explored, so I have one more to go. This is also the penultimate book of the Old Testament, and it is of a very different character than the other prophets. Here is the Wikipedia page for the Book of Zechariah and this one is about Zechariah himself. He began his prophesy in the year 520 BCE, during the reign of the Persian King Darius the Great. What makes his book different than the others is that it is much more positive and looks forward to "Restoration," as Haggai also looks forward to "Rebuilding." As my regular articles now are going to be more focused on what is to come after this Apocalypse we are facing, I chose to do these two last, and my next Bible project will be to explore the Book of Revelation.

And this book had a "Revelation" feel to it, with rather cryptic visions, such as the "Four Horsemen," that did make their way into the latter book. There's a Red Dwarf episode about that. He also spoke of a "Messiah," meek and riding on an ass. Sounds a bit like Jesus, but there was still almost 500 years to go before he appeared

The book did not have that whining quality to it that some of the others did, begging "god" to come to their rescue, which "he" never did, and I want to talk a bit about that first. As my readers know, I do not believe in "god" and certainly not the one of the Old Testament. I just read a book of quotes by Mohandas Ghandi, who was Hindu, of course, but explored other religions, and he felt the same, but liked the New Testament much better. The god of the Old Testament seems to me to be a tyrant, and sometimes a spoiled brat, who can't make up his mind, has a temper, is jealous, and basically has many qualities that we are supposed to avoid. "He" expects his followers to fear him. I would never respect someone I feared. And he is also wishy-washy, sometimes fickle, and does not seem as concerned with "his people" being "good," but only that they do exactly as he says. And a "real" god would love all people and creatures, that is, if "he" actually created them.

Well, I cannot imagine why anyone would worship something like that. I think he is probably a Reptilian overlord, as spoken of in Bringers of the Dawn, in the chapter, Who Your Gods Are.
But there is another explanation. For anyone who has explored ancient Pagan gods, this Old Testament god looks familiar. The Greek, Roman, Nordic, Egyptian and I would say most others were certainly not models of good behavior. They demanded that mortals bow down to them, for instance, to win favors, but they were certainly not worthy of respect or reverence. But we must remember a few things. First, "gods" have always been created in our image, and wherever their followers happened to be in the evolutionary scale, that's how the gods behaved. People did not grasp how the universe worked, so they had to explain things like the rising and setting of the sun and moon, the seasons, and most importantly, agriculture, upon which their lives depended. So everything in ther natural world became a god doing its thing.

In Biblical times it was no different. The fall of Jerusalem (589–587 BCE), when it was captured by the Babylonians needed an explanation, so obviously a god was not pleased with his people to allow this to happen. Everything happened because god allowed it, either for punishment or some other reason. And the sad thing is, people still operate in that mindset. As I sat here typing on March 31, soon to be April 1, I am watching these horrendous tornadoes ripping apart our country. The next day the severe storms came to eastern Ohio, then my power went out again, so here it is April 2 already, a whole day wasted, and it's not gonna stop. Why? Because too many people refuse to face the fact that the U.S. Military is behind this horrendous agenda, not "god." And "god" is not going to stop them or punish them. That is OUR job. If people took responsibility for their lives and the planet on which they live, none of this shit would be going on. I will return to this in my upcoming Farm Series for 2023, which should be ready this week.

Here is an updated article I found this morning. What I found to be rather pathetic is that it appeared on the CNN home page, left column, preceded by "Gwyneth Paltrow's parting words in ski collision trial goes viral," and followed by "Video shows moment man throws yogurt on two women." It give one pause to consider how seriously CNN takes these weather warfare catastrophes.
Several states ravaged by deadly tornadoes could see more twisters this week after violent storms kill 32 people
This all makes me sicker by the minute. I think we need to start taking the Old Testament seriously, perhaps, as in "An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth." For every person that dies in one of these engineered atrocities, one member of the military gets knocked off. For every home destroyed, someone has to forfeit their own home. I think that's only fair, don't you?

In any case, I want to make it clear that I absolutely DO believe in the divine. Not as an entity, but an energy that has no prejudice or favorites. It is there for everyone who desires to evolve spiritually. Jesus was so different than the Old Testament god. I do not call him a god, but I do call him divine, because he had reached such a high state enlightenment. He was and is there for everyone who wants to follow him. In Buddhism, the goal of all devout Buddhists is to reach that perfection of enlightenment, to become the Buddha, and all are also welcome. Neither Jesus nor Buddha demands worship, nor do they expect their followers to fear them. They are about love, peace, compassion, service to others, and the highest levels of moral integrity. I believe that the Bible and all mystical writings, though written by people in the flesh, were inspired by divine energy, often, or probably mostly, without the authors understanding the totality of what they wrote. That's why their writings were pertinent to their times, yet have transcended the centuries and are still pertinent. And that is also why they contain layers of wisdom, much of it hidden, to be discovered by those who are willing to read between the lines.

And so, let us return to Zechariah. As mentioned above, he speaks of restoration, still, however, claiming that god wanted it and therefore it would be. It is also about cleansing, purifying, and purging, which is necessary if we are to rise to higher and higher levels of enlightenment. So, what I have done with this book is to pick out the positive and encouraging verses and focus on them. In the Bible, this restoration concerns Jerusalem because obviously those are the people that concerned Zechariah. The people back then had nothing of the world view that we have today, but since the Bible is for all times, all places, and all peoples, I will adjust Zechariah's visions to include the whole earth. And I have to admit that I really did not grasp portions of this prophesy, and judging from the footnotes in The New American Bible (Catholic), some of it was obscure to the "experts," too. All quotes come from that Bible except where noted.

Let's begin with Zechariah's visons of the Four Horsemen.
Zechariah 1:10-11
10 The man who was standing among the myrtle trees spoke up and said, “These are they whom the Lord has sent to patrol the earth.”
11 And they answered the angel of the Lord who was standing among the myrtle trees and said, “We have patrolled the earth; see, the whole earth is tranquil and at rest.”

Will that be the first step of restoration? I know that way too many people expect a nuclear war, which is certainly possible. Or maybe not. It occurs to me on a daily basis that the U.S. Military is in a state of self-destruction. In the documentary, Died Suddenly, Lt. Colonel Theresa Long made it clear that military members were dying and becoming debilitated just like the rest of the population that submitted to the "vaccine" bioweapon. It also occurs to me that this is why the military has literally gone off the edge. OMG! Are they out to destroy their own country in order to keep from having to face the consequences of years or betrayal, treason, and murder of those to whom they have been appointed to protect? Here is a quote I used in my most recent article, We Have Met the Enemy and He Is Us, or, Betrayed by Our Own: HAARP Series #6.

Meanwhile, Dr. Robert Becker expresses his opinion that "the military establishment still believes that the survival of the military organism is worth the sacrifice of the lives and health of large segments of the American population."

If the people who are dying suddenly continue at the present rate, and the life support systems of the earth can be sustained, there will reach a point where the population is so reduced that, in fact, there will be peace and tranquility. That also supports one of my visions that occured about twenty years ago, which I discuss below. And I do not believe there is any other way to restore the planet without most of the population being removed from it.

The next quote implies a purging and cleansing, then the coming together of all peoples. To put it another way, we will have released all our karma, and thus be set free. There will then be nothing that separates us from others.

Zechariah 3:9-10
9 Look at the stone that I have placed before Joshua, one stone with seven facets. I will engrave its inscription, says the Lord of hosts, and I will take away the guilt of this land in one day.
10 On that day, says the Lord of hosts, you will invite one another under your vines and your fig trees.”

But there is also a message for those who have continued to be self-serving hypocrites, and those who have plotted evil against others, and they will not be part of the restoration. In other words, as the energies shift from the "Death Culture" to one that supports all life, those who contiue to cling to the old ways will no longer be able to live where there is no energy to support them. So for people like Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, and most governmental leaders, at least in industrialized nations—they think they will own the world and control all of us, but the movement towards higher vibrations will not only prevent that, it be their demise. Light is always more powerful than darkness, and I think most people underestimate just how much light is working in our favor on this planet. The very fact that those in power, both on planet and off, have desperately speeded up their agenda is a clue to their fears of massive failure. The fact that so many people now refuse to participate in the covid scam, I believe, has shocked many of these people.

Zechariah 7:9-11
9 Render true judgment, and show kindness and compassion toward each other.
10 Do not oppress the widow or the orphan, the alien or the poor; do not plot evil against one another in your hearts.
11 But they refused to listen; they stubbornly turned their backs and stopped their ears so as not to hear.

And more about restoration, abundance, peace and harmony. The two below are from the New American Bible (Revised Edition). Incidentally, when I do these Bible articles, I keep open Bible Gateway. You can type the number of any book, chapter and verse(s) then click search and it will appear, making it easy to copy and paste. Plus, you can choose from a long list of different Bible versions, from very old to modern. It has been immensely helpful and a time-saver for me.

Zechariah 8:12
12 For there will be a sowing of peace:
the vine will yield its fruit,
the land will yield its crops,
and the heavens will yield their dew.
I will give all these things to the remnant of this people to possess.

Zechariah 8:16-17
16 These then are the things you must do: Speak the truth to one another; judge with honesty and complete justice in your gates.
17 Let none of you plot evil against another in your heart, nor love a false oath. For all these things I hate—oracle of the Lord.

Note that verse 12 above speaks of the "remnant of this people," again implying a great reduction in the population. And another that speaks of peace.

Zechariah 9:10
10 He shall banish the chariot from Ephraim,
and the horse from Jerusalem;
The warrior’s bow will be banished,
and he will proclaim peace to the nations.
His dominion will be from sea to sea,
and from the River to the ends of the earth.

In other words, the new energies will not support the Death Culture, therefore, all those who remain on earth will be at peace with each other. This next one applies to the millions, if not billions of people whose job it is to spread disinformation.

Zechariah 13:2-3
2 I will also take away the prophets and the spirit of uncleanness from the land.
3 If a man still prophesies, his parents, father and mother, shall say to them, “You shall not live, because you have spoken a lie in the name of the Lord.”

And last, here is, from Chapter 13, a quote from "The Song of the Sword"

Zechariah 13:8-9
In all the land, says the Lord,
two thirds of them shall be cut off and perish,
and one third will be left.
9 I will bring the one third through the fire,
I will refine them as silver is refined,
and I will test them as gold is tested.
They shall call upon my name, and I will hear them.

Back in about 2005, I believe it was, some Tibetan Monks, exiled with His Holiness The Dalai Lama, were travelling around doing prayer services and building sand mandalas which were returned to the earth near the place where they were constructed. (This one went into Lake Erie.) I and two of my friends attended one at Unity Chapel of Light between Tallmadge and Chapel Hill in Summit County, Ohio. The small worship area was packed, but many of the people there did not seem to be interested in the prayer service. They were rude and noisy, and I wondered why they were there in the first place. Add to that, only one monk spoke English and he was difficult to hear and understand, plus we were stuck towards the back of the room. We became very frustrated, but all of a sudden, about two thirds of the people suddenly got up and left.

But what happened next was what has stuck with me all these years. It was as if this gray cloud had disappeared and the sun broke through. The energy shifted and we felt the sacredness of the service. We moved up to the front, where the monks were doing blessings on individuals who wished it, as the three of us did. I knew that I personally had received a vision, though my two friends did not "get it." But I have looked forward to that "clearing" through all these years.

We never know how energy will work, and often what is going on in the backgroud has little to do with what appears to be happening. Of course, many believe we are in the midst of a genocide agenda, and indeed, I cannot argue with that. But we do NOT know what is happening at the non-physical level. We are simply seeing a reflection through our physical lense that tells us that many people are leaving the planet. And yes, we see the whole covid scam and weather warfare and the whole shebang as evil, which it is, but we STILL are not able to comprehend the purpose of it all, and I would bet my bottom dollar that it has nothing to do with what we think, and I also believe that all will be revealed. While it is difficult not to judge such heinous activity, we must try to refrain from judging the way the energy is working, because it is all about spiritual evolution, and separating those who are ready to move on to a higher vibration and dimensional level with those who are not. Eveyone will end up where they are supposed to be, and though I do not believe in heaven or hell, I do believe that whatever energy we send out eventually returns to us.

It seems this plandemic tested a great many people to see where they were in their spiritual development. Did people agree to take the "vaccine" because they lived in fear? Or put their jobs ahead of their lives? Or wanted to attend entertainment events? Or were taught to shut up and do what they were told, and never outgrew that as adults? Or never used their inner spiritual wisdom to discern between those who are sincere and those who have made a career out of lies and deceit? And as for the "one third" who are determined to do what it right and devoted to reach enlightment, yes, absolutely we have been put through the fire and are being refined through unbelievably difficult challenges, and are being tested for our worthiness. When all has been sorted out, then the restoration will happen. Here? On this planet? We do not know, of course, how it will all end, but I do know that we will be restored with our original powers, and at that point, I believe we will be free to go where we want.

Here is an article I just found this morning, and I recommend reading it, especially if you have children or grandchildren, or are a caretaker to any child.
Should Amnesty be Granted to Those Who Were A-OK with the Other Vaccines Being Mandated?

The point is, these are the most crucial of times, like a final exam that includes all our past lives, so those who are not taking it seriously will not end up where they want to be. These end days require a complete shift in who we are and how we function, because the Old Paradigm is done, and we cannot go backwards. Nothing will work any more in doing it the old way, and we can see that is blatantly happening now. As I've been mentioning in my articles, these upcoming ones will focus on what comes next and how we get where we want to be. If this journey was easy, it would not be worth the ride.

Below is a painting of Zechariah by James Tissot.

Zechariah by James Tissot

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