Lot's Wife

Genesis 19:17
And it came to pass, when they had brought them forth abroad, that he said, Escape for thy life; look not behind thee, neither stay thou in all the plain; escape to the mountains, lest thou be consumed.
Then the Lord rained upon Sodom and Gomorrah brimstone and fire from the Lord out of heaven;
And he overthrew those cities, and all the plain, and all the inhabitants of the cities, and that which grew upon the ground.
But his wife looked back from behind him, and she became a pillar of salt.

Most people are familiar with this Old Testament story, and most associate it with the "sin" of homosexuality. At the beginning of this chapter, Lot sees the angels of the Lord enter Sodom and invites them to his house, Soon after, the men gather because they wish to "know" them, (and we know what know means in the Bible, which has created a persistent hateful attitude of homophobia, especially among Bible-totin' Fundamentalists). Lot offers them his daughters instead, but they decline. The angels then blind them, and inform Lot that the cities will be destroyed, and tell him to gather his family and flee. The angels warn them not to look back. Lot's wife does, and she is turned into a pillar of salt.

As we who are seekers of truth and hidden meanings know, the Bible speaks from numerous layers of wisdom, depending where you are in your spiritual development and consciousness.

And so, I have asked myself for years, why a pillar of salt? According to Wikipedia, this Bible story (and they're all just stories), gives different explanations to answer this question, but the most compelling answer is simply that there IS a pillar of salt at Mount Sodom, Israel, that looks a hell of a lot like it could have been human at one time!

“Lot's Wife” Pillar

But there is a great meaning with this chapter, which is becoming more and more apparent as we head into the end times on this planet, and that is the message DON'T LOOK BACK, KEEP MOVING AHEAD. If you have not read my article Livin' the Dream please do so. As time rolls on here, I am realizing that there is nothing here to salvage on this planet, because we, as the human race, must move to the next level. We have told ourselves stories for eons and eons, then made them manifest in order to justify our attachment to our physical condition, as bad as it has been—centuries and centuries of wars and cruelty, evils and horrors unimaginable. We have spent lifetime after lifetime with the mindset, that if the good guys kill off the bad guys, we will finally live in peace. It has never happened or never will. Even those of us who have become "spiritual warriors" are no better, nor any closer to the truth. In fact, the truth changes now from day to day as our numbers explode and more and more thoughts are dispersed through the ethers. It has become the "Hundredth Monkey" theory on steroids— too many—WAY too many thoughtforms swirling around. It is a RAM stick severly overloaded, in need of a memory dump. We know not what is true any more because NONE of it is true. All nothing but thoughts, Just stories.

So, why a pillar of SALT? When I say salt, the next phrase that comes to mind is "of the Earth." Salt of the Earth. Attached to the Earth. Earthbound is what we have become, and we have overstayed our welcome in this dimension. Lately there is barely a moment goes by now that I don't ask myself, "is this real?" Because I am letting go of all my beliefs—ALL of them—memory dump, big time. Believe me, I am probably one of the most detached people I know, but even then, I find myself planning what books I'm going to read, and what I'm going to plant, what I'm going to do with my website and all those little things we all do in our everyday lives. We try to move forward, and yet we still keep looking back, as if life will always continue here. We carry this assumption that things will get better, even those of us who are NOT living in denial. But the horrors worsen by day. All of you, who have been on this path, be honest. Do you really see any sign whatsoever that anything is improving? Our planet is toxified to the hilt. The presidency is a joke, and not a funny one. The wealthy get more evil and continue to steal from the rest of us, while more and more of the rest of us can barely survive.

We pacify ourselve by keeping this victim attitude. One of these days, we tell ourselves, the bad guys will get their punishment, and the rest of us will thrive. Nope. Because we here on this planet are Earthbound. It's the hamster wheel of no escape as long as we are attached to the physical world. and that doesn't mean "death" is the answer. "Death" just puts us back into the recycling bin so we have to do it again until we get it right. We are at the point now where we, many of us who have worked long and hard, now have the wisdom and spiritual means to take the leap to the next dimension, and that means leaving this one.

I have wondered, quite a bit in the past month or so, if (and remember, it's all a myth, all a story we have created in our minds and collective Mind)— I wonder if the increasing horrors are not our soul's awakening at work, making the situation so intolerable that we have no choice but to Wake Up And Leave. It is the nightmare, that, just when the worst is to happen, we wake up and its all gone. Our souls have tried to awaken our minds for awhile, but we keep looking back—keep falling asleep again, creating new stories that give us hope our physical world here will improve, that "if only . . ." that never happens. Until one day, we get it and realze, my goodness, why would I want to stay here when there is a vast new playground just a step away. It's not "us against them," it's just "us," ready to grow to the next level.

And incidentally, the ancient Pagans had "don't look back" messages in their myths, too. One well-known tale is that of Orpheus and Eurydice, who fall in love and are married. Sometime after that, Eurydice is chased by a shepherd in the woods. In trying to flee, she is bitten by a snake and dies. Orpheus ventures to the underworld, and wins the favor of Hades. Eurydice is allowed to follow Orpheus back to the land of the living, provided he does not turn back to look at her. But, not hearing her footsteps, and just short of the exit, he looks back. Eurydice is then whisked back to Hades—lost forever. It seems like a simple command—don't look back, and yet we continually fail. We are at the point where we cannot fail. I shudder to think where we will end up, those who cannot leave of their own will, and must end up recycled into another lifetime on the hamster wheel, an ever-worsening hell.


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