The Trials of Job: Liberation Through Suffering

I am not a fan of suffering, yet I have spent most of my lives doing it? Why? After the Reptilian invasion millions of years ago, we began to pile up all the sordid karmic shit stemming from Evil Alien Rule. At the point when I realized we could never be free until we worked it all off, then I became determined to do just that. Why have those of us who once were good and pure souls have to go through such terrible horrors? Why did Job suffer? His story leads us to better underatnd our situation and know beyond a doubt that we are on the path out of it. Some of us. Those who refuse to awaken will be removed to another place. But at least it will be one that is safe and free of Reptilian control and oppression. This, I am certain, is the end of Planet Earth as we know it, and the end of Alien rule, at least those Aliens. This paradigm cannot continue, and it will not.

The Book of Job has never been one of my favorites, perhaps because I see my life too clearly within it. But this time around, I read it with a new understanding, seeing it as a triumph over evil and restoration of what is good. It is a book of endurance and faith, and yes, absolute courage, a word that is now coming up all over the place by those who are leading the movements toward liberation. It is a book that also teaches us that empowerment is gained through suffering and working through fear. These will all be themes of this article.

There are those who think their lives are still fine and will remain so. They will not, I promise. If you have not begun your suffering yet, you will, and you will be forced to make the choice, probably at the soul or unconscious level for most, whether you want to gain enlightenment and awaken, which means there will be no place to run, no place to hide, and you will do your karmic cleansing however it presents itself. There will be others who are just not ready, and will leave their bodies. Then there are the Alien agents, who will be permanently destroyed. They will be killed and their cold dead corpses will be blasted off in Elon Musk's SpaceX rockets, along with him, to some distant dimension, where their DNA will be dismantled so they can never materialize again. It will require millions of rockets. No planet, no solar system, no universe, and no dimension EVER needs to suffer through this level of evil again. The bars have been raised, and this pit-level wickedness will simply cease to exist. I have my own fantasy destinies for these people, which I will discuss in an upcoming article. It will rival Dante.

Now, here is a bit about the Book of Job, with some quotes, then I will share my thoughts on suffering and what I intend to gain. I first read this 10th c. BC story in my King James Version (KJV) Bible, then read it again in my New American Bible (Catholic) (NAB), which uses more modern language and provides helpful footnotes. In the quotes, I will indicate from which Bible they were taken.

This is the explanatory paragraph at the beginning in the KJV which provides a good summary of the story.

This long poem deals with one of the deepest problems of man: How do we explain sin and suffering, if there exists a God powerful enough to do something about them? The book begins with the suffering Job being given three sets of speeches by some friends of his: Eliphaz, Bildad, and Zophar, each of whom tries to explain Job's misery in a different way. A fourth man, Elihu, tries to summarize the situation, offering yet another explanation of why Job is suffering. Finally, the Lord himself speaks to Job, and Job recognizes that we do not so much need "answers" to life's problems, as we need God himself. Job is then healed and given material and spiritual blessings far beyond his former state.

The saying, "with friends like that, who needs enemies," would apply here. And incidentally, as most of you know, I DON'T believe there is a "god" that can do something about anything, so my thoughts go in a different direction.

Job is the classic story of needless suffering, which is perhaps why it is not my favorite. He is being used as a pawn in a game being played between Satan and God. God tells Satan,
1:8 KJV And the Lord said to Satan, "Have you considered my servant Job, that there is none like him on the earth, a blameless and upright man, who fears God and turns away from evil?"
Satan tells God it is only because God has blessed him so abundantly, so God allows Satan to destroy all his material wealth and kill his seven sons and three daughters. But still Job's faith holds secure.

Satan returns to God and says, "Yeah, but cause him physical pain, and he will curse you," so God allows Satan to do that. Satan afflicts him with boils and worms and all kinds of disgusting things. And even worse, he is ostracized by all those whom he loves, and mocked by the wicked. OK, so I think all of us who are fighting the lies, the Covid scam and especially the atrocity going on in the skies, can really relate to that. Most of us have become outcasts in the world in which we alone are speaking the truth. And as with Job, we will not back down on what we know in our hearts is right.

As he sits alone in his misery, his three "friends" pay him a visit. They tear their mantles and weep, and do not speak for a week, until Job finally does. But rather than giving him comfort, they attempt to figure out why a just God would do this to a righteous man, and come to the conclusion that Job is in fact wicked and getting what he deserves, and if he would just turn to God and change his evil ways, God would heal him. But Job persists in his opinion that he is not wicked and has done nothing to deserve this.

Job 23:12-13 NAB
12 From the command of his lips I have not departed;
the words of his mouth I have treasured in my heart.
13 But he has decided and who can say him nay?
What he desires, that he does.

Job's three friends are all elderly and supposedly wise, but the fourth, Elihu is young and has refrained from speaking. When he does speak, it is wrathful, claiming that Job has justified himself rather than God. But then, finally, God makes his appearance to Job, who can see him, and is angry with the others for not speaking the truth. But Job has spoken the truth and remained faithful. He is then restored to wealth and health.

Now I will continue with my thoughts about this story, and how it applies to us as we struggle to be free of the chains and bondage we have suffered for millions of years through the Reptilian Invasion. First, as I have said, I do not believe in "god" and I certainly do not like this one. He basically caused Job to suffer immensely because he was involved in making bets with the devil. Then he has the nerve to rebuke Job at the end. And if he was so great, why did he not resurrect Job's children instead of sending him new ones. Jesus would have done that. Some god, eh?

40:1 The Lord then said to Job: NAB
2 Will we have arguing with the Almighty by the critic?
Let him who would correct God give answer!

If there is a "god" it is a Reptilian Overlord, as spelled out in Bringers of the Dawn
Who Your Gods Are: Bringers of the Dawn Revisited
If anything, people should be questioning the existence of such a god who would reward the wicked and cause the good to suffer. We are made to believe that "god" is so great we cannot possibly understand his ways, and indeed that is the theme throughout this story. But let us shift gears, and remove Job's story from "god" all together.

Most of us on a similar path as I am believe the Reptilian Invasion happened millions of years ago, at which point, WE, the CREATORS of Planet Earth had our DNA wiped out along with our memories and creator abilities. Bringers of the Dawn is the best source I have ever read for explaining what happened. It was channelled by Barbara Marciniak through the Pleiadians. You can read it through the link I provided. I hope it still works. The Pleaidians came from the future, and said there would be a time when a great many of us would gather and incarnate on this planet to take back what was always ours. That time is now.

For millions of years, the Reptilians were able to keep us under their control. Religion and an arrogant and vengeful god just like Job's kept people in fear so they shut up and did what they were told. Hmm that sounds familiar. However, and this is my opinion, it was after WWII that they realized an immense wave of beings and energy would return to banish them. Unless you are REALLY asleep, you will note that it is at this time that all this evil technology exploded on the planet, including, I believe, turning it into a computer-simulated reality, that is, The Matrix, which they believed would keep them in control. But in fact, we are in an all-out war, trapped in this computer simulation which is programmed to make our physical lives more and more difficult, to generate more and more suffering and to kill off those of us who cannot be mind-controlled. Unfortunately, ALL OF US are being mind-controlled at some level, because of what is being sprayed on us, and the electronic grid that used to be a blue sky is the most powerful force we could ever imagine, and those of us who recognize it fight it every day. Those who have gotten the toxic Covid injection have allowed an operating system to be installed in them. Their death will be a blessing. Even Lisa Renee made a comment on it in this latest blog, Failsafe Mission Upgrade. She says:

As a result, some will drop their body over the next 36 months in which when they leave, they take their consubstantial parts of the shadow and fallen angelic aspects off the planet. This option is in service to the Ascension cycle, and it will be helpful to always remember there is no death, only transformation of consciousness into another reality system.

And I think it is more than just "some." It will probably be "all."

Several years ago, Dane would never have included mind-control in his Global Alert News podcasts, but he certainly is now. Please listen to this one.
Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, January 29, 2022.
He speaks at length of a force called "The Gatekeeper." Here is what he writes in his introduction:

Is engineered winter weather yet again being waged on US East Coast population centers? Are the same highly toxic chemical ice nucleation surface cool-downs also the core cause of the flash freeze events in numerous other parts of the world? What is preventing the majority from even seeing the climate engineering elephant in the sky? The power structure programmed mental "gatekeeper" has long since been an extraordinarily effective tool of the controllers. This form of self enforced blindness has kept the majority of populations completely oblivious to countless blatant power structure atrocities, past and present. As imminent impact looms large on our collective near term horizon, can the mass hypnosis be broken in time to still make a difference?

In his podcast, he points out that everyone has their threshold. Even those who are completely aware of the Covid scam and poison vaccines cannot see what is going on above us, and it is the most important and lethal activity to which we must awaken RIGHT NOW. He has struggled for years trying to explain the psychopathic behavior of the people in charge of this, but he cannot, just as Job could not fathom the psychopathic behavior of his "god." However, once you factor in the Alien element, then it all becomes clear, These beings are NOT HUMAN and neither is this technology, and no, they do NOT CARE if they destroy the entire planet. I have believed for a long time that this happened to another planet way before Earth, that being Venus, which is where we are headed if we do not take back our power and rid the earth of this evil vermin. And I personally want to point out that even those whom The Gatekeeper cannot prevent from seeing the atrocity going on in the sky, are STILL prevented from understanding it is being done by Aliens. And the threshold goes even deeper. Even those who know about Alien control are not able to fathom that WE ARE ABLE TO MANIFEST THE PHYSICAL WORLD with our minds. We need to change that right now because it is KEY to our survival and restoration of the planet. Again, read Bringers of the Dawn and also my Gospel articles—numerous ones where I illustrate how Jesus was a master of the physical world. I have believed for decades that THAT was his purpose here over 2,000 years ago, to help us remember our creator abilities, and he tells us over and over that we can do everything he did. Here is my Bible Main Page, where you can find all this material: Index for All Bible Articles

In any case, I found that broadcast particularly inspirational, and I spent quite a few days meditating on my own gatekeeper and how I could break free. In the end, this is what I discovered.
We must take back our power over the physical world. ALL OF US who have returned to complete this horrible task we face WERE CREATOR BEINGS. Wrestle with your own gatekeeper until you can wrap your mind around that. Right now, the physical world has power over us, hence our misery, because the controllers of the Matrix can destroy everything we own in an instant, and it is doing so now. How many people are now facing starvation? Dane says there are billons, which I will discuss in an upcoming article. How many people have lost everything from Weather Warfare? Again billions. The controllers of the Matrix are bringing us to our knees, which is why we MUST take back our power over the physical world. When we create our own reality with our minds, no one can destroy it. It is ours and under our control.

In order to regain our creator powers, we must CONQUER ALL OUR FEARS. The Matrix has made this a world filled with reason to fear, and the more we break from it, the more we are faced with terrifying situations and more horrendous suffering, which is where I and so many others now find themselves, and so will everyone else. As with Job, this is also a test of worthiness. In order to regain the powers we have lost, we must prove we are ready to embrace them again. Powers such as these cannot be taken lightly. We cannot gain the power of physical manifestation and use it for evil, so our souls must be cleansed and purified from all the toxic karma we have inherited. Hence the extreme suffering. Most people, however, will not live long enough to endure this, but neither will they gain enlightment or freedom. Please be aware, there is nowhere to run, nowhere to hide at this point. You must either choose to brace yourself and go down the path towards enlightenment, or you will leave the planet. I promise I am correct in this.

So how do we work to conquer our fears? We must let go of EVERYTHING, not only in the physical world, but in our mental and spiritual world, the elements that are connected with The Matrix. That means our reliance on the money system, which is about to collapse. My suffering is forcing me to work non-stop on myself to become free of all these Reptilian institutions. When the Matrix goes down, unless we can operate under a new system, that is, manifesting our physical world with our minds, we will have no way to obtain what we need to survive. And to achieve this we must be willing to suffer.

Letting go then opens the doors to awakening, and THAT should be our ONLY GOAL right now. It is all that matters. In Job's story, we see his life and health instantly restored. In folk and fairy tales, when the spell is broken, all is restored. As I wrote in my last article, As Above, So Below, there are forces now working towards restoration, which should assist us in our awakening. Lisa Renee has written on this quite a bit, and I also am reinforced when her writing mirrors mine.

As Job did not waver in his conviction that he was innocent, so must we have faith that we are on the path towards liberation, even though it often appears we are on the path to nowhere. Dane's broadcast this week focused on Courage, something of which both he and I have worked hard to build and maintain, even under these horrific conditions.
Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, February 5, 2022.

Here are some points he made. He said we must take back control of our minds. Declining courage is the beginning of the end. Courage is the mastery of fear, not the absence of it. Where there is no danger, there is no courage. He says quite a bit about Ervin Staub, and his book, The Psychology of Good and Evil. One of the points is that people assume victims have earned their suffering, and of course, that takes us back to Job. Even if we do not believe in "god," it has become terribly frustrating and confusing to see the good constantly abused while the wicked are rewarded. That is about to change, and in fact already is, as I will illustrate in my next article. As the Matrix and all the Alien mind-control devices continue to be dismantled and more and more people are resisting, those in power KNOW they will not be around much longer, both figuratively and in reality. They are minions and agents of the Reptilians, and when these are gone, so will they be.

Here are some of Job's thoughts. The first is the accusation of Bildad and Job's response. KJV
8:6 If thou wert pure and upright; surely now he would awake for thee, and make the habitation of thy righteousness prosperous.
9:22 This is one thing, therefore I said it, He destroyeth the perfect and the wicked.

Here is one so many of us are experiencing. Of course, there is no "god" doing it, but it is a response of the Matrix to destroy those who fight against the controllers.
16:11 God hath delivered me to the ungodly, and turned me over into the hands of the wicked.
And another. Just read the comments of Dane's community, and see how many have been cut off from former friends and family, including Dane himself.
19:13 He hath put my brethren far from me, and mine acquaintance are verily estranged from me.
And certainly this.
30:26 NAB Yet when I looked for good, then evil came;
When I expected light, then came darkness.

I want to point out here, however, that I have been blessed beyond my expectations with the generous outpouring of monetary gifts in response to my pleas for help. My gratitude knows no bounds. Those who donated literally saved my life. Thank you from the depths of my soul.

I also discovered something I did not know. This gorgeous soprano solo from Handel's Messiah is from Job, 19:25-27.
I Know That My Redeemer Liveth

Here is one more quote upon which I will elaborate.
19:8 He hath fenced up my way that I cannot pass, and he hath set darkness in my paths.
Whether people realize it or not, we are all trapped, so the only thing to do is keep going, no matter how dark and perilious the path, or how many obstacles. We cannot avoid it or turn back, so we must suffer the anguish of the Matrix, gaining courage and strength as we go, thus leading to awakening. I do not believe there is any other way, given the circumstances we are in.

One of my favorite non-fictional books of all time is Magic and Mystery in Tibet. Published in 1929, Alexandra David-Neel tells of her travels in the forbidden lands of Tibet, and the horrendous physical ordeals the monks put themselves through in order to reach enlightenment during that lifetime. It was called the "short path," and often involved being shut up in a dark cave for years. The idea was to totally block out any influence of the outer world, and also to force the soul to give up and let go, thus trapping it. When every effort ended in futility, the soul finally awakened, and the change was immediate. These monks often gained super powers and mastery of the physical world. I think that is appropriate for our times, at least for me it is. Trapping the soul demands it to awaken, and awakening is the only way out. We are certainly trapped now.
You can "borrow" the book (digitally) at Internet Archive

And we certainly must awaken now or perish. Awakening will restore us and our inherent powers, and thus we will be able to tranform the earth. Unless that happens, we are certain to become another Venus. We must keep our faith, in ourselves, that is, and in the mission to which we have committed ourselves. All my spiritual guides and indicators are telling me that this is now on the verge of happening very soon. We cannot make this paradigm work any longer. It is done. We have little control of our physical world now, and when the Matrix goes, we go unless we have become something other than we are now. Awakening is the path out. For many of us, our souls are being, or have been cleansed, refreshed and perfected. All this work I spoke of, with the crystal light grids is enabling us to complete our mission and awaken. I continue to do this work, and have now put all my focus on it.

Back in 2020, I completed a William Blake Stained Glass Coloring Book. Three of the works were from Blake's huge collection of works illustrating this Bible story. Wikipedia has the entire collection. Blake is one of my favorite artists.
William Blake's Illustrations of the Book of Job.
Job's Sons and Daughters Overwhelmed by Satan
Job Rebuked by His Friends
Job and His Family Restored to Prosperity

Job Rebuked by His Friends

Job's Sons and Daughters Overwhelmed by Satan

Job and His Family Restored to Prosperity

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