Crime and Punishment

I have never been a fan of punishment. It always stuns me that people in the past would gather to see others executed, like it was entertainment. During the French Revolution, it was entertainment. I just re-read The Scarlet Pimpernel which I must have read at least thirty years ago because I didn't remember a thing about it, but this time around, being quite informed about the French Revolution, I found it revolting, along with humorous and delightfully romantic, which is what it was supposed to be. And it is based on a real man who actually did smuggle aristocrats out of France.

This is the seventh Bible article based on my studies of the twelve minor prophets of the Old Testament, so I have five more to go, which I plan to complete in the next few months, providing we are still alive on this planet. You can find all my writings on the Old Testament on this Index Page.

The title of this one comes, of course, from the great novel of Dostoyevsky, and the inevitability that when one commits a crime, one will eventually be punished for it. Amos, who lived in the 8th century BCE was a shepherd and "dresser of sycamore trees," (which produced a fig-like fruit that was split to hasten ripening). This produced a more edible fruit, as the undressed were tasteless. In other words, Amos stressed that he was a poor nobody when Amaziah, the priest of Bethel tells him to "flee to the land of Judah" and earn his bread there by prophesying. Amos tells him he was taken from his flock and called by the Lord to warn them of the coming punishment for their crimes.

He speaks of social sins, such as injustice, official corruption, greed, false worship, and other crimes and brutalities, beginning with the outlying nations, naming each and proclaiming their crimes. He first begins with Gentile nations, beginning each with "For three crimes and for four," which meant an indefinite number, then names crimes for each nation, and their punishment. These included destruction of other nations, anger, failure to honor a pact of brotherhood, failure to honor the dead, and in the case of Ammon, they "ripped open expectant mothers in Gilead." He then goes on to Israel, stating that they were just as subject to punishment as Gentile nations, and perhaps even more so, because they were "God's chosen people" and more was expected of them.
Amos 3:2
2 You alone have I favored,
more than all the families of the earth;
Therefore I will punish you
for all your crimes.

The rest of the chapter concerns them, their crimes and their punishment. My New American Bible (Catholic) supplies a very clear text for this book, so all quotes come from that source.
Amos 2:6-7
6 Thus says the Lord:
For three crimes of Israel, and for four,
I will not revoke my decree.
Because they sell the just man for silver
and the poor man for a pair of sandals.
7 They trample the heads of the weak
into the dust of the earth,
and force the lowly out of their way.
Son and father go to the same prostitute,
profaning my holy name.

The usual warnings are given: drought, blight, searing wind, locusts and other pestilence; those grasshoppers seemed to be a big problem back then and still are in certain countries; death, upheaval, and telling them to "prepare to meet your God." And they still did not repent. Amos continues in the First Woe:

Amos 5:7
Woe to those who turn judgment to wormwood
and and cast justice to the ground.
They hate him who reproves at the gate
and abhor him who speaks the truth.

Amos also uses the phrase "the day of the Lord," which is the first time in the Bible that it meant a day of judgment for sinners. From the Second Woe:

Amos 5:18
18 Woe to those who yearn for the day of the Lord! What will this day of the Lord mean to you? Darkness and not light!

From the Third Woe, Amos speaks to those who wallow in luxury in Samaria who will be exiled.

Amos 6:4 and 6:7
4 Lying upon beds of ivory, stretched comfortably on their couches. They eat lambs taken from the flock, and calves from the stall.
7 Therefore, now they shall be the first to go into exile, and their wanton revelry shall be done away with.

Yeah, yeah; ho-hum. Yawn. We've heard it all before haven't we? In the Symbolic Visions: Threats and Promises, the "Lord God" then shows Amos a vision of locusts that consume the crops. Amos says, "Forgive, O Lord God! How can Jacob stand? He is so small," and God says, "It shall not be." Then the "Lord God" shows Amos a vision of consuming fire, and Amos says, "Cease, O Lord God! How can Jacob stand? He is so small!" And the Lord God again repents. Then continues with threats and visions, and more crimes such as those that "diminish the epaph, add to the shekel, and fix their scales for cheating." I believe in modern retail jargon, it is called "downsizing." But did ANY of these punishments actually happen? There was an earthquake in the area which could have measured 7.8 to 8.2 on the Richter scale two years after Amos prophesied, according to Wikipedia.

A major earthquake is referred to in the book of the prophet Amos. Amos dates his prophecy to "two years before the earthquake, when Uzziah was king of Judah and Jeroboam son of Jehoash was king of Israel" (Amos 1:1, NIV).

But, seriously, did that stop the crime? Here we are in 2022, and governments, militaries, the media and corporations; legal, educational, financial, and pharmaceutical industries and institutions commit criminal activities right in front of our noses. WHO THE HELL HAS STOPPED THEM? No one. HOW HAVE THEY BEEN PUNISHED? They haven't and now they have become a dire threat to life on the entire planet. That "god" of the Old Testament sounds like a wishy-washy mamby-bamby with no balls and not much authority. I totally agree with freefall's description of "him" in his latest blog, Every Breath We Take.

Everything is alive through energy. Is who you think of as you responsible for sustaining your own heartbeat?

Every breath we take is given to us as an energy source that we take for granted even though we have no control over it and are completely dependent upon it for our survival.

Personally, I call this Source of energy "God." You can call it what you like or nothing at all; it matters little to me.

The usurpers of our society have made a living out of getting us to give over our energy to following forms and images whose historical characterizations have been created in their own archetypal image. In this case, I speak of the tyrant.

In order to respect a bully like Trump or even Biden, it helps to believe that you have a bully for your god. But is the twisted image of OT demon in the Bible the true energy source that we are meant to serve and follow? I think not, and we are now reaping the whirlwind dark karma of the masses who have so blindly given over their energy to such a malevolent imposter.

Sorry, but some of us have no desire to crawl back to the caves. My God is not an image or a form. My God is a knowing. It’s what saved me from taking the kill shot and it is what will save me from soul death as long as I follow it as this energy source is never wrong. It is "I" who have been wrong when I trade in this inner knowing for believing the lies taken from the external forms and images.

If the other meat-bags out there tell me something, it has little to do with their supposed station in the system that influences me. A president can’t get me to believe his lies and a bum can’t get me to disbelieve his truth. Everything bounces off this inner energy source.

When this becomes more important to an individual than anything else, mountains can be moved. It is now time for us to start moving them.

I totally agree, and I prefer to call it a Source of Energy, but like freefall, I couldn't care less what anybody else calls it. It is more important that people grasp its essence and tap into it for wisdom, guidance, courage and empowerment, 'cause that's what we desperately need at the moment. We need to become energized with justice, integrity, morality, and most importantly to ALIGN WITH OUR SOULS. When we are aligned with them, no one can take them from us. If these WEF goons cannot take our souls from us, then they will have no power over us, and when they become impotent, they will cease to exist.

And that is the key to all the horror going on on the planet now. I really don't give a hoot whether they are punished, they just need to be removed, because as long as they are here, they will not stop the destruction, and if they do not stop the destruction, the entire planet will cease to be. Here is a very intelligent response to one of Dane's community members on a comment she made, by Maciej Kocialkowski, who lives in Virginia, but is from Poland and has translated Dane's materials into Polish, and personally distributed them in Poland! The comment is from Dane's Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, May 14, 2022

Maciej Kocialkowski says:
May 15, 2022 at 8:46 am

Hello Rhonda,

These are all valid questions, and there are answers to them. The mistake we make however, is that we try to apply reason and logic to explain the behavior of psychopathic individuals. And that never works. It cannot work, it never will.

People in various echelons of high power, be it government, central banks, NGO's, corporations, you name it, with very few and rare exceptions, are not normal, empathic individuals. Thus their thought analysis is completely different. They are NOT capable to comprehend the consequences of their own actions. Including consequences to themselves. Let that sink in, and then all of the sudden things start to make more sense.

This trait of various forms of psychosis makes these individuals, and thus the world they run, and we (and they, as you correctly pointed out) live in, so dangerous.

Unless we take the power away from them, they will not stop. They cannot stop. They are not capable. It is very important to comprehend this fact. We have the power to change this equation, they do not. Again, they cannot change it. Unless we change them.

I hope this makes sense.

I totally agree with Maciej, too, but what the hell should we be doing? Dane's goal for these twenty years has been to wake up the masses who in turn will wake up the people, such as military pilots, to the fact that they are killing themselves and their families along with everyone else on earth when they follow these illegal orders. But is that working fast enough? The collapse is coming at blinding speed. These people need to be removed from the planet, and that is the only change that will stop them.

And yet, there is a certain inevitability about all the prophesies in the Bible. Yes, it has been thousands of years, and the criminals seem to be gaining more and more power. Seem to be. But are they?

I am in another one of those spiritual phases, where I have spent a great deal of time shifting something. Once again, the voice that guides me has said, or perhaps this time it is more of a warning, that I MUST stop my "warrior" work. Well, let me tell you, I CAME to this planet to be a healer and a creator, as I am one of the creator spirits spoken of in Bringers of the Dawn. I NEVER wanted to be an activist-warrior, but somehow I got roped into it. You know how it is. Someone doesn't show up for work, and somebody gets stuck filling in. Dane is in the same boat. He NEVER wanted to do what he has been doing.

And so this guiding voice has told me that these beings are going to hurt me if I do not stop, and indeed, that HAVE and they DO. You cannot fight down in the dirt without getting dirty and that dirt is often hard to wash off. But the message went further. They said that all is done and all is in place, and that what needs to happen will happen soon. So my duty now is to return to the original purpose for which I came, and that is to heal, transform, rebuild, restore, create; all tasks on the upside, but those of us assigned to these tasks must be ready and prompt, because when it all comes down, there will be nothing left to sustain us.

In addition, I am re-reading a book I read in 2000, one of the few New Age books that did not get dropped off at Goodwill, because it is actually NOT bullshit. Every time I opened the bin where it was stored, it whispered to me that I needed to read it again. Then the whispers turned to shouts and finally screams. So I put it in my TO READ NOW bin, after I opened it at random, read one sentence, and said, "Yes, I DO need to re-read this book." So I have a spiritual project going here which I will reveal as soon as I am ready.

But the point is, nothing lasts forever, and those who have controlled the Earth for millions of years, both off-planet and on, are self-destructing. And along with their destruction, comes all the destruction they have caused. But when they are gone, the energy will shift, massively. And the people who have sided with them; people who shut-up and did what they were told; people who were bribed into lying for them—these are the caterpillars who have refused to change into butterflies. They will also be gone, taken to a place where they can continue their awakening without so much impediment. And the ones who already have traded in their souls for this omnipotence they thought they would gain? Well, this Bible prophesy makes it clear they will be destroyed. Where will they go after that? Will they have a chance to regain what they have surrendered? I dunno, and don't really care at this point. They just need to be gone.

Now, I realize it takes a lot of courage to spin a cocoon around yourself, not only knowing you will never be a caterpillar again, but not knowing what you will be. And plus, your body turns to mush as it reorganizes into something greater, and during that period, you become extremely vulnerable, because, other than your cocoon, you have no means to protect yourself. I know what it feels like to be inside that cocoon, not knowing what I will be, or when I will emerge, or if I will be destroyed while I am in that tender state of metamorphosis. But I am sensing that I will soon find out.

Most people are looking at what is ahead for us with fear and trepidation, but I look at it as an emerging new reality, with the old swept away, and those who embraced it along with them. Everyone will end up where they need to be, and the evil force that has ruled this planet will finally get their due punishment. There is an inevitability here, written throughout the Bible and anticipated for generation after generation. But there must come a point when all these wrongs will be righted. And that point will be reached when the butterflies emerge—a transformation of every aspect of our lives, for those who choose to stay.

And so, what must we do? Well, of course we must speak the truth, and that will continue to wake up fence-sitters until it all crashes. But we must also shift our focus away from what is collapsing, lest we go with it, and focus on creating life in a totally new way. We will have to, of course, because there will be nothing left. Stocking up will do little good, because this is not temporary. We must work to align with all that is life-giving, starting with our souls. That will be the subject of upcoming articles. As I've said over and over, we will NOT be able to supply our needs from the old physical world, nor by physical means, so we must move up to the non-physical world, that world of energy from which all things are made. We will go where we point our focus, and the more we focus on the new, the farther we move from the old.

But I also want to point out that we must still cultivate our awareness of what is happening in the physical world, even if it IS a simulation. What we must NOT do is allow ourselves to get emotionally connected—a great difficulty when we are aware of all the horrors going on around us—because once we tap into it all emotionally, we set up feedback loops that create more of what is aligned with that emotion. My years as a spiritual warrior have made that all too clear. That's what this "operating system" that we believe is Planet Earth is set up to do, and we have ALL participated in it.

As I said earlier, I have a set of articles—regular articles—planned on my new discoveries, as I get them solidified in my mind. We cannot pretend what is happening is NOT happening. THAT is why we are in this current mess, because too few people were paying attention to what was being done right under our noses. But being aware does not mean tapping into the energy of the crimes. And that is where SOUL ALIGNMENT comes in. When we are always aligned with our soul, we have at our disposal a source of energy and guiding wisdom. When we are not aligned with our soul, we feel helpless and alone, and allow others to take control. Why do you think it is so important to creeps like Klaus Schwab and his dirty little advisor, Yuval Noah Harari, to disconnect us from our souls? Because our soul is our inner strength and power. When we are completely connected to our soul, we have no need for outside guidance, and cannot be duped or controlled by those who currently believe they hold such power over us. And I believe we will also discover that we will have no need for the physical world to supply us with the essentials of the physical body, as we will be able to manifest whatever we want. When we reach that point, ALL the institutions based on money will be gone—poof!—just like that, because they will no longer serve a purpose.

Many of us have been intent upon this goal for decades and lifetimes, and seemingly, we have created little and suffered much. But karma eventually kicks in, especially when there is so much collective energy going into it. And the punishment for those "sinners" promised ages ago, will happen because they will find themselves locked out of a reality that no longer supports their energy, and that will be their demise. So, perhaps Maciej isn't quite right when he says we must change them. It is ourselves that we must change.

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