The Scales Fell From His Eyes

Acts 9:18
18 And immediately there fell from his eyes as it had been scales: and he received sight forthwith, and arose, and was baptized.

OK, so I know how this verse is normally interpreted. Just as "the eyes of the blind shall be opened," it means someone has just seen that "man behind the curtain." They now know the truth. But as I read, the part that jumped out at me was the scales. Some Bible translations mention "fish scales," but I thought more in terms of reptile scales. As in Reptilians.

And so, in continuing my theme of control, which you can read about in my last two articles,
In Control,
I'll Do It My Way,
And my
Between Two Worlds
article from September 30.

Right now, the most important thing we must do is recognize all the ways we are being controlled in mind and body, by evil beings both on and off planet. Knowledge is power, and looking your enemies straight in the eye disarms them and renders them impotent. And so, I am going to cover in depth the vast, vast and complex web of control that has been spun around us from the time of the Reptilian Invasion eons ago. Now we are being controlled blatantly, right before our eyes, for those who have lost their scales, by not only totally out-of-control technology, but sorcery, and though technology is tightening the chains, it is sorcery that is the root.

Bringers of the Dawn is the best explanation of the Reptilian Invasion, but numerous other sources speak of Planet Earth being invaded by something: aliens, giants, demons or fallen angels, AND interbreeding with the inhabitants of Earth, AND practicing sorcery and teaching it to certain people. There are people who do not believe in sorcery, and if you are one of those, please let those scales fall from your eyes. It is being practiced NOW, here in 2019 to an extent that is mind-boggling.

Sorcery can mean different things to different people. Shamans are considered sorcerers, and indeed they are, as I am also a Shaman. But sorcery does not have to be evil. I realize there are Shamans who practice evil, but the ethical ones as myself are healers and visionaries who use their gifts for the good of living beings. I have made a point to never send anything harmful to anyone. In worst-case scenarios, if someone is attacking me, I have surrounded them with their own energy. Kind of like an instant karma type thing, also allowing me to be mistaken. If they are actually NOT sending our harmful energy, no harm will come to them, but if they are deliberately working to cause harm, it WILL retun to them. But I don't even do that any more, because allowing even that energy within one's realm can do damage to the sender because of the forces that are in play. Now, I just use LIGHT as a "weapon." Those who are not evil soak it up and benefit from it, but the evil ones shrivel in its presence, and I find that more amusing. And you do not need to be a Shaman to send LIGHT to the planet. With the extreme darknes in which we are currently enshrouded, the more LIGHT we bring forth, the better.

But technically, anything created or acted outside the physical world may be construed as sorcery. Indeed, there were those who thought Jesus was a sorcerer for casting out demons. Sacred rites of ancient peoples were certainly a type of sorcery, which some consider good and others not. In The Templar Revelation: Secret Guardians of the True Identity of Christ, the author makes a case that Jesus and Mary Magdalene practiced a sexual rite that was used by ancient Egyptians and others to communicate with gods. This was also one of the sources for Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code. But for this article, I am going to focus on sorcery used for evil purposes. And the more you know about it, the better you will be armed to fight against it. Knowledge is power.

The Book of Enoch speaks of sorcery, when the "sons of God" engaged in sex with the "daughters of men." That book is often considered forbidden and is not included as a Bible book, but it is, supposedly. I have a Dover copy of it, and, maybe it was just that particular edition, but I wasn't that impressed and questioned its autheticity. Here is that review:
The Book of Enoch.
But other online articles are more convincing. Here is one entitled "They Revealed Secrets to Their Wives": The Transmission of Magical Knowledge in 1 Enoch.
Here, the invaders are called "fallen Watchers," and it is more about forbidden knowledge, because I believe it is more like taking away knowledge that the original inhabitants of this planet already had. But that's another article.

Here is one that is more to the point, that point being that giants, aliens, or some kind of non-human, god-like being invaded the planet and propogated by basically raping human women. It's always made out to be the woman's fault, isn't it?
The Book of Enoch and UFOs.
And so the point is we ALL have Reptilian DNA, which is why we have been so easily controlled. The more spirit/body work you do, the more you will cleanse and clear it all out. I've been doing it for forty years, journeying WAAAAY back in time, and I think I'm just about done. In any case, when I read that verse above from The Acts of the Apostles, I could not help but wonder if Saul (Paul) was suddenly cleansed of his alien DNA.

Ancient art and sculpture is filled with representations of what appears to be aliens or astronauts. Here is an article from Wikipedia. Of course, one would expect them to debunk such s "myth," but others do not. Here is a collection of "ancient alien" art from Crystalinks. This page has some interesting photos. Indeed, all one need do is look at Stonehenge, the Pyramids, Easter Island, and other beyond-human Wonders of the World, and it is plain to see that something non-human was (and still is) on this planet. Multiplied greatly. And here is one from The Express (UK) entitled
Ancient aliens on Earth: Do these PREHISTORIC UFO drawings prove we are not alone?
Below is an ancient scuplture of "helicopters."

Ancient Helicopter Sculpture

But the point is, there should be no doubt in anyone's mind that we not only have been visited by aliens, but they are still here. If you adhere to the creation theory in Bringers of the Dawn, which I believe is the most plausible I have ever investigated, then you will understand that the entire planet was created by "Creator Gods," and if you are like myself, one who has a painful longing to manifest reality through my thoughts, and actually remembers doing it, then you also understand that SOMETHING happened way, way back, and there has been a war going on over control vs. freedom on this planet for millenia. For those new to this site, be sure to read Who Your Gods Are: Bringers of the Dawn Revisited, which is a reprint and discussion of that chapter from the book. I WAS ONE OF THOSE CREATOR GODS. And if you are drawn to this material, you probably were, too. We have waited ages and ages to overcome our oppressors, and the goal IS reaching fruition. We can all speed it up by fully understanding the activities on this planet, both physical and non-physical, and taking steps, both physical and by using our minds as our source of creation to git 'er done, so to speak. I am truly, absolutely SICK AND TIRED of living this way, And so are many others. The climate and political disasters going on now, plus all the other unsustainable and non-life-supporting activities are waking people up. ALL must awaken at ALL levels. And soon, too, or we won't have a planet to speak about.

I have a long-time friend who is becoming more open-minded about things. We were discussing Trump, whom she refers to as "that racist bigot," a correct label, and more polite than "fucking moron," which is how I usually describe him. Of course I always use conversations such as these to get my two-cents in about all the other evils going on in the world, and this time, I made a comment on all the headway being made by Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, and that we KNOW for a fact that that building was inploded, from the inside. She glanced at me with a look of worry and said " I hope we don't find that our government was behind it." I said "OF COURSE our government was behind it." In the book, Dispelling Wetiko: Breaking the Curse of Evil, the one point I remember most strongly is when the author states that most people do not have a large enough perception of evil. Are people just naïve— or too frightened? Until we fully recognize evil and name it out loud, we will get nowhere, so add that to your to-do list. And I personally hope to see Bush and Cheney in prison for the roles they played in that horrendous disaster. And speaking of the Bushes, Lisa Renee has alluded to Bush senior in other blogs, but in this one she names him outright. She also admits that the article will be painful to many people, but, like me, she knows we must bring all of this TO THE LIGHT. She has much more expertise on this particular subject than I, but I know what she is saying is true because I know victims of similar abuse.

Moon Children

And here is a longer newsletter that, though expressed differently and from a slightly different perspective, certainly mirrors what I write, and also contains further materials related to this particular article. Please read this, in segments, if you need to, to get the full impact of what Lisa Renee is saying. I want to point out that it gives us more amunition and inspiration to fight the atrocity going on in the skies, which, at the very root, is more about mind control than weather control. And she does mention weather and climate control towards the bottom of the page. This is an extremely informative and well-written article, so please take the time to read it. And while I'm there, I want to remind everyone to PLEASE sign the 5G Appeal. It is at the bottom of the page in the article, I'll Do It My Way, linked above.

Mainstreaming Satanism and Luciferianism

It will be a long time before I exhaust this subject, so I have many related articles planned to write before the year is out. Will we make it till then? I have been saying that 2019 is the year, and I have always said that in a positive light. Though we have converging disasters barrelling toward us at the speed of light, remember, breaking the spell can and will change everything in an instant. When Sleeping Beauty awakened, all the briars suddenly disappeared. Fairy and folk tales are usually built on a truth, perhaps something remembered from the beginning of time, and so I never dismiss them as fantasy. I constantly question just how much, if anything, of our reality is "real."

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