Water to Wine

John 2: 1-10 (From the New American Catholic Bible)
1 On the third day there was a wedding at Cana in Galilee, and the mother of Jesus was there.
2 Jesus and his disciples had likewise been invited to the celebration.
3 At a certain point the wine ran out, and Jesus' mother told him, "They have no more wine."
4 Jesus replied, "Woman, how does this concern of yours involve me? My hour has not yet come."
5 His mother instructed those waiting on table, "Do whatever he tells you."
6 As prescribed for Jewish ceremonial washings, there were at hand six stone water jars, each holding fifteen to twenty-five gallons.
7 "Fill the jars with water," Jesus ordered, at which they filled them to the brim.
8 "Now," he said, "draw some out and take it to the waiter in charge." They did as he instructed them.
9 The waiter in charge tasted the water made wine, without knowing where it had come from; only the waiters knew, since they had drawn the water. Then the waiter in charge called the groom over
10 and remarked to him: "People usually serve the choice wine first; then when the guests have been drinking awhile, a lesser vintage. What you have done is keep the choice wine until now."

I have mentioned recently that I am really hating doing grocery shopping these days, and I used to rather enjoy it, because I have these meticulous lists of what I need based on what is on sale at each store and what I plan to cook. I know what store carries the best products at the best price, and I know where everything is located. But lately, nobody has what I need, and I am finding myself going from ALDI to Marc's to Walmart, to Giant Eagle, in Ravenna, in Alliance, and . . . this Monday I experienced the shopping trip from Hell in Austintown.

I had to go there anyways to pick up the ashes of my sweet Odie, my little turtle that died, and I am still bewildered as to why that happened. Anyways, it took me forever just to get in and out of the stores and I couldn't find anything and by the time I started home, I was nearly shaking. This is all part of the plandemic, of course, these shortages to deprive people and what they need and it will only continue to get worse.

Yesterday I had to run a short errand to Ravenna, and as I eliminate more things from my life, I also intend to eliminate most of what I have to do away from home. I stopped at Giant Eagle looking for candied fruit, you know, the stuff that comes out during the holidays that people use in fruit cakes. ALDI had bananas for 29 cents a pound, and I have a great banana bread that takes the fruit. Well, they had candied lemon peel, which worked, but I got stuck in the Express checkout line a mile long, behind some guy that went on and on about Armageddon, and how Trump will win by a landslide because God wants him to, because he and Putin will start Armageddon and it will last four years. But he isn't the anti-Christ because the anti-Christ's first, middle, and last name has to have six letters each. Aaaargh!! I just want to pay for my fruit and get the fuck out of here!!

By the time I got home, I was a mental vegetable. I had no energy. None. I hung some laundry, gave Molly a bath, then sat on the porch and colored, and even doing that, I struggled. Then I began thinking of a certain event in my life and was convinced that it happened in 2018, but I could not get the events surrounding it to make sense. I became confused and wasted probably close to an hour. Later when I turned on my computer and looked some things up, I was stunned to find that it happened only last year. How could that much time have passed? That tells me two things: one, that I personally am moving at the speed of light; and two: that time itself is really out of whack. Or to put it differently, it is all part of the illusion that is coming apart at the seams. That will be the subject of my next Bible article. Remember, everything that is happening now, from annoying to uncomfortable, to downright horrific is all a gift to help us break the spell of this physical illusion so that we can be free.

So what does all this have to to with Jesus and the wedding at Cana? WOW! Everything! I love the story, by the way, which is found only in John's Gospel, at least, of the books included in the Bible as we know it. I also used my more "modern" Bible, because the language is much more clear than in King James or Douay. I did not realize how many gallons these water jars held! In another version, it is twenty to thirty gallons each.

The most important message from this story is that there is clearly an immense difference between what has been created through human labor and what is created with the mind. Allow that to sink in, because THAT is where we are going as we continue to awaken. More on that in a minute, but the other really important point here is that Jesus is also clearly annoyed with this mother. He does not want to be put on display. She knows, of course, that he easily manifests material items with his mind, so this shows us that the gift of manifestation is not only reserved for healing and bringing those who have died back to life, it is also about providing for ourselves those items that bring us pleasure. However, Jesus does not want to stress that aspect, because he would be promoting materialism, just as the New Age gurus did when the movement began, luring people in with the promise of wealth, happiness and an abundance of everything we could want or need. In just a few "easy" steps. Well, ya see how that turned out, huh? Because manifestation is NOT about greed, it is about raising our energetic vibration, and creating a physical world to match. Do you see? Again, I refer to Bernhard Guenther. Embodying the Warrior Archetype in Service of the Divine

From a higher perspective of the Divine and the evolution of consciousness, even the so-called "evil" we are seeing has its purpose. It serves as a trigger to awaken us and face that which have looked away from for so long. It is the "Kali Yuga", after all, the darkest age of ignorance and materialism. These shadows need to be revealed in order for the supramental consciousness to anchor itself onto the earth; spiritualizing matter and humanity—body, mind, and spirit.

In Prophetic Dreams, Visions, and The Waves of Change, he quotes from the above article and another one. If you still have not read these two recent blogs by Guenther, I urge you to do so, or read them again. They are very important.

As I wrote in my previous article: This alchemical transformation will also give birth to new opportunities, quantum leaps in creativity, and true abundance (beyond just materially) but it must be rooted in these concepts of integrity and sincerity as this is, in general, a lesson for Capricorn on an evolutionary level; and a big overall lesson of the Saturn-Pluto Conjunction in Capricorn that we saw occurring in the sign back in January. We must rebuild the world upon a spiritual foundation and hold true aspiration grounded in our bodies, as these vessels become spiritualized as conscious transducers of the Divine Force. During this process we may find there is no escape anymore; old coping mechanisms no longer work like they used to, as there is no place in the world is "safe" from what is happening. Ultimately, the body has to become our "safe space", and if we spiritualize matter via the body, the body can be a source of true strength and refuge.

If we learn to manifest the material world without transforming our inner selves, we will only keep creating all this really bad energy, the energy that leaves me stupified when I have to be out in it. Does that mean that everything in the physical world will be destroyed? Perhaps not. If those of us on the path are able to raise our own vibrational frequencies quickly enough, and it IS happening very fast now, we should be able to begin transferring that energy to what we love, transforming or recreating our physical world so that the energy matches our own, and we can evolve our environment as we ourselves evolve. There needs to be a fluidity, which is absent in the hard and solid third dimension. As we become, more skilled, or rather, remember our skills, our physical reality will be ever changing. And keep in mind, our physical reality is always an illusion, a reflection of our inner selves. The more we become aware of that, the more control we have of our environment. And that alone will be enough to wipe out any interference from alien or dark forces, simply because we will no longer need the things that keep us beholden to them.

So, let's take a closer look on our current physical and illusory reality. The Reptilians created it as a mandatory consumption system. Everything we need to survive must be replaced with another consumable product, and the cycle continues, based on neccessities that we need to survive. As the population continues to swell, the needs become greater, and those at the top allow fewer and fewer of us to have what we need to just survive. That is happening at full blast now, all part of the plandemic. Consumerism is the ideal means to enslave us, and it has become a vicious and accelerating cycle that is not only killing us but killing our environment. We are drowning in a sea of garbage and filth. It's bad enough, all the waste from necessities, but when we add to that all the junk that we think we need, that is supposedly disposable, but really is not, we find ourselves rapidly descending into a world that is not even remotely sustainable. Below is an extreme example, but also an example of what will come for us all if we do not transform.

Neighborhood Overtaken by Garbage after Downpour in Nigeria (PHOTOS)

Neighborhood Overtaken by Garbage after Downpour in Nigeria

GASP!! And so not only are we consuming at an unsustainable rate, but so many products are downright poisoning us, from plastics to GMOs to electronic devices, and everything manufactured carries a toxic energetic frequency that is keeping our own energetic frequencies in check. That is why I feel so drained when I have to go anywhere away from home. None of it is by accident. It is all part of the plan to keep us imprisoned. Perhaps that is why, lately, I go into a store and really do not feel like purchasing much of anything. I find myself saying, OK, I really need this, but that can wait, and I end up walking out often with few items checked off on my list.

Of course, another way that we are imprisoned in the cycle of consumerism, is that most of what we buy now is just plain junk that breaks or falls apart shortly after putchase. Again, part of the plan. Years ago, when Family Dollar was a store in itself, before it was bought out by Dollar Tree and now is crap, I used to find the most wonderful clothing items, and I really do not buy much clothing at all—very rarely, in fact. But I found these pajamas, which fit me perfectly—rare for me because I am so petite. They were made in Pakistan, and unlike most other items I purchase, which require me to sew the buttons on before I even wear them because they are hanging on by one thread, these were SO WELL MADE. They were all the same except for the fabric design, of which there were four, so I bought one of each. I must have worn them seven years, in the laundry every single week during the cold months, and finally, they fell apart. Amazing! I also have five hoodies that I wear mostly year round, and I am STILL wearing them. But these are rare examples. I bought a wash basket at Walmart, whose products usually endure, but this fell apart after two weeks. I cannot say that about their towel sets, which I get the cheapest for around five bucks altogether for the bath and hand towels and washcloth, which are also in the laundry every week, and last for seven or eight years. But again, most manufactured products are built to break. That is how consumerism works.

And it's not just "things," that are junk, it's services, too. Spectrum internet, which took over for Time Warner Cable is just as bad. My connection goes out at least once a day, most of the time for just a few seconds, but that is enough to screw things up when I am communicating with my website in Houston, and I've deleted, for instance, my Home Page, and cannot load the updated one. If you ever are unable to load a page, or have trouble accessing something on my site, that is probably why. It should re-correct in a few minutes. HostGator rarely goes out, but occasionally it does, so that's on their end, not mine. When I was coming home from Austintown, I stopped at a little pet store in Lake Milton because I cannot find the flea prevention product I use on my cats.The owner said her internet, Spectrum, also keeps going out, and that is far enough away from me that makes it non-local.

But there is also the energetic form of consumerism. As I said, I am really meticulous about my shopping lists. I very carefully note when I am getting low on things that I use regularly, and put them on my list. But I am finding now that I seem to be out of everything, and that is something beyond the physical world. Stuff just seems to disappear. And that goes for "time," also. Which accounts for my shock mentioned above, when I discovered the particular event I had in mind happened just last year, when it seems like ages ago. It is the wobbling and decaying of the illusory physical world, and it will only become more extreme.

Which is why we must begin to operate in the manner Jesus taught us. Yes, we were created to have the ability to manifest our reality, but, as pointed out, there are forces that are trying very hard to keep us from remembering that. The forces are losing their grip, though, as more of us see beyond our current horizon. I cannot help but think, and my recent past-life work has confirmed this, that when we were here before the Reptilian Invasion, we were experts in creative skill, but had NOT done our spiritual homework. I believe if we had been more spiritually aware, the Reptilians would not have been able to overtake us. It has taken millions of years for us to see our mistake.

In all honesty, I must add one more point, and probably the real reason why I find myself so reluctant to buy things any more. For forty years, I have taught my mind that IT is what creates my reality. It is no longer a matter of wondering if I create or thinking I do create, or even knowing I create, the fact is, I AM creating and it is becoming integrated into my life. I am so close, that every day now, more and more, I am shifting to manifesting what I need. Not quite at the level Jesus did, of course, but doing it just the same. So WHY would I buy someone else's product when I can create one vastly better with my mind? Going to a store is like a step backwards. THAT is the mental habit that has overtaken me lately, and it is not forced, it is just there. And something else is happening, too. I am becoming strangely obsessed with tidying. I am going through my greenhouse and taking bags and bags of containers to the recycling place, like for yogurt or cottage cheese, plus my millions of milk or water jugs that people have saved for me that are old and brittle and I no longer need. Not that that in itself is unusual. I take bags of stuff to recycle all the time. It is this energy behind it, this sense of clearing the way for something new and exciting; preparing; anticipating, and feeling quite certain about it, no matter how it comes about. Do I feel transformed? Absolutely, and it gets stronger every day. This world has been like a shoe that hasn't fit for a long time. I finally feel that I am no longer restricted from expanding, and that is very good.

And so, once again, I urge everyone to work on their manifestation skills, along with the required spiritual cleansing. If we do not create our reality at a high frequency, we will only create more of the same as what we have now. We must create without interfering in others' creation, nor do harm to any living creature, including ourselves, nor create in a way that leaves others beholden to us. We must always operate with the highest moral and ethical integrity and strive for peace and harmony, and service to others. We truly have no choice now, because our end will be very, very bad if we do not.

I hope everyone is keeping up with all three of my news formats. My next article, which should come out around Monday, will be on my new Farm Series, Toward the Peaceable Kingdom: Cosmic Dream Farm, 2020. I will also have my usual Index by then, so all the articles in that series can be easily accessed by date. I have tons of material, so those will be busy pages.

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