The Virgin Birth

Traditional Christianity has historically used the so-called virgin birth of Jesus as an excuse for declaring human sexuality sinful, and sinners in need of redemption, mainly through religious leaders. Many people who believe this particular Bible story also see it as "proof" that Jesus didn't incarnate as a person in the normal human way, but since he was "God" he was conceived by the holy spirit, rather than by the usual human method of procreation, thus setting him apart. It also implies a certain freedom from the foulness suffered by the rest of us procreated through an act of "sin."

Therefore, for this reason, Mary, the mother of Jesus, became the religious model for womanhood, particularly the chaste aspect. Sex, for a good many centuries, and still now in many cases, was considered an act solely for the purpose of procreation (and sinful for any other reason), by the Church, particularly the Catholic Church. Obviously most people have thumbed their noses at that one in this day and age. Unfortunately, many people still do believe that the fertilization of a woman's egg is an act of "God," when in truth, in a great many cases it is an act of carelessness in people, thus creating many more bodies on this planet than it can handle, which should be clearly evident now, as the drastic overpopulation of the earth is contributing to the die-off of everything else.

So, let's look at some other ways to perceive the "myth" of the virgin birth. While Mary is singled out in being special, in fact, there are many cases of "miraculous" births, not only throughout the Bible, but throughout other religions. It is used as a way to stress that the resulting birth was a person set apart from the rest. In the Gospel of St. Luke, Elizabeth, Mary's cousin and wife of Zachary, is old and barren, yet she becomes pregnant with John the Baptist at the same time Mary is pregnant with Jesus.

As I have been saying in these Gospel messages, I've believed for a long time that Jesus was "one of us"—the original earthlings that came here long, long ago, and, since the Reptilian Invasion, have been stuck in this recycling loop—imprisoned and unable to move forward, or backward to what we were before our DNA was corrupted. And since then, we have been literally made into avatars in this simulated computer game that we have mistaken for reality. Somehow Jesus escaped it and his "codes" were not corrupted, enabling him to have the gifts of mastery of the physical world, as we all did at one time. By making it clear that he was not a product of common sexual union, he therefore did not contain the human corrupted codes which are defining the rest of humanity. His mission was to make us aware of our corrupted programming so we could correct it and move out. As I have said over and over, his true message was obliterated, so as to keep humanity in the slavery of sin, hopelessness, and helplessness. When I read the Gospels and the "miracles" performed by Jesus, I KNOW that in the past, I also was a master of physical creation.

But there is another aspect of the whole sexual issue that is perhaps even more important. Many religions, including Gnosticism, Hinduism, Buddhism, and even some philosophies within Christianity and Judaism believe in androgynous beings, people or gods that encompassed qualities of both genders. Some say that Adam was androgynous until Eve was taken from within him, thus creating the split we call duality, the division of humanity into male and female.

And that indeed has been the root of a vast amount of distress on the planet. Very few people are able to achieve a level of relationship between the sexes that is not based on need, though few realize that the need has nothing to do with loving or being loved. Or worse, and more often, controlling or being controlled. It is more about people seeking to be complete, because they are missing half of themselves that was severed eons ago. Thus they attempt to replace it through a relationship with the member of the sex who is their missing half.

Perhaps sexual reproduction is unnatural—never meant to be. Too many people have certainly been irresponsible about it, bringing human beings into the world that they are unable to provide for, not only financially, but emotionally. How can so many adults expect to raise a child into a healthy happy being when their own lives are so unstable, miserable, immature, and certainly unenlightened? The same corruptions, not only genetically but spiritually, continue to be passed down and strengthened through one generation after another.

One can only imagine how people would relate to each other differently if gender were not an issue. If an alien race wanted to find a way to keep a prison population in a constant state of turmoil, distraction, and strife, I cannot imagine a better way of doing it than to split them in two and keep them searching for their other half.

Hieronymus Bosch Hermaphrodite from the Aurora Consurgens, a 15th Century Alchemical Treatise.

Hieronymus Bosch Hermaphrodite

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