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I am a big fan of Jesus, but not the one of the Christian myth. I have sensed for a long time that the Christian explanation for his appearance on Earth had little to do with his real purpose. Now, it seems, everywhere I look, I am finding new historical information that confirms what I've believed all along, especially since the Gnostic Gospels, such as those discovered at Nag Hammadi are working their way into the public's knowledge. And it is that historical Jesus that I find so interesting, and who falls in line with my original hunches about who he really was.

So, why has the Christian tradition promoted such a corrupted legend of Jesus? Well, it is more about politics than religion. When the early (Roman, Catholic) Church became an organized institution, it also became an enormous power. While Jesus truly came to free us (from the lie we'd been living), the men who were entrusted by a Higher Power (The Reptilian Race), made damn sure that his true message never came to the public's knowledge and understanding. But fortunately, there were those who knew and were determined to record what they knew for posterity, when the world was ready to fully awaken. To disseminate this information would have resulted in death as a heretic, so therefore, it remained quietly alive, underground until the time came to shine the light. I believe that time is now, and as the world becomes more aware about the lies concerning government, the media, banking, health care, the environment, and all the areas that have been operating in darkness and most definitely NOT for the good of the people, the lies about religion will be included in the mass disclosure.

More and more articles of this nature will be showing up here in the Bible pages, and in book reviews, as I keep expanding my reading materials into this area. Dan Brown's novels have been especially enlightening, and have pointed the way to further research.

And so we see that Pagan myths that were borrowed in the early days of Christianity, to create a nice, believable package for the flocks to embrace. Dan Brown's book, The Da Vinci Code (see link above) sheds a great deal of light on reasons for the cover-ups, most notably that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene, and it was she who he had assigned to carry on his work, not something a patriarchal society would allow to be known. Therefore, they created the myth of the prostitute whom Jesus forgave. Brown was inspired to write his novel after reading The Templar Revelation: Secret Guardians of the True Identity of Christ, so I strongly recommend reading both of these books, or at least my reviews, for more information on this subject. Here is a quote from the book, comparing the Egyptian Goddess Isis with the "Virgin" Mary:

It is acknowledged that the early Christians appropriated much of Isis' iconography for the Virgin Mary. . . .
Christians may believe that statues of Mary and the baby Jesus represent an exclusinvely Christian iconography, but in fact the whole concept of the Madonna and child was already firmly present in the cult of Isis.
Isis, too was worshipped as a holy virgin. But although she was also mother of Horus, this presented no problem to the minds of her millions of followers. For whereas modern Christians are expected to accept the Virgin birth as an article of faith and an actual historical fact, the followers of Isis (Isians) and other pagans faced no such intellectual dilemma. To them, Zeus, Venus or Ma'at may or may not have once walked the earth: what mattered was what they embodied . . .
Isis was worshipped as both Virgin and Mother—but not as a Virgin Mother. Isians would have considered the notion of the Virgin birth frankly ridiculous: the gods may be capable of wonders, but they do not demand that their worshippers suspend their disbelief quite so much. The worship of most major goddesses emphasized their essential femininity by dividing it up into three main aspects, each representing the lifecycle of real women. First, there is the Virgin, then the Mother, then the Crone; all three are also linked to the new moon, the full moon and the dark of the moon.

(Incidentally, the Ancient Egyptians were one of the most advanced human races to ever walk the earth, yet even they understood that their rituals were based on stories, myths, and fables that taught a lesson or made a point. It is frustrating that still today, even some of the most "well educated" people continue think the Bible is an historical document. IT IS NOT!)

I also think that many Christians believe their religion is superior because it is based on supposedly historical people, but many Pagan gods and goddesses were also real people. Hermes Trismegistus, founder of the Hermetic Philosophy became the Egyptian god Thoth and the Greek god Hermes. And by the way, it was he who first said, "As above, so below, As below, so above," which the Christians borrowed for "On earth, as it is in heaven."

Christians worship on Sunday, which is the holy day of the Sun God Ra. December 25 was not the actual birthdate of Jesus, but once again, taken from Pagan Sun Worship. Here is a quote from a website on religions:

Sun worship formed the basis of Mithraism, Zoroastrianism, other Roman religions and many other pagan traditions. It is the reason Sun-day is a holy day in many religions, and why major festivals are held at spring and at the Solstices. The real meaning of Christmas is sun worship; a reminder to all life on Earth that we owe everything to the Sun.

December 25 was also the designated birthdate of Osiris, Attis, Tammuz, Adonis, and Dionysus!

In fact, the whole celebration of the "Twelve Days of Christmas" has its roots in Pagan Solstice celebrations, such as the Roman Saturnalia, and the Old Norse "Yule." Easter, too, has its Pagan roots, this one from Sumeria: Tammuz dies, and his mourning wife, Ishtar seeks him in the underworld. But she is captured, too. The god Enki goes to the underworld with the plant of life and the water of life, and brings them back to earth. But Tammuz must return after six months to the Underworld, and once again Ishtar pursues him. It is an explanation of the winter death and spring life.

Here is a quote from The Templar Revelation:

All the mystery schools of Osiris, Tammuz, Dionysus, Attis and so on included a rite—enacted by their human stand-ins—in which the god was annointed by the goddess prior to his actual or symbolic death, which would make the land fertile once more. Traditionally it was three days afterwards that, thanks to the magical intervention of the priestess/goddess, he rose again and the nation could heave a sigh of relief until the next year. (The mystery plays have the goddess saying. "They have removed my Lord and I do not know where to find him"—virtually the same words a those ascribed to Mary Magdalene in the garden. . .).

Many Christians in America become enraged when any other religion besides theirs is associated with this country. "In God We Trust?" One nation, under God?" Perhaps, but whose God. The symbolism of our nation's captital, Washington D.C. is clearly NOT Christian, but PAGAN, Roman, Egyptian. Again, see the link above to Dan Brown's novels, particularly The Lost Symbol.

As I've written before, the "sophisticated" religions of the "modern educated" have lost touch with the most important elements of life: water, earth, the sun, the growing of food—really, all we need when you think about it. The Pagans based their religions on the natural world, and therefore, they revered and respected all aspects of nature. Religion in modern times has become scientific, theoretical, and in many cases far removed from Spirit and connection to our Source, whatever it may be. It is a set of rules and regulations, often adding the fear of punishment when those man-made rules are broken. But yet modern religion cares little about the fact that we have decimated the planet through irresponsibility and ignorance, slaughtered innocent lives—people, animals, and plants. We seem to believe if we go to church and drop money in the basket on Sunday, we're good to do whatever we please on the other six days. I know people who are the most wicked creatures in the world, who go around bragging that they have been "saved," so they have nothing else to worry about.

But there is an even more important reason why Christian rites are linked to Jesus. Perhaps Jesus himself and Mary Magdalene were Pagan. The Templar Revelation, (linked above) provides compelling evidence that this is so, from their own research and numerous other sources. They have also surmised that he came from Egypt, the center of the powerful Isis cult. We know for an historical fact that the story of him being born in a lowly stable in Bethlehem is pure fabrication. But what about the Magi? We know them as "Wise Men" but in fact they were Persian sorcerers, MAGI, as in MAGIcians. In The Templar Revelation, it is suggested that Jesus was crucified because he was a sorcerer.

Unfortunately, (and purposely), the words Pagan, Occult and Sorcerer have evil connotations with much of the population. They associate these terms with Satan worship, which is an atrocious misunderstanding! I am a Pagan and a sorcerer, and I am certainly not evil! I have relinquished attachment to the material world and have spent my life in search and practice of the highest possible moral, ethical, and spiritual priciples. NIRVANA is my goal, not HELL!! My goodness gracious, what a terribly misconstrued society we are. And it is not by accident—it was a direct game plan by the Reptilian Race that has controlled the planet for eons, and most definitely Rome. And, by the way, the word Occult simply means secret or hidden, not devil worship! I also think it is extremely interesting that the "terrorist" group American's are taught to fear is known as ISIS!!

Christianity is one the the most "un-natural" religions on the face of the Earth. Pagan religions hold as sacred that which comes from Nature. their beliefs and rites are Nature-based. They had gods, and goddesses for the sun, moon, harvest and fertility, rain, the earth—everything that life on earth really needs to survive. Furthermore, not only were females important, but in many, or perhaps most ancient Pagan religions, it was the goddess who was held in highest esteem. Isis, of Egypt, was one of the most powerful. When the MEN of Rome, an extremely patriarchical society, wanted to create a new religion, they made sure that it was one that kept women in a place of subservience. JESUS did NOT found Christianity. Rome, and the seriously misogynous disciples made sure that women were kept out of a position of power. Jesus had a huge following of women, and it was a WOMAN whom he chose to spread his message. It was the disciples who misreprepresented him.

Now, let's see why women were banned and also cover the issue of sorcery. According to The Templar Revelation, it was the woman, the goddess who carried the divine spark, and it was she who passed it to the man. And as for "sorcery," I have been saying for decades that mastery of the physical world is not magic, but a natural gift we, as original beings have always had. It was the Reptilian Invasion that changed everything, and it was the Pagans that have guarded it, through the ages—hidden to all but the intitiates. If you have not explored the works of Hermes Trismegistus, you need to do so. Start with The Kybalion. That is required reading for anyone on the path to awakening!

It is my suspicion that the Reptilians attempted to wipe out any memories of human abilities to master the world of creation, but it was always our given right, because we were, and still are gods and goddesses. Christianity fell into their laps as a final solution. Soon missionaries spread the "good news" of the (phony) gospels all over the planet, effectively wiping out all memories of our former powers and threatening Indigenous peoples unless they adopted this "superior" religion. Unfortunately this was not only NOT good news, it was and IS a downright LIE.

It was and is the Indigenous peoples who knew the truth, but the missionaries, with an arrogant sense of self-righeousness for their "superior" beliefs in the "One True God" sought to destroy the truth and those who held it in trust. Fortunately, there is now an upsurge of Paganism, seeking to recover our lost roots, knowledge, and power, and a return to the "natural" world. Everything we see now promoted by those who (think they) are in power, goes against nature, and the bulk of the public still buys into it. Otherwise, our own government and military would not be able to spray us day in and day out with toxic chemicals that have destroyed the natural processes on the entire planet, with the majority of the population NOT EVEN NOTICING. But the majority is waning. Just you watch! 2017 is the year of disclosure, not just on government lies and crimes, but on religious ones, too.

The thought continues to occur to me that, even at the time, it took some effort to master the physical world, and even then, it was still not perfected. We were in a state of evolution, and the higher we rose, the greater our powers increased, until we became who we really are: gods and goddesses. Can you imagine where we would be now if our evolution had not been effectively squelched? WOW! I can hardly fathom it. The Kybalion speaks of our continual raising of our vibrational frequencies until we are nearly at the level of THE ALL, which is their word for the Supreme, though it is not a being, but a MIND. They claim that that is unchangeable, but what if that isn't true either? What if is it is a huge scale, when the top end continues to move higher, as the bottom end moves up? In that case, the lower vibrational end would at some point move out of the levels of what we perceive as evil. AH! that may be the crux of the matter!. If raising our vibrations can totally wipe out the lower "evil" vibrations, then races like the Reptilians would be permanently abolished. Do you understand the implications here? Is THAT the "Awakening" that is imminent? That would certainly be a reason why the evil ones are desperately striving to keep us in the dark and a low vibrational frequency.

Christianity was one of the worst errors to ever happen on this planet. That is not to say I think Christians are bad, although many really are horrid. People who try to live a life of high morals and ethics, love and compassion, and truth are always good, but you don't have to be Christian to follow that path. It is the whole sense of immersion in a belief of sin and powerlessness, and certainly a belief of the superiority of men, not to mention the sense of fear the majorty of Christians have in seeking the truth, even if it proves their beliefs are a downright lie. That has done the most damage on this planet, people's fear of questioning what they are told. It has kept us in a static, stagnant vibrational level for over 2,000 years. But now, the time has passed, and we HAVE entered a new era. 2017 is the year we have awaited. Just you watch and see!

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