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There are those who think the Bible belongs to a particular religion, or that their particular religion owns the right to interpret it. Not so! At least in my opinion. The Bible is a book of wisdom with a great deal of interpretational possibilities. I don't think we have even begun to tap into the wisdom the Bible presents, mostly because the historical powers at the foundation of established religions have kept hidden its secrets, and believe me, it has nothing to do with "God," Jesus, or the "salvation" of the world's people. It has more to do with the truth about who we really are and the means for us to escape this prison.

I once read an article that said the Bible has three levels of interpretation: (1) Literal or "Fundamentalist" interpretation whose supporters claim that every word comes from God and is to be taken literally; (2) Symbolic interpretation, in which deeper meanings are woven into the scriptures that can be discovered through study and prayer; (3) But it is the third level that I will focus on, which is that occult (meaning "hidden") secrets, like codes, ciphers, or encryptions are embedded in the Bible. The article I mentioned stated that these messages were for a future generation (meaning us, now), and had to be well disguised or the powers-that-be would have long destroyed these scriptures. I read this article quite a few years ago, and it struck a nerve of truth which has been rumbling within me ever since. It is here that I will begin to present my ideas, because the time has come, and we need to find a way out of the mess we're in. NOW.

I want to warn you, if you are one who strongly believes in the "traditional interpretations" of the scriptures, this material will no doubt annoy you. Sorry. Christians do not own the Bible. It is for everyone . Desperate times call for desperate measures (and could yield us treasures!). At this point I JUST WANT TO GET OUT OF HERE, and I am willing to explore whatever I need to in order to meet my goal. If you are of an open mind, please do read what I have written. May it provide much food for thought.

And incidentally, while I really do not associate with any "religion" now, I suppose I consider myself "Pagan" in that I ahere to earth-based spirituality. However, until I was in my thirties, I was Christian, a pretty strong one, too, being organist, cantor and choral conductor for the Catholic Church which was a ministerial position, and required attendance to worship committee meetings and workshops. So my knowledge of scripture is far from amateur. In addition, the studies I did in early music for my Master's Degree were also studies in early church. Music notation, at least in the Western world, was invented by monks in order to help them remember the ever-growing body of Gregorian chant used in the liturgy. The earliest examples of "written" music are from about the 8th century. I own a beautiful copy of the Liber Usualis, the entire body of chant written in original neumatic notation, published by the Benedictine monks in Solesmes, France.The Benedictine Abbey is pictured below. Notice all the chemtrails in the background. They're even reflected in the water . . . .

By the way, I have had numerous "Christians" argue with me over the years that the Catholic Church is not a Christian Church. I am no fan of Christianity and certainly of the Catholic Church, but I can tell you for certain that that is baloney! Until the Protestant Reformation, primarily begun in 1517 by Martin Luther, (although there were earlier attempts), EVERY Christian answered to Rome. Period. No arguments accepted on that one.

In any case, my Bible "messages" will probably be even more strange than my regular articles, often to the point of being abstract and experimental. They will certainly be short and sweet to the max, mostly focusing mostly on a single theme. My goal is to present new ideas that will hopefully trigger even more open-mindedness in others, so we can access the wisdom that has been denied us for eons. I'm not opening a door here, but presenting some keys that might possibly unlock it. The lies in which humanity has been enslaved since the Reptilian Invasion (or whateverthehell happened on this planet ages ago) are beginning to crumble at an amazingly rapid speed. Now, more than ever, do we have the opportunity to discover the truth.

This section will also contain other materials related to the Bible, including novels set in biblical times, coloring books, and "traditional" stuff. I hope everyone can find something on these pages that will help them learn and grow.

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