As I was doing my research to find lost books of the Bible, I came across a wonderful site called Here you may download for free thousands of holy books from all recognized world religions, and some odd ones, too. There are also philosophical books here—a real treasure trove for anyone interested in studying world religions and philosophy.

One thing I want to point out is that they will arrive in PDF format. I wasn't sure if I could use this on my tablet, so I loaded it into Nook. When I tried to access it first on my file manager, it automatically opened in Kindle. Although it did not use the Kindle features, it was completely readable. The first page opens with miniature pages on the bottom, but by tapping the middle of my tablet, they went away. The print is very tiny, and did not take up the entire width of my tablet, so I spead it a little and it was fine, which I had to do as I turned each page. In order to bookmark, I simply tapped the middle of the tablet again, and the little pages reappeared at the bottom, telling me what page I was on. When I wanted to return to my reading, all I had to do was swipe the bottom pages until I came to the one I wanted, then tapped and the full page appeared. As I was searching for materials from the notes I had taken, finding the page I wanted was so simple by using the mini pages at the bottom.

Index for Non-Traditional Books of the Bible

The Da Vinci Code and the Gnostic Gospels
The Book of Enoch
The Gospel of Thomas (F. F. Bruce)

Dead Sea Scroll

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