WOW! YES! FINALLY!! Serious Signs of Disclosure

October 16, 2022

This article was in the planning since Dane's September 24 GAN. He began by reading the abstract of a peer-reviewed study, published in Advances in Social Sciences Research Journal entitled "Collapse of Earth’s Biosphere: A Case of Planetary Treason." The abstract clearly states what Dane has been saying for over two decades. I listen to his podcasts live online on KQMS Redding, which is at 9 a.m. here in Ohio every Saturday morning. I was thrilled! But when I listened to his edited version on his site later that night, he had cut that section, which is at the very beginning of the podcast. He has been doing that lately and I have no idea why.

I dunno. Dane is certainly one of the strongest, most courageous, most incredible people I have ever known, and what he is doing is finally being heard all over the world. I am not criticizing him because everyone operates according to the way their inner operating system perceives reality. He focuses on the extreme negative, perhaps because he believes if he allows people to think anything is going right, they will return to their business as usual, and that is probably true. It is by pounding the dire news into the airwaves each week that I am certain has scared the shit out of enough people to get them off their lazy asses and self-absorbed lives to step up to the plate and take responsibility.

But there are many of us that function on a different operating system, and I am one of them, as are a great many of Dane's community members, who are perceiving this catastrophe called Planet Earth from an energetic viewpoint. Once you begin to operate solely from that standpoint, focusing on the negative is disastrous, because you will create what you focus your thoughts and energy upon. I am not being a Pollyanna. We MUST know and face the truth, but keep our emotions and thoughts detached. We must focus those on the desired outcome, because we are rapidly ending the Old Paradigm, and the New Paradigm will be created with our minds. You can pooh-pooh that all you want, but I guarantee it is correct. No matter where you look, it is obvious that NOTHING can be fixed through anything purely physical. Dane says over and over that technology will not save us. What I am saying is merely an expansion of that statement. In fact, operating in the physical world is becoming a downright burden for many of us.

Here is a beautiful example, written to encourage our wonderful Penny Waters, from Essex, England, after a post expressing her feelings of futility and hopelessness. This was from the Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, October 1, 2022

Paul Davis says:
October 6, 2022 at 7:15 am

Penny—yes things can get very discouraging . . . However, you can help to change the future to a different way . . . No doubt we are going through some great difficulties . . . Once one accepts that reality and that one can make a great difference to the survivors of the future, one can get to work . . . You are aware of what is happening, so you can prepare, you can get ready for what is coming . . . No easy way around this . . . this is a time of purification . . . the Earth will purify away things that are causing problems . . . things not in balance or things not able to survive will not survive . . . so one must prepare for hard times unfolding . . . that's the reality . . . so work hard to bring forward things that must survive . . . It is up to you! You have been sent to this world to be in it for these times . . . Mission . . . Calling.

And this!
Organize Your Community in Response to the Global Assault. Partial Shutdown of the Economy, On the Edge of Nuclear War
What a superb article, filled with positive determination (NOT Pollyanna wishfulness). Pastreich makes numerous statements that Dane and I have been making for years. He lays out a plan that is well thought-out and quite possible to carry out and succeed. But people first must wake up and realize we CANNOT continue life on this planet as we have lived it for centuries. It does not work. This is a great step for a transition period, and when we completely gain our freedom, then we will be able to create something even better. Here is a quote from the article: EXACTLY as Dane has been saying!
"Whatever performance the globalists and nationalists may put on to frighten us, the corporations and militaries around the world are playing footsie with each other: enemies at one level, silent partners at another." Here's another quote:

At the beginning, we cannot shoot down the planes engaged in geoengineering; we cannot stop low-orbit military satellites.
Yet, do not despair!
If we build up our network from the bottom up, one based on mutual support and mutual respect, eventually we will be able to reach to the heavens.
We must take down all the 5G towers that are used to assault our bodies, and our minds, using electromagnetic radiation. As those 5G networks are supposedly private property owned by Verizon, ATT, or others, this operation requires preparation. We need to explain to citizens, and to anyone who asks, or who challenges us, why the money used to build those towers was fake and why the organizations running 5G networks are criminal syndicates working to destroy us.

Dane mentioned in this week's Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, October 15, 2022, that he purposely makes himself watch shows with polar bears, skin and bones, dying of starvation. Apparently that keeps him forced to continue his battle. OK, so I can't and WON'T do that. From what Dane has shared in his podcasts about his earlier life, it seems that it was quite privileged, and he was able to experience many wonderful adventures. He is certainly anything but comfortable now, however. But my life has been one of pretty much 66 years of discomfort, and the deplorable conditions in which I am living now are more than enough to keep me from EVER giving up, plus the fact that I have had a vision for over forty years of who and what I want to be, and the desperation to reach that goal of complete freedom to create the life I envision is like needing air to breathe. I suspect that each of us who are keeping on the right path have different circumstances that prohibit them from giving up, and in the end it won't matter, as long as we get there.

So, I have been noticing and collecting articles that point to an explosion of awakening and disclosure, and they are appearing now at blinding speed. Now, if you also take into consideration that the people who are writing these articles are also focusing their energy on truth, the build-up of positive energy and a raising of planetary vibrations is inevitable. And it will be THAT, that creates the shift and renders the evil forces on this planet impotent. Energy is everything, and when the energy no longer supports an activity or mind-set, it will collapse. We see that happening now. The WEF has NOT succeeded as they thought they would, and, as Dane and others point out, they are becoming more dangerous. It is now a battle of energies and certainly a battle of good and evil. Now, more than ever, we must shift our thought-energy to project a positive outcome, or the end will be disastrous.

Having said that, I was delighted to find that our Ohio Capital of Columbus carries Dane's podcasts, the original versions. So you can listen to the same version I heard on September 24 here:
98.9 The Answer
Just click September 24, and it is less than two minutes into the podcast. Or, you can read it, because being able to re-listen, I found the article online. Here it is:
Collapse of Earth’s Biosphere: A Case of Planetary Treason
And that is indeed good news to have an article such as this in a peer-reviewed publication.

I am also very pleased that Global Research is now publishing more and more articles concerning climate engineering and weather warfare, mostly Peter Koenig and Professor Michel Chossudovsky, and was even more pleased that Peter Koenig recently gave Dane some good exposure, including his recent video on the manipulation of Hurricane Ian, and also Dane's groundbreaking documentary, The Dimming. Here is Koenig's article:
Weather Warfare

I will repeat what I said in my latest Farm Article from October 10, Shifting Realities: Cosmic Dream Farm 2022 concerning my last regular article. I will re-post the comment and my request.

In any case, I also wrote that last article because I have new readers, so I wanted to present some basics. PLUS, I wrote to Prof. Michel Chossudovsky, the editor (and founder) of Global Research and Peter Koenig thanking them for their recent coverage of Dane and their growing frequency of covering weather warfare and climate engineering. I also sent them a copy of my article, but so far have heard nothing, but my email half the time does not work, and I think that is true for many people. I was also very glad that Dane spoke quite a bit on engineered winter in this weeks Global Alert News, October 8, saying much the same as I did in my article from the day before.

I would greatly appreciate it if my readers would also send these links to Prof. Chossudovsky requesting them to be published on the Global Research website. Here is his email:
And here are the links:
Would You Willingly Consent to Theft?
Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, October 8, 2022
Please circulate these two far and wide. People need to know these winters are all now just a SHAM and it seems now will be used to freeze people to death. And that would include me, as I have so little protection from the weather at this point.

Here is another one, an interview with Chossudovsky. I don't agree with everything he says concerning HAARP, and certainly there ARE other ionosphere heaters around the globe. Some of them existed before HAARP was built. Dane talks about this in the interview below. By the way, I downloaded a PDF of the ENMOD document, and will read and report on at a later date.
“Manipulating the Weather is Part of the Military Arsenal, It should be Part of the Climate Discussion”: Prof. Michel Chossudovsky
This one contains the CBS video I had included in a couple of the HAARP articles, and if you still have not watched it, please do. And here is an example of extreme chemical ice nucleation and engineered winter weather.
Hailstones Blanket Fort Smith, Arkansas
And another from Global Research, this one by Peter Koenig. GASP! There it is, IN PRINT, what Dane has been saying for a decade. Yep, I agree. And there's LOTS of weather EVERYWHERE now that's never before been experienced in history. At least in our recorded human history.
Pakistan Floods—A Warning or Pre-Emptive Geoengineering?
Here is a new interview with Dane. I WISH he would post his interviews on his site. The only way I ever hear about them is if one of his community members post a comment. I'm sure he's done others that I missed, and if anyone knows of one, please inform me. I always report on his interviews. There is supposed to be a Part Two of this interview, but I have not found it. If anyone has, again, please let me know.
Proof Hurricane IAN Geo-Engineered! Dane Wigington Exclusive Interview on Weather Warfare

Here are more articles that point to mass awakening, and though they don't always sound positive, the point is, they are the truth and the truth will set us free. Once the truth is out in plain view for all to see, the evil deeds of those who think they are in control will stop. As Catherine Austin Fitts once said, "You can control the population convertly, but not overtly." And as former CIA Director William Casey said, "We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false." I think about that every day, which allows me to only half-believe what seems to be reality. The less we tap into the physical world, the more we distance ourselves from it, and that empowers us to make changes at the energetic level.

Here's some concerning the Europe.
And my question is, when will the monarchy dissolve?
Is It Time to Dissolve the British Commonwealth?
It's about time . . . . I honestly don't know why all these countries put up with us.
Will Europe Break with the United States?
But it's all collapsing, isn't it, and that is a good thing because we cannot function the way things are.
High Energy Costs Wreak Havoc on British Economy as Companies Close at Rapid Rate
Best thing that could happen—should happen everywhere . . . .
“Gone in 30 Minutes”—Next on Europe’s Doomsday List: Collapse of Cell Phone Networks

And now for our own dirty laundry.
John Whitehead—Good overview of American Constitution. He is one of the great truth-speakers.
Overthrow the Government: All the Ways in Which Our Rights Have Been Usurped
How about the "no-party system," and let's just vote for anarchy.
Polling: Americans Give No-Confidence Vote to Rigged Two-Party System
This is another good one.
The Right to be Left Alone. America’s Domestic Spy Apparatus
We NEED to know our rights and demand them. When that happens, this insane tyranny will end. It is what Anna de Bouisseret started in the UK at the end of 2021, concerning the toxic jabs and the rights of people, in which she stressed that people did not even know their rights. That is certainly true here in the US also. My article that included this information, for those of you who are new readers, was Please Circulate Far and Wide.
And here is a video to the song quoted. Yes, it is a creepy song. It is about stalking.
The Police—Every Breath You Take (Official Video)

And here is something I find long past due. I could not care less what religion people adhere to, but when it is used as an excuse to be irresponsible, to justify violence and closed-mindedness and extremism, it no longer functions as a spiritual institution that should be intent on peace and healing. That IS what Jesus taught, you know.
These 2 charts show America's Christian majority is on track to end
And this is just sheer nonsense, which borders on cult mentality. It is CERTAINLY a good thing that these people are waking up.
For some Christians, ‘rapture anxiety’ can take a lifetime to heal
But this only applies to SOME CHRISTIANS that are behaving badly. I mentioned before and will mention again that not all evangelicals are alike. When Dane did an interview several years ago with TruNews, I wrote a few paragraphs about it, included the link, and posted it as an article, which now is beginning to rival Bringers of the Dawn as my most frequently viewed article! These Christians did NOT support people sitting around waiting for "god" to take care of things, but that it is the responsibility of people to stand up for what is right and speak out when things are wrong! It also included a story about the The Milgram Experiment(s), in which the majority of participants indicated they would do whatever they were told, even if it meant killing someone.
In any case, I long for the day when all religion is gone, and people concentrate on their own spiritual consciousness, soul connection, and raising their vibrations on the path toward their own divinity. THAT has nothing to do with dogma, and religious extremism, arrogance, and self-righteousness, in the belief that their religion is right and everyone else is wrong. I HATE it when people learn that my beliefs are different than theirs, and give me that look of pity, telling me they will pray for me. I DON'T NEED YOUR FUCKING PRAYERS. Who the HELL do these people think they are? People that are stuck in their own belief system, mostly because that's what they were taught, and they never bothered to question it are just plain offensive. And NOT just Christians.

Other than the exposure Dane is getting, the next best thing is that even the mainstream media is being forced to admit that the mRNA vaccines are killing people. Dane spent quite a bit of time on that in his Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, October 15, 2022
Here are some articles I've collected, but SO MANY are coming out from all over the place now. This is another blow to the WEF, and Bill Gates, who will hopefully be arrested ASAP!
OMG!! Watch the video!!!!
“Global Covid Response”: Health Officials Admit Bill Gates “Runs the World”
Revealing Covid Vaxx Lies: US Federal Court Orders CDC to Release 137 Million Entries of COVID Vaccine Adverse Events Collected Via V-safe App
Here is an excellent interview with Greg Hunter and Dr. Pierre Kory. I found him to be a very warm and delightful person, dedicated to healing and speaking the truth. Please listen!!
Global CV19 Vax Propaganda Means Mass Casualties—Dr. Pierre Kory
A while back I had mentioned that Dane played a recording of Dr. Peter McCullough, another determined truth-speaker. It was apparently testimony in Washington, but Dane gave no other details, then cut it on his website version. I was unable to find it online. Again, you can hear it on the radio station in Columbus, Ohio, linked above. It is the August 13, 2022 podcast, beginning at 14 minutes. PLEASE listen to this. It is only four minutes, plus Dane makes some comments. Dr. McCullough says that people are behaving like they are in a zombie state, and indeed they are. It is GOOD this is being STATED POINT BLANK by doctors that are determined to speak the truth.
Here is another article that clearly indicates people are waking up, taking control of their lives, willing to change and abolish what is causing all these disasters!
Criticism of the Pharma Cartel and Its ‘Business with Disease’ Is Becoming Mainstream

And here is one last one for this article, at least, that must be watched, but with a warning. It is extremely painful and disturbing. As Dr. McCullough said, "Where's the outrage?" Anyone who is not outraged has clearly lost their soul, and those who STILL are not speaking out about ALL these atrocities and doing their best to STOP this evil and bring about full and just punishment for those who have perpetrated these criminal agendas, do NOT deserve a place on this planet. Complacency is complicity.
UK Documentary Exposes Lies Behind ‘Safe and Effective’ COVID Vaccine Narrative

Here are a few other red flags—horrors that can no longer be hidden and WILL find their way to the public through MSM because it will all become so bad and so widespread that there will be no options but to admit it. As I said above, it is already happening. It is only a matter of time before the dominoes begin to fall, and weather warfare, really the much, much bigger issue, will follow, again, because it cannot be kept hidden any longer. We are reaching that point very quickly now.
OK, so this next one is sickening, and keep in mind that graphene oxide is also being sprayed on us.
‘Metal-Like Objects’ Found in 94 Percent of Group Who Had Symptoms After Taking mRNA Vaccines: Italian Study
Polio has reemerged in the US. Who should get a polio vaccine now?
There's a spike in children dropping dead, too.
There's a spike in respiratory illness among children—and it's not just COVID
Dumb and dumber. How 'bout all those cell phones and aluminum being sprayed on us? Think that could be part of the problem??
ACT test scores drop to their lowest in 30 years in a pandemic slide

I will end this article with an interesting comment on Dane's site by Lance, who supplies us with detailed weather data from different areas on the west coast, as he has an RV and travels the area. It is from Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, October 8, 2022

Lance says:
October 9, 2022 at 10:10 am

Have been searching for info on the situation in Ukraine on Twitter. Most of the posts are fomenting the warfighting (conflict as they term it) going on there. A few are claiming that the Ukrainian Army was basically destroyed during the summer by the Russian forces, so now there are Western (NATO) forces directly involved in fighting against Russian forces. They are also claiming that because of this a "Pandora's Box" of destroying key infrastructures has been opened. They claim this will increase "security threats" that the whole world will now face. On that note, a major German rail service was shutdown due to cables being cut today! Its claimed by German authorities this was sabotage! On another note, infrastructure security has been ramped up according to recent reports in all the nations involved, especially around major military facilities. This brings to mind an event that occurred when we were staying at an RV campground near Rio Linda on the Sacramento River some weeks back. We went into Elk Grove to meet some friends for dinner. We left their house at around 7AM. We drove on a road leading to a bridge that goes over the river that goes into Rio Linda from the east. Traffic was stopped for about 3 miles on the road leading to the bridge. We sat there for 1 1/2 hours until it was announced on a local radio station that the center span of the bridge was stuck in the up position! There were hundreds of semi-trucks unable to move on that road! It was then that I decided to take an alternate route which went around the SF Bay area north of SF. We drove for over an hour and finally got on the same road heading east leading into Rio Linda that intersects with the same bridge stuck in the up position. This road goes right by the military airbase near Fairfield! There were numerous military aircraft taking off and landing for some reason. Arrived back at the RV site at about 10:45pm. The "problem" with the bridge was resolved at around 12:30 am. Unknown if the "problem" with the center span of the bridge being stuck in the up position was part of an exercise, or the electrical system that controls the bridge had a "problem". We'll likely never know, but I do know that based on what info is being presented there are going to be more of these types of events involving infrastructure everywhere. Couple this with everything else going on and its all bad.

Well, on Monday I had an interesting experience that made me think of this post and go "hmmm." I took my usual route to Alliance which gets me there in about 10-12 minutes. If I do not take the bypass, which is a shortcut to the State Street "strip" where all the stores—Walmart, ALDI, Marc's, etc. are located close together, then I go straight through town, and today I was going to Sheetz to get kerosene, and they are located at the other end of State where it intersects with Union, the main drag through the center of town. There are lots of railroad tracks in my area, and a very busy one is necessary to cross when I take the route through town. I have many times sat there and cussed because its traffic usually consists of very looooooooong trains. This one, however, was just sitting there. After a while people began to realize this was not a minor issue. I turned around and went back to pick up the bypass, and reversed the planned order of things, beginning rather than ending with Walmart. On the way home, ending at Sheetz, I went through town and the train was STILL there and this was several hours later. Fortunately, there is a side-street, which takes me back home from a different direction. The tracks run along this road, and eventually I have to cross them again. I began to worry a bit, because, as I drove along, there seemed to be no end to this train. But it finally did, and I was able to cross over and return home without delay. In all these years of crossing tracks, I can NEVER remember a stalled train.

The day went downhill from there. I had carefully checked the Walmart website to ascertain whether certain items I needed were in stock. I foolishly assumed that those that were designated could be picked up today were in stock, but you know what they say about people who assume . . . . And the shelves were mighty bare. Except for the miles of "Clearance" racks of clothing that seem to grow and expand each week. Apparently Walmart did not exceed their expectations in clothing sales this year. Dead people don't need clothes. However, one of the items I had on my list was warm cozy sleep-pants to wear with sweatshirts on cold nights, and I actually found some x-smalls at a good price that fit me well.

The day got worse when I went to Marc's. The one item on my list from the sales ad was milk, but it was mis-priced, so I had to go to customer service to find out if the Stark County stores carry the same ads as Portage. They do, and the milk was on sale. (Giant Eagle stores have different ads but if I bring my Portage County sales flier in, they honor it.) Then, the digital coupons I had "clicked" that morning on my computer did not show up, nor did my account. OK. So they got a new computer sytem and I had to re-apply. But the cashier typed in my phone number wrong and said it still didn't work, so we had to get a manager who found the error. Meanwhile, something in the store was giving me an allergic reaction. I couldn't stop sneezing and my face turned bright red. The manager cheerfully told me they had waxed the floors that morning. Well, they needed it, but it was a nasty wax. I finished off a box of tissue sneezing all the way to Sheetz. And that's why my planned quick shopping trips end up taking hours. And then I had to come home to deal with the weather, which they are having difficulty getting to cool down. The Freeze Watch was lifted here, and for most of Ohio, but they upped the wind gusts. I am SO SICK OF THIS SHIT. And speaking of the weather, compare this map to the one I posted recently in my last article. A complete flip-flop. And The Weather Channel referred to it as "weather whiplash." Hmm. Now, where have we heard that term?

6-10 Day Temperature Outlook

Well, here is it Thursday night and I have been trying to get this article out, which was almost complete, since Monday. We had three days of miserable cold gusty winds and all day yesterday, plus the previous night, of cold, miserable drizzle, setting us up for . . . .yep, if you guessed a "Freeze Warning," you would be correct. A pretty good chunk of the National Map, from Ohio south and east was that dreaded dark blue. I said my mantras, covered my hundreds of tomatoes and my remaining squash and my yellow beans and that was all I could do. The low went down to 31.8 degrees, and even though I was part of the freeze warning, my specific forecast only was "patchy frost," which was indeed what I got. I uncovered a few areas, but will not pull back my massive tarp until these lows in the 30s are gone, which will begin tomorrow. From what I could see, I suffered very little loss. Even my beans appear fine so far. This was so obviously engineered, you'd have to be pretty dumb to not realize it. The skies had been thick clouds for those three days, BUT cleared over night JUST enough to drop the temps into the low 30s, THEN clouded up again, and we had another cold and windy day. Since it had drizzled all day, the places where I used blankets and other cloth spreads to cover were frozen in the morning, but the plants seemed fine. Tomatoes can withstand pretty cold temps. Tonight . . . now, listen to this one. It is supposed to clear over night, and when they keep the cloud cover through the day, which keeps it cold, then clear it over night, which plummets the temps . . . .THAT is when we get those REALLY damaging freezes, so I am a little wary about what will happen, even though the scheduled low is 35 degrees (NWS) and 37 degrees (The Weather Channel), which is a bit less inaccurate than NWS, but I don't trust any of these incompetent liars. However, the winds are shifting from the south, as we have the above designated "warm-up" arriving, so if I can get through one more night, I should be able to uncover my tomatoes so they can resume ripening, although the ARE doing that under the tarp. I picked an enormous Big Rainbow which I made into a tomato sandwich and a tomato-egg sandwich for dinner. But here is what made me livid. When I checked the "Forecast Discussion," as I always do, this is what I found:

Area Forecast Discussion
National Weather Service Cleveland OH
322 PM EDT Thu Oct 20 2022

It will be chilly once again tonight with temperatures falling
into the middle and upper 30s. As noted in a PNS issued earlier
today, we are done with the 2022 growing season and will no
longer issue headlines for frost/freeze conditions. High
pressure will build in from the Mid-Atlantic region Friday with
a return of sunshine and fair weather. Temperatures will also
return to near seasonable averages with highs in the lower to
middle 60s.

WTF?? Who the HELL do these people think they are DECIDING when the "growing season" is over? Yeah, well, not all of us. It is NOT OVER in OHIO yet. But of course. Their vast engineered freeze was MEANT to EFFECTIVELY END the growing season for much of the eastern third of the U.S.. The map below was from the 18th, so last night was just meant to finish it off. And this brings me to my closing commentary.

Freeze Warnings

I agree with Klaus Schwab that we need to be rid of the "useless eaters" on this planet, but my opinion of exactly who those "useless eaters" are differs greatly. Since we are talking about eating, lets start at the top of the food chain, which would be those people who have absolutely nothing better to do with their lives than to make other people miserable, for their own gain or just for the hell of it. That would put YOU, Herr Schwab, right at the top of the list along with your buddy Gates and your creepy little advisor, Yuval Noah Harari, with Anthony Fauci thrown in for fun. Some people think it is only one percent of the population doing the damage, but I vehemently disagree. When you factor in ALL those people in the media who LIED about the deadly dangers of the mRNA jab and the fact that weather warfare is heading us down the fast track to total anihilation, and ALL THOSE people who go along with the flow because it's easier that way, never mind that we have reached this edge of the abyss. Again, educate yourself on the Milgram Experiments, linked above. They are shocking. These are the people with absolutely no moral compass and total lack of ability for critical thinking.

The UK documentary linked above really jolted me and I KNOW about all this stuff, but no matter how much you think you know, it is always worse, concerning the atrocities being committed and ALL THOSE PEOPLE who are part of it. It is quite overwhelming. But the good thing is, I now think that seeing Bill Gates go to prison, or even being executed, along with all these other mass murderers, is not just a pipe dream. The truth about their sordid activities just cannot be kept hidden any longer. PLEASE take the articles I have provided, plus their videos, seriously. This is all a massive step forward.

I am going to repeat this link from above because it is so important. Here it is in its original form.
Organize Your Community in Response to the Global Assault. Partial Shutdown of the Economy, On the Edge of Nuclear War
Of course, it is all provided that there is no nuclear holocaust, and that SOME people survive biosphere collapse. He is speaking of creating a parallel society or reality, but in fact, I see it more as the new world we will build when the old is destroyed. But we must get through the destruction first, and that will determine who remains. I have read this a couple times and have it bookmarked so I can study it because it contains so many down-to-earth, common sense ideas that we can carry out, which all represent a much more simplistic lifestyle. So many people are so lost now. And why? Because they have no sense of purpose, no sense of self-identity and worth, and no understanding that we are ALL here to SERVE—each other and the entire planet along with all her life forms. Unless we return to this reverence and respect for all life, we do not stand a chance. This plan outlines a means for us to return to being normal human beings, as we were meant to be.

My next article will be Part 4 of the HAARP Series.

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