The Winds of Change Blow Stronger

May 9, 2023

Again, I will continue sharing with all my readers any ideas for all of us to shift out of the Matrix and begin a new path, from all perspectives—spiritual, psychological, mental and physical, so we cannot ignore what needs to be done at the bottom level, which includes activism and awakening others. But we can develop our spiritual tools to be more of a force against the physical obstacles we face, which ultimately have their origins, also, in the non-physical world. This article will include more ideas from Letter to Earth: Who We Are Becoming . . . What We Need to Know and The Wit and Wisdom of Gandhi. To give you a heads up for May, 2023, my projected articles include the one on UFOs, #7 in the HAARP Series and another Farm Article. As I have shitloads of current news items, therefore, the Farm Article will come next. It will also include some appropriate material from the two books just named.

I first will share some of the latest articles concerning Tucker Carlson and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.. Kennedy has been speaking out the truth about the Covid bioweapons masquerading as vaccines, and government, especially CIA, corruption, and specific people such as Anthony Fauci for a good long time. And as for Carlson, from what I've been reading, he knows a lot more than he was able to speak of at FOX, and it seems to me it would be an opportune moment to share what he knows. These two people alone can create a massive shift. Don't get me wrong—they did not cause the shift, they are a result of all the little people like you and me that have been speaking out. By sending out this energy of truth, it has become strong enough so that people in more visible positions now realize the truth is being supported, while the lies and corruption are losing a great deal of energetic support by the day, and I have articles that back this statement. Then we have Dane, who is in a class by himself, in many ways a little person like us, but through his immense efforts is rising to a place where he will soon become a household name, like Kennedy and Carlson. He and Kennedy have already worked together, now the next step would be to get Carlson interested in Dane's vast storehouse of credible data. If we all work, with our minds, to see these people and others in the public eye working together, then it will happen because the energy is ripe for a new direction. Here is his latest Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, May 6, 2023

That's why it's no important to focus on what we WANT not on what we don't want. As we continue to send our thought-energy out into the world, we will begin to see it having more and more of an effect on our physical reality, though some may view that as negative, because everything from the Old Paradigm that isn't based on supporting a Life Culture, rather than the Death Culture, willl fall away. And for most people that will be difficult, to say the least. But we cannot hang on to what doesn't support life, or it will end up killing the entire planet. Pay close attention to what is emerging to support life, which certainly includes disclosure about EVERYTHING that we've been lied to for all these years and even millions of years, including and especially Alien Interference. As we shift our perceptions to see the positive changes that are coming about, our energy will gradually focus on that, rather than all the horrors taking place. Those things need to be flushed to the surface for all to see. Exposure of the activities going on in the background will render them powerless. And every time the truth is brought to light, it becomes more radiant.

Now, let us begin with Tucker Carlson. As I said in my previous article, Becoming Something Other, I would bet that it won't take Carlson long to either become employed by an alternative news network that IS interested in the truth, or to form his own. Here are some Carlson articles.
Tucker Carlson: The most Popular News Anchor in American History
I'm not sure I agree with everything here, but there's still some information to ponder, as long as you do not get pulled into the attitude that the global elites are more powerful than they really are. Remember, mind-energy, thought-energy, has way more power than anything in the physical world. Why else would certain people be so determined to control our minds?
Was the Tucker “Take Down” a Deep-State Hit?
With this next one, my growing admiration for Carlson began to soar, and I had never even watched him before. It is obvious that he wants to tell the truth and will do what he needs to do to discover the truth amongst the lies. Now, if other key MSM people would also step up to the plate and join him, we would finally be on our way to breaking down the brick walls of corruption that have held us prisoner, mentally, psychologically, and spiritually for so long. Sadly, most of the population doesn't even realize we are imprisoned, but I suspect that events such as this will give others the courage to speak out. Just look how many doctors and health care workers there are now who are screaming the truth about the Covid bioweapons. This is how energy works, and the more support it receives, the more powerful it becomes. Just wait! Anyways, be sure to watch these videos, especially the Jimmy Dore one.
Was This What Got Tucker Carlson Fired?
What was stressed here is that Carlson asked questions that nobody else in the MSM would ask, and allowed his guests to say things they could not say anywhere else. For instance, Jimmy Dore commented that the world's terrorist is the U.S., AND China is NOT our enemy. HA! How many times have I made both of those comments. Anyways, why is it so unusual to ask questions? People in the media should ask questions to get to the truth. That's their job. But for too long, the media has been saying what it has been told or paid to say. Maybe people will begin to see just how vastly we have strayed from our Constitutional Right of Free Speech. In any case, Carlson is in a position now to do some damage. Let's hope he does.
Another thing at the bottom of this article was that the DNC has endorsed Biden and will not allow him to debate Kennedy. WHAT???? OMG, again—how far we have strayed. But wouldn't it be a hoot? We would have this extraordinarily intelligent, well-researched lawyer who has written numerous books, debating a person who can barely string together words to form a coherent sentence. . . .

Now, here's more on Kennedy, who is running for president. That doesn't matter. The likelihood that this country will still be a functioning society by the end of this year grows slimmer by the day. And add to that, Kennedy has lots of powerful enemies, like Anthony Fauci and the entire CIA. If he were to get elected, which is a big "IF" because there are no legitimate elections in the U.S.A. anymore, but IF he somehow DID manage to win he would share the same fate as his father and uncle. HOWEVER, as the energy continues to shift in the direction of truth, the truth-tellers will gain the support as the liars lose it. The more truth that exposes the lies, the more power it gains. That's why consciously working with energy is of the utmost importance at this juncture.
Here's an article that contains some information on Kennedy's plans, should he be elected, and that part is interesting. The opening paragraphs aren't that great, and this writer certainly isn't either. And also, please watch the short video. And have your barf bag handy.
I absolutely agree that we should not only close down overseas military bases, but cut the entire U.S. Military down to size, alloting to them a fraction of the budget they now receive. Of course, it goes without saying that all climate engineering/weather warfare activities must stop, military leadership should be replaced by those who take their job seriously as protectors of the American people when necessary, and otherwise promoting world peace. But as far as I'm concerned, I would prefer to see the end of ALL militaries worldwide. Other countries are now working toward world peace, so one way or another, the U.S. will lose its support if it continues as it is.
“US Foreign Policy Has Collapsed.” RFK Jr. Pledges to Close 800 US Bases and Bring American Troops Home
This article is MUCH, MUCH better! And yes, I DO agree with all of it.
Superlawyer Robert Barnes—The Real History of Robert Kennedy Jr.
And speaking of Kennedy, this just came out. The petition is on the second link. PLEASE SIGN!! I DID!!!
The Great FREESET Versus The Great Reset. URGENT Message from Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
Sign the Health Freedom Bill of Rights
Incidentally, most of my readers know this, but in case you don't, Bill Gates is the largest private donor to the WHO and has been for years. Gosh, think he might have some influence? So if this passes, basically Gates will have control of the health of the entire global population, which, no doubt, has been one of his wet dreams for a long time. I shudder at the thought.
Gates Foundation Donations to WHO Nearly Match Those From U.S. Government

Another truth that absolutely must and WILL be revealed is the criminal cover-up surrounding 9/11. Through the tireless work of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, anyone paying attention with an open mind can clearly see that the "official narrative" has nothing to do with what really happened on that fatal day. Here is a good article with a much to ponder.
Graeme MacQueen: The “Inside Job” Hypothesis of the 9/11 Attacks: JFK, Fidel Castro and the American Left
Here's more on 9/11—a lot to think about. It is hard to navigate, but you need to end up on the Twitter page, so I included that. You do not have to have a Twitter account to watch the videos, because I did and I recommend them.
Tucker ‘Dark’ Carlson Crosses the 9/11 Rubicon. “Getting too Close to the Truth”
And here's the Twitter page. Especially watch The Corbett Report. The one below that is of Tucker Carlson when he was at MSNBC. It also contains a clip from InfoWars.
Luke Rudkowski on Twitter
This hour-long audio broadcast from Global Research, hosted by Michael Welch, with muiltiple guests, all speaking on Graeme MacQueen, who just passed away from cancer. Again, here is more and more information coming out, plus a new organization forming, that the official narrative about 9/11 was not only false but planned, in order to convince the public that America was under the attack of terrorists, which we were not. But it created a public hatred toward Muslims and people of the Middle East, thus giving George W. Bush support for U.S. military presence in those countries, which had begun to wane. Again, this is one of the most heinous lies ever told by the U.S. Government, shamefully blaming innocent people for a crime against us that they did not commit. This video also has a spiritual aspect, as McQueen was a Buddhist committed to peace.
One of the things I had not heard before, is that people who were there at the scene reported hearing explosions before the planes hits the buildings, which I found interesting.
“A Guiding Light for 9/11 Truth.” A Tribute to Graeme MacQueen

And finally, more and more countries are deciding to Give Peace a Chance, with or without the U.S., and that is a sign of massive change coming. We must all join in putting out energy which supports Life to end this Death Culture here on Planet Earth. Again, if we do not bring about change, we, none of us have a chance to survive here, or to reach our spiritual goal of awakening in this lifetime. I surely DO NOT want to have to return and do it all over again for another lifetime. Here are some encouraging articles.
A Call for Peace, Reason, Equality and Development
Diplomacy for Peace, Dead in US, Blossoms Elsewhere
The shameful behavior of the U.S. . . . .
The Winds of Change are Blowing through Damascus
And here's one last article, then I will share some of Gandhi's quotes and some material from Letter to Earth. Both are linked at the top of this page.
We Citizens Should Endorse Humanism: People Are Social, Good and Capable of Living Together Without Weapons and Wars

One comment on the article above. As the "transhumanism" agenda continues, people are no longer "people" but part machine or robot. What do we do then? We must work from the spiritual and energetic aspect to help people remember their connection to their soul, no matter what spiritual philosophy they profess, or especially if they profess none. WE CANNOT CONTINUE ON THIS PATH. We must step off of it and become something other. In keeping with the theme of the last article above, here are some quotes from Gandhi concerning Satyagraha, or "Truth-force or soul-force; non-violent direct action or 'passive resistence.'" The first one is especially appropriate today.

"There is a law of nature that a thing can be retained by the same means by which it has been acquired. A thing acquired by violence can be retained by violence alone, while one acquired by truth can be retained only by truth."

I might add that the same goes for what we acquire through money, which can be lost through the loss of money, while what we create with energy and our mind is retained by those means.

"Fairest means cease to be fair when the end sought is unfair."

"I am an uncompromising opponent of violent methods even to serve the noblest of causes."

And here's one I have have been saying for years. Those who have sacrificed nothing to gain enlightenment and spiritual awakening, will find themselves, in the end, with nothing.

"The salvation of the people depends upon themselves, upon their capacity for suffering and sacrifice."

And this one is also what I have been saying for years. Refuse to cooperate. When enough do, those who are attempting to control us will be forced to give up. We can see this in the attempt of the controllers to force the entire global population to get the Covid bioweapon "vaccines." It just didn't happen.

"The idea underlying satyagraha is to convert the wrongdoer, to awaken the sense of justice in him, to show him also that without the cooperation direct or indirect of the wronged, the wrongdoer cannot do the wrong intended by him."

Here are some concerning Ethics and Service.

"In violence truth is the greatest sufferer; in non-violence, truth is ever triumphant."

"No tyrant has yet lived who has not paid for the suffering he has caused. No lover has ever given pain without being more pained."

"When it is relevant, truth has to be uttered, however unpleasant it may be."

Here's another I say all the time: that people in this country are still way too comfortable. When they become seriously uncomfortable, then they will begin to wake up.

"Discontent is a very useful thing. As long as a man is contented with his present lot, so long is it difficult to persuade him to come out of it. Therefore it is that every reform must be preceded by discontent."

And this one too!! Oh, my, yes. Very true!

"More is always expected from those who give much."

"A certain degree of physical harmony and comfort is necessary, but above that level, it becomes a hindrance instead of help. The ideal of creating an unlimited number of wants and satisfying them seems to be a delusion and a snare."

And last, I will share information from two chapters in the book, Letters to Earth, linked above. Both have to do with creating our own reality, which is the general theme throughout the entire book, but each chapter focuses on a different aspect. These are taken from the chapter entitled, "Is it possible for all of Humanity to share a common vision?" Since many of us are in the process of splitting off from the Matrix, as the Old Paradigm ends, we must learn all we can about creating the New Paradigm—what are our possibilities; what are our potential pitfalls; what must we do to prevent recreating the same problems we have now; and how do we go about it? Of course, these are all open-ended questions for which there is no definite answer, but the more we know about how energy works, and how to align with our Souls for guidance, the better chances we have to create a reality that opens us up to the vast Universe to which we have been closed off in so many ways. Wise offers us some basics on creating. She says:

It is more than theoretically possible for Humanity to share a common vision. You have already done it. Your planet Earth could not have come to be unless all those who formulated its reality shared a common vision at its point of conception.

The Pleiadians spoke of creator-beings in Bringers of the Dawn, and many of us here now know in our hearts that we were them. So now we have returned to end this disastrous experiment that was Planet Earth, and to create something new. Wise also says:

A reality system is born when a collective of Beings shares a conception of Universal values that has no existing environment for its realization.

She also says, "When there is no "place" to realize a collective vision, the collective and the vision can create a place." Here on this planet we are living within the confines of the Third Dimension, where most inhabitants are unable to grasp that we are multidimensional. We are living in a physical world that is made up of dense energy, rather than light and fluid energy that can easily be shaped and molded into what we wish to manifest. Add to that, we have been plagued by an invading Alien race since the beginning, who have stifled our creative abilities and kept us under the thumb of their control. And add to that the human species has not evolved into the advanced spiritual race that was intended by the original creators of the planet, who, in their ignorance, apathy and greed, have trashed the planet. These are my thoughts, by the way, but Wise does cover aspects of it in other chapters which I will share at some point, such as the fact that there may have to be a split, as the population moves in two different directions. This was true in 2000 when she wrote the book, but here in 2023, it is nearly inevitable. She also covers Earth Catastrophes in another chapter.

In this chapter, she gives suggestions of the coming together of Beings with a common vision, such as being able to consciously inhabit two bodies at once, which is not possible here. She speaks of the process that a group of Beings might use to plan the new habitation, which might be another planet, another dimension, or whatever is needed to provide the environment that will accomodate the new frequencies. She says, "The phenomenon of creating a context from a merge of collective resources is no different and no more or less divine than the phenomenon of creating a child from the merge of bodily resources." She also notes that the particular frequencies and values needed for the new creation will also create the environment—the "Mother Nature"—the plants and animals, minerals, bodies of water, etc.." She says, "You do not yet comprehend that you actually are the trees and the earth and the ocean and the carbon and the oxygen and the snails and the fish, which you refer to as your environment." And my opinion is that once you DO comprehend it, it is impossible to abuse and poison the planet and eat other living creatures. People who do not live in harmony with the Earth are also out of sync with themselves. I also want to point out that many of us are already deep into this process of creation, though we don't set a time and date to meet, we are meeting from all over the world and off-planet. I know that I certainly am, and have been aware of that for a good long time, and I'll bet many of my readers are, too, but perhaps not yet conscious of it yet.

Here's another quote from that chapter which I totally agree with. I have said, and so have many others who are on this path, including the Pleiadians in Bringers of the Dawn, that many Souls have returned to the planet for this great event of bringing an end to this disaster and creating the planet as it was originally to have been, had it not been invaded, and again, those are my thoughts. Wise made no mention of this book, by the way, which was written eight years prior to hers, so I have no idea where her thoughts are, concerning it. As for me, I have merged information from both to my original thoughts and theories. But anyway, yes, indeed, it HAS been an infinite responsibility to many of us, and you can recognize us by our persistence.

The frequencies and values embodied in those who birth an environment are needed to sustain the life of that environment. Each creator is a donor for the full life of the system. Their beingness will be called upon to support or realign the reality system, if support or realignment is needed. Creating a new context can involve infinite responsibility.

Well it certainly does need realignment and a new context, so if you, like myself, believe you have been back to this planet in endless reincarnations, that would explain why. She later speaks of what happens when the frequencies all come together and align, and this is what I've been saying concerning the rapidly shifting energies that will soon become an explosion, and that is a good and positive thing! Here's another quote:

When such a fundamental alignment and merging of frequencies occurs as a response to unified intent, it releases an enormous amount of energy in the form of a creative impulse, or stimulus. The collective stimulus that is launched from this state serves as the axial value to magnetize and organize the energy that will manifest the intended reality context.

The other chapter I will share is entitled "Is it possible to transcend subjectivity and see things as they really are? This chapter is more about healing ourselves, or recreating ourselves in order to recreate our environment. We must become what we wish to create. There can be no inconguity between ourselves and the reality in which we live.

Here, Wise is speaking of creating triggers that in turn will recreate something from the past that need to be brought to light, healed and released. She says:

When you recreate the variables of a past moment of experience your current subjectivity costumes them in such a way that the historic incident need not be apparent. The synthesis of frequencies from the historic moment realigns you with the energy of that moment, providing an opportunity for healing and regeneration of the values that were originally impacted.

I have often mentioned in these articles about the DNA clearing workshop I took in Cleveland nearly two decades ago. I do not believe I would still be alive today had I not taken the course, because I was so contaminated with karma, and not just my own. But that is how the process worked, and I am not even remotely the person I was before I took the workshop. And I have also frequently written that it is my belief that we are experiencing the events of the Reptilian Invasion, which took place millions of years ago. Again, anyone who has delved into that as I have, can see, plain as day, that what happened THEN is happening now—DNA altering, lockdowns, the attempt at complete control—. And while it is miserable, it is also a means for us to see what happened then because for some reason we allowed it, and to be determined to not allow it again. Though some may be aware of this, we now have millions of people who have no intentions of allowing the WEF and the likes of Bill Gates to succeed in their agenda. I think it is likely that those who are fighting so hard against the illegal and immoral tactics being used on the planet, like myself, were THERE for the original invasion and, conscious of it or not, have some sense of remembrance in the back of their mind. That's why there are such drastic differences in the way people perceive life on this planet now, and why, no matter what the evidence, there are those who, for instance, refuse to even allow the possibility in their minds that the U.S. Military is controlling the weather, when the truth of this is so blatantly documented.

And this also concerns subjectivity, which determines how we interpret what we experience. Wise says:

Only if you know your own mind is it possible to perceive the essential nature of what is before you. To the extent that you do not know the content and the impact of your own mind, there is room for projection and distortion.

And of course I've been saying that for years, particularly where the mind control programs are concerned. But the root cause is really unhealed karma which is embedded in our 10-strand DNA, that is, our etheric DNA, and that is mostly what we worked with in the workshop mentioned above. Wise points out that all values have a frequency that can be measured, so they are not subjective, but objective. Some examples would be courage, deceit, humor, conformity, and infinite others. It is only through our filters that people perceive them as subjective and attach an interpretation to them. The less they are in touch with their own mind, the more the interpretation is distorted. People who know their own minds also read frequencies easily and can tell when someone is lying or a phony. This is why some people jumped at the "opportunity" to get the Covid jab, while others never even considered it. I would guess there was a lot less vaccine "hesitancy" than we were led to believe, because those that had no intentions of getting it were not "hesitant" at all! Here is what Wise says about that.

Imagine how life would be if you could experience values empirically through the higher development of your senses and measure values physically. You would know the extent to which a person with whom you are interacting has developed their integrity, generosity, empathy, physical health or emotional stability. You would know if you were being appreciated, manipulated, ignored or understood. When a person's behavior does not match vibrational reality, you would have the perception to recognize the disparity, appreciate the intentions and identify the real conditions at play.

I also have to wonder if we are being inundated with all these toxic frequencies from the likes of HAARP and microwave towers for the purpose of keeping us from reading these frequencies.

Again, I hope everyone who is reading these pages, especially my long-time followers, will purchase this book, or at least borrow it from the library. Along with Bringers of the Dawn which is free through the link I provided, these two are essential handbooks to the New Paradigm. Please let me know if you have read it and share comments. Also, I would like to know if anyone has had success with their mantras, as I spoke of in my previous article, linked above. As mentioned, my next article will be a Farm Article, and will include material from this book and the Gandhi book.

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