We Have Met the Enemy and He Is Us, or, Betrayed by Our Own: HAARP Series #6

March 28, 2023

(Opening Note) First things first. I should have had this article out over a week ago, but it has been one interruption after another, ALL due to Weather Warfare. Flooding, flooding, flooding and mess after mess to clean up that I literally cannot keep up, let alone try to finish an article or ANYTHING. I had finally reached the point on Friday where all I needed to do was watch the featured documentary for this issue. So, in spite of the flooding, I opted to watch it Saturday morning. Well, it quit raining quite early and got very warm. But we were under a Slight Risk for severe storms and up to 53 mph wind gusts. The storms didn't come, but OMG, the wind. I had finished watching the documentary and was writing my commentary, when I realized we might be in trouble. I had come down the outside stairs of the basement to check something, when all of a sudden! I never felt anything like this, and Maggie came flying down the stairs in two leaps as I flew out, just in time to see the huge maple, which was dead, and is about three feet from my porch steps, falling towards me. It was bizarre and surreal, like everything was in slow motion, and I have experienced that before in potentially catastrophic situations. I ran, of course, but it broke up on its way down, and missed me and (just) missed my house, except for one large limb that got hung up on a gutter, and which I was able to pry loose. And I would be willing to bet this gust was more than 53 mph.

Well, it knocked out the power and turned my farm into a war zone. It's been a war zone for at least fifteen years, but this! OMG, this was SO BAD. And so, I still had tons of water to pump out of my basement, which sat there until 2:30 a.m. Tuesday (today). That was almost exactly 60 hours of outage. The damage was massive in NE Ohio, and my immediate area seemed to be hit particularly bad, but when I finally got back online, I saw that, since it wasn't a killer tornado that ripped through, other than local news sources, no mention was made in national news, and I had gone to the library to get online Monday morning. But the thing is, when I was growing up, there might have been one disastrous weather event per season, or less, but NOW it is EVERY DAY that somewhere in the U.S., people are getting killed through WEATHER WARFARE. California. The South, with these unfathomable tornadoes that stay on the ground for hours and hundreds of miles, plus the flooding and straightline winds that we should NEVER HAVE in inland states. And if you haven't been hit yet, you WILL be unless we ALL stand together to STOP this atrocity going on in the skies. Of all the treason and betrayal taking place in this country and around the world, WEATHER WARFARE is the WORST, because we have no options, nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. WHAT will it take to wake people up?

Plus, whatever foul concoction we were sprayed with to create this mess has been terribly toxic to me. I have not stopped sneezing and on Sunday, I felt like I was in a stupor. I had a headache, which is highly unusual for me, and every bone in my body ached.

I have so many photos and materials to share, I decided I need to begin my 2023 Farm Series, because I don't want to spend time in this article. I JUST WANT TO GET THE DAMN THING PUBLISHED. Here are a couple local articles on the damage, and a photo of the tree. It was a very big tree, and was one of my best friends since the day I was born. It was a sugar maple, and did not die a "natural" death. I mourn its loss.
Portage County power outages may continue into Wednesday
Locals still dealing with heavy storm damage

Fallen Maple

Next, one of my regular readers, and Dane's activists, has brought to our attention another excellent person to interview Dane, and requests that we contact him. He is Russell Brand, and here is the page of his site with the free-access interviews: Stay Free with Russell Brand. Here is a contact address: help@russellbrand.com
Please help us get Dane's message out to as many people as we can because we do not have much time left. In addition, I listened to Russell's interview with Jeremy Corbell concerning UFOs and those "balloons" that were shot down, plus evidence that we are being visited by extra-terrestrials to the point where it cannot be kept hidden much longer, and that is GOOD. The only disclosure that is more important than climate engineering is Alien Interference, because then climate engineering will be obvious and all the evil taking place now will make sense. People will be FORCED to open their eyes! I have an upcoming article in the works on this subject. And now on to the 6th issue of the HAARP Series, which I have had in the making for the past year, so the saved articles span that time period. As usual, the HAARP material will be in the bottom third of the page.

Here are a couple more "pre-article" comments. I have spoken a great deal over the decades about how thoughts are energy and they travel throughout the world, as in the Hundreth-Monkey story, where, one monkey on a Japanese Island mostly uninhabited by humans discovered it could wash a sweet potato in the ocean. Soon, not only did the other monkeys on the island begin to follow that example, but monkeys on other islands in the area, cut off from the first, also followed suit. For those of us on the metaphysical path, this has become the physical proof for us to share with others that indeed, thoughts are energy which is dispersed.

When I wrote my last article, Awaken and Be Free, it was because something strongly compelled me to get those thoughts out in writing, concerning the death culture we are living in, and changing it by changing everything about our attitude to support ALL life, because we cannot just support some life, nor can we continue to support anything that does not support life, such as toxic technology. My thoughts were further inspired by reading a book of quotes by Mohandas Ghandi, which I will be sharing. I am finding, as I usually do, that once I get something down in writing, it begins to transform me, and that has strongly proven to be true over the past couple weeks. I have found that I am making much wiser decisions. And I've also found that the "force" that doesn't want me to grow and evolve has also stepped in, as usual, to trip me up. It has been a trying time.

But something else has happened. Our Jonathan has apparently been investigating the martial arts, as he has made several comments connecting them with the numerous catastrophes we are facing now on the planet, and has reached a similar solution, that is, we must support life—all life. In fact, it has become a conversation now with a number of others joining in, including at least one of my regular readers. Here is the link to Dane's Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, March 18, 2023. Incidentally, this is yet one more powerful broadcast by Dane, of which a great portion of it concerns engineered winter weather. As I have said numerous times, that is the least understood activity of all the weather warfare agendas, because, not IF, but WHEN it stops, the true state of this overheated planet will be obvious to all. And as we are on the subject of betrayal, what the U.S. Military is doing to their own citizens is way worse than just betrayal and treason. It is warfare and slaughter of the entire country and much of the rest of the world. Just imagine what a great change there would be if the military were completely decimated. At the rate their members are dying and becoming debilitated, it is not a pipe dream, but a possibility for peace. Those who are devoted to the death agenda will find it retuning to them. Below is part of one of Jonathan's posts.

Jonathan says:
March 19, 2023 at 7:36 am

I would encourage everybody to consider to what principle or principles you are committed. I would consider simplifying that to one key idea. For me, it is, to preserve life. To me, that encompasses everything. One cannot enjoy life and the beauty of the natural world if it's not here. And it cannot continue to be here if the weather warfare programs are allowed to continue. So for me, I have concluded that the preservation of life is the simplest and purest principal upon which to base the actions of the remainder of my life. The preservation of life also includes the love of others. Because it is all based upon love.

This is a good sign, of course, because it illustrates that the energy is shifting. For each person that embraces a higher vibration and energy that supports life and not the death culture, the acceleration of the shift becomes exponential. And remember, the martial arts are spiritual and mental disciplines. Everything we do that gives us control of our minds and spirits empowers us and takes us further away from the force that seeks to control us. These will be ongoing discussions in my upcoming articles.

And one last comment, this concerning the ongoing train disaster in East Palestine, Ohio. I had written in my last article that suddenlty there was silence., In fact, it lasted for almost three days, then the trains started up again, but just as quickly, stopped. Again. I have heard a few—just barely— way up north of me, and an occasional one on the Norfolk Southern line, but otherwise, there has been silence. Beautiful, wonderful silence. Here's a few more articles, 'cause I don't think it's going away soon.
Here one from a local news source.
Ocasio-Cortez: East Palestine a ‘potential crime scene’
Unbelievable! No, I guess not.
Norfolk Southern balks at compensating homeowners in East Palestine
Seriously? Would YOU trust government testing?
Ohio sues Norfolk Southern over the train derailment in East Palestine
Here's a different perspective.
East Palestine Soil Contains Dioxin Levels Hundreds of Times Over Cancer Risk Threshold
And finally, this one that was just published. OMG!! Those poor innocent animals that had no choice but to stay and die. Karmic payback is coming.
East Palestine: “We Basically Nuked a Town with Chemicals So We Could Get a Railroad Open”
And here's the last and most recent one.
Money trail from Norfolk leads to local politicians
And of course, this actually ALL fits with the theme of the article—we are betrayed by corporations, leaders from all levels and the agencies that are there to protect us and to see that situations like this are avoided all together. And now, on to the rest of the article.

We have all heard the phrase, "We Have Met the Enemy and He Is Us," which has come to mean that we are our own enemy. But the original phrase was “We have met the enemy and they are ours," from the War of 1812. Here is a quote from an article from the Ohio State University Library: "During the War of 1812, the United States Navy defeated the British Navy in the Battle of Lake Erie. Master Commandant Oliver Perry wrote to Major General William Henry Harrison, 'We have met the enemy and they are ours.'" But the article is about the comic strip Pogo, by Walt Kelly, who changed the phrase "for an anti-pollution Earth Day poster in 1970 and used it again in a special comic strip created for Earth Day 1971," meaning that "we have only ourselves to blame for the pollution and destruction of our environment." Here is the site which includes that particular comic strip.
“We Have Met the Enemy and He Is Us”

Recently, though, its meaning has broadened into the growing betrayal of government officials, agencies and organizations, especially the U.S. Military who are being paid with taxpayers' money to protect us, but are instead the very people that are in the process of killing us, destroying our property, and literally poisoning the entire plantary life-support systems. Even the words "betrayal" and "treason" cannot cover the scope of the heinous activities being played out on Planet Earth. And people STILL don't notice, and CERTAINLY do not realize it is all based on Alien Interference. But that is for an upcoming article. So here is the materials I have collected. And while I am speaking of the U.S., I would imagine that most industrialized nations are guilty of the same illegal, immoral and unethical activities.

This first one is another excellent article by John and Nisha Whitehead of The Rutherford Institute, who always stress that we need to know our Constitutional Rights. Of course, if a psycho cop is gonna shoot you for nothing, rights don't matter. As these new articles I have planned are published, I am focusing more on our rights and how to stop the insanity in a non-violent way.
America’s Death Squads: When Police Become Judge, Jury and Executioner
And another by the same authors.
Think Twice Before Calling the Cops: The Deadly Cost of Police Welfare Checks

And here's some government goodies.
This is by Edward Snowden. Be sure to watch the short video which is about how total lies are spread across the globe by those whose profession is propaganda, paticularly the CIA.
America’s Open Wound. The CIA Is Not Your Friend
And another brief article worth reading. As the author points out, the people that allow the lies or go along with them are just as psychopathic.
The Practice of Lying: The Psychopathic Nature of the U.S. Government
And another by John and Nisha Whitehead, as this is the area in which they specialize.
Don’t Bow Down to a Dictatorial Government. America Is a Prison Disguised as Paradise
OMG! That is how I feel all the time, and one of the inspirations for my recent article, What If It's All Just An Experiment?. And it is also why I am convinced that Alien Interference is at the root of it all. And here's another good article.
The Department of Homeland Security Is an Enemy of the People and Must be Disbanded Immediately
Disclosure needs to happen on SO MANY FRONTS, and certainly the truth about 9/11 is one of them. As this article points out, just LOOK at how we have degenerated as a society since that fatal day. Was that the whole plan?
Video: The Key to Ending COVID-19 Is Buried in the WTC Wreckage
I am a fan of the author, Emanuel Pastreich, and usually find his writings in harmony with mine.

And now add Corporate America, especially Big Tech, to the government and military.
You’d Better Watch Out: The Surveillance State Is Making a List, and You’re On It
But as I've been saying, there are ways to, well, not escape the surveillance, but avoid it by avoiding what most people take for granted. I don't own a cell phone or anything wireless or "smart", except for my tablet which I use ONLY as an eReader and keep on airplane mode so it cannot pick up or send out signals. I don't participate in any social media networks, my car does not have GPS, and the only shopper's card I have is with Giant Eagle, but I rarely shop there, and only use my card when it is necessary to get a sale price. I avoid filling out forms which require any personal info, which most do. I only use my debit card to pay two of my four monthly bills, and almost always pay cash when I shop. Again, we are our OWN WORST ENEMIES by believing we need all this shit. WE DO NOT. Get rid of everything that does not support life and freedom. And here's one more reason to ditch your cell phone.
US Citizens Were Given Secret COVID “Decree Violation” Scores
And this one!! OMG, how can people sit back and not speak out for their CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS? There is much here that Dane has touched on over the years, plus material that I will discuss in the HAARP section below. PLEASE READ. It is another excellent and terrifying piece by John and Nisha Whitehead.
Weaponizing the Bureaucracy: Who Will Protect Us from the U.S Government’s Standing Army?
I don't place much trust that the people in this country actually WILL wake up in time, but since these people are all considered "military," I would think they were all required to get their "vaccines," so they should be gone or out of commission pretty soon. People who make a business killing other people are hopelessly immersed in the death culture, so it should be no surprise when it returns to them. We are entering the period of karmic paybacks.

And of course, we must add doctors to the list of traitors. Healers turned murderers. This perhaps is one of the most shameful, not to mention evil and criminal, situations that has ever occurred on the face of this planet. Sure, there have always been quacks and incompetent practitioners, but NEVER in the massive global numbers since the entire covid scam began. Even BEFORE the bioweapon injections, doctors were deliberately withholding the proper care required to cure the disease, which was NEVER a killer. It was the DOCTORS that were the killers. Here are some updates.
Please read this one. It fits right in with the theme.
The Essence of Evil
Gates is in a class all of his own. I included this one for laughs. Not really.
Bill Gates Warns the Next Pandemic Will be Worse Than COVID
And speaking of Gates . . . . here's yet another way not only corporations technology have betrayed us, but farmers that go along with it AND grocery stores that sell it. GMOs and bioengineered "foods" are NOT safe. Don't eat them and don't buy their seeds. There are plenty of seed companies that DO NOT sell GMO seeds.
Engineered Food Crisis: Agri Biotech Motivated by Monopoly Control and “Sacred GMO Cash Cow”
This is too fucking stupid to even be funny. Take the mask off the cow and put it on Gates so we don't have to look at his hideous evil face . . . The last line of the story reads: "People must wake up and refuse to do this, she said." Ya think so?? That and about five thousand other things people do 'cause they're told to.
‘Smart’ Masks for Cows? Bill Gates Invests $4.7 Million in Data-Collecting “Faceware for Livestock”

Here's an excellent short interview of Dr. Reiner Fuellmich by Stew Peters (who produced the documentary Died Suddenly). It certainly fits right in with this article, because it is about not only betrayal but mass murder using microwave technology, that is, 5G. Again, the more I learn about 5G, the more it sounds like a more advanced form of HAARP. I was elated to hear Dr. Fuellmich say that it was used in geoengineering, and can kill off people crops and livestock. In fact, it could kill off an entire country without the population even knowing. Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars. I wonder if Dane has ever hooked up with him, because they are saying the same thing, and there are so few that are saying what Dane says. Maybe we should get them together, and certainly get Stew Peters to interview him. Anyone know how to reach either of them? Dr. Fuellmich also said that this technology was available back in the 1960s, and President Kennedy gave a speech in which he said that our military was using radiation to harm their own people. Right before he was assassinated!! Again, I will talk more about this in the HAARP section below. An any case, this is a MUST to listen to.
Video: Imminent 5G Induced Genocide: Vaccinated Vulnerable To 5G Kill Grid’s Deadly Tech!—Dr. Reiner Fuellmich
Here is a related link.
Psychotronic and Electromagnetic Weapons: Remote Control of the Human Nervous System
And this next one! GASP!! One of Dane's people referred to it in a post, the same link I posted above. Do you think there's a connection? Think these children were "vaccinated?" Or a 5G tower just went up nearby? Gosh, that's a really easy way to kill us off, isn't it? And yet we sit and STILL do nothing.
PD: 3 Phoenix children reported dead in one morning, another dead in Chandler
And speaking of people dropping dead, I have noticed for the past several weeks that the grocery store parking lots have been, in some cases nearly empty when I went to shop at my usual mid-morning time. I saw a sign at a restaurant in Alliance obviously desperate for employees that read: "Now Hiring—Literally. Anything Helps" Oh, my.
And what about this? Maybe "vaccine" disorientation with a helping of 5G?
Plane crash that killed Christian diet guru and ‘Tarzan’ actor was caused by pilot’s ‘spatial disorientation,’ NTSB report says
And these are definitely "vaccine" issues, and we can expect more. Let us hope that all military pilots become incapcitated. If that is the only way to stop them from spraying us with poison, then let it be, and let it happen very quickly
Southwest Airlines 6013 LAS-CMH Departing Las Vegas Diverted as Pilot Collapsed Shortly After Takeoff Morning of March 22, 2023—Fifth Pilot Collapse in Past Three Weeks!
And here's one I just saw this morning that adds another to the total. I would avoid flying if I were you, because at some point there may not BE another pilot on board that can take over.
Air Transat Flight TS739 FDF-YUL Service from Fort-de-France to Montreal, Airbus A321-200: Pilot Incapacitated In-flight on March 18th, 2023, Sixth Incident This Month

Of course, all this toxic technology provides even more means for criminals (the non-government and military ones) to do their dirty-work. Cool phone, eh? Anyways, anyone dumb enough to fall for this deserves to lose money.
That panicky call from a relative? It could be a thief using a voice clone, FTC warns
One of the signs of Alien Interference and the fact that we are living in a simulated reality is that it is getting increasingly difficult to discern "real" from AI. Or IS there a difference. In any case, this technology does NOT have human origins, as far as I'm concerned, and most of it does NOT provide a platform from which we can accelerate our spiritual evolution. Therefore, it is useless, and people are going to face this harsh reality very soon.
It takes a few dollars and 8 minutes to create a deepfake. And that's only the start

Inevitably, this topic must come around to geoengineering/weather warfare, probably the most heinous of the treasonous activities being carried out by the government and military, and that includes most other industrialized nations. Yes, the whole covid bioweapon "vaccines" can only be described as pure evil, but we ALL had the choice to refuse them. Unless you were handcuffed and tied down, which I haven't heard of anyone that was, most made the choice themselves, because they put money, as in keeping a job, ahead of being alive, a typical choice for people living in a death culture. But, other than doing everything possible to STOP these people from spraying us with toxic chemicals, there's not much anyone can do, at the physical level at least, when some psycho steers a tornado over your home, or a flood or ten feet of snow, or blocks every drop of rain from falling on your land. Then we become truly victims of criminal activity carried out by treasonous public employees, including and especially the military, whose only reason to exist is to protect the people of their nation. Here are some related articles.

When I'm handing out Dane's materials, I make a point of telling them the the state of decimation and destruction of California due to the constant assault and battery against this once fertile agricultural paradise carried out by the climate engineers through the U.S. Military, and funded by creeps like Gates, I would imagine, but I would also imagine, a big chunk of taxpayer's money. Sadly, most people here have NO CLUE as to what is happening in California, and don't care. NOR do they have a clue as to where their food comes from, other than Giant Eagle, Marc's and ALDI. And mind you, these are deliberate agendas to destroy food crops. If that's not the epitome of sinfulness, I don't know what is. But karmic kickback is about to happen, and one of these days even Gates will be in line at the soup kitchen, if they will even exist.
California Farmers: “We’ve Lost Everything”—$ Billions of Food Lost in Floods in State that Produces Half of America’s Agriculture
This short video is comprised of a number of different reports, so be sure to watch them all. Some of these people lost everything—their homes, their crops, their animals. My heart aches because I have also lost so much, and being a farmer and having animals, I had to wonder what is it gonna take to wake up and unite to get these people arrested who are behind these agendas, who fund them (Gates), and who carry them out (military pilots). Just like people are beginning to do with those who are behind the covid genocide agenda. I bet if I added up all the thousands and thousands of hours I have wasted dealing with flooding and freezing, storms, wind, it would prove to have taken a huge chunk of my life, especially in the past fifteen years, which have been unrelenting. Plus, all the money I have had to waste just to survive, and I still have a farm that is decimated, and a house that is unlivable at this point. And more and more people are soon to discover that with all the years of the military spraying us with 50-70 MILLION TONS of toxic metal nanoparticulate per year, that growing anything will be next to impossible. Last year I had a good harvest that lasted me until the beginning of March, but compared to the yields we had when I was a kid, it was nothing. People, especially farmers who are one of the most hard-headed groups of people to get to listen, need to realize that this is an agenda, not nature.

It seems the Dutch farmers are making some headway against the ridiculous new nitrogen mandates, which threatened to put most of them out of business. The Netherlands is a huge food supplier for the world.
Populist Win: New Anti-Globalist Farmers Win Even More Dutch Senators Than Expected, Are Largest Party
Here is a good article from last September that is less about farmers and more about the WEF's Great Reset agenda.
Dutch Farmers Resisting the Toxic Transition
And here is an example of another leader, in this case, speaking out against geoengineering as warfare after the earthquakes in Turkey. These are all good signs! This article has a list of what HAARP does and is: (a weapon). He uses the word "Alien" twice in his list. I wonder if he means "alien" as in an enemy or someone from another country, or actual Aliens, as in extra-terrestrials. I have thought THAT is what is going on up there in the sky, for years.
Geoengineering: Romanian General Emil Strainu on the Terrifying Possibilities of Geo-warfare

And here is one last article about how the Powers are planning to force us into digital currency, thus giving them complete control on how we spend our own money, and if we do not obey, we get our funds cut off. This was first published in May, 2022, so I wonder if the banks that are currently "failing" are part of the agenda, or if the chickens are just coming home to roost. And as for the CBDC, as Dane says, none of this stuff, including these "Smart Cities" are gonna happen because biosphere collapse will beat them to the intersection. And with these floods in California, I would expect the grocery shelves will start to go empty, which will be the trigger for the law of the jungle.
The Sinister Growth of Digital Currencies (CBDC) around the World. James Corbett
And here's another that was just published, and another example of how countries all over the world are NOT there to serve their people.
The World’s Largest CBDC Trial: A Preview of the Elite’s Cashless Vision for You
Dr. Mercola does believe that these crashes are being orchestrated to push through the CBDC.
Why Crashing Banks Will Usher in Digital Currency
Here's a differing opinion.
You Will be Shocked by How Much Money Is Being Pulled Out of U.S. Banks, and Now the Biggest Bank in Germany Is in Trouble

And finally, I have been trying to include a documentary on most of these HAARP articles that relates to the theme, which has been a real pain for me, as I do not own a TV for a reason, and sitting and watching anything is not particularly enjoyable for me. However, occassionally I will come across a piece that is so compelling that I become glued to the screen. That was the case with this one.
Science for Hire—A Gary Null Production
You know, I and my faithful readers are pretty well informed of the heinous and evil activities going on in the world today, particularly here in the U.S.. So it would stand to reason that there wouldn't be much to learn that would be shocking, and yet, I am continually shocked. The previous HAARP article featured Died Suddenly, and it made me gasp. And so did this one.

It, too, is much about the "vaccines," but also focuses on pharmaceuticals in general, and this is not the first time killer drugs have been approved by the FDA and pushed on the population. In fact, it seems that this has been the common practice for a very long time. Being a holistic healer and not touching any pharmaceuticals for decades, I was mind-numbed with the massive volume of unsafe drugs being prescribed by physicians, and wonder if people would just get off drugs all together, take care of their bodies, eat healthy foods (if one can find them), exercise and do yoga, meditation, martial arts, or any other mind/body/spirit practice, and cultivate a healthy and positive attitude, if we would need drugs at all. It seems to me, after watching this film, that people are sick from taking pharmaceuticals. Remember, if we want to escape this death culture, we must only participate in that which supports life.

There was SO much information here, that I was taking notes for about an hour, then stopped. It is a two-hour film. It not only focuses on these toxic drugs, but the fact that Big Pharma truly controls the world. Really, more than anyone could ever fathom. The movie begins by saying that science and doctors are now challenging science and doctors, and this is the first time that has ever happened. It is the largest EXPERIMENT (there's that word again), that has ever been done on humans, and that historically scientists were trusted and respected and would never have done something to deliberately harm people. But now it is "Science on Trial," and it has become so corrupt that we can no longer trust scientists.

There's quite a bit about Anthony Fauci, and the unfathomable power he has wielded, such as being able to block people from getting grants, and literally shutting them out, controlling the entire pharmaceutical system. We see that now, of course, but many of the doctors stripped of their credentials are making a come-back in a different way, and certainly not backing down in telling the truth. Much of the film was about how drugs have nothing to do with health, but are only about money, and how doctors get paid by the drug companies for prescribing their drugs, no matter if they are safe or not. Many doctors' profits come from chemotherapy, so they continue using it on patients long after it is needed because of the economic incentive. Here is the Wikipedia page for Gary Null, stating, not surprisingly for Wikipedia, that he supports medical quackery. This film is ANYTHING BUT THAT!!

One of the people interviewed in the film was Dr. Peter Breggin, whom you may not have heard of, but I have, because he was one of the key people also interviewed in one of my favorite documentaries, The Minds of Men which I have linked numerous times over the years, and will discuss again in the next HAARP article on Mind Control. Here is his Wikipedia page. At age 86, he is still impressive and still going strong as a practitioner, speaker of the truth and author of LOTS of books, listed on this page. . Please check it out.
Peter Breggin
Incidentally, he studied at Case Western Reserve in Cleveland, here in NE Ohio.

Other points covered in the film include Monsanto and their poisons, plus the fact that they and other companies do their own "testing," so they can and do lie about the results. And those poor innocent, beautiful white rats. In the New Paradigm, which will be supportive of LIFE, not a death culture, NO ANIMAL WILL EVER SUFFER such cruelty. What EVER gave humans the idea that just because animals are not "human,." we have the right to subject them to such horrors? The tables will turn, and those who have supported such an atrocity will have it return to them. Karmic payback is coming.

They also discussed the Rockefellers, and how they shut down all natural medical practitioners and allowed only those who used their pharmaceuticals. Again, the drug companies do their own testing, and as they said, the fox is guarding the henhouse. University professors are being pushed around to support the use of these poisons, and peer-reviewed materials published in respected journals is often fake, as is the stated safety of most of these drugs. As with all of these films lately, the point is made that our Constitution is being ignored, especially by those who have taken the Oath of Office and sworn to uphold it. These people have committed criminal acts and need to be held accountable. In all, I cannot recommend this film highly enough. You will be horrified, even if you have a pretty good idea of what is going on here.

Though this documentary was about the pharmaceutical industry, the same can be said about ALL scientists, and Dane has said it over and over, as it pertains to climate and environmental issues. THEY ARE ALL LYING! Meteorologists, especially the people at NWS, NOAA, NASA, The Weather Channel, and scumbags like Ken Caldeira, Douglas MacMartin, and especially David Keith. I supply a quote from him below in the HAARP section that sounds like something a third-grader might say. Here are some odds and ends of which anyone with one functioning brain cell should be able to conclude that we have a massive problem. First, here is a ridiculous article. Please note that not once is climate engineering mentioned, especially engineered winter,, which masks the true state of global heating. I am constantly stunned that all these so-called "experts" do not realize we are being sprayed with chemical ice nucleation. How anyone can think that white stuff that falls from the skies is real "snow" is beyond me. It doesn't even look like snow and certainly does not behave like snow. Snow melts into water. This does not. If you put it in a pan on a burner, it will scorch the pan.

Also note that these so-called experts are part of universities or government agencies. In the documentary Science for Hire, it is stated point-blank that professers are being used to promote false information. For those of you who have followed Dane's interviews with the eminent professor he works with to do his water analysis, who goes by the name "Joe" to protect himself, you will remember that he admitted that universities now teach that only one way, one method, one belief is correct and demand that their staff and students abide by it. We can see that all over the place, as all areas of science have lost their sense of curiosity and people in the medical profession have no sense of creative healing. That was certainly the case with the vet I had gone to for a short while. She had to be one of the stupidest creatures in practice I have even met. I am so glad I got my Molly away from her. Anyways, here's the article.
1500 Scientists Say “Climate Change Not Due to CO2”—The Real Environment Movement Was Hijacked
I could dispute half of it just by data I have collected from my own farm, and anyone that is paying even minimal attention can see that NOTHING concerning the weather is even remotely normal. Dane is not part of academia, nor of any organization but his own, and he is one of the few that makes sense. I am glad there are others speaking out and that he is picking up more and more activists. Though I get disgusted, on the whole, there are WAY more people now that notice something is very wrong. I have found that those who are the least willing to open their minds are those who are most comfortable in their position. I've also come to the conclusion that often people with doctorates are some of the stupidest people on the face of the planet. And back to the article, I DO agree that all the so-called plans to combat climate change by reducing CO2 will do nothing to stop the runaway greenhouse gasses, which is caused more by methane than CO2. But the point is, and Dane says this all the time—there can be no legitimate discussion on global warming without first addressing the issue of climate engineering.

And I am NOT saying that there is not fraud and fakery concerning the state of the planet. It is ALL fraud and fakery, but that does not diminish the fact that the constant assault upon the planet by the climate engineers HAS created a catastrophe and we ARE in deep trouble. And so while people are arguing shit like this article does, the planet accelerates into meltdown. The only chance we have of salvaging any life is to STOP climate engineering immediately. Anything else is just a waste of precious time. And while we're on the subject of climate disasters, here are some recent headlines. The first one is an example of the lies told by meteorologist. These storms are being seeded and steered by microwaves. We know they are doing it and we know how. And it is NOT NATURE.
Warming-fueled supercells will hit the southern U.S. more often, a study warns
These are just plain fucking terrifying. Tornadoes that last for hours?? WHEN was that EVER the case?
‘There’s nothing left’: Deep South tornadoes kill 26
These will soon be everywhere in the country if we do NOT STOP THIS INSANITY.
25 Killed In Mississippi Tornadoes

HAARP as a Weapon: Betrayal and Treason Against the American People

And now on to the HAARP business. I found the most interesting materials in Angels Don't Play This HAARP on the subject of future warfare, and the implications that it would be used on the American people. Here is a quote from page 16 of the PDF. Again, it may be downloaded for free. Please check the link supplied on the HAARP Articles Index at the bottom of the page.

That last item will surprise researchers who have been looking only at the possible environmental effects of HAARP-type technologies. However, the authors believe that no sane person wants to be manipulated into artificially-induced moods or actions, and that these possibilities are real. As you will see in the research cited in this book, U.S. decisionmakers for the first time are proposing to mix military and civilian police resources, under the banner of "non-lethal" weaponry for crowd control and other purposes.

Or lethal, for that matter, as we are seeing with 5G, which, as I've been stating, seems to me like a more advanced and certainly wide-spread version of HAARP. And I want to include another quote that Manning and Begich, along with the other Alaskans attempting to stop the construction of HAARP discovered in a military manual to teach people how to lie. And this pertains to not just HAARP, but everything the military does, and spills over into the government, government agencies, and every other person and organization they control, which is why we are in this catastrophic situation.

"The U.S. Air Force's credibility is further undermined by the fact that the Department of Defense explicitly authorizes the dissemination of misleading information in order to protect classified programs. In a supplement to the National Industrial Security Program manual, released in draft form in March, 1992, the DoD told contractors how to draft cover stories that 'must be believable and cannot reveal any information regarding the true nature of the contract'."

The remainder of the quotes and information in this issues will come from Chapter Twenty-Four, "Zapping the "Non-Lethal" Way," the last chapter in Part Three, and the rest from Part Four: Stop the Music, which, again, I found the most interesting, because at the time the book was written, these were mostly possibilities, but as we see now, they have become reality, and much worse than anyone imagined back then, I believe. I mean, seriously, who would have thought that the U.S. Military would basically seize control of so much of the planet, and hold it hostage, forcing countries who disagree with U.S. policies to comply, through acts of unfathomable planetary destruction, such as the flooding in Pakistan, the drought in Iran, and the recent earthquakes in Turkey. There is an article on this at the bottom of the page. And of course, we have the shocking and blatant destruction of much of the State of California, and other parts of the U.S. West, and now the totally unnatural tornadoes in the south. What highly alerted me as I read was the fact that the plan always was to link military force with police force. Here is a quote from the section, "From Adversaries to Allies," page 162. It describes the development of policies to "pulsed electromagnetic and radio frequency systems as a nonlethal technology for domestic Justice Department use." Again, as we see now, these weapons are anything but "non-lethal." They are not only being used for population control, but for population reduction!!

In its current draft form, the policy gives highest priority to development of those technologies most likely to get dual use, i.e. law enforcement and military applications. According to this document, non-lethal weapons are to be used on the government's domestic "adversaries". The definition of "adversary" has been significantly enlarged in the policy:

"The term 'adversary' is used above in its broadest sense, including those who are not declared enemies but who are engaged in activities we wish to stop. This policy does not preclude legally authorized domestic use of the nonlethal weapons by United States military forces in support of law enforcement."

This allows use of the military in actions against the citizens of the country that they are supposed to protect. This policy statement begs the question; who are the enemies that are engaged in activities they wish to stop, what are those activities, and who will make the decisions to stop these activities?

And who is funding it? WE ARE, of course. WHEN are people gonna wake up and reclaim their rights and power. The government and military works FOR THE PEOPLE, and that is true for any country operating as a "democracy." The authors also point out that, "Not since the Civil War has the military machinery—except in very limited riot control actions—been turned against United States citizens." They also state, "In other words, we can use on our own citizens what we cannot use in warfare with real enemies who are threats to national security." I think the last half of that sentence is no longer true, for two reasons. First it seems our government and military are doing whatever they damn well please to anyone they damn well please in order to force them to submit to U.S. policies. And I wonder just who are our "adversaries" at this point, as we seem to be in control of much of the entire planet, either through force or bribery.

Here is something that, to many people might sound as if it is protecting our citizens, but in fact, we have laws in this country that guarantee a fair trial for anyone accused of a crime. This quote is from page 165.

This report opens discussion of the use of these weapons against terrorists and drug traffickers. The CFR [Council on Foreign Relations] report recommends that this be done secretly so that the victims do not know where the attack is from, or if there even is an attack. There is a problem with this approach. The use of these weapons, even against these kinds of individuals, may be in violation of United States law in that it presumes guilt rather than innocence. In other words the police, CIA, DEA or other enforcement organization becomes the judge, jury and executioner.

One of the sources which was very important for this section came from a book entitled, Low-lntensity Conflict and Modern Technology by Lt Col. David J. Dean. Rather than sharing that information here, I have downloaded the free PDF from Intenet Archive, and will do a separate report on it as some point, because it contains too much important information to squeeze into this article without overwhelming my readers (and myself). Now we will jump ahead to Part Four.

This is from Chapter Twenty-Seven, "Pandora's Box and the Great Temptation." The authors quote Gordon MacDonald, who was, in 1966, "a member of the President's Science Advisory Committee and later a member of the President's Council on Environmental Quality," and a specialist "in problems of warfare." He said, "accurately-timed, artificially-excited electronic strokes 'could lead to a pattern of oscillations that produce relatively high power levels over certain regions of the earth . . . In this way, one could develop a system that would seriously impair the brain performance of very large populations in selected regions over an extended period' . . . ." Well, I think we see brain-impairment happening all over the place now, don't you? I never in my life thought I would see the American public become a nation of idiots—willfully blind, apathetic and self-absorbed.

And now on to Zbigniew Brzezinski, whom Dane has quoted numerous times, and was, in my opinion, one of the truly evil ones to serve the government, in this case, as National Security Advisor to President Jimmy Carter. He then "predicted a 'more controlled and directed society' would gradually appear, linked to technology. This society would be dominated by an elite group which impresses voters by allegedly superior scientific know-how." Well, he certainly proved to be correct.

"Unhindered by the restraints of traditional liberal values, this elite would not hesitate to achieve its political ends by using the latest modern techniques for influencing public behavior and keeping society under close surveillance and control. Technical and scientific momentum would then feed on the situation it exploits", Brzezinski predicted.

But he also predicted the way that this would come about. Again, Dane says over and over that the left and right, progressives, conservatives, liberals, etc. are all actually the same and changing the people in the government will make no difference. Yes, I agree. The whole system is so corrupt, and as I believe, being controlled by something off-planet.

How would the United States be changed, bit by bit, into the predicted highly controlled technosociety? Among the "steppingstones" Brzezinski expected were persisting social crises and use of the mass media to gain the public's confidence.

Brzezinski apparently saw that both conservatives and "the doctrinaire left" might be inclined to justify heavy handed tactics. The left could say that it serves progress, and the conservatives "preoccupied with public order and fascinated by modern gadgetry, would be tempted to use the new techniques as a response to unrest, since they would fail to recognize that social control is not the only way to deal with rapid social change."

In Chapter Twenty-Eight, "Power and Control: The End of Freedom," in the section called "The War Against Democracy," we read about another document called The Revolution in Military Affairs, issued by the U.S. Army War College in July, 1994. It can be downloaded from the Defense Technical Information Center as a PDF, which I did, and this will be another document I will be reporting on. Again, I won't waste this space since I will be devoting an entire review to this document, but let me just share a couple quotes.

This document said a philosophy of "conflict short of war" ("terrorism, insurgency or violence associated with narcotrafficking") requires new weapons and a change in public opinion. It asserts that this change in opinion does not have to evolve naturally, but can be deliberately shaped by the government. The idea is that belief systems of Americans can be slowly altered to allow the military to introduce new weapons technology which, at this time, would be resisted by most Americans.

"In its purest sense, revolution brings change that is permanent, fundamental, and rapid. The basic premise of the revolution in military affairs (RMA) is simple: throughout history, warfare usually developed in an evolutionary fashion, but occasionally ideas and inventions combined to propel dramatic and decisive change. This not only affected the application of military force, but often altered the geopolitical balance in favor of those who mastered the new form of warfare."

What we are seeing here is what is happening now, although perhaps with not as much ease as expected. Basically, the idea was to mind-control the population, that is, "deliberately shaped by the government" into supporting their agenda. That's obviously what this whole covid scam has been about, but rather than the entire population rushing to get their "vaccine" those brave and truthful souls who have risked their entire career to speak out have in fact begun a revolution of their own that is waking up more and more people to what the military and government are up to. As I have mentioned many times, as I hand out Dane's materials, I meet very few people who have a positive opinion of either, which is much different than would have been the case, for example, right after 9/11. Here is just one more quote from the book about the RMA.

Another technology mentioned is a method for interfering with activities the government judges to be wrong. In the examples given, most of us would agree intervention should take place at some level. However, the methods contemplated are extreme. Will those with the power to invade the privacy of individuals do so and without just cause? Will the holders of the power be trusted by the rest of the population? The military planners anticipate a resounding "NO"! Therefore, they propose a series of events to shift the popular view to the opposite extreme. They propose a revolution of society which will allow for a Revolution in Military Affairs. At this point, they lay out a fictional scenario where the illusion of the need for this kind of control could be created. In the scenario, a plan to desensitize the population to increasing control and, introduction of the new technology, through systematic manipulation and disinformation by the government is initiated. What they have put forward might even be underway.

Of course, we know now that it most certainly WAS underway and has infiltrated every aspect of our lives. Remember, this book was published in 1995.

We know that there are concerns which, being a free people, we must address and bring to the attention of others. We believe that the greatest threat to freedom is an over-oppressive and increasingly secretive government. To many, the government has shifted from one "of the people, by the people and for the people" to a government "of special interests, for their own benefit, at the people's expense". What went wrong, and where it went wrong, to a large extent, is a product of the intelligence bureaucracies which thrive through one administration to the next with unrestrained growth. These secretive bureaucracies hide more and more of their secrets under a cloak of "national security", while drifting further from the principles which have allowed the United States to exist for over two hundred years. Secret government policy is not sanctioned by the free will of the population, and threatens the core beliefs of liberty, honest government and public responsibility.

This next quote was really unnecessary because everyone reading this no doubt is quite aware that this has been going on for decades and exploded in the past few years. But I disagree partially with "what went wrong," and this is what most people refuse to face. The problem was and IS that WAY too many people are WAY too comfortable to worry about what the government and military is really doing because as Dane would say, all they care about is "bread and circus," (food and entertainment). That's why it has been SO hard for all of us that have worked SO hard get people to look up and pay attention to what is going on in the skies. What will it take? Those food shelves are gonna go empty pretty soon. The majority of the population has no idea where their food even comes from. That's why it has been so easy for these "agricultural industries" to sell their toxic engineered "food-ish" products to grocery stores and people buy it without even thinking twice. Same with products like Roundup, and if you attempt to educate people about the fact that these products are anything but safe, they'll tell you it was approved by the FDA or the EPA. THAT is what went wrong.

And here is one last quote.

Meanwhile, Dr. Robert Becker expresses his opinion that "the military establishment still believes that the survival of the military organism is worth the sacrifice of the lives and health of large segments of the American population."

And again, we here in 2023 can see just how true this statement is.

That's all I will present for this issue. #7 of the HAARP Series will be on Mind Control, and #8 will be on Tesla Technology, and will be a book review/article combo, based on a book about Tesla and his inventions. That will end the main body of the Series, but it will continue with related book and document reviews that in some way pertain to HAARP, so this will be an ongoing project, but not as intense as the main body has been, at least for me and getting all this information organized into an article. These, by the way, will not necessarily be posted in correct order.

The next article will be a Bible Article and will come along in about a week, then the first of my 2023 Farm Series. The article after that will be a book review/article combo—the one I promised you last year but decided to delay it. It will be based on the book Letter to Earth and is spiritual in nature.

Again, thank you, everyone, who reads my site, and to those who return a number of times to each article. I don't like to push too many at once when I see that people are still reading the one I just posted. This one, as with all the HAARP articles, contains a great deal of information and links, so I hope everyone returns to investigate the ones that interest them.

The photo below is taken from this article, a blatant example of how the science community has failed us by not only keeping silent about the truth, but participating in the disinformation agenda. Anyone who has investigated HAARP knows that powerful ionosphere heaters are indeed capable of causing earthquakes, and there are many more around the globe. Not surprisingly, this article contains a quote by the world's most well-known geoengineer, David Keith, a familiar name for those of us in Dane's community. He has lied about absolutely everything concerning the ongoing assault in the skies, so why would anyone expect him to tell the truth about HAARP. And as we here all known, HAARP is a WEAPON, not a research program.
Turkiye quake fuels conspiracy posts on US antenna station
Here is Keith's asinine contribution to the article.

“This is so crazy. It’s like asking if the earthquake was caused by Bugs Bunny digging for carrots,” said David Keith, professor of applied physics at the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.


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