Weather Misery and the Collapse of the Agenda

February 8, 2024

Opening Note: As I prepare this for publishing tomorrow, here are just a few comments. This one is LONG, even by my standards, so please take your time and read it over several days so you can check out the links. It's stuff I've collected over the past 5-6 weeks. I don't plan on publishing another until the end of the month. The couple warm days we are supposedly getting will be followed by more COLD COLD COLD. I just can't spend time in the basement to get on the internet for more than 10-15 minutes because it is about 20 degrees colder down there than outside, and add to that the chemical ice nucleation, it feels even colder. Any standing water down there is frozen solid. However, I plan to post quite a number of book reviews to get rid of my backlog. Some have actually been on my site for a year, I just have not introduced then on my Home Page rotation. So if you are a book-review reader, keep that in mind. If you aren't, consider becoming one. I have a tendency to find material relevant to our situation in the most unlikely books. I am working on three other articles, and one is a book review/article combo. That's the one that will probably come next. Meanwhile, here's a lot of material for you to peruse, with some serious signs of awakening on this planet. It couldn't happen soon enough.

It appears the controllers are finally beginning to "get it." They seem to be realizing that their plans have gone just a teeeeeny bit awry, ya think? In checking my trusty Word thesaurus, other fitting words would be amiss, muddled, incorrect, twisted and wrong. As for me, except for the truly miserable weather that's now pretty much global, I have been surviving better than the past 6-7 years, as I now have this big, strong building with four walls and a roof that protects me from the elements (except for the flooding—more on that in a bit), which is more than I had before, with little more than plastic and tarps to separate me from the Great Outdoors (not). Not that any of this is good, but there is coming the day, especially for those who mock my living conditions, when they will be wishing they had a big strong greenhouse to shelter in. How many days are there now that one can get online and not see people who have just lost their homes to weather warfare? Like what's going on in Southern California now! OMG!! And people still have this attitude that it can't happen to them. I even had this person I know quite well make the remark, "Well, I work for a living." As if, number one, all his money will save him. It won't. And insinuating that I don't work. OMG!! I know very few people that work as hard as I do and don't get paid a penny for it. Dane would be one of those people, certainly, but most people would NEVER work like we do for little to no reward. The day of vindication is around the corner. In any case, I do believe that the controllers now realize that their plans to orchestrate "climate change" are no longer their plans at all, but a situation that has a mind of its own.

So in this issue, I will catch you up with my saved material. I've actually spent little time online because moving my computer system back and forth to the basement, is just too much of a pain in the ass, due to the flooding; MUD as I have never seen before on this land, and horrendous cold. From December 1 to January 29, we had THIRTY-EIGHT DAYS of precipitation. The little corner where I hook up my internet was dripping and the water was calf-deep, since there's almost no roof left. We finally have had some drier weather, and even warmer, as write on February 4. I pumped for days but it just keeps filling up. And now, even though the daytime highs are "above average," the nights are frigid, going down into the mid-to-low 20s, which wouldn't be that cold if they weren't dumping so much ice nucleation on us. What had finally thawed is now frozen again, even when the temps go into the 50s during the day. Plus the air itself was SOOOO wet, including that dripping fog that blanketed most of the country.
Widespread Fog Blankets US Overnight
Of course, The Weather Channel had an "explanation for it, that had nothing to do with the fact that it, like all weather now is totally engineered.

I know many people in different parts of the country experience sudden drying even after these rains, but here it NEVER DRIES OUT, and has been like this for a quarter of a century. I have a feeling that what they're spraying on us is a different formula than what others get. Alliance seems drier, but Ravenna is always pretty wet, and they are in the Secondary Snow Belt. But at least in my immediate vicinity, we have been flooded for months. My well water is pretty close to ground level. I only need about three feet of bailing rope at this point, and the well is at the top of the hill. There is a place that raises cattle on the road to Alliance, not far from my house. Last week, those poor bulls were standing ankle deep in mud, trying to find little blades of grass on the other side of the fence. I got so angry when I saw them. I went by a few days later, and the barn door was open, but only one bull was outside, so it must have been by choice.

Below is just an example of flooded pathways that have been like that for over two months. There's no place for the water to go because the water table is so high, and the sun never gets hot enough to evaporate ANYTHING. Even on "clear" days (which really still block the sun), it takes me an entire day to dry laundry on the line. Below that is my well. When I was growing up, the water NEVER came up that high. EVER!!

Flooded Pathway

High Well Level

I realize my immediate area, at least my land is classified as a designated glacial wetland, but when I was growing up, it NEVER poured torrential rain as it does now, nor did we EVER have these endless days of rain, or these massive "systems" move through. We had a swamp and a pond on the west end of the property, but it dried up during the growing season. It was when I was working on my Master's degree in Cincinnati that Southern Ohio began to get hit with these blinding rainfalls. NEVER in my life had I seen anything like that here. But when I moved back home, apparently it followed me. That was in 1986. We went through about a decade of alternating flooding and drought, then flooding took over, about the same time I started Cosmic Dream Farm as a business. The growing seasons got shorter and shorter, as it was into July before anyone could plow. We see that happening all over now. These outrageously anomalous "systems" moving through Southern California now make me tremble. Apparently not enough people from that area lost their farms, so the controllers want to make sure they get the job done this year. And this one looks to be record-shattering. Farm land won't matter when its people are killed. But nothing will matter soon. Their plans are all falling apart, and they want to make sure we all go down with them. By the time you read this, that system will have moved through California, laced with ice nucleation to spread snow and frigid temps, once again, through the rest of the country.
A second wave of storms is slamming parts of California. How bad will it get?
And this is Los Angeles. Remember all the times I've asked what would happen if a really big city had to be evacuated? Again, I tremble and am grateful I'm not there, and feel terror for those that are. What about the animals? Zoos? Shelters? And during these events, I also get a sick feeling within for the libraries and museums. Historic buildings and landmarks. Churches with magnificent pipe organs. All this DELIBERATE DESTRUCTION. And not only the rain, but 80 mph winds. And landslides. Los Angeles is under a High Risk for flash flooding as I type this section on Sunday, February 4, which is the highest risk level. That scares the living shit out of me. The same area is under a Moderate Risk on February 5, [it ended up being under High Risk for a second day], which means this will not let up soon. On the 6th, it still remains under a Slight Risk, as of the February 4 Excessive Rainfall Outlook. So that's THREE DAYS of UNRELENTING WEATHER MISERY. Here are some random quotes.

The storm—known as an atmospheric river—could drop as much as eight inches of rain along the coast and in valley areas and more than a foot in the foothills and mountains, the NWS predicted. Rain could fall at a rate of more than one inch per hour in some areas.

Heavy showers and thunderstorms combined with "very dangerous" winds also upped the chances of potentially dangerous flash flooding and rough surf, with flood watches in effect across the area.

By late Sunday morning, meteorologists had recorded wind gusts above 80 miles per hour in some areas and the NWS issued a hurricane-force wind warning for part of the coast near San Francisco.

Officials ordered residents in parts of Los Angeles, Ventura and Santa Barbara counties to evacuate, LAist reported. Part of San José, in Santa Clara County, was also under a mandatory evacuation order.

On Sunday, the powerful storm converging on Southern California was expected to drop four to eight inches of rain in lower-lying areas, with eight to 14 inches of rain in the foothills and mountains. Rain began Sunday morning and was expected to intensify as the day wore on.

Anyways, back to my land, which began to sink, and each year when my neighbor plowed it, the difference between the plowed part and the grass kept getting deeper. Of course, all my fertile topsoil had been washed away, leaving me with dead clay. The mud that is now permeating my farm is like quicksand. My back is all messed up from just trying to walk in it. I will end this article with a bit more on the weather at my house—curious weather, indeed.

In any case, I needed a break from writing articles, plus I am trying to get caught up on three years of loss on my website (my office was the first to go), so I haven't had a decent place to work. I had six book reviews to catch up on, (which became ten) and I couldn't move forward until I cleared away some of that. I'm also working on some other projects which involve spiritual stuff, which I may or may not share—I haven't decided yet. And I have set a time to color every day. I haven't really colored for about three years, because I had no place to do it. But now I do, and even better than my big card table, I salvaged some perfectly good planks with no rot on them at all from the house, and built myself a nice floor for my "bedroom." I covered them with a tarp, then blankets, so I have a nice warm, dry and clean nook in which to read and color now. Plus, since coloring usually doesn't require a lot of mental effort, it's a good time for me to say my mantras. I decided I needed to do some activities for ME, to help heal and inspire my creativity. There have been some abrupt spiritual shifts for me lately, so I am thinking in a really different direction which will gradually be reflected in my writings. And now, more weather stuff, plus some very interesting articles that indicate some major shifts on many fronts, which is encouraging.

As usual, The Weather Channel has been sensationalizing everything concerning COLD WINTER. I would LOVE to see every one of those miserable LYING Spineless Cowards in jail for deluding, deceiving, and hoodwinking the public into continuing to believe that we are actually having a WINTER, when it is long past due for a mass awakening. They always have some stupid-shit survey, and this one, as of January 26, had 9821 responses. As of February 4 (it's been there for weeks and weeks) there are 11697 responses. Seriously? Every day, video after video after video is posted there, and on other MSM sites concerning weather-related deaths and misery, and these DUMB-ASS people at The Weather Channel make a joke of it. NOBODY'S KIDS should be playing in the COMPLETELY and TOTALLY TOXIC SHIT. WTF is WRONG with these people?

The Weather Channel Survey

But THIS! OMG!! What a dipshit, and SHAME on The Weather Channel for even publishing it. Now CHILDREN will think it's OK to eat potassium iodide and silver iodide, with a bit of dry ice and liquid propane for added enjoyment. Maybe it will burn a hole in her stomach and she'll shut her fucking mouth. Like all those other Hollywood "celebrities" who publicly shamed everyone who didn't get their "vaccine"—until they started dropping dead. That shut 'em up, didn't it?
Is It Safe To Eat Snow? Reese Witherspoon Says 'Yes'
If these total morons want to self-destruct, that's fine with me, but when they do things that could hurt innocent animals, plants and CHILDREN, they deserve a good and severe backlash of "what goes around, comes around." You may perhaps notice that my loathing of what was once the human race has significantly increased over the past month. . . .

Anyways, I've wandered. Remember TWC video I posted that was about the totally orchestrated flash-freeze in China? Here is the description that was printed with the video.
"China’s capital city endured more than 300 straight hours of subzero temperatures, the longest such streak in December since record-keeping began more than 70 years ago."
After I posted it, something kept nagging. Which was that they failed to include the fact that it was subzero CELCIUS, not FAHRENHEIT. I mean, that changes the entire picture, doesn't it? Here's another one that DOES state Celcius.
Beijing records longest cold wave in modern history
I'm sorry, but 32 degrees should NOT be "bitter cold." Zero degrees F should be cold, but this chemical ice nucleation makes everything feel 20-30 degrees colder than the thermometer reading. That's another part of the reason I haven't posted an article. I can be comfortable here in the greenhouse, but when I go to the basement to hook up online, the ice nucleation sticks to my skin and clothing. My hands and feet go numb, and no amount of heat can thaw them out, until after I take my "bath," in the evening and wash it off. I am warm again, until I go outside the next morning.

When I was growing up, I am quite certain that we rarely went above 32 degrees over the winter months. It began snowing in late November and melted in March. It snowed over those months but what was on the ground basically remained. The thing is, it NEVER felt this cold. We always had lots and lots of sunshine. I played with icicles and you can't get them without the sun. For decades now they will not allow us to have sunshine during the winter months. And if they do, it is late in the day so they can clear it out overnight which makes the temps plummet. As I continued this on February 1, I checked my records, and the last time we saw sunshine was on January 15, otherwise, day after day after day of grey-black toxic skies with tons of painfully cold chemical ice nucleation. We had a week of sunshine scheduled, but as the days grow closer, the sunshine forecast is replaced by "cloudy." My ass. AEROSOLS, they mean. But as it turned out, we have had sunshine those days, and are due for several more, with extremely cold clear nights, then even that is supposed to warm up. A couple of those days ended up REALLY sunny, and even way warmer than planned. I usually run only one heater during the day in the greenhouse, or sometimes none, but a couple days got so warm, I even turned off the turtles' heat lamps! I hung laundry and it dried. What a pleasant surprise! Now it is scheduled to dive again.

WHEN IS THIS GONNA STOP!? And I just DO NOT UNDERSTAND why they think it's so important to keep just this little corner of NE Ohio, so abnormally cold and SO ABNORMALLY WET. You can look on the NOAA QPF maps and even when most of Ohio and west of us is dry, my little corner always shows up wet. This has been going on for over twenty years. WHY??? 7.3 BILLION people in the world suffered from extreme heat last year, and here I was wearing FLANNEL PAJAMAS almost ALL summer. I don't even know why I get my summer nightwear out—I haven't needed it for years. I expect that is gonna change real soon, if we make it to summer. As the days get longer—and they really are—it will be that much more difficult for them to continue this orchestrated nightmare. That, of course, is what this monstrosity going on in Southern California is all about. Deluge, then mountain snow, then push it all east, which is exactly what they are doing. I seriously doubt that we will make it to summer, and that there will be a societal breakdown way before that with all the other agendas that are falling apart.

Anyways, when the stories about China came out, my first thought was that the U.S. Military would do the same shit to us. You know, they have this "Mine is bigger than yours" obsession, and of course, that's exactly what happened. Then Dane brought up the fact that that's what this year's global climate conference was about, and that made perfect sense. Here's what he wrote for the Intro to his
Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, January 6, 2024

The full fury of winter weather warfare is being released on major portions of the US and Russia. Was this the plan that was hatched at the recent COP 28 global climate conference? Chemical ice nucleation cloud seeding operations are wreaking havoc around the world on populations and the environment alike. Global conflict is being fomented as the total desperation of the matrix manipulators spirals completely out of control. How long till the links in the chain of our current paradigm shatter? Thank you for tuning in to this week's installment of Global Alert News, thank you for you help with sounding the alarm.

Here's more on COP28, first from Michel Chossudovsky, who points out that nothing was discussed about ENMOD (Environmental Modification Techniques and Climate Change), which is similar to what Dane always says, that there can be no legitimate discussion on the climate without first addressing the Climate Engineering agenda. As expected, this is a good article, which also includes an informative section on ENMOD.
COP28 "Race to Zero" and the CO2 Consensus: Not A Single Word Pertaining to "Environmental Modification Techniques (ENMOD) and Climate Change"
Here are some quotes, the first being nonsense, because we haven't GOT anywhere NEAR that much time left, and cutting emissions won't do a thing unless all the climate engineering/weather warfare agendas are completely stopped. Can there still really be people THAT STUPID that think the weather over the past three months, or three years is even remotely normal or natural? Anyways, it is a good article. Plese read.

The “Race to Zero” is described as a: global campaign rallying non-state actors —including companies, cities, regions, financial, educational, and healthcare institutions—to take rigorous and immediate action to halve global emissions by 2030 and deliver a healthier, fairer, net zero world.

This “consensus” does not contribute to “Helping Deliver A Healthier, Fairer, Net Zero World”.

Quite the Opposite: It has devastating economic and social consequences.

The Unspoken Truth: It serves powerful financial interests.

And this next one. Oh, my!! What a lovely rant by my favorite Global Research writer, Peter Koenig. In MY opinion, it is named Conference of the Parties because they all get together and party for two weeks, then report back to their respective countries/regions about all the good work they accomplished. Whatta buncha bullshit. And yes, it IS a scam, but that does NOT mean we're not in trouble. Even if we were to stop all climate engineering activities at once, WE ARE IN DEEP SHIT. You cannot blatantly damage a planet's life support systems for 75 years and not expect catastrophic consequences. As it continues to worsen, rather than stopping, these criminally insane military people double and triple their activities. Can they NOT SEE that with each weather system attack, it just keeps getting hotter, globally?
The Climate Scam Revealed by COP28
I wasn't totally in jest with my comment about partying. Here's a few lines from the article.

Imagine, COP28, pretty much like COP27, held in Sharm El Sheikh Egypt in November 2022, is attended by some 70,000 people, or “participants”. Thousands are from NGOs and businesses who are using the event for networking. About 2,000 of them—maybe more—are lobbyists for oil companies or governments, or corporations, depending on fossil fuels for their economies, production and for their future.

Imagine, Since the Earth summit in 1992 in Rio, every year the same—just bigger—circus—while fossil fuel consumption rises.

The number of lobbyists and the business deals grow—and the world’s public at large keeps slumbering away, and the number of COP participants grows every year.

What level of CO2 emission would a 2-week summit attended by 70,000 people, many of them big shots and big spenders, generate? Probably thousands of tons—or more—of CO2.

Just think of the air traffic for the participants, back and forth, many of the VIPs come in their private jets—not unlike the bigwigs going to the annual WEF meetings in Davos.

Plus, the food and drink—production, transport, consumption, the air-conditioned comforts of the attendees’ hotel rooms—and much more. You got it.

And you can't even call these people hypocrites. This goes way beyond hypocrisy—it is a blatant mockery of humanity and the catastrophic situation we are in—a flagrant thumbing of the nose and firmly raised middle finger.

But what goes around, comes around. It is long overdue, and it's coming. Meanwhile . . . .
'Frankly astonished': 2023 was significantly hotter than any other year on record
But it comes with this nonsense caption:
"2023 was significantly hotter than any year going back to at least the late 1800s. The coming decades will be even hotter if humans don't rapidly move away from burning fossil fuels, scientists warn."
And again, of course, no mention of Climate Engineering, Weather Warfare, or any form of ENMOD. Maybe when more and more states do what New Hampshire did, these MSM people will be forced to tell the truth. As Dane keeps saying (and which is happening now) it cannot be kept hidden much longer.

And speaking of the U.S. Military, you all knew about this right? And Biden didn't even know he was in the hospital! Makes me wonder if they were trying to cover it up. Perhaps he has that "turbo-cancer" caused by the vaccines which were FORCED on everyone on the military, not that I care what happens to these blatant murderers.
"The Pentagon failed to disclose Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin's hospitalization for days.
Biden isn't considering firing Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, White House official says
"The Pentagon’s announcement late on Friday that US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin had been in the hospital since New Year’s Day shocked both the Pentagon press corps and the national security establishment. Three days on there are still many questions to be answered including what’s wrong with Austin and when he’ll leave Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Maryland.
Lloyd Austin: What we know about defense secretary’s hospitalization
Austin was hospitalized for complications following treatment for prostate cancer

Remember in my last Disclosure article, I commented that ultimately it would be at the State and Local levels that the needed changes would come, and that is proving to be true. That statement was in regard to an article I posted concerning Ohio and other states banning foreign investors from buying up farmland. (I hope that they also tackle the REASON farmers feel forced to sell; then we'll get to the root of the issue.) Here's the article again.
New law limits who can own agricultural land in Ohio
Now, they need to ban people like Gates, who is more of a threat than foreign countries, as far as I'm concerned, and that also goes for ALL AGRIBUSINESSES. Put the FARMS back into the hands of REAL FARMERS, where it belongs. If anyone is still alive, once the financial system fails and world trade shuts down, people will begin, once again, to rely on local food production. There will be no other options.

Well, it seems like we have more refusals to cooperate here in the Divided States of America. Let's hope we get some unity on these issues. First, apparently New Hampshire aspires to be a thorn in the ass of the U.S. Military. Now, we all know this alone won't make a difference, but if ten or twelve other states join in, as with the issue above, especially if they are bigger and more influential states, the media will be forced to cover it. Plus, all those people who have been mocking those of us who have been telling the truth all these years, will also be forced to take a closer look at their willful blindness.
New Hampshire Bill To Ban Climate Engineering, 90 Second Alert
But wait! There's more!
"H.B. 229 will now move to the state Senate. Furthermore, more than half the states in the union will have Defend the Guard legislation introduced in their legislative bodies in 2024. In March 2023 the Arizona Senate became the first legislative body to pass this bill."
New Hampshire: We Won't Send Our Soldiers to Unauthorized Wars
And here's some good news from Florida. This one includes correspondence between the Florida Surgeon General and the FDA and CDC, plus lots of charts and graphs. Again, I would think other states would follow suit.
Breaking: Florida Will be the First Jurisdiction to Halt COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines
And speaking of unauthorized wars, I know I said I wouldn't mention his name any more on this site, but this one is certainly not complimentary. I don't know how anyone could have trusted him in the first place. How can someone that brags about how long he's been an environmental activist, be clueless about the atrocity in the skies? I hope Dane hasn't placed any hope that he will be an ally for our cause. Ain't gonna happen. And with as much ranting as Dane has done about the Israeli slaughter of the Palestinians, I would be shocked if he has anything to do with him at all, after this.
This article is truly disgusting. It's not just that he supports Israel, but the horrible things he's saying about the Palestinians have got to be some of the most inhumane statements I've ever read. Not only is he going to find himself without support for his "campaign," but he is DONE. Period. In everything. He will be a name forgotten. Just wait. The people who gathered around him—the ones with a highly developed sense of morals and ethics and honesty and trust in the honorable (maybe not) Kennedy name, will never again trust him, nor will they want their names mentioned anywhere near his. Just wait! This is really bad. I would say "shame on him," but his behavior is worse than shameful. It is EVIL. Go ahead, Junior, join hands with the Elites that want to destroy the world. Here are some quotes, and they are not flattering.
RFK Jr.’s ‘Unconditional’ Support for Israel Is Costing His Campaign for President

Bobby Jr. could have been a contender, instead of a bum, which is what he is.

The trouble started when Kennedy praised former Pink Floyd frontman Roger Waters who was being canceled in Germany at the time. Informed by Israeli partisans that Waters is on their enemies list due to his support for the Palestinians, Kennedy immediately threw the singer under the bus, cravenly deleted his praise, and through a surrogate declared Waters a “vicious anti-Semite”—which is preposterous. This was bad enough.

But then someone got footage of Kennedy speculating about whether COVID-19 was “ethnically targeted” to spare Ashkenazi Jews and Asians. So to make up for this massive, self-inflicted blunder and show he was not racist against Jews, Kennedy decided to prove it by showing how much he hates Palestinians instead.

GASP! Oh, my. This is rather horrendous, eh? Here are more random quotes.

Since then he has doubled down, claiming Palestinian children are all “being raised as serial killers.”

Kennedy has been reciting pollster Frank Luntz’s talking points line by line, justifying demolitions of Palestinians’ homes and claiming that in its post-October 7th war, “Israel is doing more right now to protect human life” and praising the IDF’s “unique moral approach” to war.

Just as more than 20,000 Gazans are being blown apart or buried alive in the ruins of their homes, as Israeli forces target highrises, schools, hospitals, mosques, churches and refugee camps, and torture detainees, RFK Jr. even claims that “The Palestinian people are arguably the most pampered people by international aid organizations in the history of the world.” He was referring to the aid they live on, when they can get it, because they have no national economysince they live under foreign military occupation.

Despite claiming to have been there, Kennedy clearly has no idea what he’s talking about, referring to “Palestinian settlements within Israel,” when describing Palestinians living in what is left of their territory under Israeli occupation and constant settlement expansion, as though they are the ones colonizing the Israelis.

GASP!, again. These are some seriously damning statements, and I wonder what has gone wrong in Kennedy's brain, or if he was always a demented scoundrel. Just what we need for a President, eh? It ain't gonna happen, and as I've been saying, this country and probably the world will be in total breakdown way before November comes along. Incidentally, Dennis Kucinich was hired to be his campaign manager, but he was the first to quit, I believe, in October. He is one of ours here in NE Ohio—from Cleveland—and is beloved by a great many people around here for his honesty and high morals and ethics, so I'm sure no one was surprised that he quit. Here's more on him, beginning with his Wikipedia page.
Dennis Kucinich
And here's an article he wrote, condemning the U.S. government for the endless stream of wars they have funded. Yes, we ALL need to say ENOUGH. Dane always says we have the biggest military in the world, but I do not believe we are still the most powerful. The U.S. is losing long-time allies, nations are sick of our bullying, and the article linked above concerning the STATES' refusal to cooperate with all these unnessary and illegal conflicts will all serve to disempower the government and military. When a military has become SO out of control that its internal institutions refuse to support it, it is on the road to failure. As the article on New Hampshire says that over "half the states will in the union will have Defend the Guard legislation introduced in their legislative bodies in 2024," that's a massive message being sent to those who wish to continue business as usual. Now, if only those states would join New Hampshire in banning geoengineering, and Florida banning the Covid "vaccines," we will finally begin to make some progress.
Thou Shalt Not Kill. Dennis Kucinich
Here are some quotes.

The US, with its political divisions on full display, functions now only for purposes of funding wars. Otherwise, the government will shut down over its inability to balance the books from the expenses of previous wars which were put on the national credit card.

The polarization of US politics, the cognitively impaired and failing executive branch, the instability of the congressional leadership, the purblind partisanship, the ideologically, click-bait driven media has produced a mad blood lust for war against Iran and acceleration toward the abyss.

Through illegal war after illegal war, the US has demoralized and demonized itself against the rest of the world. It is the US and Israel against the Arab, Muslim, Chinese, Russian, Iranian, Turks, et al. The probability of nuclear war is higher than it has been since the Cuban Missile Crisis of October 16-28, 1962, when President Kennedy and Soviet Premier Nikita Krushchev found an off ramp averting annihilation. Today, the price of nuclear vengeance and retribution would be the deaths of at least five billion people, and the end of life on planet Earth.

How many times have I said that the easiest way to STOP all this criminal insanity is to simply not support it? YES, it is simple, but most people won't give up anything that threatens their lifestyles. But still we DO see people making changes in their lives. The WEF suffered a horrendous failure with their inability to convince the entire global population to get the toxic jab. And as Dane always says, these things must STOP from the inside. So when insiders refuse to cooperate, it can stop an agenda in its tracks. The global elites are running out of options as people wise up and wake up. Here's one, again from an insider.
Whistleblower Calls for WEF Founder Klaus Schwab to be Arrested Over “Crimes Against Humanity”
This is a good article. Of course these people should not have "diplomatic immunity," any more than drug companies should have immunity against lawsuits from toxic vaccines. And the ICC needs to stop sweeping all these charges under the rug. Nuremberg 2 will happen yet!! Here's some random quotes.

Najadi says the crimes of Schwab and his buddies are so great that there needs to be an immediate arrest of both Schwab and other WEF executives such as Bill Gates, as well as the leaders of the World Health Organization (WHO), Big Pharma, and Big Tech.

In partnership with Schwab, Najadi’s father started the WEF back in 1971. He quit a decade later, citing disgust with Schwab’s dystopian vision for the future of non-elite humanity

Together with prosecutors, Najadi is pushing towards eventually holding Schwab accountable for unleashing hell on the world. His case is also drawing attention to other globalist bodies like the United Nations (UN) that cooperated in the evil scheme.

Right now, leaders of the WEF, the UN, and WHO maintain diplomatic immunity, meaning they cannot be charged and tried—but Najadi wants that diplomatic immunity revoked, followed by the issuance of arrest warrants.

According to Najadi, the belly of the beast is Geneva, Switzerland, which he says is ground zero for globalist control over the world. “The devil lives in Geneva,” Najadi is famously quoted as saying.

“Everything evil in the world related to democide unfortunately comes from Geneva,” Najadi is quoted as saying.

“You have WHO [World Health Organization] in Geneva, you have Gavi [Bill Gates’s Vaccine Alliance], then you have the WEF, which my father was a co-founder and left Klaus Schwab out of disgust in the early eighty’s that has diplomatic immunity.”

Here is a brief history and explanation of Crimes Against Humanity
Crimes Against Humanity

And how about this?!
‘I Don’t Recall’: Fauci Unable to Answer Key Questions in Pandemic Probe
Gosh, there's so much quotable information in this one, I don't know where to begin. Again, these are choice random quotes.

Fauci “claimed he ‘did not recall’ pertinent COVID-19 information or conversations more than 100 times,” and “profusely defended his previous congressional testimony where he stated the National Institutes of Health (NIH) did not fund gain-of-function research in Wuhan,” according to the subcommittee statement.

Responding to Monday’s testimony, Rutgers University molecular biologist Richard Ebright, Ph.D., a frequent critic of gain-of-function research, told The Defender:

“Fauci repeatedly and flagrantly violated U.S. government policies implemented to protect the public from lab-generated pandemics. He lied—brazenly—to Congress about his policy violations in three Senate hearings in 2021-2022. He lied—brazenly—to Congress about his policy violations again yesterday.”
Francis Boyle, J.D., Ph.D., professor of international law at the University of Illinois and a bioweapons expert who drafted the Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989, told The Defender Fauci should be prosecuted.

And here are more signs that the U.S. Military is losing support.
In 2023 Bethlehem Was a Solemn Ghost Town: The Coming Storm Is Upon Us
Here's another from October. And the financial situation is only "worsening" and will continue to "worsen" until it collapses.
US Hitting the Brick Wall of Military and Financial Self-destruction
Please note: I DO NOT agree that we should be funding ANY WARS, and if I had my way, we would not fund the military AT ALL. I'd like to see the end of them, totally. You want to talk about Crimes Against Humanity. That's their motto. And as far as I'm concerned, the whole financial system NEEDS to collapse. FOR EVERYONE, meaning all these global elites who think they control the world will lose it all. From a spiritual standpoint, getting out of the entire money system would trigger a massive vibrational shift, and for those of us that have so little to lose, it would be a release. But that's for other articles. In any case, I included this one to segue into some comments concerning digital tyranny, which ain't gonna happen. I see more and more people paying with cash, upon which I usually comment upon in the check-out line. Most people are consciously doing it for the right reasons.

When I was at Walmart on a recent Saturday, I was surprised to find WAY more "assisted" aisles open, and I commented to my cashier. She said they are easing out some of the self-check-out aisle because people aren't using them. I certainly do not. I will rather stand in a long line. And Walmart allows people to use cash, unlike many other stores, such as ALDI. But I still won't use them. Remember when "convenience stores" use to be called Service Stations? If you're young, that was before your time. OK, so I don't mind pumping gas. And pre-paying with cash, of course. I use ATMs to withdraw cash. For now, but I my next story concerns that. The point is, the digital stuff is getting creepy, and it being used to tag, track and trace. Here's a couple articles.
Customers have soured on self-checkout, and a new study says there’s proof
Yes, I agree with this article. Shopping is difficult enough, any more, without the added burden of the check-out process. ALDI doesn't bag, but that's OK. I keep a box in my car, and just unload the contents of my cart into it. I rarely buy much anywhere, anymore. Here's a quote.

Customers feel more rewarded by a store and “feel like they were treated more valuably” when using regular checkout because it involves less effort and cashiers handle the scanning, bagging and payment process, the Drexel researchers found.

Regular checkout also makes customers feel that they are receiving the service they are entitled to as customers of that store, the study found.

And here's one on QR Codes, of which I've been warning people for years. The best solution is to DITCH YOUR WIRELESS DEVICES.
Think twice before scanning a QR code—it could lead to identity theft, FTC warns
Think more than twice! Oh my goodness. Plus, QR Codes are KNOWN as digital trackers. I CANNOT understand how people can CONSENT to that. It is one of those bewildering aspects about modern humanity that leads me to believe there is something essential missing from their mind processing.

And here's a scary story of my own experience. A while back, a person who was being interviewed by another person, both people whose name I said I would not mention on this site again for their support of the Israeli slaughter of the Palestinians—made the statement that people often cannot get money out of the ATMs over the weekends because the banks don’t have enough cash. A couple weeks ago, on a Saturday, I drove to Alliance to get money out of the ATM. (If they are surveilling me, it’s a pretty boring record, so I don’t worry about it. I only use the one in Alliance and the one in Ravenna.) Anyways, there used to be three or four of this particular bank in Alliance and two in Ravenna, but now only one each, but the one in Alliance has THREE outdoor ATMs. They were ALL shut down! And I watched the parking lot keep filling up with people that left really pissed. I had no choice but to use my card for kerosene, which is why I was in Alliance in the first place, and that pissed me off, as I only use it once a month to pay one bill, which is the only way I can pay it. I am quite sure that was the reason the machines were down. If it was just a technical issue, it probably would not have affected all three. Anyways, I DID have cash, I just didn’t have it with me, but for those who REALLY needed cash, they were shit out of luck. Then, the following Tuesday, I went to Ravenna, during the day. They have two ATMs and one had no cash. THEN, just a few days ago, I was once again in Alliance. The machine appeared to be working, but it took forever to roll my money out. It finally did, at which point, the light flashed that it was out of money! And this was a weekday, also. This should be a gargantuan red flag to everyone. That was THREE TIMES in less than two weeks that the ATMs were out of cash. Now I make sure I always go during business hours, but there is coming the day when even that won’t matter. So, we must all build a stash of cash, at least for now, as we see how this all unrolls.

Here are some other articles of interest. The first one, while naïve to many of us, is by an airline pilot from the UK who recently changed his mind about "chemtrails" being real, so it is a good one for others less knowledgeable. There are some things I disagree with, and some blatant errors, such as stating there is a "HAARP" facility on the Welsh coast. No, there is only one HAARP, and it is in Gakona, Alaska. There is an IONOSPHERE HEATER on the Welsh coast. But it is just another sign that people are waking up all over the place now, and once the airline pilots and other employees realize the agenda, THEN, again, we can stop it from the inside. And of course, WE know better than to call them "chemtrails." They are aerosol dispersions, climate engineering, geoengineering and weather warfare operations.
The Hidden Agenda Behind the UK Government’s Chemtrail Operations
Here are more articles concerning planes. This first one is disturbing indeed.
Pilot Warns of Airline Industry Disaster Due to COVID-19 Vaccines
This next one is stupid. How many people seriously consider not flying because of the enviromental impact? Most don't give a shit. But the question should be is it SAFE to fly?, and the answer is NO! By the way, I have never been NEAR a plane and do not plan on changing that. Anyways, not surprisingly, this was published by The Weather Channel, whose motto is "We Lie and Spread Propaganda For Our Paychecks."
Should I Stop Flying? It’s a Difficult Decision to Make.

And more good news! Anything to shut down Monsanto is good news.
Federal Court Halts Spraying of Monsanto’s Dicamba Pesticide Across Millions of Acres of Cotton, Soybeans
I'm glad it's banned, but I never heard of it being described as a pesticide. It is an herbicide, or defoliant, and I get drifted with it every year. It causes leaves to curl and turn yellow.

OK, so here's some not-so-good news, but the way things are changing now, I think there's a good chance Roundup will be banned soon, too. It seems like all of a sudden, people who have been supposedly responsible for our safety are actually taking action. Perhaps this plandemic and the sordid plans of the WEF have finally sunk in, and people who thought they were above it all now realize they are just as much a victim to all these poisons as the rest of us.
Glyphosate Worse than We Could Imagine. “It’s Everywhere”
Here is a worrisome quote.

What is becoming clearer is the colossal and obviously deliberate official blind eye given to potential dangers of glyphosate-based pesticides by regulatory bodies not only in the EU and the USA, but also in China, which today produces more glyphosate than even Monsanto. Since the Monsanto Roundup patent expired, Chinese companies, including Syngenta, Zhejiang Xinan Chemical Industrial Group Company, SinoHarvest, and Anhui Huaxing Chemical Industry Company, have emerged as the world’s major producers of the chemical as well as largest consumers, a not good omen for the future of the legendary Chinese cuisine.

Glyphosate is the base chemical component for some 750 different brands of pesticides worldwide, in addition to Monsanto-Bayer’s Roundup. Glyphosate residues have been found in tap water, orange juice, children’s urine, breast milk, chips, snacks, beer, wine, cereals, eggs, oatmeal, wheat products, and most conventional foods tested. It’s everywhere, in brief.

And speaking of toxic shit, this, sadly will be around longer than we will. I can't imagine having a culvert under my house. That seems to be begging for a flood.
The stream flowing under homes in East Palestine is still polluted
"Sulphur Run winds its way through East Palestine under homes through culverts. People living above are worried about the pollution from the train derailment."

Here are just a few of the volumes of weather disaster videos from January—both sNOw and flooding, often at the same time and all in the U.S..
Deadly winter storm sends water levels skyrocketing on Northeast rivers and at the coast, forcing evacuations
Since when are tornadoes part of a "winter storm system?"
"Heavy rains, flooding and destructive winds and tornadoes snarled traffic and knocked out power up and down the East Coast."
The Northeast and South are recovering after a huge, deadly winter storm
"A calamitous cocktail of vicious winds, extreme snowfall, dangerous thunderstorms and potentially lethal cold is taking aim across the country as perilous conditions snarl travel and threaten power outages in freezing temperatures."
Blizzard warning: Life-threatening snow storm will slam Iowa as other states face dangerous cold or flood warnings
From blizzards to torrential rain, extreme weather dominates across the U.S.
At Least 14 Dead In Winter Storms In Tennessee
"As a brutal Arctic blast wraps up in the eastern US, a new winter storm system is bringing freezing rain and precarious road conditions to the Pacific Northwest."
At least 40 dead from barrage of winter storms and cold
"Landslides shut down roads, homes were flooded and evacuation warnings issued after heavy rainfall in California."
California Rain Brings Floods, Rescues, Landslides
"A landslide caused by heavy rain pushed debris onto train tracks in San Clemente, California, disrupting train service indefinitely."
Landslide In California Suspends Train Service Indefinitely
"Back-to-back winter storms brought snowfall totals in Juneau to near-record levels, raising the alarm for potential avalanches."
Near-Record Snow Prompts Avalanche Warning In Alaska
Aerial Footage Shows Swamped Roads In Louisiana Flooding
And THIS!!! OMG, thankfully there were no people or animals in its way. The people in the truck were most likely safe, but they surely would not have been.
"A fire truck went on a wild ride down a slope in a Missouri neighborhood after freezing rain caused a light coating of ice on the roads."
And a generous coating of surfactants.
Fire Truck Spins Out Of Control In Missouri Ice
Imagine your worst nightmare. But the thing is, WHY are people out DRIVING in this??
"A rescue helicopter lifted a woman from a car that flipped over in a swollen creek amid heavy rainfall and flooding in parts of California. The driver was trapped for 14 hours, according to local media reports.
Helicopter Plucks Woman From Top Of Vehicle In Raging Flood
Those thermometer readings don't mean a thing. It's not WARM until they quit dumping us with chemical ice nucleation and quit BLOCKING the sun. It has been one miserable grey day after another after another after another. Mother Nature my ass.
"Sick of the cold? Mother Nature has a change in store: A dramatic weather pattern change is coming next week that will flip the brutal cold on its head."
A winter weather pattern change is about to bring a wild swing in temperatures to the US
And finally, remember a while back when I posted the video of a car trying to get around a snow plow and failing? I commented that I've had people do that to me. That's the way people in OHIO DRIVE. It wasn't my imagination. It happened EIGHT TIMES. If you are thinking of moving to Ohio, please take this into consideration.
"A pickup truck trying to pass struck a snow plow in Brooklyn, Ohio. Officials say it’s the eighth vehicle versus plow incident in the state this winter."
Vehicle Hits Snow Plow In Ohio For Eighth Time This Winter
Brooklyn is near Cleveland. And as I was gathering the California Storm videos yesterday, another car-snowplow accident was posted. "Oh, no," I thought. "Not Ohio again." Yes, Ohio. Again.
Driver Spins Out After Hitting Snow Plow

And a few others.
Too bad it didn't wash the entire base out to sea. It's about time these people started suffering for all the misery they've caused. That day is coming.
"A huge wave crashed into a military base in the Marshall Islands, sweeping people off their feet and causing major damage."
Watch Massive Wave Break Through Doors At Military Base
And this is heartbreaking. All those beautiful, innocent, precious turtles. Truly, I have this fantasy of rounding up all of these people spraying this chemical ice nucleation on us, and shoving them into a room, butt-naked, then turning on the sprayer. COLD ENOUGH FOR YA? Maybe they would understand how these creatures, whose lives are more worthy than THEIRS, feel. And I personally am totally SICK of being dumped on. Their day is coming.
More than 100 cold-stunned turtles rescued after washing ashore frozen in North Carolina
Only 36 survived. The alligators fared a little better.
Videos show cold-blooded alligators in brumation to survive winter months
"Alligators rely on external sources to regulate their body temperatures—so during winter, they will go into brumation. A viral video captured the phenomenon during the Texas winter freeze."

As I prepare this to publish tomorrow, here are some videos and photos on the horrendous situation in Southern California. I gathered these yesterday, February 6, and by today, except for The Weather Channel, CNN, CBS and NPR had NOTHING about this disaster!
California Storm: Power Outages, Wind, Rain
The Moment A Tree Falls On Home In Sacramento
People Cling To Tree After Flood Swamps Car
California Flooding, In Pictures
Bastards. I'm sure they know all about it THEY created it.
"This is what it looks like high above the damaging rain and winds of the atmospheric river hitting California."
U.S. Air Force Captures Bird’s Eye View Of Atmospheric River
Remember what I said above about people now losing their homes every day? Just look at all this in these wealthy neighborhoods. Their money doesn't make a bit of difference. Where do all these people GO when their homes have been destroyed? We never hear a word about what happens to them. Yes, I am SO GRATEFUL for my big strong greenhouse.

Here are just a few random notes about the totally unpredictable weather that is now wreaking havoc across the globe. Even the meteorologists and NWS/NOAA can't predict it any more and it is subject to change—sometimes massively—from day to day. But what terrifies me is that they, at any time, have the ability to not only flash freeze the land, but us. Dane often speaks about what could happen as they become more desperate. He thinks of nuclear war and pathogens, but I think it is just as likely they would freeze us to death. Here as I write my final thoughts for this article on February 8, we are two-thirds of the way through winter. We have more hours of daylight and the position of the sun should warm us up, despite of what is being sprayed. But the chemical ice concentrations now are totally out of control.

The greenhouse, being basically a solar-heated building, begins to warm up at sunrise. It doesn't take much, but lately, with these high saturations, combined with grey-black skies, it often takes until afternoon to warm up. Last night was supposed to be cloudy—which usually means warmer, as it holds in the daytime heat, and the overnight low was to be 31 degrees. But as soon as the sun went down last night (and it stayed clear), the inside temps plummeted, and the effects of the ice nucleation are painful to the fingers and toes especially. It is a chilling that pentrates to the bones. And why? Because our bodies are mostly water, and the flash freeze effect freezes what? Well, WATER, of course. When the inside of your body is being chemically frozen, nothing on the outside will warm it up. I keep my hot water bottle near me, and often that is my only way of thawing my insides, or actually sticking my body—hands and feet especially— into hot water. This really should terrify people, because it doesn't matter how high your thermostat is when you are being chemically frozen. Like those poor, innocent, beautiful turtles.

I have made so many changes here in the greenhouse that I can now get by mostly with only two heaters running, even into the lower 20s. I put two other smaller tarps up, one as a wall and one as a means to lower the "ceiling," so that helped, but as they strengthen these ice nucleation concentrations, I am struggling with that, plus their forecast temps are often way off from what really happens. Early January was horrendous, with overnight lows near zero. Then it went back up to the 50s again. Then back down again. On January 21, the high was 27.5, and supposed to drop to 13 overnight, but it went down to THREE DEGREES. I only had three heaters running, so that was a pretty rough morning. And the sNOw! On January 19, we were supposed to get 1-3 inches, which ended up 5-7. Why do we have meteorologists, when they don't have a clue? The thing is, there have also been nights that dropped very low, yet I was snug and warm. The difference? They had not dumped on us.

But just recently, they are now dumping non-stop, and whatever they are using is done without precipitation and little overhead evidence. The overnight low last night ended up a frigid 29.1 and at 11 a.m. had only risen to 38. Now, at 12:30, it is 58! There's no rhyme nor reason concerning anything with the weather, which should be a massive red flag for the general population.

What I suggest we ALL DO, is investigate your state's laws. Which states have passed laws prohibiting foreign investment of farmland. If YOUR state has, write to your local representatives and thank them. Suggest they also prohibit people like Gates from buying up land, and inform them that climate engineering is forcing family farms out of business. Suggest they also ban THAT. Is YOUR state one that is working on Defend the Guard legislation. If not, suggest it. Suggest they also ban these bioweapon "vaccines." The links are all on this article. Just copy and paste. That could be the most important action we all take at this point, when states seem to be in the mood to finally ban all this destructive activity.

Below are my tarps. The side-wall one can be lifted during the day, so as to not block sunshine. The second one is my huge 36-foot tarp that is a wall AND a ceiling over my "bedroom." The third one is the smaller "ceiling" tarp."

Wall Tarp

36-Foot Tarp

Ceiling Tarp

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