Watching the Horrors Unfold

November 2, 2023

As mentioned in my last Disclosure article, I am going day by day now in deciding where I need to expend my energies. When I got up on Thursday, October 26th (which is the day I am beginning this), I got online and was greeted with one MASSIVE disaster after another, and I thought, I'm going to break my policy about doing only spiritual regular articles, because there is WAY too much for a Disclosure article. When I came back into the greenhouse to make my breakfast, Molly was lying there and looked very disturbing. She has numerous health issues, plus these "systems" that move through really mess her up. She has a problem with insomnia, but eventually crashes and mostly sleeps for several days. Well, it had been probably six days since she had slept, other than dozing, and she was a walking zombie. So when I saw her, she had pooped a little, which she never does inside, plus her mouth was open. I thought she was dying or in a coma, so like a dumbass in a panic, I woke her up, immediately realizing that she had FINALLY fallen into a deep sleep,. I cleaned her up and took her out. She was literally ready to fall over. I carried her up to the porch and packed blankets all around her, and didn't feed her, even though she was looking for food. (She has a good appetite.) Then I left her, but peeked at her every little while without her seeing me. Eventually she did fall back asleep, sometime before noon, and slept sound and comfortably. Her breathing was nice and even, and she barely budged until about 6 p.m.. Maggie stayed beside her almost the entire day. These poor animals are suffering both physically and mentally from all these toxins and radio frequencies, and I'm sure they are being affected by the mind-control agenda, because my cats are NOT behaving normally any more. They are driving me up a wall, but it's NOT their fault. How much longer do people think we can continue like this? [Fortunately in the following days, Molly had numerous restful naps and is much better, and so are the cats. I will discuss this more in my next Disclosure article dealing with animals. Molly turned 15 on October 23. The three indoor cats turned 17 in September. I feel like I'm running a nursing home for animals.]

Anyways, I spent some time writing up info with the links I was saving, so this will be another long and informative article covering a wide area of topics, beginning with weather horrors that are so beyond anything normal that I can't imagine anyone who still thinks there is ANYTHING normal going on on this planet. So here's the latest weather stuff.
OMG! NO! PLEASE, not again! More devastation in the Middle East.We MUST stop this insanity. This is not normal and it is NOT nature. These are being orchestrated., Why don't we just wipe out the entire region and hand it all over to Israel . . . .
Tropical Cyclone Tej Drenches Normally Arid Yemen
"At least one part of Yemen saw eight times its average yearly rainfall from a single storm. Tropical Cyclone Tej battered the country with rain, wind and strong surf."
In Dane's Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, October 28, 2023, he spoke of many of the issues I was writing about in this article, which is no surprise, which also included the observation of all the Arab nations being hit with disasters. (I have some other info on that which I will share in another article.) He mentioned that Yemen had launched a missile against Israel, which I was not aware of. Here is the Wikipedia page for Yemen
followed by a quote and map from my Interactive Radar.

Yemen, (romanized: al-Yaman), officially the Republic of Yemen, is a country in West Asia. It is located in the southern end of the Arabian Peninsula, and borders Saudi Arabia to the north and Oman to the northeast. It shares maritime borders with Eritrea, Djibouti and Somalia. Covering 555,000 square kilometres (214,000 square miles) and having a coastline of approximately 2,000 kilometres (1,200 miles), Yemen is the second-largest Arab sovereign state on the Arabian Peninsula. Sanaa is its constitutionally stated capital and largest city. The country's population is estimated to be 34.4 million as of 2023. Yemen is a member of the Arab League, the United Nations, the Non-Aligned Movement and the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation.

Map of Middle East

And THIS! Hurricane Otis. If we do NOT stop this, it will eventually happen to ALL OF US. These THINGS responsible for such atrocities are ruthless killers and destroyers.
Aerial Footage Shows Scale Of Hurricane Otis’ Destruction In Acapulco
And another. And just like Lahaina, "all communications were cut off." Coincidence? Circumstantial? Or PLANNED?
Acapulco Cut Off After Hurricane Otis Slams Into Mexico
And again. "Forecasters didn't see it coming, including one from the National Hurricane Center." Didn't see it coming? Or turned a blind eye? Like the blind eyes in Lahaina?
Hurricane Otis kills at least 27 people in Mexico, authorities say
Extent of Hurricane Otis’ impact around Acapulco, Mexico, remains unclear amid widespread communications outages

Mexican officials are working to determine the true extent of devastation left in Hurricane Otis’ wake after the powerful storm slammed into the coast near Acapulco on Wednesday as a Category 5 storm, causing severe damage and widespread communications outages for residents and emergency crews.
The outages have significantly limited authorities’ ability to survey or share the magnitude of Otis’ impact. But images and video show the damaging winds and rain left behind roadways blanketed with several feet of water and swaths of buildings with shattered windows and damaged infrastructure.

Officials and residents were left with little time to prepare for the severity of the storm because early forecasts significantly underestimated the threat. Otis rapidly intensified from a tropical storm to an extremely dangerous Category 5 hurricane—the area’s strongest storm on record—in just 12 hours.

Ari BigSalari, you always have an explanation, don't you? You can join Domenica in the garbage truck. Unusual tropical weather? Broke the scale when it comes to rapid intensification? From tropical storm to Category 5 in 12 hours? Gosh, then POOF! It's gone. Is there anyone out there that can STILL think any of this is normal or natural?
Hurricane Otis Is Latest In Unusually Strong October Storms
Hotels, Businesses Destroyed in Acapulco
Hurricane Otis Kills 27 In Mexico, Residents Desperate For Basic Supplies
And one more from National Propaganda Radio.
Hurricane Otis death toll at 39 as searchers comb through debris around Acapulco

And now to all that wonderful snow and cold weather. Domenica, why don't you get a job as a garbage collector? It would be more suitable for you. You collect garbage and spew it out as a weather report. (Sorry, I didn't mean to insult all the hard-working and essential garbage collectors.) And why are you talking like that? You sound like a ten-year-old. Speak like an adult.
Feel The Chill: How Cold Weather Can Be Good For Your Health
More Than A Foot Of Snow From First Storm Of Season
Yellowstone Roads Reopen Just In Time To Close Again.
Winter Storm Makes Snowy, Smoky Mess On North Dakota Highway
But that ain't nothin' compared to THIS!
At Least Seven Dead In Louisiana "Superfog" Pileup
And this one. Like something SO unnatural and anomalous could be good. A "rare wonder?"
The driest place in North America has sprung to life with lakes and flowers after Hurricane Hilary
"Wines had one piece of advice for visitors hoping to see the rare wonder: 'The sooner the better.'" And speaking of "wonders," look at this next one.
What I wonder about is if all you fucking liars at The Weather Channel actually believe anything you say. Do you really not "get it" that what you're seeing is some sprayed malignancy created by some criminal psychopath and funded by Bill Gates, probably filled with polymer fibers and Covid "vaccines."
This Cloud Projects A Shadow On The Sky
And here's more garbage from the mouth of Domenica. "Climate change" (could may might) cause health problems, but we don't want to declare an emergency yet. WHEN then? When we're all fucking DEAD? Dane also mentioned this article, or one similar.
Climate Change Could Catastrophically Harm Human Health

And just a couple more last-minute weather-related articles.
OK, so it's November. Are these fires going to continue all winter?
California Wildfire Burns Structures As Thousands Evacuate
As far as I'm concerned, tornadoes can destroy every military base on the planet. What goes around comes around.
Tornado Sends Debris Flying At Texas Military Base
I have a WHOLE lot more to say about the weather, especially the current situation. Every long-term outlook from NWS/NOAA continues to say dry and above average temps, but so far, except for that one recent week, all we've had is cold and wet in the Great Lakes region. Anyways, dare I plan? But since I am able to work now in a relatively comfortable environment, I plan to get the next Disclosure article out very soon, which will mostly cover animals, but also food and weather.

On to the next topic. No, it's NOT your imagination. People really ARE getting stupider. And yes, the human population on Planet Earth really IS going insane. Really. Yes, the "vaccines" are making everyone even stupider than they were. Yes.
But seriously, PLEASE watch this video. It is HORRIFYING!!
'I've never seen anything like it': Teachers are struggling with pandemic learning loss
OMG . . . .
Off-duty pilot accused of trying to shut off airliner’s engines mid-flight said he took ‘magic mushrooms’ 48 hours before the incident, court documents say
And another questionable one.
Houston airport had to ground all flights after a private jet departed ‘without permission’ and collided with another jet, FAA says
While mass killings just keep getting worse and worse.
At least 18 killed in Lewiston, Maine, mass shootings as police hunt for gunman
1 in 6 Adults Taking Psychiatric Drugs—and Doctors Now Prescribing Them for Young Kids, Too
OMG! Babies! Babies!! Why would a baby need an anti-depressant??
"Violence, including suicide and homicide, is a serious side effect of at least 25 different psychiatric drugs, some of which are now given to young children, toddlers and even babies."
I also want to mention that there are some quotes by Dr. Peter Breggin, who was one of the main people interviewed in the excellent documentary, The Minds of Men that I've been urging my readers to watch for years. It is a four-hour film but well worth the time. I broke it up and watched it over a period of several days.
I have more to say about Prozac and all these other horrible concoctions that doctors are quick to prescribe to their patients. Of course, they get massive commissions on them, just like cancer drugs and vaccines. If you have not yet watched the excellent documentary, Science for Hire—A Gary Null Production, please do. It will shock you to the core.
But the biggest problem with these psycho drugs, and most other drugs, is that people have no sense of taking responsibility for their own bodies. That starts with taking responsibility for one's own soul, and once a person realizes their sanctity and that their body is the temple in which their soul resides, they will be wary to not allow any outside force to mess with with it. But people are too wrapped up in their physical agenda that they have developed this horrendously corrupt attitude that they don't have time to do their inner, spiritual work, and so they allow others to take responsibility for them, 'cause it's a quick fix. But we are finding now that it, in many cases, is a quick death. In spiritual circles, disease is known as "dis-ease," a message from your inner self that something spiritual needs to be attended to. It is often a call that one is being urged to transform into the next level of being, but too few heed the call and begin to regress. When the call isn't heeded, the symptoms worsen, and the voice begins to scream for attention, hence all the "symptoms" that doctors call depression, anxiety, or mental breakdown. At the place we are now, it is either up or down, no staying in one place. We either follow the path to ascend to our higher, or highest being, or. . . . Well, we die, to put it bluntly.

I want to spend the last part of this article with the latest news about Israel/Gaza. I had tons of links saved, but this one updates so quickly, many of those are no longer relevant. I still have quite a few here, with lots of quotes and comments. I believe this is an extremely serious situation and we all need to pay attention. Remember, there are many (insane) "scientists" who claim that starting a nuclear war would be "good for the climate" as Dane warns will happen as a last desperate resort, when nothing can be kept hidden any more. And the climate is definitely out of hand, and I think one of these days, it's gonna get hot everywhere, then just keep getting hotter, and when that happens, we are done. So all the DUMB-asses will hunker down in their DUMBs and think they're safe. It seems to me that there will be lots of people still on the planet with a great deal of knowledge and training, to ensure that, one way or another, something very nasty will find its way into their little hideaways. No place to run; no place to hide. For ANYONE. And now here are my Israel/Gaza articles with lots of quotes.

Note: These are both BRICS nations. I will be discussing BRICS at some point in another article.
United Nations Resolutions for a Ceasefire in Gaza Blocked by Washington and Its Allies

On October 24, the United States and other imperialist states for the third time voted against a resolution, this time sponsored by the Republic of Brazil, calling for a ceasefire in Gaza. Two other resolutions over the last two weeks, one sponsored by Russia and the other also by Brazil, were prevented from being adopted due to the influence of the administration of President Joe Biden.

This next one is a bit outdated, and the numbers of dead and homeless continues to escalate. And Biden certainly isn't changing his attitude. That man, that thing is nothing but an empty shell to be filled up with whatever his controllers please. How can we possibly have reached such a low level of civilization to allow such HORRIBLE PEOPLE to pose as leaders? How did this happen?
Israeli Bombs Have Destroyed Over 52,000 Homes, Leaving 1 Million Homeless

This development will not have the slightest effect on the Israeli military offensives on the horizon. On the ground around Gaza, everything suggests that the invasion will come in a matter of days. This is also indirectly confirmed by the decision of Israel and the United States not to take part in the “peace summit” in Egypt. The Netanyahu government, riding on the strong support at all levels that Joe Biden assured them of on Wednesday, has no intention of agreeing to a ceasefire, as Egypt’s Abdel Fattah el-Sisi and Jordan’s King Abdullah would like, both of whom are concerned about the possibility that the war will end with the expulsion of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians to their countries, not only from Gaza but also from the West Bank. There are many future scenarios to consider.

I want to add another article that's outdated, being published on October 17. It is by Peter Koenig, who always has something intelligent to say. It contains an excellent video report by Kim Iversen discussing why Egypt had closed its borders to the Palestinians. Apparently news sources were saying the they didn't want all those people pouring into their country, which I can understand, but other sources were saying that it was because no one wants these horrible terrorist Palestinians, and that the Arab nations were keeping their distance, which I would find extremely difficult to believe. Egypt and all the other Arab nations know exactly what the situation is.

But Iversen points out that the real reason is that the Palestinians don't want to leave because that would mean defeat and would give Israel victory over the land that belongs to them to begin with. So, in fact, the Arab nations are in solidarity with them and I cannot imagine it would be otherwise. I thought this was a very good point she made.
Second Nakba: The Start of Monumental Destruction of the Middle East?

The UN is coming increasingly under fire, finding itself one of the centers of attraction in this whole scenario and many of the rest of these links bring to the public eye just how dysfunctional they have become.
Will the United Nations Firmly Acknowledge “Israel’s Criminal Agenda” Against the People of Palestine? Statement of UNSG Antonio Guterres
Here are some quotes.

According to the late Father Miguel D’Escoto Brockmann who served as President of the U.N. General Assembly in 2008-2009:

“Those of us who do understand the nefariousness of the empire, and the ever-increasing danger it represents, must be clear that the effective defense of life on planet Earth, including that of the human species itself, inexorably demands the existence of an independent and democratic world forum for a genuine and effective defense of the rights of Mother Earth and of humanity.

That is why we insist, repeat and say time and again that the United Nations as it exists today is useless, inoperative, dysfunctional and an instrument of the empire. That is why it no longer enjoys any confidence or credibility whatsoever. ”
The UN increasingly serves the interests of “Global Capitalism” in what is described by Prof. Michel Chossudovsky as “The Hegemonic U.N-WEF-NATO Triad”

Chossudovsky points out that The 2030 UN Sustainable Development Project is being carried out in close coordination with Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) “Great Reset”, which serves the interests of the global financial establishment.

And this! Again, it's all about oil and gas. And these fucking liars (governments, elites, WEF, so-called "activists", etc.) claim to be working to end our dependence on fossil fuels.
“Wiping Gaza Off The Map”: Big Money Agenda. Confiscating Palestine’s Maritime Natural Gas Reserves
Ethnic Cleansing. Right. Jews, of all people, should know what that is, and vow to never let it repeat. Tiny enclave, indeed. OMG! Look at a map of the HUGE area called Israel, and this itty-bitty strip of land called the Gaza Strip. I am glad more and more Americans are speaking out on this atrocity. And Biden . . . . Someone PLEASE assure me that he has absolutely ZERO CHANCE of getting re-elected.
Veterans For Peace Statement on Gaza
And a quote:

Francesca Albanese, UN Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the Palestinian Territory occupied since 1967, warned of a new instance of mass ethnic cleansing of Palestinians and called for an immediate ceasefire.” She added, Palestinians have no safe zone anywhere in Gaza, with Israel having imposed a “complete siege” on the tiny enclave, with water, food, fuel and electricity unlawfully cut off.

How could anyone, at the very least, not support a ceasefire . . . Mr. President?

Biden ordered our UN ambassador to veto the UN resolution calling for a ‘humanitarian pause,’ so he can have more time to let American on-the-ground diplomacy “play out.” The tragedy and hypocrisy in that statement are monstrous, but surely delight the weapons makers who profit savagely from the billions of dollars our taxes buy for Israel year in and year out.

And here's another positive sign—UN Secretary-General, António Guterres, is finding himself in increasingly deeper shit, while ISRAEL is calling for his resignation because he is not supporting their blatant slaughter 100 percent. Oh, my. What a fucked-up world this is.
The Day UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres Became Relevant. Israel Calls for His Resignation
And a quote from that one

The foreign minister made it fairly clear what sort of world that was. “I will not meet the UN Secretary-General. After the October 7th massacre, there is no place for a balanced approach. Hamas must be erased off the face of the planet.”

Gilad Erdan, the Israeli ambassador to the United Nations, spoke in the voice of complacency outraged, going so far as to demand the resignation of Guterres.

I want to make a plea to everyone reading this and following these stories with horror. Please, this is NOT the time to harbor prejudice for any group of people, no matter what their religious or ethnic background may be. Judge every person by their own behavior, and hold them personally accountable, but do not include others simply because they are from the same country, region, or heritage. There are millions of wonderful peace-loving Jewish people and Muslim people and American people that do NOT live their lives with hatred toward others. I cringe when I think that there millions, or billions of people out there who hate Americans and think we all support the atrocities being committed by our own leaders. Here are a couple articles concerning Jewish people who support returning the Palestinian's land to its rightful owner, and are horrified at the blatant genocide taking place.
Jewish Voice for Peace: All of Palestine is under attack. URGENT: Demand a ceasefire now.

For many of us, it’s impossible to imagine the scale of death and destruction in Gaza.

In just two weeks, the Israeli military has killed over 5,000 Palestinians in Gaza. Israeli warplanes have flattened entire neighborhoods. Shell-shocked children are left to search for their parents under the rubble. Millions of Palestinians have once again been made refugees, bombed as they tried to flee. Surgeons are operating by the light of their cellphones, increasingly without anesthesia.

Let us be clear: This is genocide.

This isn’t a war on Hamas. It’s a war on the Palestinian people.

I feel GREAT compassion for all the good, benevolent and peaceful Jewish and Muslim people all over the world. Just as I feel the same about ANY people who are connected with horrible acts of certain countries just because of their ethnic background or religious beliefs. It is up to ALL people to wipe out all bigotry and focus on the real evil-doers, especially here in the U.S.. We must not judge groups of people, but condemn only those responsible for these atrocities. Remember, at the root of it all, it's ALL about "divide and conquer." Don't be pulled into the mind control drama. Stand up for what is fair and rightful behavior that supports all life on Earth or soon there will not be an Earth to call our home.

And another related article.
Jewish Alternatives to Zionism
Oh, my. This just published 10/29 by Peter Koenig.
An All-out War May Have Just Begun in the Middle East
Here are some random sentences/paragraphs.

Al Jazeera is reporting (27 October evening) utterly massive and continuous bombardments of the northern Gaza Strip; unlike anything seen so far. They believe a ground offensive has begun.

ALL COMMUNICATIONS WITH GAZA CUT OFF: phones, fax, internet, cellular—all off.

Biden sends “war powers” notification to Congress over Gaza situation (27 October PM).

All communications by cell phone, internet, were blocked or destroyed by Israeli bombing. Gaza is fully cut off from the rest of the world. Mass killing, extermination style may be expected.

The Rafah border crossing to Egypt is again closed, meaning no water, no food, no fuel, no electricity—in addition to no communication.

A Nuremberg-type tribunal must be set up not only for the criminals behind this genocide, but also for the organizations which execute these orders.

Imagine, where do Western non-leaders, converted into soulless gnats but pretending to rule the world, get their orders, threats and money, much much money, to march the killing?

There is a video with it. This is what Col. MacGregor fears in a recent interview with Tucker Carlson, “WW3 will start in Israel and end up Iran . . . .” Koenig further comments:

Let us pray that such catastrophe can be stopped before it is too late. Once it breaks loose, nothing is predictable and most likely Russia will get involved, as Russia will not leave Iran defenselessly exposed to US assaults. If that happens, Europe may become for the 3rd time in little over 100 years, part of a world war theatre.

The ruthless, soulless, conscienceless and worst, spineless, cabal-appointed “leaders” in Europe, EU’s Ursula von der Leyen, President of EU Commission, and German Chancellor’s Olaf Scholz, naturally scholars of Klaus Schwab’s WEF, and all their corrupted entourage, would largely be to blame.

Israel’s Gaza War: “Situation is Now Catastrophic”. “Nakba is Ongoing”

As of Saturday morning October 28, Israel’s genocidal attacks on Gaza have killed more than 7,300 Palestinians including about 3,000 children according to Al Jazeera.

Another 1,650 Palestinians are trapped under the demolished remains of their homes and buildings destroyed by Israeli bombing, with half of them being children.

This is an Israeli war which specifically targets Palestinian civilians especially children as the IDF has bombed:

mosques and churches,
homes, residential areas, apartment buildings,
communications infrastructure, phone and internet cut-off

Here's another one concerning the UN.
Israel’s Unchecked Power: A Dangerous Precedent for International Law
This applies to the U.S. and many other nations that think they can to whatever they damn well please. And yes, the UN needs to return to its original purpose and require that ALL countries obey international laws. The breaking of these laws has become arrogantly blatant by certain countries, who have banded together to create a force that allows these laws to be broken. Here's some random quotes:

Israel’s continued defiance of international and United Nations resolutions has eroded the efficacy of these institutions, casting a shadow over their ability to ensure compliance and foster global stability. The persistent occupation of Palestinian territories, in contravention of multiple UN Security Council resolutions, has not only led to a protracted conflict but has also set a dangerous precedent for other nations to flout international norms with impunity. The absence of meaningful consequences for Israel’s actions not only undermines the credibility of the UN but also emboldens other nations to flout international law when it suits their interests.

Given the influential backing of certain global powers, the prospects of meaningful enforcement mechanisms being imposed on Israel remain slim. The unwavering support from powerful allies has shielded Israel from significant repercussions, thus creating an environment where international resolutions and calls for humanitarian aid are often met with calculated indifference. This shield of protection renders the prospects of outside forces compelling Israel to comply with the humanitarian truce resolution even more daunting.

The influence of powerful allies and their vested interests further complicates the enforcement of international law. The unwavering support extended to Israel by influential global powers has shielded the nation from meaningful repercussions, effectively granting it carte blanche to act with apparent impunity. This bolstering of Israel’s position on the global stage has created an imbalance of power that undermines the principle of equality among nations, further eroding the foundations of international law.

The repercussions of Israel’s unchecked power reverberate far beyond the borders of the Middle East, casting a pall over the efficacy and relevance of the United Nations and international law. As we navigate the complex landscape of global diplomacy, the need for an equitable and impartial approach to enforcing international law has never been more critical. It is imperative that the global community takes concerted and unwavering steps to ensure that no nation, regardless of its power or influence, remains above the reach of international law. Only through a collective commitment to upholding the tenets of international law can we foster a world order that is characterised by justice, equity, and peace for all nations.

[Including and especially the U.S.]

More than 3200 Children Already Killed by Israel in Targeted Airstrikes. “Netanyahu must be Indicted and Brought before the ICC in The Hague”
Good lord have mercy. What have we become? Certainly something other than human. This whole article is but a few sentences, but every one must be read. Here is one of them.
"These blood-soaked days will live in infamy, as very soon Netanyahu’s men will have killed over 10,000 civilians of whom all were unarmed."
I cannot even find words for this next one. As an American, I want to hang my head in shame. It is heartening that SO MANY countries DO NOT support it. And shame on the cowards that abstained. How many members of Congress have dual citizenship in Israel? Quite a large percentage, I believe. Also note, again, the mention of BRICS nations.
US Stands Isolated in Backing Gaza Massacre

The UN vote makes it clear how diplomatically isolated Israel and the United States are. The mere 12 countries that sided with Israel and the U.S. in the General Assembly were 4 from eastern Europe (Austria, Croatia, Czechia and Hungary); 2 from Latin America (Guatemala and Paraguay); and 6 small island nations in the Pacific.
Not a single country from western Europe, Africa, the mainland of Asia, the Caribbean or the Middle East voted with the U.S. and Israel. The countries that voted for a truce included many traditional U.S. allies (France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Norway, Ireland, Switzerland, New Zealand), while other U.S. allies like the U.K., Germany, Canada and Japan were among the 45 countries that abstained.

By October 30, only 18 members of Congress had signed the resolution introduced by Rep. Cori Bush calling for an “immediate de-escalation and ceasefire.” The new House Speaker Mike Johnson has pledged that the first piece of binding legislation he will put to the floor is one to spend $14 billion to resupply Israel with weapons, a bill that is likely to sail through with overwhelming support from both parties.

But alternatives to American “leadership” are finally emerging. The UN Security Council is immobilized by self-serving U.S. and Russian vetoes, and exclusive rich boys’ clubs like the G7 and the World Economic Forum have only further entrenched neocolonialism and inequality. But now the world is turning to more representative fora like the UN General Assembly, the G20, G77, BRICS and regional groupings like the African Union, ASEAN and CELAC to more honestly debate our common problems and find new ways to solve them.

Apart from the United States, the world is remarkably united behind the goal of ending the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories it occupied in 1967. The United States should stop fueling the occupation with an endless supply of weapons, and stop diplomatically shielding Israel from international efforts to end the occupation. Since the United States has utterly failed in its role as a mediator and honest broker between Israel and Palestine, acting instead as a party to the conflict on Israel’s side, it must now step aside to allow real mediators to take on that role.

Once again, I am pleased to pick up more readers, and that many readers are returning to the same articles several times. I know they are long, so I don't expect people to explore all my information at once. I put an immense amount of time into researching this material to share and to help us all be as well-informed as possible with all the critical events now taking place on the planet. I am "planning" to get a Disclosurearticle out next week.

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