Our Toxic World: HAARP Series #5

February 22, 2023

(Opening Note) Again, this is an exceptionally long article, since I have not been writing as many per month. I hope my readers take the time to return to it and check out the links, plus re-read what I wrote. I spend an immense amount of time researching the internet and seaching my mind for answers. I have two more HAARP articles planned, plus a book review/article based on a very nice book I acquired last year on Tesla and his works and writings, which goes right along with HAARP info. After that, I hope to acquire several additional books also related, so they will be part of the HAARP series. I took the time to organize all my HAARP notes, so the writing should go a bit easier. My next article, however, will be a follow-up on this one, beginning with a lengthy commentary on the documentary Died Suddenly linked below.

This is a continuation of my previous article, What If It's All Just An Experiment?, and keeping that in mind, one would have to ask, "Why would a civilization deliberately poison their entire life-support system?" They would have to be incredibly ignorant, unable to perceive what is going on in their physical reality, completely brainwashed and mind-controlled. And living in a computer-generated reality that can blind them and deafen them to whatever the controller(s) please. Yes. Right.

I have been deeply disturbed since I wrote that article for a several reasons. First, after I got it all down in writing, I realized just how strongly I believed that what I wrote is indeed our true situation. Add to that the fact that, every time one makes a huge leap in consciousness, the physical world becomes more and more incongruous with their spiritual and mental world. I now spend at least an hour every morning on "My Own Little Planet," which I now call "The Peaceable Kingdom." I feel as if I am there, and every day I fine-tune it. For those of you who snicker, I would suggest you look around and seriously question just how much longer we are gonna be here. If you do not want to end up in a situation like this, or probably worse, you must take your destination into your own hands. And for those of you who believe your "god" created THIS world, why would you think this "god's" next world would be any better?

But the other thing that has greatly disturbed me is that the mental state of humanity is completely breaking down. For a while there, people seemed eager to learn the truth, but now I am being scorned whenever I open my mouth, or else find myself attempting to communicate with a member of the zombie apocalypse. Dr. Sucharet Bhakdi spoke of people who were losing their minds when he did his interview with Greg Hunter, and ditto for Karen Kingston. Once that Covid "bioweapon" infiltrates the brain, it destroys the person's mental capacity. And people are wearing MASKS again. Why?? I try to keep from saying rude things to them but I don't always succeed. I have been trying and trying to get people in grocery stores to PAY ATTENTION to all this bioengineered fake "food," and mostly I get stares or a moronic smile, then they tell me to "have a nice day." How can people NOT CARE about what they eat? OMG, this is driving me crazy. And after watching Died Suddenly, with surveillance videos showing bus drivers dropping dead as they drove, I really do NOT want to even leave my farm unless it is to go to a different planet.

Recently in Ravenna, while driving on a downtown back street—a 25 mph zone—I had some fucking idiot pass me probably at 50 or 60 mph and nearly hit the oncoming vehicle. A few days later, while driving home on Route 14, which is hilly and has lots of double yellow lines, some idiot passed me on a hill and to make it worse, there was a woman who had crossed the road to go to her mailbox and had just turned to walk back, and was nearly hit. She and I both made rude gestures to the driver, but a lot good that does if someone is killed. I really HATE going anywhere now, and as these Covid bioweapons take effect in more and more people it will only get worse. You can find the interviews noted above in this article:
More Videos, Documentaries and Interviews

I have a shitload of materials to share which will be the main substance of this article, and as usual, the HAARP info will be in the bottom section, and here I will be discussing toxic radio frequencies, as pertaining to HAARP (and 5G). So, again, it will be a long article, and I would HOPE that at least my regular readers would return to it frequently to check out the articles and videos I have painstakingly collected, watched and read. I have organized the toxins by category, beginning with food. Has anyone else noticed the explosion of "bioengineered food ingredients" just since this plandemic began? Of course, every aspect of the scenario is being orchestrated, including the food shortages. Some are trying to say that is all fake, but here's my opinion. Let's review what has accelerated in the past three years. Weather disasters that have wiped out farms and forced farmers to sell. It is orchestrated but not fake. When your farm is under water, or there is no water, or you are ordered to kill your livestock because of some fake virus, well, where the hell do you think food is going to come from, and not just the U.S. but the ENTIRE WORLD? Then we have "Farmer Gates" showing up to purchase all this cheap farmland, and foreign investors, too, not because they yearn for getting back to the earth, but so they can turn all this land into a bioengineered food industry, three words that should NEVER BE USED TOGETHER. Therefore, all these empty shelves we expected aren't here. Yet. Just wait. Now, if this is a computer-generated reality, it makes sense that it has all happened so easily right under most people's noses without notice.

But I notice. Just try to buy a loaf of bread or box of graham crackers or some packaged cookies, candy or snacks that is NOT labelled that it contains a "bioengineered food ingredient" that is ANYTHING but food. Or baking powder. I considered making my own with baking soda and cornstarch, but all cornstarch is bioengineered now, too. And what is the percentage of "bioengineered food" that is NOT labelled? Why should that matter if our controllers are robotic machines? It doesn' hurt them. Unless you are willing to buy loaf of bread that requires a second mortgage on your house, or you live near a store that specializes in "real" food (but don't trust that either because Monsanto has single-handedly contaminated the entire Planet Earth food supply), then you are shit out of luck. This is another form of lockdown, tyranny, testing of tolerance and what we are willing to do without, and many of the other topics I discussed in the last article. For now, I have been buying Walmart in-store baked sliced Italian bread, which is NOT labelled to contain bioengineered ingredients and most of their other bakery is, but that does NOT mean it doesn't. I have mentioned before that I've had words with Walmart, ALDI, and Giant Eagle with no satifaction. In fact, after I spoke to someone at ALDI, I was angrier than I was before. Then I spoke to a manager at the Alliance store, who assured me that "everything ALDI sold, unless marked, WAS GMO"!!! OMG! Seriously? I am going to take that one to someone at corporate level. The ladies at the Giant Eagle bakery in Alliance were as frustrated as I, because they had no way of knowing, for instance, if their flour was bioengineered, and one of them was very well informed about the dangers of GMOs and bioengineered "foods." As I have stated previously, in my opinion, "bioengineered" is a step higher in the creepy-food category than GMOs. The fact is, OK, they can label something that contains bioengineered ingredients, but there is NO LAW that makes them tell us what it is, and THAT is the scary part. Is it a COVID "vaccine." Careful what lettuce you buy . . . . Does it contain bugs, bacteria, mold, other pharmaceuticals? Does it contain lab-grown ingredients? Graphene Oxide? We will never be told, I guarantee, and worse yet, I also guarantee it will find its way into the "safe foods," too, just as all children's breakfast cereals tested, even those "Non-GMO Verified" ones . . . 100 percent contained glyphosate. Roundup, in other words. Dane discussed the fact that nothing is organic any more in his Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, February 11, 2023
And here's another surprise. I never buy anything "sugar-free" so I expect what I DO BUY to be sweetened with some form of natural, plant-based suger. Nope, not any more. I bought a package of Royal pudding mix at Marc's recently because I had a dessert to make with my last remaining pumpkin. It had been a number of years since I bought pudding mix, and I DID check for "bioengineered" ingredients. But when I went to use it, I discovered to my horror that it was sweetened with Aspartame. Then I went to ALDI. Their pudding mix always used artificial sweeteners, but now does NOT. But it DOES contain "bioengineered" ingredients, so I guess I have to add that to my list of "do without." Here are some other delectables.


Yum, yum. Barf bag, please . . . .
GMO-using Fake Meat Company Impossible Foods’ EU Patent Revoked
U.S. food additives banned in Europe: Expert says what Americans eat is "almost certainly" making them sick
Just another reason to become a vegetarian. And grow your own food.
The US Meat Supply May Soon be Widely Contaminated with mRNA Proteins From Biotech “Vaccines”
And more yum-yums . . . .
Officially Approved by the EU: Four Insects Hiding in Your Food
USDA to crack down on organic food label fraud
The fox guarding the henhouse would be appropriate here. I mean, seriously, does ANYONE trust the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture. I would guess this is merely another obstacle for those who wish to become Certified Organic, and it seems to me that would be the goal of the USDA. Get rid of everyone attempting to grow "real" food, so Gates and his buddies can turn it all into a "food industry." That's why I never got certified, even though I AM SERIOUSLY organic. I never wanted the government nosing into my business, plus, you get some "farmer" near you using Roundup or Dicamba, and YOUR crops become contaminated, therefore causing you to lose certification. I bitch about "Dicamba drift" every year, when my tomato foliage suddenly turns brown, and tree leaves curl. I have loads of photos of that on my farm pages. And last, note what I said about ALL breakfast cereals testing positive for glyphosate.
Then there's the never-ending recalls . . . .
145,000 cans of Enfamil infant formula recalled over contamination fears

And yet one more way that our food, in this case, honey, is being tampered with. And these poor animals. These bees are being exposed to so much aluminum, giving them symptoms of dementia, which certainly would lower their resitance to other diseases. Stop poisoning the environment and maybe we can get healthy again. Nope, too late.
A biotech firm says the U.S. has approved its vaccine for honeybees
Soylent Chocolate, anyone?
Mars Wrigley fined after workers fall into vat of chocolate

And here is something good, for those who are able to grow their own food, which is becoming more challenging to impossible, depending on where you live. I have no idea what this summer will be like for my farm, but anyways, this is one of my most popular pages, and all of these are Non-GMO seed providers.
Favorite Seed Companies

Pesticides and Other Ground Poisons

This article illustrates what I just said above.
Contaminated Wildflower Nectar and Pollen Puts Bees and Humans at Risk—New Irish Study Slams Pre-Harvest Glyphosate Use
Lies and hypocrisy. The EPA is about as trustworthy as the USDA, FDA, CIA, FBI, NIH, FAA, CDC, WHO and NWS. Criminal agencies that support big money, no matter how many people they kill. Roundup should have been taken off the market DECADES ago, but it's still there because those billions of dollars paid in lawsuits are but a slap on the wrist compared to HOW MUCH MONEY THEY MAKE from these toxic products, especially this one. Monsanto, proud creator of Agent Orange. The whole company should be shut down. And those running it should be lined up against a wall and shot.
New US Research Finds “Worrying” Evidence Linking Monsanto Weedkiller to Cancer
Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention above, that another ingredient of "bioengineered food ingredients" is pesticides. Like glyphosate, which is why it has contaminated the whole planet. The thing is, and I will say this yet again (and again and again) . . . we have lost the connection to Nature, and that will be the end of the human species.
Pesticide, Seed, and Digital Agriculture Industry Concentrates Wealth and Power, Threatens Health

Environmental Issues

And speaking of Nature, let us move on to how we have abused it. Raped, pillaged, pundered, polluted, defaced, defiled and destroyed it. And we think we can continue life here? And I don't care if it IS a computer-generated reality. Human beings were meant to live in harmony with the natural world. It is built into us, at least those who have not lost our humanity and sold our souls for a buck. Here's a chilling report from Dane, and this is NOT just on Mount Shasta or in California. We are being sprayed with this toxic shit 24/7, and remember, those KC135 military tankers hold a 100-ton payload every time they take off. Do your math.
Aluminum Snow: Lab Test Confirmed
And speaking of Dane, he and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. finally got together for an interview, but I personally sensed that it was one of Dane's less comfortable ones. I could be wrong. I guess I was a bit stunned that someone who is so intelligent and aware of so much happening on the planet was so unaware of the atrocity in the skies. So I will say no more and I am glad they did this interview because Kennedy has an immense public influence. Here it is.
Are Chemtrails Real? With Dane Wigington

Here is one for the groan department. When you read the title, you think there might be something encouraging. Until you read the article, and realize it is the epitome of ignorance. I'll leave the rest to you. But I do have to insert just tiny comment of my own. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE? ARE THEY FUCKING BLIND. LOOK THE FUCK UP, IT'S BEEN GOING ON FOR OVER 75 YEARS. And why would Global Research even publish such bullshit nonsense? There. I feel better now.
Mexico Becomes First Nation to Admit Harms of Geoengineering, Halts Future Experiments
OK, I'm not done yet. This is just another example of what I spoke of in my last article, linked at the top of this page. IF, in fact, these people are serious, then they MUST be living in a different computer-generated reality than those of us that are not legally, morally and spiritually blind. The only sentence that is not totally inane is the very last. It is only partially inane.

Then CNN published their own story on it.
Supporters of a controversial climate solution say it could be key. Critics believe it is the path to catastrophe
Dane has been saying for years that when things got SO BAD, they would "introduce" geoengineering as a "last resort" to cool the planet, even though it has been going on for over 75 years, and is one of the main causes for the climate being so fucked up in the first place. I'm sure the people in the MSM MUST know that it is just another way to deceive the public. They have GOT to know it's been carried on as a covert activity of the military for YEARS, hence, their orders to shut up about it. Or not. After listening to Kennedy, who obviously had not given it a thought as something other than a conspiracy theory, I wonder . . . . IF, I am correct (and I believe I am) about this being computer-generated reality, it woud be easy to program most of the population to be totally oblivious. Beware the Gatekeeper.

Back in January when I was working on my videos and documentary article, I was listening to an interview of Ed Dowd with Mike Adams of Natural News. I found it a very good interview until he started on "these people that are saying we should start geoengineering to help cool the planet, and how Bill Gates is funding it, and how could anyone believe something so stupid." Mike remained silent, since he DOES know and has worked with Dane. Becoming totally frustrated, I turned it off and obviously didn't include it in my article. Of course, Gates and his funding of this "new technology" is coming up everywhere, but I would bet my bottom dollar HE is completly aware of the long history of climate engineering, and I would also venture to bet that HE funds the military, because, as many of us know, the U.S. Military is nothing but a mercenary agency, bought and sold by the highest bidder. Even all those missing $trillions from the Pentagon would not be enough to fund the levels that we are being assaulted at this point. And of course, Gates is benefitting by all the farmers who have lost their farms because of climate issues, so he can step in and buy them up cheap. So I will say one more time that we all need to wake up FAST to this fake reality and shut it down. Things get weirder by the day.

But the thing is, those that are now behind these stories that are gently warning the public about geoengineering . . . what do they hope to gain? We KNOW for a fact that it only exacerbates global warming, and just because we "allow" the public to finally officially know it is being carried out, it will STILL not cool the planet. Certainly "they" have got to know that. It is pure insanity, unless, of course, you are an Alien non-organic entity, or it is being orchestrated by AI, in which case neither would grasp the consequences of this action. I have, to say the least, been getting increasingly uncomfortable and people seem to be really edgy lately. Along with the zombie apocalypse, they seem withdrawn into themselves, like they know something terrible is coming and think they can avoid it by sticking their heads in the sand. Unless someone is completely mind-controlled, most people, I would suspect still have some sense of intuition left, but are often unaware of it, so they do not know where these feelings are coming from.

Anyways, back to the CNN article . . . .for those who are completely aware of what is going on in the skies, this is a master of absurdity. Talking about trials, sending a balloon up and releasing a "tiny bit," when KC135 military tankers carry a 100-ton payload every time they take off, and are spraying us 24/7. I feel like I am living in one of those Red Dwarf episodes I linked in the last article. And something seems really fishy here, too. The name of the "startup company" is "Make Sunsets." ??? What a stupid fucking name for a company, like the entire thing is but a hoax and someone thought of it on the spur of the moment. Not surprisingly, Dane covered this in this week's Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, February 18, 2023
Anyways, here are three paragraphs from the CNN article.

The plan was for the balloons, filled with helium and a small amount of sulfur dioxide, to float high into the stratosphere. There they would burst, dispersing their load of sun-reflecting sulfur dioxide particles and cool the Earth, just a tiny bit.

Some dismissed it as a stunt. It is not clear if any particles were actually released or even if the balloons made it to the stratosphere. But Make Sunsets’ experiment is significant for crossing a threshold when it comes to a hotly-debated climate solution: solar geoengineering.

To its supporters, solar geoengineering is a fix we cannot ignore as the world hurtles toward climate disaster. For critics, it is a technology so dangerous we shouldn’t even research it.

And here's one that's nearly as stupid. I mean, we are being assaulted with tons and tons and tons of toxic nano-particles 24/7, and these people are worried about dust?
Microscopic dust from desert storms has been hiding the true extent of global warming, study finds

And now I must include a number of articles for the progressively worsening situation in East Palestine, Ohio, which is just a leeeeeetle beet too close for comfort—about 45 miles, I think. Dane also discussed this in this week's GAN linked above.

Me to East Palestine

"Catastrophic" blast possible at Ohio train derailment site, officials warn
Crews release toxic chemicals from derailed train cars in Ohio
After a train derailment, Ohio residents are living the plot of a movie they helped make
Health concerns grow in East Palestine, Ohio, after train derailment
Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine says Congress needs to "take a look" into East Palestine derailment of train carrying chemicals
6 key things to know after the toxic train derailment in Ohio
Chemical Desolation in Appalachia
As I have mentioned before, there are railroad tracks all over the place near my house. The closest is about 7 miles, but with a REALLY toxic substance, I would be in danger, even that far away. Here is a local article.
Lawsuit: Fish and animals dying as far as 20 miles away from East Palestine
Vinyl chloride's invisible threat: Thousands of pounds are released every year in the U.S. as part of "poison plastic" manufacturing
Here is a photo from the above article. What about all the farms and farm animals? How could they be evacuated, and is the land going to be poisoned now? It all makes me so sick. I just want to get the fuck OFF this miserable hell hole called Planet Earth and away from these rotten, miserable things called human beings that aren't human any more but some robot hybrid. I just want to gather up all my beloved critters and LEAVE. Here is the caption for the photo:
Smoke rises from a derailed cargo train in East Palestine, Ohio, on February 4, 2023. DUSTIN FRANZ/AFP via Getty Images

East Palestine After Train Derails

And still more.
Buttigieg warns Norfolk Southern to "make residents whole" after Ohio train derailment
And here is a disturbing one. Pittsburgh, FIFTY MILES AWAY. And meanwhile I sit here and listen to the trains running in my area, one after another after another after another . . . .
A Cover-up of Epic Proportions Is Happening in East Palestine, Ohio
And ANOTHER disaster—in NE Ohio and only about thirty miles from me, I think.
At least 1 killed, more than 10 injured in explosion at Ohio metal plant

And here is a recent chemical spill in Tucson.
Normal operations resume after hazardous spill in Tucson partially closed highway and led to shelter-in-place order, officials say

Continuing with environmental catastrophes, we have the "oops, we didn't know it was THAT bad" department. Well, why the hell not? Dane knew two decades ago.
So-called Doomsday Glacier is ‘in trouble,’ scientists say after finding surprising formations under ice shelf
And here's more.
Greenland ice sheet—the second largest in the world—experiencing its highest temperatures in 1,000 years, researchers say
It looks like New Zealand is gonna get hit like Australia has been for the past couple years.
New Zealand braces for its most intense tropical cyclone since the 1990s

The Latest on Covid Bioweapons

There have been a number of reports on blindness as one of the many side effects by different sources.
Many People Fully Vaccinated for COVID Are Now Going Blind
Incidentally, some of Dane's community members are reporting vision issues after these "systems" move through, and I am experiencing that, too. Other than wearing glasses to drive, my vision is quite good.
I recommend not flying . . . . I wonder if this applies to military pilots, too, you know, the ones that spray poisons on us day in and day out.
After COVID Vaccine Roll Out, the FAA Tacitly Admitted that Pilots Electrocardiogram (EKG) Are No Longer Normal.
And more on cardiac arrest.
Cardiac Arrest and Death after COVID-19 Vaccination: Dr. Peter McCullough
Perhaps people in the government are waking up to the atrocity they supported. And have you noticed how many have had someone attack them physically lately. When people REALLY realize how ALL THESE ELECTED OFFICIALS have LIED ABOUT EVERYTHING, the law of the jungle will take over.
US Congresswoman Nancy Mace Discloses Her COVID Vaccine Injuries and Blasts Twitter Execs
And yet one more organ affected . . . .
Thyroid Problems Post-COVID-19 mRNA Vaccination—New Japan Study Shows Increased Thyroid Auto-antibodies After Two Doses & Booster
Another "vax" victim?
Bruce Willis has a progressive brain condition you may not have heard of

And here we have some movement in the right direction. And there are a LOT more doctors that deserve victories of this sort for their courage and integrity.
Court Dismisses Case Against Dr. Peter McCullough: ‘This is a strong victory for freedom of speech’
And more good news.
Restore Scientific Integrity. Declaration by 17,000 Physicians and Medical Scientists
Here is a good overview of the Covid situation, and there will be more to come as people like Karen Kingston and Sasha Latypova get their info out to the public.
The COVID Pandemic and the mRNA Vaccine: What Is the Truth? Dr. Russell L. Blaylock
And speaking of Kaen Kingston, here is her latest interview with Greg Hunter.
Pfizer CV19 Bioweapon Vax Public Enemy #1—Karen Kingston
I don't often disagree with her, but here I do. She, I believe, is disputing Sasha Latypova's statements that the "vaccine" was developed by the U.S. military, and they are in control of it. She disagrees because, basically, "the U.S. military couldn't unleash a bioweapon on a civilian population because it goes against the Geneva Code, so Pfizer must be working with a "rogue terrorist organization." I cannot think of a bigger rogue terrorist organization than the U.S. Military Industrial Complex and our Government, and all one has to do is look up and watch what is going on above us, and what happens to countries that do not submit to our agenda, such as the drought in Iran and the horrendous floods last summer in Pakistan. Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars. It's a military document. The U.S. Military does what it damn well pleases and screw International Laws. To think "they wouldn't do that to us" is the epitome of ignorance and lack of research. Here is the quote in the written material Greg provided.

As a bioweapon, there is no code, there is no law in the United States or in any nation that protects an organization from unleashing a bioweapon on a civilian population. It goes against the Geneva Code. There is nothing that protects them. . . . “We the People” need to start calling it what it is. It (CV19 vax) is a bioweapon. . . . There is no law that protects them. There is a military contract there, but it does not give them the right to murder people.”

But we know for a fact that the U.S. military HAS unleashed bioweapons on civilians. Dane has played the recording numerous times on his Global Alert News podcasts of Ken Caldeira bragging about participating in 239 biological "experiments" on the unsuspecting American public, back in, I believe 1977. And we also know that Lyme Disease was created at the Plum Island biolab, and it obviously WAS unleashed on the American public, so that is a naïve statement that our military would not be allowed to do that. OF COURSE THEY DO THAT! Here's more info, but I am certain that, even with the best research done, we still don't know the half of it concerning the sordid and heinous activities of the U.S. Military.
Inside America's secretive biolabs
An Answer to US Biolabs and American Secret Military Programs
And here's a good one with a very short video at the top of the page.
U.S. operates over 200 military biological laboratories worldwide
And another.
US military bio-research violates international law
Lyme Disease "accidentally"? released?
1968: Lyme Disease Escaped from a Bio-weapons Lab off the Connecticut coast

But, other than that, I agree with her other statements, and she said she is going to Florida—well, since this was a January 21 interview that already happened—to start the process of arresting these people that are nothing short of murderers, and she said she will not stop until they are punished, and I believe her on that.

And speaking of Sasha Latypova, here is a great interveiw of her and Katherine Watt as guests on CD Media, with Christine Dolan as their host. Katherine Watt is a paralegal and has spent the last couple years unravelling the series of steps taken by the government and DoD to make all of this criminal agenda "legal" and to protect everyone involved from being charged with criminal wrongdoing. I know almost nothing about legal stuff, so for me to attempt to put it into words would not be helpful. However, as they were speaking, I totally "got it." One of the things I can write is that they believe Congress, or most members of Congress do NOT "get it" that they have allowed all these amendments to pass, which have little by little, changed the legitimate laws into illegitimate laws, each amendment giving the perpetrators more power, more protection, and almost no oversight. Katherine believes that when Congress finally wakes up to what they have allowed to happen, they will stop defering to the illigitimate laws, and the whole thing will begin to fall apart. When the criminals are subject to "real" laws, then we will be able to prosecute them. She said Congress needs to exercise their power, and also State governments. As with Karen, Florida was mentioned, as Governor DeSantis seems to be the only one who is willing to go after these people and stop this atrocity, (and now, Idaho), which all three ladies agreed is the biggest crime against humanity that has ever been committed in the history of the planet. The subject came up, that people don't want to believe this and ask, "why would those who are there to protect us want to harm us?" Well, the same question comes up with weather warfare. And of course the answer is that they are psychopaths. Dolan commented that "Mass murderers actually enjoy it." I would imagine Aliens do, too, and anyone who continues to not consider the Alien possibility or more likely probability, needs to wake up.
Pharma Insider and Legal Researcher Shed Light on How COVID-19 ‘Vaccine’ Is Actually a DoD ‘Bioweapon’ Being Rolled Out by ‘Mass Murderers’
There is also a great amount of written text, and here are some quotes.

“I know for a fact these are bioweapons,” Latypova tells Dolan. The pharma insider adds “These are [even] chemical biological radiological and nuclear weapons potentially because they’re designed by a chemical biological radiological and nuclear consortium.” With that “consortium” being pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer, Moderna, and their suppliers.

One reason I believe Sasha and Katherine is that, having read Angels Don't Play This HAARP, I know there are many ways the U.S. military gets away with doing and getting whatever it wants with little oversight and no criminal charges. One thing is by "classifying" information, as they did with Bernard Eastlund's original HAARP patent. It can also be used to make people immune to criminal prosecution. Here's another quote.

Watt also notes that with the PREP Act, once an EUA is in place “all the people who are contractors at the private companies like Pfizer, like Moderna, they also become classified as government employees just for the purpose of giving them . . . sovereign immunity as government employees.” Watt clarifies that legally classifying the private contractors as federal employees gives them blanket immunity against liability.

And here is what Karen disputed, saying that Pfizer was in charge of the whole thing, not the DoD. Again, as with HAARP, the military has a habit of, at least publicly appearing to hand over a project to another organization or other entity, when in fact, THEY are STILL in charge. That would apply to them handing over HAARP to the University of Alaska Fairbanks Geophysical Institute, but anyone paying attention to what HAARP is being use for, that is weather warfare against Americans, can clearly see it is just a ploy to remove the military's involvement from the public eye. I'm not saying it is not being controlled from the University, but the people actually running it are military contractors, just like Ratheon and Lockheed-Martin are the ones orchestrating the weather and creating the weather maps.

Furthermore, Latypova says that the DoD “has taken over practically all pharmaceutical industries . . . through these OTA-[and] BARDA-driven countermeasure exercises.” She adds the government is “now delivering about 50% of this R&D spend to the pharma industry through this method.” Latypova notes this amount of expenditure gives the DoD complete control over the pharma industry, and means it’s already captured.

And on this last quote, Karen is certainly in agreement. It seems that the most important point now, with Karen, Sasha, and Katherine, is to get the public, Congress, and State Governments to understand that this is NOT a vaccine, it is a bioweapon. Then the rules will change.

As for how to stop the rollout of the DoD’s bioweapon on America and other sovereign nations, Watt says that “I don’t think there is a halt point anymore in the regulatory arena because it’s not a medical product; it’s a weapon. So the only stopping point is for people to understand that it’s a war, that these are weapons, that we’re under attack, and to treat it that way. In war crimes and treason type settings.”

Here is another one by Sasha.
The US Department of Defense Controlled COVID ‘Vaccines’ from the Start Under A National Security Program. Lied the Entire Time—Were Never ‘Safe and Effective’
And, finally, let us hope this one doesn't get swept under the rug like the others apparently have.
U.K. Vaccine Crime Investigation. Metropolitan Police and International Criminal Court (ICC)
Idaho Lawmakers Seek to Criminalize Injecting of mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines

And last in this category is the new Stew Peters documentary,
Died Suddenly
OH MY GOODNESS! Holy shit . . . .GASP!!! I have watched a great many vaccine videos and documentaries, but NOTHING LIKE THIS. PLEASE if you ignore everything else on this page, PLEASE WATCH THIS DOCUMENTARY. It will stun you and chill you to the bone and make you want to puke, even if you think you've seen it all, HOW MUCH LONGER ARE PEOPLE GONNA SIT BACK AND PRETEND IT'S ALL OK? As mentioned above, I will cover it in my next article.

WTF is REALLY Going on up There?

I want to end this section with this bizarre situation of "things" being shot down over the U.S. and Canada. In my opinion, there are three possibilities of what is going on, but likely it is something even more outrageous than I can wrap my mind around. It is either a hoax, which could serve many purposes. It is a sort of 9/11 scenario like George W. Bush used to get the American population to hate people in the Middle East (even though they have done NOTHING to hurt us), in order to keep the perpetual wars going on which are about oil and other resources, OR, it really IS ALIENS. And I thought HAARP was supposed to deal with any unauthorized object flying over the U.S.. And, c'mon, really? They have no idea what these objects are? Seriously?
U.S. shoots down "high-altitude object" over Alaska at the direction of President Biden, White House says
The U.S. military shot down an unidentified object over Canada's Yukon territory
The U.S. shot down an object over Alaska. The government doesn't know yet what it was
Here is what we know about the unidentified objects shot down over North America
China accuses US of ‘illegally’ flying balloons across its airspace
A trio of new intrusions leaves America’s leaders grasping for explanations
Hmm. Interestiong that THEY brought up the Alien thing. Apparently that's on a lot of people's minds . . . .
"No indication of aliens or extraterrestrial activity" with recent takedowns of high-altitude objects
UFOs? Airborne objects? What we know about 4 recent shootdowns
I'd like to see the end of BOTH of these companies.
China sanctions Lockheed, Raytheon after vowing to retaliate against US restrictions
An "accident?" Or an orchestrated accident for reasons we don't know but can make some educated guesses.
FAA contractors deleted files—and inadvertently grounded thousands of flights
And more issues with flights.
A power outage at a JFK Airport terminal disrupts flights
How many starving people could have been fed? How many homeless people who lost their homes because of weather warfare could have been housed with what it must have cost to build this plane? Again, I repeat what I said above concerning my loathing of human beings or whatever they are.
Brand new Boeing 747 scrapped after 16 flights
And finally . . . really?? Paranoid, are they? Or just looking for distractions.
US Admits Weather Pushed Chinese Balloon Off Course, US Shot Down Hobbyists’ $12 Balloon in $2M Missile Attack

HAARP and Deadly Frequencies

People deny that they are being mind controlled, but I wonder what kind of sane and fully conscious person would deliberately refuse to give up that which is killing them, and therefore killing all of us, just because it is a "convenience" that they think they cannot live without. In this HAARP article, I will discuss deadly radio frequencies which are now bombarding the entire planet and getting worse by the day. The entire planet is a wireless electrical grid, as is the human body, so when we are constantly exposed to frequencies that are incongruent with our bodies, they will eventually kill us. Meanwhile, they are doing other damage, such as constant ringing in our ears, visual problems, mental and psychological dysfunctioning, and are turning us into entities that are becoming less and less human/organic and more robotic, which serves the purpose of the controllers.

And obviously I am not just talking about HAARP. The toxic technology industry exploded after WWII, just like all the other toxic substances we are forced to deal with in our daily lives, no matter how far away from civilization you think you may be. Elon Musk is determined that every square inch of the planet will have internet access, and because people support all this stuff they think they cannot live without, it has been allowed to develop beyond our control. But don't worry. One way or another, you WILL be forced to live without it, that is, if any of us survive what's coming. I have some articles here concerning this subject, then will continue with those specifically related to HAARP.

The first article contains a short presentation and was first published in 2018. We know much more now about the deadly effects of these frequencies and I agree that it is absolutely insane. Again, if PEOPLE would not SUPPORT this stuff, it would not be around.
5G Dangers, 5th Generation Wireless Technology. Health and Environmental Impacts
The next one is about a court case in the U.K. that drew huge crowds and also contains several video, one explaining the effects of wireless technology on insects. Dane goes on and on about the demise of insects and how important they are in the web of life, and this week's GAN, linked above, is no exception. Of course, no mention is made of the extremely toxic brew that is being sprayed all over the world, 24/7.
5G Radiation: Court Case Against UK Government
This is a more recent one, and focuses mostly on the harmful effects of cell phones.
Four Studies Add to Evidence of Wireless Technology-Related Electromagnetic Radiation in Humans
Here's another chilling report.
New Report Unpacks Dangers of Emerging Military Tech, From AI Nukes to Killer Robots

And here, once again, is probably the best article I have ever read on the deadliness of 5G. For those who are familiar with HAARP, the descriptions of what 5G towers are capable of doing sounds eerily similar.
Fifth Generation (5G) Directed Energy Radiation Emissions In the Context of Contaminated Nanometal Covid-19 Vaccines with Graphite Ferrous Oxide Antennas
The remaining material in this article will come from the book Angel's Don't Play This HAARP. The quotes and page numbers refer to the PDF version which can be downloaded for free.

I will begin with a couple quotes taken from the material beginning on page 102, of Dr. Begich's discovery of a secret document called "PL/GP Technical Memorandum No. 195." Since ionsphere heaters are everywhere now, we cannot escape their deadly frequencies unless we take urgent steps to shut them down.

The use of the system for generating ELF signals was also well illustratedl. It was obvious that these ELF signals would be sent through the atmosphere and the lithosphere (upper portion of the earth itself) in order to communicate with sub-marines. These signals would pass through every living thing in the radiated areas which covered most of Alaska, Western Canada and possibly the rest of the world, once a full shield of connected facilities is developed. These types of radiations and their effects on living organisms, including humans, are discussed in another section of this book. It is these specific ELF radiations which potentially have the most devastating effects on people and animals.

The U.S. Military knew very well that these frequencies were harmful to all life on earth, but that knowledge was kept quiet. From Chapter Nineteen, "Charged Particle Rain Critical Omission," here are a couple quotes. It seems there were quite a few "critical omissions" in the Environmental Impact Statement concerning HAARP's safety.

An article in Science News in 1982 said joint research carried out by scientists from Lockheed Space Sciences Laboratory in Palo Alto, California and Stanford University had found that very low frequency transmitters (HAARP will produce emissions in these ranges in some applications) caused streams of particles to rain down from the outermost regions of the atmosphere. The research was funded by the Office of Naval Research (one of the project controllers of HAARP). Their experiments confirmed that "even low frequency radio waves leak into the magnetosphere, causing the phenomenon. There the radio signals are amplified as much as 1,000 times, altering the motion of free electrons thousands of miles out in space." Even though one of the scientists involved in HAARP, Dr. Amran Iman, was quoted in the article, none of this information was in the Environmental Impact Statement on HAARP. This scientist's involvement in the current project was confirmed by John Heckscher, HAARP Program Manager, in a letter responding to a request for information. Dr. Iman, at the time of the Stanford University research, saw this as an opportunity to use the magnetic lines of force in the upper atmosphere to enhance communications and to be able to conduct controlled experiments in the ionosphere (which later became an expressed area of interest for the HAARP program).

As mentioned in Chapter Nine, Stanford University's work goes back even further, to the research efforts of Robert Helliwell, who revealed in 1975 that we were already inadvertently altering the ionosphere with Very Low Frequency (VLF) radio waves from power lines. While working in Antarctica, he discovered that these energy signals could be multiplied by up to 1000 times by a coherent interaction with particles in the radiation belts. These radio waves cause an "electronic rain in the ionosphere, and this inevitably alters weather patterns in the lower atmosphere." It turned out that the Department of Defense (DoD) was working on this concept before 1976. The use of "coherent VLF" was also discussed with John Heckscher, HAARP Program Manager, regarding geophysical probing for earth-penetrating tomography applications of HAARP. In that discussion, he did not mention this multiplying factor (which happens when the signal in the VLF range reaches the ionosphere). This 1000-times multiplying factor creates a huge question, a big hole in the Environmental Impact Statement, and maybe disruption in normal weather patterns. This "coherent signal" is also mentioned in a communication from Paul C. Roosa, Jr., Chairman of the United States Department of Commerce, National Telecommunications and Information Administration, Inter-department Radio Advisory Committee, Spectrum Planning Committee which oversees frequency assignments and reviews interactions of broadcasters.

While John Heckscher was one of HAARP's main "Liars-in-Chief," military representatives had no problems lying to serve their purposes. They also have a talent for involving a great number of people to support their lies, as we now see in the horrifying Covid scenario of bioweapons masquerading as "vaccines."

Throughout the press releases and "fact sheets" spewed out by the military representatives on the project, the focus is on the innocuous academic/scientific research inquires made via HAARP. This is a deception, and deflection from the real "heart" of the program as described in the early planning sessions on the project. A full list of the participants in the planning session was released, and it includes all of the principal players from the universities, APTI, and the military. These same individuals worked together, over the next several years, deflected public attention away from the project.

From Chapter Twenty, "Blurred Visions Of The Military."

Or "bending anything into the shape which serves their purposes."

The military goes on to describe their excitement about the possibility of "seizing" control of the ionosphere and bending it into the shape which serves their purposes. These are the statements within the government reports which ring the loudest with the inflections of Eastlund, the inventor of the primary APTI patents. A look at the government claimed capabilities follows, and is explained further in other sections of this book.
The military, particularly the Air Force and Navy, have extensive research on the negative effects of ELF. These effects have been well documented with basic research which is expanding geometrically in volume every year. The government handily deflected the concerns raised in the public hearings in Alaska by playing down the results of this research and minimizing the risks. This was the same way the government promoted other military systems while deflecting public concern in such areas as nuclear testing experiments, LSD experiments on unknowing individuals, radiation experiments on people who were not informed of the risks and in many other areas—under the guise of National Security.

Of course, we know now that it IS CATACLYSMIC.

However, the possible uses which the HAARP records do not explain, and which can only be found in Air Force, Army, Navy and other federal agency records, are alarming. Moreover, the disaster which could befall all of us on the planet by the reckless use of these power levels in our natural shield, the ionosphere, could be cataclysmic.

What the military fails to say is that they do not know what exactly will happen. It should be remembered that this project represents the largest energy levels yet played with by the big boys with their new toys. This project is an experiment, and experiments are done when we want to find out something that we do not already know. So, what will really happen? When we find the answer, we all maybe out of luck and out of time.

So, not only did the DoD know that ELF and VLFs were dangerous to all living creatures, they also knew they could be used for nefarious purposes, such as mind-control. I will cover that more in another issue in this series, but here are some quotes from Chapter Twenty-Two entitled "Entrain The Brain To Go Insane?" GASP! Or spray it on them. Or us, eh? The U.S. Military slides around a lot of international agreements, it seems. This sounds a lot like what 5G is being used for, to activate these killer "vaccines."

One military application of this knowledge would be to introduce to adversaries on the battlefield a minute amount of a chemical compound in their water supply, air supply or by other means and then (after they consume the contaminants) transmit the right frequencies toward them to activate the otherwise benign chemicals. It would cause debilitating effects. The chemical introductions would be below generally accepted levels for toxic effects, and yet toxic effects would occur. This is a way a country could slide around international agreements regarding chemical warfare. This technique has not been lost on the military; it is clearly understood and described in Air Force documents. These documents offer a clear example of the "electrical medicine" predicted by Dr. Patrick Flanagan in September, 1962. Unfortunately, the military's applications are being developed for the wrong purposes. The research base controlled by the United States government and others is being withheld from those engaged in human development and healing an unfortunate situation given the current state of the world and human health.
The HAARP radiated energy pulses, and the wave forms cited in the contract documents, are within the ranges most cited by research scientists as those responsible for controlling and manipulating the mind and body. This is an important factor which the military never discloses in any of its documents associated with the HAARP project, most particularly the Environmental Impact Statement.

There will be more about Dr. Jose Delgado in the "Mind Contol" issue mentioned above. By the way, he was one of the main subjects in the Mind Control documentay, The Minds of Men which I link frequently.

The Navy supported an international research effort to duplicate Delgado's chick embryo experiments by initiating Project Henhouse, which involved six laboratories. In 1988, the results were reported in a meeting of the Bioelectromagnetics Society with five of the six laboratories reporting "apparently, very low level, very low frequency, pulsed magnetic fields contribute to increased abnormality incidence in early embryonic chicks." This study which was paid for with Naval resources showed that low levels of radiation could cause health problems.

And how about this from Chapter Twenty-Four, "Zapping The 'Nonlethal' Way?"

This 1982 report called for research to develop hardware that could deliver the radiation through new weapons for the Air Force. Interestingly, the largest contributor to the book was Dr. Herman P. Schwan, one of the Nazis the U.S. Military "rescued" through "Project Paperclip" after WWII. That just keeps coming up, doesn't it?

A research publication commissioned by the Air Force—Radio Frequency Dosimetry Handbook—described these models, in time to meet the schedules they had put forward in 1982. The book gives mathematics for calculating the dosages (Dosimetry) of radio frequency radiation necessary to cause changes in animals and humans. The book compiled research spanning five decades, and contains a bibliography which is 29 pages long. It is the only book of its kind available on the subject in the world. This book, and more importantly the research behind it, forms the matrix of thought and theory for the finest electromedical devices for healing yet contemplated. However, this military research is not being used to heal; it is being used to develop better methods of killing.

Here's a commentary from the authors of the book of which I totally agree. Remember, this was written a quarter of a century ago, and just look where we are now. It has all come true in the most heinous way.

Going back for a moment to the 1982 Air Force report referred to earlier, the use of radiofrequency radiation in the new weapon systems contemplated by the Air Force was intended to change the central nervous system, cardiovascular system and the respiratory system. We were distressed to read about the idea of using this technology to alter the way people think in order to make the "enemy" of the government incapable of waging war. This type of use of a technological advancement is inherently evil, in the opinion of the authors of this book. Thinking is a fundamental right of all people. No individual or government should interfere with the free will of individuals in this way. Moreover, the fact that these technologies are classified—and hidden from the medical community—denies humanity the opportunity to explore these areas for healing people rather than for destructive purposes.

Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars . . . . Again, sounds like 5G.

The report speaks about using this technology in a way which could interact with biological or chemical agents, The report states, "it may be possible to sensitize large military groups to extremely dispersed amounts of biological and chemical agents. It should be noted that this may require relatively low level RFR." The idea expressed here is that depositing small amounts of chemicals in a person's physiological system, in amounts below normal levels where negative physical effects are known to occur, will ensure they have no perceivable effect until radio frequency radiation (RFR) is introduced. Once introduced, the RFR creates physiological reactions which are detrimental to the host. This would allow individuals who are not exposed to the chemicals to then enter the area of the RFR without harm to their own bodies. When an operator tunes the RFR in just the right way, changes are caused in the energy state of atoms, which cause chemical reactions in the body, which in turn manifest as physiological or psychological changes.

As the authors were reading this document, they couldn't understand what the Air Force meant by "interrogating", and how this would fit into the picture of radiofrequency radiation weapons hardware. They write: "It became clear when we read the following:"

"While initial attention should be toward degradation of human performance through thermal loading and electromagnetic field effects, subsequent work should address the possibilities of directing and interrogating mental functioning, using externally applied fields within the possibility of a revolutionary capability to defend against hostile actions, and to collect intelligence data prior to conflict onset.

What this seemed to say was that the objective of the research would be toward mind manipulation at a distance, where the military could alter what people thought and, at the same time, know what they thought.

My thoughts, as I read this final section of the book, entitled "Stop the 'Music'" was that these "Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars" would eventually be used on us, the American people. That will also be the subject of the next issue. From Chapter Twenty-Five, "Playing The HAARP," here is a quote that is a "should-have-but-didn't" along with a laundry list of other atrocities that were allowed to continued basically unmonitored and ignored by the general ignorant and apathetic public. It is no wonder we are where we are now.

The environmental review process is supposed to explore all risks and impacts in a given project. It was the omission of significant international community review which led to disputes over thermonuclear testing, dumping waste into the open seas and other inter-national environmental problems. It is arrogant, and inexcusable, for any country to think they can create upper atmospheric energy litter without full disclosure and consent from the other countries which may, pay the price for these programs in the end.

In Chapter Twenty-Nine, "A Clear Note," once again the plight of the insects comes up. While working on the book, Jeanne Manning spoke with Dr. Philip Callahan, an entomologist and biophysicist. She writes, "(With his multidisciplinary interests, he learned it is possible to tune into unwanted insects by knowing the resonant frequency of an insect's antenna. Because of this knowledge, he has been fighting insecticide use for 35 years. The non- poisonous alternative, on the other hand, jams the insects' homing beacon system with electromagnetic static.)" She asked him if HAARP would be a threat to the insects. Here's his reply:

He was working for a government agency when the ionospheric modification plan heated up. "I got a call from them; they wanted to know what I thought it would do to insects. I said 'You'll probably mess some of them up, because it messes up the insects under the power lines . . . I've seen night time moths flying around and feeding in the daytime when they're under power lines. I've also seen them under power lines feeding until they swell up and burst. So what it boils down to is, it's like when insecticides came out—we don't know what they do."

But now we DO know what all this technology has done. Dane says it nearly every week about the dying-off of the insect population. "No insects, no people." So few people anymore grasp the necessity of a healthy web of life, and when the web breaks down, we all die. That is where we are now. And on that thought, I will end with one more quote.

The life sciences such as biology look at the web of connections between living organisms and Earth's natural systems. Sciences which deal with what is dead or mechanical are over-represented in the board rooms where military projects are conceived, bought and sold. For example, one engineer commented on the educational background of Col. John A. Alexander, chief spokesman for the U.S. military's "non-lethal" weapons campaign. "He's the only person I've met who brags about having a degree in thanatology, the study of death." As we look back at the messes humanity made while industrializing this world, leading-edge thinking has evolved beyond the goal of dominion over nature. Instead, an emerging outlook respects each form of life as having an integrity of its own while at the same time inter-related to all species.

Here's a few more articles.
HAARP to bounce signal off asteroid in NASA experiment
And from Dane:
Are Microwave Transmission Facilities Being Used To Trigger Earthquakes?
And now this:
A new earthquake hits Turkey, as teams still respond to earlier catastrophic quake

And I just had to include this comment from Dane's February 18 GAN linked above. Oh, my!

Stan Sylvester says:
February 19, 2023 at 6:29 am

Diana Iovanovici Sosoaca is a Romanian lawyer and a Senator of Romania since 12/20. In a recent riveting speech, she spoke truths rarely heard in public.

After being against Covid restriction measures for the last two years, she challenged the official narrative of the recent Turkey earthquake.

She said that "we have lived to witness the production of earthquakes on demand." Refuting that this was some act of nature, she stated that it was an act of retribution using "geological weapons."

She stated that Turkey President Tayyip Erdogan's stance against the Ukrainian war and NATO expansion were the reasons.

She said that 10 countries, U.S., Great Britain, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Netherlands, France, Denmark, Austria and Canada withdrew their ambassadors 24 hours before the earthquake.

Senator Sosoaca displayed great courage in unveiling the attack on the people of Turkey. This is the same courage that Dane displays in his weekly podcasts. This is a great time to be alive to witness the display of courage in the midst of evil. It serves as an inspiration to us to join in the fight and not be a spectator.


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